Work At Home For The Disabled

Recently I received an email from one of our loyal visitors Linda which read as follows:

"Hi Eddy,
 Thanks for all the information you have sent me.  I would like to ask you if you have any knowledge of work at home sites for people with hearing disabilities.
I am hearing disabled, and a lot of the legit work at home sites have jobs for call centers or involving extensive phone work.  I am looking for administrative work. I know work at home jobs are hard to come by and when your are disabled it is even harder.
Thanks for any information you can provide.
– Linda"

I'm always happy to hear from you, the users of our site. It brings me tremendous joy, every time I read an email about how someone has learned a great deal about work at home or avoiding a scam, because of what they've read here. And although Linda's email expressed these sentiments, it was a bit different.

I was very embarrassed that we failed to include resources for our disabled users.  At the very least we should have written an article. After all, I have had enough insight to write content for our international work at home seekers.  But I really dropped the ball when it came to work at home seekers with disabilities. So we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to our disabled users.

Too often we're all guilty of just living in our own little worlds. I take it for granted that I can see, write, walk and talk with little effort. But that's not the case for everyone. We already know how difficult it is to find a legitimate work at home job when you have no disabilities. But imagine the uphill battle that your disabled counter parts have to fight everyday!

So with that said we have compiled a list of disabled friendly work at home job related resources below.  I hope it does help this portion of the population that we have unintentionally ignored.

NTI Central
Office of Disability Employment Policy
Job Accommodation Network

Pearl Interactive Network


Final Thoughts

Although this article was really aimed at our disabled work at home seekers. I would like the job seekers that suffer no disabilities to have a better appreciation for their situations. Too often as work at home seekers we do a lot of complaining about how we can't find that perfect work at home job. Hopefully you can take away from this article that you're very are a lot more fortunate in other ways than you've realized.

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  1. Stephanie says

    I do not have disability yet but have health issues that cause be to be disable. Can I still use these websites to find a job or is this just for people who are under disability?

    • says

      Stephanie, Most of these companies will need the official paperwork to be considered for their programs. So you need to get disability first I believe.

      But you can always visit the websites and ask them directly. The worse they can say is no.

  2. KaYa says

    Dear Eddie , Thank You I myself can agree with Linda It is Hard to find but thanks to you I can get a chance to do the job ive always wanted What an awesome Site Thank you:)

  3. A. R. says

    Dear Eddy: Sounds great for the hearing impaired, but I am a quad. That means I don’t have use of my hands, and can’t type (someone is typing for me right now). Any Ideas for work for home positions for someone like me? Any additional money I could make would be wonderful. I have a bachelors degree and part of my doctorate. Thanks


    • says

      Hey A.R.,

      I really wish I have an option for you my friend. But I don’t really know something perfect for your situation.
      I’m sorry for not being able to help! =(

  4. claudia says

    hi this is claudia i am deaf i have trouble with out of jobs they can’t hire i am deaf it hard for them and me.. i am trying to find work at home i never experience i am nervous there are some of scam and hard to understand what looklike work. can u help me?

    • says

      Yes. Start with the article above and use the resources in it to find some options that may be available to you. They’re legitimate companies so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed.

  5. Carla says

    Thank you, so much! I’m am disabled, NOT by choice of course. With depression, I’m better off when I’m busy. With bipolar, seizures and chronic migraines it is tough to find a job. My boyfriend, even got fired, because they weren’t family friendly about our situation. When I’m having a bad day, I cannot take care of my 2 young children. Which is alot of work, when they are both on the Autism Spectrum.
    Hopefully, I can find something, my bf and I both can do, to supplement our income and make things easier.
    With at home jobs, how does it work with the taxes? Of course, I can’t work but so many hours a week, legitamently, so just curious on how this works. I’m just getting started, so your help, is so very much appreciated.
    Thank You!

  6. Stephanie says

    I have been working with a job locator,need 2 hip surgery’s and a back surgery,high anxiety keeps me at home.I am still fighting disability.How can I earn money using the internet or phone ,with no start up fees?

    • says

      Uh, by actually reading the article above and taking action. That’s the whole reason it was written. But it doesn’t help unless you actually read it and take action. Everything you need is on this site if you READ! We can’t make it any easier.

  7. Debbie Schneider says

    Hi I had a stroke am unable to use my left side of my body desperately need to find a way to earn an income. Please help. Thanking you Debbie Schneider.

