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A year or two ago I saw an ad for a financial based work at home opportunity that sounded very promising. The opportunity was free and listed specific requirements and had a very professional looking website. All these are usually signs of a valid work at home job. The "job" was to accept checks on behalf of international clients who for some reason weren’t able to cash these checks in their location. In return I would be provided a portion of the check like a check cashing fee. At first glance this just didn’t seem to make sense to me.

But I guess because I was so desperate to find a work at home opportunity I decided to visit their website for more details.  I was very impressed on how professional looking the website was and they even had documentation showing that they were part of some consumer protection agency and some other official agencies. So as a result of this I decided to bite. They asked me to fill out some paperwork on their website and then I had to fax my driver’s license to the company for verification purposes.

This all sounded very legitimate to me at this point. But still something nagged me about it all. So I sent an email letting these guys know that I run a very big work at home website and that if this was legitimate I would be happy to share the information with others. I think that may have been my saving grace. After I faxed over my information and sent my email. I never heard back from the company. That lead me to believe something must be wrong.

But a few weeks passed and the experience was forgotten. I come home one day and there was a message from my local police department asking me to come in. Needless to say I was terrified.
I’m a black male so I have a natural distrust of police because of my own experiences as a youth of being unfairly targeted and searched on numerous occasions. But I knew I didn’t do anything wrong so I called the detective back and he asked if I would come to the precinct. So despite my innocence I was still very nervous so I decided to bring my wife to calm my nerves.

The detective was very friendly and nice. He asked if I ever heard of said company (I don’t remember the name of it because of my "mad cow" affliction. lol) And I said yes, I do. I explained that I found them online and had applied to work from them but never heard back from them when I mentioned I ran a major work at home website. The detective explained to me that they and several law enforcement agencies all across the country had been investigating this company and had raided their offices recently. Apparently the opportunity was a big scam and they must have received a lot of complaints about this fraud opportunity which lead to this massive investigation. I asked the detective how he knew to contact me. He said they had found my faxed driver’s license and many others.  So they were all contacting the various victims to piece together any other missing information or people that may have been part of the scam. Needless to say I was very happy that they told me about this.

Fortunately for me I never received any checks to cash for this company so I wasn’t in any trouble with the cops or my bank.  But it was a great learning experience for me. If I followed the steps listed in my scam section, I probably would’ve avoided this whole ordeal. Fortunately for me I lost nothing. But thousands aren’t as fortunate. Many end up being in serious trouble with their banks where they have to pay back large amounts of money and some have also had their identity stolen. I was very lucky to say the least.

Fake checks and wire scams must be a huge problem because apparently some people have taken noticed and created the website FakeChecks.org. I came across this scam prevention website on some commercials here in New York. They really cover how this scam works, what you can do and also provide some other insight on other scams. So please be sure to check out FakeChecks.org

They have some great content and videos. You can actually see some of the commercials there. Watching the commercials really brings home how the internet can distort common sense real world judgment.

FakeChecks.org is a must in your scam prevention tactics.

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  1. Brad Eastes says

    Hello Eddy, I am currently working for a company named Mail Plus llc. They have a website under this name and everything seemed to be ligit, They performed background checks, lengthy application and contract. Very detailed and personal communication at first. Now I have not yet received a check deposit, they do have bank info that was done on a direct deposit form. They claim to offer 2 week paid vac. pd sick days, health ins. and it was a lengthy process to get started with them.I had other people check them out and even a friend who works for fed ex, they all seem to think it is legit. this week i have experienced server crash messages from website and no activity from them on my administration page which they set up for me to log into before i started. I am a local Pastor and devoted Man of God and in no way would I ever get involved with something remotely questionable, let alone criminal. All of my shipments and tracking is verified thru USPS and I have saved all receipts as well as physical and online files as well as admin conversations per company website. I am due to receive my first deposit pay on Mar. 23. Do you have info or experience with this co. and would they literally go to all this trouble to cheat someone. The website is all about e-commerce and shows legitimate llc. with operations since 1996. I have had no contact since i have asked some direct questions and my admin page has no activity this week at all. No return of my messages or calls. Help!!! They recruited from Snagajob and all the opportunities i have received from them were reputable.

    • says

      Hi, You didn’t provide details on what this company allegedly hired you to do. I’m gathering they were sending packages to you that you were suppose to reship elsewhere? If that’s the case, this a big scam and described in great detail here: http://www.workathomenoscams.com/2008/10/07/package-forwarding-reshipping-job-or-scam/ and what you need to do.

      Many time these scam artist will go through a very elaborate process to make you feel it’s legit. But it’s a scam. They’ll have nice websites, use other real company’s names, etc. But once you hear the job involves shipping packages you know it’s a scam.

      Unfortunately it sounds like you fell for one. I would get some identity protection service asap. Because they have probably stolen your identity as well and selling it on the black market. So at least with some identity protection you’ll be notified of any credit being opened in your name.

