Is Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam?

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Eddy Salomon

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On September 16, 2009
Last modified:January 13, 2014


Wealthy Affiliate University is a legitimate place to learn about internet marketing. They continously improve and make changes that help people succeed. Now that they have a free option, it's even better!

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Overall Rank: #1
Company Name:
Wealthy Affiliate
Price: Starter (FREE), Premium ($47 per month)
Training Levels:  Complete Newbie to Expert
Training Types: Videos (live, pre-recorded), Tutorials, Courses
Websites: 2 FREE With Starter, Unlimited with Premium
Support: 24/7 Live Chat, Personal Expert Help

Am I Currently a Member: YES, Absolutely

===> Access Wealthy Affiliate for Free Here!

Too often many of the internet marketing products out there falsely claim that they have some magical lucky charm system that is going to make you hundreds of dollars seconds after buying their product. If you believe that, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.Wealthy Affiliate - Me Profile!

In any event, when I first learned about Wealthy Affiliate 6 years ago, I expected to visit their website and see the typical boats, cars, half naked women and photo shopped Clickbank checks of thousands of dollars. But to my pleasant surprise the website was very understated and to this day, these guys have remained true to their ethics and their customers.

I know from experience that internet / affiliate marketing isn’t a cake walk. So the first thing I try to identify is whether or not a product is trying to sell you on a “dream”.  If they do, then I am out.

However, Wealthy Affiliate is Different….

They make their distinction very clear within minutes of visiting their website, they make you an offer for a FREE membership.   Like me, you probably hesitate when something is free.  What is the catch?

There is no catch at Wealthy Affiliate.  They are a legit work at home opportunity and they truly care about their members, it is quite evident in absolutely everything they do.

Let’s take a quick peak at the Free Starter membership first.   They have two membership models, a free membership and a Premium membership.

Here is what is included in the Starter Membership:

  • Two Free WordPress Websites (you can use how you like)
  • 10 Lessons (videos included), Getting Started training
  • Live, 24/7 Help
  • Ability to Contact ME and Other Experts Directly
  • 10 Lesson, Affiliate Bootcamp (this training ROCKS!)
  • Ability to create discussion, ask questions
  • Your own personal WA profile w/ blog
  • And much more…FOR FREE!

You can literally get your OWN work at home business, in absolutely any niche, and get help when you need it within the Starter membership.  I have reviewed a lot of programs over the years and seen a lot of “guru” offerings, but absolutely nothing out there even touches the Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership (and it’s free).

If you are interested…which you would be crazy not to be, I want you to get your business going right this second and click the link below.  It will take you directly to the create account page at Wealthy Affiliate with my personal invite.  Fill out that form and you will instantly have access!

==> Here is a direct “Create Account” link to join Wealthy Affiliate Starter!

And Now for the Premium… 

I don’t want to spend too much time on the Premium membership, because I am a full advocate of “trying before buying” anything and I want you to get Started with the free membership at WA.  But I quickly want to explain Premium and why I am personally a Premium member at WA.

When you get started online, you need the basics.   But as you progress, you want all the tools, services, training and support possible to reach maximum success.  That is why the Premium membership is there, it will blow your socks off and to this day, there is not a program out there that can come close to comparing to everything that is offered within Premium.

Without me going into too much detail, I want to send you directly to the Premium page.

The Liars, the Fibbers, and the REALISTS

Based on my years of experience with internet marketing (almost 8 years now),  anyone that claims that internet marketing is easy is a liar. That’s like saying brain surgery is easy. When I started at Wealthy Affiliate back in 2006 I quickly appreciated their candor regarding what to expect.

Prior to WA I became jaded with GURUS and the other ridiculous claims online.  I think that jaded my approach and at first I can tell you that I didn’t really trust Wealthy Affiliate, becasue crazy enough they seemed “too legit”. Gurus failed me one too many times that it left a bad taste in my wallet. Could you blame me? Seems like every day a new one is sending out an email about some secret system their peddling. (I bet you have a few of these emails in your mailbox right now.)

What finally sold me on WA was hearing from repeated folks on various sites singing Wealthy Affiliate’s praise and seeing the owners (Kyle & Carson) relentlessly improving their program to maximize success and teaching ONLY strategies that are proven and that work.