    • says

      Hi Debbie, I’m sorry to hear that. If you qualify for disability then you qualify for the companies listed in the article above. So be sure you actually read it and take action.

  8. DelD says

    Hi, Eddy.  Thank you for your website.  I wanted to pass on some information recently learned. I went through training with NTI Central in October 2011 and recently found out that their contract has not been renewed by the Ticket to Work program for those receiving benefits from SSDI or SSI.  They have posted no jobs since I successfully passed their initial training though they stated November and December were their slow months.  

    Also, the link above for Melwood does not work.  Here’s the working link:  Thank you again for your focus on those living with disabilities.  It is appreciated.

    • says

      Hi DelD,

      You’re welcome. Thanks for sharing these updates with us. Let’s hope that things change with NTI Central soon. I’ve updated the Melwood link so thank you for bringing that to my attention. I appreciate it and so will others who visit this page.

      Thanks for your support!

  9. says

    Thanks for the kind words. The fast cash stuff should have been a dead give away. Anything that is going to make you decent money requires hard work and time. It’s guys like that who misrepresent a legitimate industry like affiliate marketing which then leads folks to believe it’s a scam. At the end of the day you learned a lesson which is great. Always do your research which is a snap by following the steps in my scam video:

    And if you want to learn that affiliate marketing business by folks that aren’t trying to mislead you into it, I would suggest reading my Wealthy Affiliate article:

    I hope this helps. I’m glad you found our site either way.

  10. B Consuela says

    Hello Eddy. Love your page! Ive just tried the Anthony Morrisons fast cash commision and i have to say the video is misleading. I was very dissapointed in i spent the first fee to get started then to find out after i payed it i was sent to several other video’s asking for more, also when i received a phone call back i was swiftly told goodby once i stated i did not intend to spend more than i did already and wouldnt give my huspands info which he didnt need to know.So anyone out there who has tried this program or thinking about it be aware thats its very misleading. I will get my refund and be more careful and selective.

  11. Loraine says

    I can’t seem to get through the red tape for disability, even with my doctor yelling at me to not work. We are having trouble paying the bills and I can’t even find a job in retail for the holiday season. :( I have RA, Fibromyalgia, and nystagmus. Not a fun combo. I have been looking for work for some time now and keep hitting dead ends. I just need to know that this is legit before I do anything. I am trying to keep a roof over my kids heads and utilities paid, but like for most of us this is a very hard task. I hate getting my hopes up just to be let down.

    • Doc_baize says

      For my SSD I used Bender and Bender.  They handled everything.  I was in such an emotional state I could not deal with paperwork.  They got me my SSd.

  12. Cuellarchristina says

    You can earn a certain amount of money per month only for 9 months, but it will affect your housing, depending on how much you earn.Look into the rate of percentage of your disability, the city, state,you live in has alot to do with it, and the amount of money you are eligible to earn  without affecting any of your other disability benefits. At least get informed and then hope and pray to God He blesses you with a job.Also save, remember to have a job, you need clothes,food to take if you have a lunch brk,transportation(vehicle/bus/carpool)BUT most of all to be able to be NEEDED and competent to do something better than nothing.

  13. Trippleseeds says

    I`m Jayson, i`m Bi-polar, schizophrenia, and a bulge in my spine i`m losing my mind sitting at home staying broke and nothing to but laundry. Is there a job for me at home?

  14. Pmfanekiso says

    hi im Philile and looking for a job, i have polio on my legs as my disability, i want to work from home.i have matric,callcentre certificate 120 credits and ms office nad i’m currently doing Technical Support at Bytes Technology

  15. Ralphburwell says

    Hello Eddy,
    My name is Eddie as well and I’m looking for a job. I’m disabled due to epilpsy, but I only have seizures at night. I average having around 2 per year. I can do anything anyone else can. My disability check has shurnk to almost nothing, but I need to stay because of the health benefits. I will do anything–at home or not. I’ve graduated high school and have two associate degrees. I’ve been everything from a dollar store manager, to picking tobacco. I’m willing to work, under the table, for as little as $5 per hour. I haven’t had any luck yet, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • says

      Hey Eddie,
      Always good to meet a fellow Eddie even if you’re name is spelled incorrectly. lol (Just kidding).