  2. Shonta says

    Hi Eddy, I am currently working for a company called Intforwarding shipping and receiving merchandise. I have been very careful to keep receipts and copy everything that crosses my hands to cover myself should something go wrong. I search online everyday to see if this company is part of a scam, but I have yet to find anything; however, I’m constantly worried about it everyday. I have made it known to the company that I do not want to be involved in any scams or illegal activity and they called me to ensure I wasn’t being scammed. I haven’t given any information about my bank account and in fact they have sent me money Western Union to ship packages, but I still want to be careful. Any advice or information about Intforwarding that can put my mind at ease?

    • says

      As I’ve said many times in this article in the comments. If what you’re doing sounds like we’ve described above, it’s a scam and you should stop. There isn’t much more to it.

  3. Rhonda says

    I answered an ad for a marketing at home job with Global Marketing Alliances based out of UK with many US workers. I gave them a resume and contact information. I got hired and was told I would be making $725 every 2 wks plus 8% of all assignments completed. Their website and All documents appeared to be legit even the tax and direct deposit form for my pay.
    I have completed work for Global Marketing Alliances through a woman named Michelle Longley in HR acting as a hiring manager. I do not know what happened to her…All of a sudden she stopped emailing me, giving me assignments and calling. I have made numerous attempts to contact her but her contact information is all disconnected and the emails are bounced back. I have sent numerous messages on the HR portal but they never got answered. Now I am unable to log into the HR portal and my registration is deleted.
    Michelle signed me up with GMA and I received a phone call from headquarters then a contract was sent to me stating compensation amounts and working conditions.
    Money in amounts of 4-9K were wired into my bank account. These monies were verified by my bank and I was cleared to withdraw. My assignments included me wiring monies to clients in Kiev which I did. I was told that the wired money were credits from book royalties and overpayments. I was then told that my compensation would be mailed. I waited for 3 weeks then she told me that there was a mail problem so my pay will be wired into my bank account. To this day, I have not received anything. It has been over a month.
    I wanted to to continue my working relationship with Global Marketing but have no other contacts. Part of me feels like I have been used. I have been very honest and am willing to work. I have been trusted with very large amounts of money. I completed each task honestly and never kept any money even after I was promised compensation. I would like to know where do I go from here? I have tried to contact headquarters via phone and email but there has been no response. My bank is not giving me trouble but I think since this woman has disappeared and I have never received any pay for completing the tasks that something is up and now im more concerned about how legit this really was. Has anyone heard of this? Any advice?

  4. says

    Hi Siroda,
    Thanks for sharing the great advice! It’s nice to hear from someone in the banking industry that can shed further light on to this annoying scam.

    Thanks again!

  5. Siroda says

    I worked for 5 years as a banker/teller at one of the largest banks in the U.S. and I can’t believe how many people fall for this scam.  If it’s not under the guise of a WAH opportunity, it was from some lottery scam.  The “lottery winnings” (usually from Canada) scam always irritated me the most because most of the customers would admit they never had played the lottery to begin with!  Let alone in Cananda.  Same goes for Reader’s Digest scams.  Always someone offering to send a check so that you can cash it and send the money back.  

    For people asking what they should do with a check they have received, but not cashed, just shred it.  You won’t get in trouble just for having the check, and that’s all I would do when people brought the checks to me.  If you’re worried about what information you’ve sent to the “company,” you may want to contact your local police department.  If you’ve already deposited and/or cashed the check, but haven’t spent or sent the money, take the money back to your bank and let them know that you’ve been scammed.  Hopefully, they’ll be understanding and at the very least only charge you for the returned check.  Though it may be hard to work through the fact that such a large dollar amount came back against your account, you’re in a better position if you aren’t in the hole (negative in your account).  If you’ve negotiated the check and have already spent or sent the money, let your bank know IMMEDIATELY!  But to be honest, there may not be a whole lot they can do.  At the end of the day, the bank doesn’t want to be out money and they may hold it against you since when you endorse the back of any check, you are essentially taking responsibility for the collection of it.

    I definitely recommend keeping any type of paperwork or communication that comes with the check.  When customers brought the letters that came with their “winnings” or whatever, I almost always knew that it was a scam.  I hated being the bearer of bad news but I’ll never forget the girl who’s mother fell victim to the scam, gave the daughter the check to cash and now it’s on record that the daughter owes the bank in excess of $3k.  Don’t let that person be you!  And even though banks can put extended holds on checks, that may not always catch it.  I had a check on hold for 5 business days, the customer came in for the money and on the 6th business day, the check came back bad!  Just be careful folks, this article is good information!

  6. Faithmaster says

    i have fallen for the scam today i received a cashiers check for 9000 and i cashed it if it comes back no good will i have to pay it back im so scared

  7. Bonnie Peters says

    I would like to say that I believe I have fallen for this scam I recieved the first check that I was suppose to cash and wire money to 2 diffrent people in China 3,500 dollars to be exact I have not done anyhting with this cashiers check for 7,700 dollars Please help what do I do with this check I don’t want to be in any trouble.

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