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We've covered a lot of material over the years to help people work at home and avoid scams. But it may be hard to find if you're new to our blog. So I've decided to assemble a compilation of our best work at home advice into one guide, to help job seekers who have been struggling with finding work at home. All the material listed here is free. So please leave your distrust, cynicism or past experiences at the door because we won't be asking you for a dime! (However I can't speak for the sponsors listed on our site that pay our bills. So be sure to do your research which will be easy if you read this page.) We've pretty much covered all you need to know about working at home or avoiding scams. However it will only be effective if you actually take the time to READ through ALL the material! Failure to do so may lead to a messy divorce between your wallet, scam artist or misleading work at home products. So please take heed.


Work At Home Jobs

How To Find Work At Home Jobs on the web.

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Top 5 Reasons People Fail At Work At Home

Top 5 Work At Home Opportunities For 2012

How To find work at home jobs on this site. 

Our Pre-screened Work At Home Job Leads (Updated Daily)

Our Weekly Work At Home Job Leads Recaps

A List of Companies That Hire Work At Home Seekers Regularly

Work At Home Jobs That Are Actually In Demand

Work At Home Jobs For The Disabled

How To Find Jobs Outside The U.S.

What Work From Home Jobs Pay The Most?

How To Make Money Typing At Home

Our reviews of various Work At Home Companies

How To Deal With Taxes & Working at Home


Scam Avoidance & Reporting

How To Tell If A Company Is A Scam.

Common Scams To Avoid.

How To Report Scams

Top Scam Fighting Websites

Top 3 Reasons It’s Not A Work At Home Scam!



How I Am Able To Work At Home Full Time Without A Job!

My Personal Work At Home Recommendations



Common Work At Home Questions Answered

Let me know what you think of this guide. Hopefully it covers everything you need to know. Feel free to leave a comment either way if it does or does not.

Instant Start Work At Home Opportunities

M80 Labs is seeking a everyday smartphone app users to join their growing online community. The ideal candidate is one that has a desire for downlo...
Our internet marketing company is looking for various individuals online with high speed internet connection to read emails from our partners. We’r...
The Consumer Panel is a group of consumers from all over the United States who influence future products and services who are paid to ...
Hits4pay is an Internet advertising network sharing it’s advertising revenue with it’s members. We have advertisers all over the world who are will... is a BBB listed marketing research company that is currently looking for online survey takers of various ethnic backgrounds, a...


  1. says


    I know for many legitimate companies they require your SS# because they have to report your earnings to the government. But you only want to give that type of information to companies you have actually researched which is easy to do by following the steps in my scam video here:

    So the moral is do your research on each company you’re considering first before giving them any information.

  2. Ali says

    Thanks for all the info Eddy, I have a question if you don’t mind. A lot of “offers” on a couple of survey sites have asked for SSN Specifically Green Dot, Opinion Square and Credit Karma, how safe is it to give my number, I’m closing in on retirement age and am a little more leary than ever.  Thanx for any help.

  3. says


    Thanks for the kind words. I’ve listed tons of opportunities all over this site in particular my recommendations page which is linked to in the guide above that you can start without any investment!

    Clicking ads was one of many options I have discussed on this site. But you have to really take the time to read through the site to get the most out of it and probably why you missed the many other free opportunities we discuss.

    So start with our recommendations page:

    and read everything else like our weekly job leads which are also free jobs. Most of the opportunities we cover don’t cost you a dime.

    Good luck.

  4. Hunaina Farid says

    hi eddy, u r really doing great. wanted to ask how can i earn money without investing? actually i just know about the clicking add option, though its free but too slow.

  5. Angela Farrer says

    Hi Eddy, I found and signed up for ClixSense under your referral link–it’s a great site for some extra cash; thanks! I also linked to your Work From Home Jobs page from my latest blog post. 

    • says

      Thanks Lou.
      I’m very blessed to have a lot of great active referrals that win there a lot so I’m winning because of their efforts. And fortunately like you they love the site!

  6. JD says

    Hey Eddy,
    This website has been awesome and I wish I could tell you exactly how I found it.  I respect you; you’re down to earth and get to the point (hard to find today!).  Anyway the reason this website has been beneficial is because I’m a current MBA student but I have two family members who are very sick and this gives me the freedom to work when I need to.  I’m more than happy to give you a testimonial if you’d like one.
    Joe DelVecchio

    • says


      Thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate them. I don’t really care how you found us but I’m happy you did. I’m confident as you explore the site you’ll find something that will help you and your family!

      You’ve already given me a great testimonial with your comment. Your thanks is enough for me!

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