      I’m sorry to hear about them jerking your disability checks. Like folks need that in this economy. Well my friend, you’ve landed on the right article. My suggestion is to read it and take action on some of the companies listed in them. They know the issues facing the disabled population in terms of income and your benefits so they can work with you to stay within the guidelines. So definitely look into those companies in the article since they were specifically chosen for folks like you.

      I don’t know of any under the books opportunities online. If there is such a thing it will probably be a scam. But most legitimate companies do everything the “right” way. So don’t be lured into anything shady.

      I hope this helps.

      Good luck Ed!

    • says

      Hi guys,w

           My name is debbie and I also have epilpsy, I had surgry about l8 years ago,  I’m 52 yrs, I have 3 children
      who did make it.  However, I live by myself with my family close buy to help me when needed,  I also can do anything but drive.  One of my old sweethearts came to see me from highschool and I scared him to death by having a ceizure with him, 

           Please I would enjoy being able to go and do things and not be stuck in the old folks trailer park I have been in now since I have been  44yrs, and in the middle of nowhere.  I’m lonely and would like to do somthing besides be with old  people who are in way worse shape than I am in,  I don’t drive and it is easy to say you  can do anything if you have a big dollar to pay for anything.  I’m bored and I don’t feel like a old fart yet.

  16. Burrelll5 says

    Hi Eddy:
    I am new to your site, and looking for emploment for disabled.  I have a computer that I can use a headset to operate by voice as well as manually.  Will answer phones for companies, write, transcribe, or anything else an office assistant might do.  Looking to supplement disability income.

    • says

      Sounds good, just read the article above and follow the advice listed in it. That’s pretty much why we have written for you. I’m confident if you read it and take action, you’ll find what you need. Hope this helps my friend.

  17. Monica A. says

    Thank you Eddy,

    I too have a hearing disability.  I have moderate to severe hearing loss and even with these new hearing aids, I find it difficult to hear.  Some cellphones and telephones nowadays, although they have bluetooth, just aren’t that powerful and loud enough for me to hear.

    I can’t even use my house phone because it isn’t loud enough for me (I have to take my hearing aids off and cram that phone into my ear to hear it).  So I’m thankful that you posted this.

    Have a great day!

    • says

      You’re so welcome! Hopefully these companies are exactly what you need to reach your goals. Thanks for sharing with me and you have a wonderful day too!

  18. Kittybit17 says

    Thanks for the help :) My mother in law has been on disability for 24 years now, and I have only known her for 5 of them. She has raised 2 wonderful children..aka. my husband, and has one left that is 10. We talk almost everyday, and we have been searching for jobs that she could do hopefully from in home or not far from home because she has cerebral palsy. This was most helpful!!!

  19. says

    You make a good point. But I believe the companies listed above try to work with you so
    that you don’t lose your benefits because they are aware of the situation. That being said everyone’s situation is different and the best thing to do is contact some of the companies listed above and ask their advice given your individual circumstances.

    The whole reason this article was created was because folks were asking for options that were available to them and that’s what we’ve provided. All the other details have to be figured out by the individual. The employer and state agency. Thanks.

  20. Johndoolan says

    Hi Eddy Sure. Dissabled people can get work to earn some money yes. But  some of them, such as the brother of a  friend of mine would rather not. He explained to me why, and it made a lot of sense.
    “I live on a Dissability Pention” he explained. “And I live in Ontario Housing. If I get a Job, the goverment would just take some of my Pention away. And ifg I earn too much in their eyes, they’d kick me out of Ontario Housing and I’d be on the Streets with nowhere to go. Rent is too expensive. And I could only earn minimum wage becase I’m not skilled at anything”
    Is this how it is? If someone earnes enough to live a so called normal life on, that lives in Ontario. Would they get  a reduction in their Pention and kicked out of their home?

  21. Fleetincal says

    My daughter is blind but has internet access and uses jaws on her computer. Is this something that would work for her?

  22. Deb says

    Thank you so much! I will definetley look into these websites you have provided.
    I am disabled due to an accident that lead to chronic back pain and nerve damage. I have always worked and now I feel so depressed. I was the assistant to a buisness owner and made great money. Now I can no longer help my husband with the finances and it is not easy. There are days where I will just stay in my room locked up and cry.
    I am glad my husband is supportive of me but we barely get by since he is a teacher at a daycare. I am hoping this will help me get back into the job field (even if it is from home).
    Thank you…Thank you…THANK YOU!!!!!  