Needless to say if you’ve been a long time subscriber, you already know I’m a member of WA & highly recommend this at my #1 product.

How Your Going to Get Paid…

Let’s sit down and talk money here.  Many of you put money before everything and I can understand that we all want more.  But in order to get more, you are going to have to be a realist and realize that it is going to take a bit of work on your behalf.  Nobody has every created a successful business and then looked back and said, MAN THIS WAS EASY.   It can become much easier if you have the right help (like Wealthy Affiliate), but it will still take some action on your end.

The core of all MONEY you are going to earn is having a website.  Once you have a website in place, there are MANY things you can do to earn revenue like advertise, sell affiiliate products or amazon products, email marketing, or CPA offers.  Instead of me recreating training that is already created on this, the guys over at Wealthy Affiliate have really simplified the process within their Getting Started training and they have made life easy by providing you with not one, but TWO full functional niche websites (that can be used however you like).


So my next suggestion to you is going to be to set-up your free account.  No catches, not credit cards, just access to what you need to GET PAID!

Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work? (and your next steps)

Of course it does. Why do you think companies like Google, Ebay, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. all have affiliate programs. If it were a scam or didn’t work why would these companies that earn billions of dollars invest in facilitating an affiliate program for you to join? I’ll tell you why, because all companies need to make money. Affiliates bring them new customers and leads and that makes them money. Have you ever heard a company say, “Hey, we don’t want to make any more money!”? Not Never!

So yeah affiliate marketing is the real deal. It’s definitely worked for me. With God’s favor and a lot of hard work, I’ve been “job free” for about two years now. I guess you can say it has worked out pretty well. After all I’ve been able to help my best friend fire his boss as well by investing the profits I’ve made from my internet marketing career into an offline business we have together. Furthermore My wife no longer needs to work.  We’re both home now and get to enjoy every moment with our year old baby girl Brianna.

I’ve literally experienced every important moment of her life, crawling, walking, talking and now attitude. lol I thank God every day that my wife and I can experience these moments together. I know if it weren’t for my internet marketing career, I would still be trekking into the city on a stinky train, sitting in meetings listening to people babbling about stuff we’ve already discussed at other meetings, justifying to an idiot boss why I need a .15 cent raise when the bastard just got a $5 raise for doing nothing more than taking credit for the stuff that the foot soldiers like me did. Oh don’t get me started. lol

Now that we’ve discussed what affiliate marketing is, what Wealthy Affiliate is, how you are going to be earning money online, let’s talk about your next actionable steps.   I want you to take action on these steps.  If you don’t and you end up failing online, you have no one to blame but yourself.  If you take action on these steps and don’t see any results, you can instead come back and “dog pile Eddy”.  I know you aren’t going to because you are truly going to experience the BEST.

Step 1: Create a 100% FREE Wealthy Affiliate Starter Account
Step 2: Take action on the Getting Started training. (link within back office when you join)
Step 3: Hit me up personally within WA if you ever need a hand!

This is your path to success and your path to building a business.  I have no shame in recommending WA to anyone, including my family.  It is a service that I know you will come to love right away and I think you are going to be blown away by what is offered for free, let alone their Premium membership.

If you have any questions about WA or this online business stuff, leave me a comment below and I will help you out. :)


Eddy Salomon
Founder of

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  1. Colleen O'Leary says

    This is an entirely new concept to me…I don’t understand. What exactly do you do? Do you work for WA? How do you earn money?

    • says

      Stephen, what I make per year has nothing to do with what you’ll make per year with this business. But I’ve been earning 6 figures for over 5 years with this business.

  2. TaGGed7 says

    Eddy, excellent article on WA. I just joined a few days ago and am currently at the beginning of building my website. I’m extremely excited about it but also quite a bit disheartened by Jeff’s having been at it for a year and still not making a dime from the website that you build and learn to operate in the “freebie” stage. I’m like alot of the folks here and every dime coming in to our house hold goes toward the “Survival Fund” known as the Budget. I’m not sure that I can sustain the membership fees for a year before even coming close to making some cash at what I’ve been studying. Anyway, absolutely excellent article, Jeff, good look partner; I’ll be over there at WA in a few moments and see if I can find ya! Thanks again!!!

