Is eRewards A Scam?

eRewards is another paid online survey company. Please note this isn't a clickbank company that is charging you $34.95 for a list of companies willing to pay you for surveys. is totally free so keep that mind.

It's pretty much like many of the other survey companies I've discussed on my blog where you are rewarded for your opinion.


Benefits of eRewards

* One of the things I love about is that they tell you how long it will take to complete a survey and how much you'll earn right away in the email invitation you receive. Most survey companies just have a generic link telling you that you have a survey and you have to go through the trouble of logging into the site to see the survey and all the relevant information. I can't tell you how annoying it is is to receive these generic emails to go through the hassle of logging in to find that the survey is going to take half an hour for $1. But eRewards does a great job of avoiding this time waster and frustration.

* They also tend to send a lot of surveys per week. I get 2-5 per week which is a very high number considering most of the other legitimate survey companies only send 1-2 per month.

* Even if you don't qualify for a survey they will still pay you about $.50 so you always win! I wish more companies did this.


Complaints about

There are several things I don't like about the program and I've listed them below.

* My biggest complaint about this company is the pay structure or lack there of! Like some other survey companies eRewards has its own currency. Don't ask me why survey companies like doing this! Cash is king to me and most of you. But that being said some use a point system that is pretty much the same as cash and can be converted to such. But eRewards has its own type of cash but the problem is you can't convert it into real cash!!! You can use their stupid cash system for discounts on some of the stores they're affiliated with. But I still think that's crap! They should allow users to convert their cash into prepaid credit cards or gift cards at or something like that. But no they give you discounts on stores or magazine subscriptions. You can also use them for airline mileage which I guess ins't bad. But for most people I think some sort of real cash would be appreciated!

* Their surveys are longer than they appear to be. They provide you with a nice progress bar so you know how far into the survey you're in. But don't put too much faith in the progress bar. I recently took a survey where I thought it was going to be quick because the progress bar was at 70% but that bad boy stayed at 70% even after taking like 15 questions. lol But fortunately most of the surveys are a lot shorter. I've taken surveys and some of those questions are brutal because they ask like 20 questions in one and do it multiple times. So the progress bar misrepresentation is a bit of a drag but not a real deal breaker but should be noted.

* With some of the surveys you don't get credited instantly. You have to wait 7-10 business days to have them credit your account. Most survey companies credit your account right away. So that's one minor issue but they do credit your account for the amount owed. You just need to have a bit of delayed gratification.

All and all the negatives are the worst! I think out of the few I listed, the pay structure is by far the most annoying.


So is a scam?

I guess not because you do earn what is promised. It's just a poor way of rewarding people for taking surveys. Do I recommend that you join? It really depends on your own needs! Some people are very happy with the rewards provided. Personally I prefer companies that pay you cash such as InstantCashSweepstakes, Fusion Cash or  I'm not calling eRewards a fraud but I just think you're better off with other programs. There are many online paid survey programs out there that rip off people but eRewards isn't necessarily one of them. But I would still probably pass on this opportunity when there are so many others that pay you real cash like the ones listed on my recommendations page.


Let me know your thoughts below. Seems like folks really love or hate this opportunity. In any event if you like what you've read and want more please become a subscriber by clicking here or you can catch up with me on my facebook fanpage here.  

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