Is (Associated Content/AC) A Scam? is one of the many get paid to write articles that have popped up on the internet nowadays. The reason these sites have become so big and why they're willing to pay you to write about damn near anything is that search engines like are always looking to find relevant content to serve to users like you and I.

So some enterprising entrepreneurs have figured out a way to provide this content to Google while earning money for doing it. They pay you to write about anything you like and in turn Google will usually rank this content in the top 10 of the search results for given keywords. How makes money and thus pays you is by displaying related ads on the content you write. Ironically most of these ads are served by Google. So it actually comes full circle if you think about it.

So let's give you a clearer example. If you do a search on Google for "Get Paid To Write Articles" you should notice an associated content page result near the top of the results. If you visit the page you'll see an article someone wrote about Getting paid to write articles and on the left of that article you'll notice some ads. When folks click on these ads, gets paid. In turn they share this revenue with folks like you who write articles for But just keep in mind this happens so many times for so many keywords so you can see how they can afford to pay you. It's really a smart business model and why so many other sites like and are doing this.

At the end of the day even if you didn't understand a word I just wrote up there, all you really need to know is that will pay you anywhere near $3-$10 per approved article that you write and submit.

It's one of the easiest ways for you to earn some money online. If you can write an email chances are you can write an article. Do you have any interest or hobbies, then you should probably start there because you can easily belt out 5-10 400 word articles like nothing. The key to success with is to write about what you have a passion for because your writing will be of higher quality and chances are they will pay you on the higher end because you're adding real value.

Sure you could probably get away with writing about things you know little about. But I'm almost positive your writing will reflect this and thus your pay will as well assuming they actually approve your article.

What are some complaints about Associated

Some of the biggest complaints have to deal with the pay. And I think that's a result of what I just discussed. People try to "game" the system by writing articles that they have no knowledge of or have plagiarized or used elsewhere.  So AC will usually reject these articles and guess what? You don't get paid. This of course enrages people and this is where you get that is a scam! So you have to keep that in mind if you happen to read anything negative about this or other websites that pay you to write articles. If you follow the rules you shouldn't have any problems. Does this mean that there hasn't been times where Associated Content (Please note an ad will load before visiting the page. Just click on the skip ad link on the upper right hand corner to visit the intended page.) has wrongly accused the innocent of breaking the rules? Nope!

But for the most part I think they're an honest company and there are far more positive things being said about them than there are negative.

So I definitely recommend as a legitimate work at home opportunity! You don't need to be a seasoned writer to make money writing articles, you just need to have a passion about something and be able to dedicate some time to write about it!

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  1. JJP says

    The site is a scam as they manipulate product to avoid paying. They are also dishonest in allowing you to submit an article under one specific plan for pay and then unilaterally change that weeks later again when they see they have to pay out. There are better sites. Associated Content now known as Yahoo Voices is a site well known for poorly written and conceived content. There are better places.

  2. says

    Rather than go all through their website trying to sort this out, I guess you must mean that they only wish writers who reside in the USA and not anyone from Canada.  So, I guess that is end of story for the moment.  Thanks for that comment, LT; otherwise, I would still be going around in circles on their site, only to find out it was a no-go for me.  I quite agree that the IRS response is a bit much, as there are affiliate sites who will pay international affiliates by using special forms that the international affiliate must complete.  This does not seem to be so difficult for most of those so I am not sure why it is a problem for a lot of these writing websites.

  3. says

    Look time no hear from. Glad to hear from you. Forgive me, I’m Not really sure what you mean about the whole barnacle on the bottom of the boat analogy. I’m not that bright to figure it out. lol

    But glad to hear you’re still out there kicking.

  4. LT says

    It is a pity that it doesn’t pay international writers, and it is a bit bogus to say it’s to do with the IRS. As we’re all freelancers, we can be paid by anyone; AC doesn’t have to declare our taxable income. 

    Alas, the lack of pay means I’ve just wasted a couple of hours reading though all the tips and advice it gives about submissions. However, at least I read them and eventually discovered that it doesn’t pay its international workers. It’s missing out on potentially great content–after all, who better to write about a place than someone who lives in that place?

    As it’s owned by Yahoo!, I doubt very much it’s a scam. You’ve got a nicely written and informative article here. I’ve found a lot of people only cry scam when they’ve been rejected for something. 

    Back to CloudCrowd and Demand, I guess!

    • says

      I agree with you about people running around the web labelling something a scam because they have been rejected or don’t agree with a policy. That’s why I always take scam reports with a grain of salt and always dig deeper to see if I can spot a pattern of similar complaints.

      Thanks for chiming in.

  5. JACK says

    I think this is an important wave of the future because writing and adding ads to individual ads can seem like a waste of time compared to revenue promised by these sites.  One man gave figures for his results (rare) and he made about $35 over several months from a niche oriented private blog but he makes several hundred dollars a month from sending stories like you describe here. 

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