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If you've been on my site long enough, you already know I'm a successful affiliate marketer that earns about 5 figures per month. I don't throw around these numbers because I'm an arrogant bastard that likes to brag. I'm revealing these numbers as a source of inspiration for you. Because I was where you are now. I spent hours per day searching and applying to various work at home jobs. I know the feeling of waiting by your computer in the hopes that an employer would reply back to all the resumes I sent. I also know that awful feeling of despair you get when you don't hear back from any of these employers. What the f? Couldn't you have the decency to email me back & let me know that I wasn't qualified or the job was filled. (Sorry I just had a flash back.)

I know what's it like to be so desperate to make money at home, that you pay for some so called work at home job or product that claims you'll be making $50-$500 per week instantly. I also know the emotions of anger and embarrassment you feel when you learn these scum bags have just swindled you out of your hard earned money. So yeah I've been there too. But obviously you've seen that I have been able to shake all that stuff off and become successful with this affiliate marketing career. And if my simple Simon self can do it ,then you can too! 

Giving Back!

So I've decided to do you a favor and show you a free way of getting into affiliate marketing using some of the free and legitimate non traditional work at home opportunities I've discussed on this blog over the last couple of months.  The operative word here is FREE! So there should be no excuses as to why you can't apply what I'm about to teach you. Don't let me find out that you've been wanting to get into this career and not apply what I'm about to teach you. I know where you live and will come after you. lol

All jokes aside, keep in mind that the technique presented in this article is just ONE method of affiliate marketing. It's extremely limited! But it will get your feet wet and can make you a bit more money. At the end of the day if you want to earn the type of money I do, then you'll need a lot more techniques and skills which can be obtained with an internet marketing training website like Wealthy Affiliate. However, I know many of you can't afford the low cost monthly fee of this internet marketing training course at the moment. So I'm going to hook you up. By using the method listed in this article, you should be able to make enough to pay for your Wealthy Affiliate training and then excel into higher levels of income that I know you're capable of reaching with this career So Let's Get Ready To Rumble!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Just in case you don't know, affiliate marketing is basically a fancy way of saying: getting paid to refer people to products, services or information they want. This is very different than many other home based business opportunties or MLMs you may be thinking of.  They typically involve referring family members, friends or anyone you can find to buy over priced products or services people don't want or need. We all know a family member or friend that tried to peddle some nonsense or get you to join some matrix they were part of. This isn't what affiliate marketing is about! When done correctly, you're just getting paid to providing people with solutions to problems they need help with and have asked for.

For instance many of you love the information on this blog. You've probably emailed some articles to a few friends or family members who are looking to work at home or avoid scams. Well that's sort of like doing affiliate marketing.  If you were an affiliate of my site, then you would get paid for doing this.  (Sorry I don't have an affiliate program but I do have a contest you can participate in.)

By the way affiliates can get paid various ways. Everyone knows you can get paid if someone buys something (PPS aka Pay Per Sale). But did you know you can also get paid if someone fills out a form for free information, join a newsletter, site, etc? This is known as CPA, CPL or PPL (Cost per action, cost per lead or pay per lead) You can also get paid if someone clicks on a link that you place on your site if you have one. Google has an affiliate program known as adsense that pays this way. So don't assume people need to buy something from you to get paid! Although a lot of techniques you learn focus on pay per sale, you can use them for the other type of affiliate programs as well. Trust me, I do it all the time.

How To Join An Affiliate Program?

1. You visit the site of a company you're interested in promoting or being affiliated with. (99.9% have affiliate programs. Just email the company if you can't find a link. to the program which is usually at the bottom of the page) You can also join an affiliate network which has many affiliate programs in one place.

2. You read about their affiliate program to discover how much you'll get paid, when and how.

3. You sign up to be an affiliate of the company. This is always FREE because it's obviously in the best interest of the company to have a fleet of people advertising for them for free.

4. You're provided a user name and password to login so you can see your stats, how much your owed and where to get your marketing material.

5. You login to get your free marketing material such as banners, ad copy and a free website with your unique id to use to refer people to their product, service or website. (The free website is managed by the company, you don't need to create one or know how to update it.  You just need to know how to copy & paste your website address.)

6. You go out and start promoting your website address to people that will be interested in this product, service or website.

The last step is where people have a lot of problems and where training is very important. This is the area I'm going to focus on and make your life easy.


How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Now?

Okay now that you know how this works, let's make some money.

1. First sign up for the following legitimate work at home opportunities. They're all free and legitimate and will be mentioned in the video. But you can use any company that you think is legitimate.,,

2. Watch the following video:

3. Wash, Rinse & Repeat. This can literally be done with a boat load of legitimate work at home opportunities you're involved in. If you don't know any, visit my recommendations page by clicking here.

4. Take Action! Don't just sit there and watch the video and think about it. Be about it!

5. Re-invest the money you'll earn back into yourself with affiliate marketing training or whatever else will make you happy.

That's it!

See how easy that is folks? You can literally keep repeating the steps over and over again by promoting various legit work at home offers you're involved with.  Next thing you know, you're making some decent money. Now will you be able to support your family with this type of money? I doubt it! Can this technique work for affiliate programs that aren't related to work at home? Nope. This was just one simple example of how you can make some seed money. I call it seed money because if you're smart you'll re-invest the money in other things that will make you more money such as some additional affiliate marketing training by a company like Wealthy Affiliate which teaches you many more techniques that can be used for any type of affiliate programs not just those limited to work at home.

Ultimately for you to make life changing money, you need the skills that pay the bill! This is especially true when it comes to making money at home. I think the fact that many of you have been searching for months or years can attest to this. Many of you have great skill sets but they're not necessarily in high demand when it comes to work at home jobs. An affiliate marketer is always in demand because companies will always need new customers to consume their product, service or website. Think about it.  When have you ever heard a company say that they have enough money so let's cut back on activities that make us more money. As Kat Williams would say: "Not never!"

Affiliate Marketing is Recession & Lay off Proof!

So you need to take advantage of this situation. Affiliate marketers aren't usually affected by recessions. If anything they may thrive off them because companies rely on them more to make up the profits they may be losing. So if you want to enjoy the type of lifestyle and income a trained affiliate like myself earns, then you need to re-invest in your self. After all, why do you think people go to college, law or medical school? It's not because they like spending money they don't have. It's because they know it's an investment in their future. They're NOT guaranteed success but they improve their likelihood of it with the acquisitions of skills that are highly sought after. Affiliate marketing is no different. You can learn the ropes but you won't succeed unless you're willing to take action and see your success through to the very end no matter what obstacles you face. And trust me, you will face many of them. 

As much as I love this career, I would be remissed if I didn't say it wasn't for everyone. That's the whole reason I wrote my article Top 10 Reasons To Avoid Affiliate Marketing. Joining a website like Wealthy Affiliate will teach you what you need to know but they can't make you successful. That still has to come from you. You need to have the strength to push forward with this career even if you don't see a dime or results right away or even after months of work. If you know that's not you, then just avoid this career all together and continue to search for a work at home job or just take what I've shown you today and make your little money with it.

At the end of the day you have choices either way. As always, just do what's best for you and be honest with yourself. Don't let me or anyone jeidi mind trick you into anything that may not be right for you!  In any event I hope you enjoyed my Free Affiliate Marketing Course. At the very least some of you will walk away from this article with a little more change in your pocket. If you found this article helpful, please share with others using the links below.

So what did you guys think? Was this helpful? Have I opened your eyes to a world of possibilities?

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