    • says

      Deb, you’re quite welcome! I’m obviously sympathetic to your situation and why I created this article because I know many folks in your situation do want to work if they could. So I’m happy to help. Definitely take action on the companies above and I encourage you to try the companies on my recommendation page: which can help you make some money right away. I wish you the best. However I’m confident if you continue to read this site and take action, you’ll be doing great. God bless you.

  23. Sllyjallow says

    hi am an 18 year old girl in a wheelchair and would love to work from my laptop because i get sick a lot during the cold weather so please help me find a job. 

  24. says

    Hey Joann, Thanks for bringing this to my attention. After some further research, the links just needed to be updated which I have done. Hope this helps. Thanks for the kind words.

  25. Joann Chiles says

    The following website are no longer available.

    Job Accommodation Network

    Pearl Interactive Network

    Thank you so much for providing such a wonder and altruistic service to so many.


  26. says

    Try using the resources actually listed in the article above. It’s the whole reason we wrote it to help folks like yourself. But it only helps if you read it and take action like most of the articles on the site.

    • says

      Hi Eddy Salomon,
      I want know about “Work At Home” could use SSI, SSD, SSDI or not!?
      I real scare of ” Work At Home” could my money lost that SSD.
      I won’t buy that work at home. I just ask quest to you.
      I am Deaf of Born.

    • says


      Visit some of the websites listed in the article. They specialize in helping you deal with earning income without jeopardizing your benefits. I’m not an expert in that. I just found the resources that can help you in that respect.

  27. Janna Barbour says

    Hi, I just got a call from NTI and was excited about checking them out. Then a friend of mine said” all of those calls are form scam artist”. So I decided to go online and see if there was any info about NTI and came across this wonderful site. Thank you for all of the wonderfull info and support. With any luck I’ll have a job working from home!
    Keep up the good work and thank you again for all the helpfull information.


  28. Dustin says

    @Eddy Salomon:
    LOL Eddy..I’m glad you left your so called professionalism behind you or i might have missed out on one of the best and possibly life altering sites I’ve ever came upon.

    • says

      Well thank you Dustin! I’m happy I left it behind as well so I can be in this position to help people like you that appreciate the effort and have a sense of humor. lol

  29. says


    Hi Luci,

    In addition to further checking into NTI and Eddy’s recommendations, My Employment Options may be of interest to you as well. They are a certified Social Security Administration employment network specializing in the Ticket To Work program. They have over 20 years of providing successful job placement for SSDI / SSI clients.

    Currently they have several work from home positions available. You can review the site for more details here:

    Wishing you all the best.

  30. Luci says

    Hi Eddy.

    I am a SSDI disabled woman who has been supplementing my income the past few years. Through Mystery Shopping I am able to get paid for telephone calls done at home to call centers around the U.S. I supplement my food bill and other necessities by visiting grocery and retail stores for items I need to purchase. It is not a lot of money but it ensures I can eat and take care of basic needs. My SSDI goes toward my mortgage and other housing expenses.

    I am happy to find this site and some of the resources which I can follow up on. Glad to hear about NTI. I was contacted by them recently and thought it might be a scam. I plan to follow up with them based on feedback from this site.

  31. Bonnie says

    @LaVerne Franks:
    I am replying to the person who said they liked your ideas, as they have a spinal problem, which is what I have, along with bad knees. No one wants to hire me, because I am on strong pain medication. I do just fine while on my medication. But, when I first entered your website, and it said Hello Beautiful, or something like that, it sounded like a scam to me. What kind of professional starts out with that? I’d love to check this out if it is for real, and doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg…

    • says

      Hi Bonnie,

      I didn’t know that scam artist had such a great sense of humor. Because that’s what my default greeting was meant to inspire. lol Fortunately most people get the joke. I left the so called notion of professionalism behind when I left corporate america 3 years ago. This blog is meant to entertain and educate you. So provided you actually read the material you’ll clearly see this site is about helping people avoid scams. If you need some type of validation of this visit the following pages:

      In any event, if the lack professionalism doesn’t bother you and you’re ready to find some legit work at home jobs, be sure to actually read the article above and visit our jobs page which is updated regularly:

      None of which costs you a dime by the way. Good luck either way.

  32. Dave says

    I applied at NTI but only got an automated response so far nothing but Im hoping I signed with them over a year ago and Im still waiting…lol Ive been on ssdi for 3 years due to menegitis…….hopefully I will survive long enough to get a job.

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