    • says

      Thanks! Unfortunately that is the nature of business sometimes. It’s not uncommon for a business to be in the red for nearly two years before seeing a profit. But then there are some people that get lucky and make it happen right away. It all depends on the person and niche. If everyone could be guaranteed to make money right away or a set time frame when they start a business then more people would be business owners than employees. Obviously that’s not the case. So it’s definitely a scary reality you have to be honest with yourself about.

      Fortunately WA now has a free option, so you can work that as long as you want. =)

  3. Ebony Ward says

    hey eddy, wanted to let you know how much progress i have made. I created two trainings on wealthy affiliate on the way to making money. its not much but its something.

    • says

      Duh, It says all over my site I’m an affiliate marketer. Way to go stating the obvious. Fortunately people that take the time to read my blog know I am an honest affiliate that makes money by helping them make informed decisions that benefit them by providing both the pros and cons of any company I’m affiliated with. But you would actually have to read my body of work to see this.

  4. Steve says

    Just so everyone is clear, the time period Eddie refers to as two months (04.01.2008 until 06.30.2008) is actually three months.

  5. Angelo Duran says

    I’m very skeptical about ‘get rich quick’ programs and sites that show nice cars and houses to entice people into committing themselves to bogus programs.  I  instinctively know when to not get involved with something when I get this euphoric feeling at the pit of my stomach; it is then that I know that what I’m responding to is the idea of wealth and happiness and not a legitimate working progress towards my goals.  Wealthy Affiliate may encompass what I need which is an opportunity to make things move in the right direction with dedication and good work ethics.  I presently don’t have the funds to get started, but when I do I will. 

  6. says

    I try to educate and amuse when writing. I don’t enjoy reading dry material so I try to keep it amusing even if I’m sharing information or giving you tough love. Glad you appreciate it.

  7. pawlik75 says

    I want this so bad!! I’m determined tht when i finally find a job, I cn afford the monthly pymnts of becoming a member of WAU. Not expensive, but without any extra income right now, not feasible. I’m so excited to change my outlook on life now!!! Thnx again Eddy!!

    • says

      You’re welcome. A quick way to help you get towards that goal is working with Amazon via mechanical turk and many of the other non-traditional opportunities we list on our recommendations page: many of the opportunities listed there can be started right away while you try to land a traditional job. So head there now and start taking action. If you do, you should make money by today. Good luck.

  8. Pawlik75 says

    Very inspiring and to the point!!! Well said!! I hv to admit, you made me laugh on some of the straight forward things you said……but it’s so true!!! Thanks!!!

  9. Carmenlanham says

    Thanks for all yr info Eddy, I have been looking into this for a couple of months now and have just signed up to WA thru you. Cheers

  10. Victor Oddiri says

    I have been looking for internet marketing opportunity for the past two years. I will now join Wealthy Affiliate with your recommendation. The ease in which I get employment has made it difficult for me to start a home based business. I am now very resolved to start a home based internet business.
    Victor, Pensacola FL

  11. says

    Hi Anna,

    Our contact me link is on the right of every page in the menu section. So I’m not sure how you missed it. =)

    In any event, it’s great to hear you’ve been taking action and now considering affiliate marketing as another option. Considering your health condition the work at home industry definitely seems like the way to go for your needs.

    Just keep in mind that affiliate marketing isn’t your only path. As you’ve probably discovered reading my site there are many legitimate ways to make money at home. So you have a lot of options to consider and try while you wait to start this business.

    Ultimately you have the right attitude and the support of your fiancé, couple that with action and you have the recipe for success! So continue to do what you have been doing and I know you’ll find success one way or another. Don’t limit yourself. Go with whatever makes sense for your needs.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful comment with me. I really appreciate it!

    P.S. No need to keep your fingers crossed. If you read and take action on the various recommendations you will succeed like many others have on this site.

  12. says

    Well I was hoping to reach you by email but I guess I’ll just have to tough it out and post publicly, can’t seem to find your email here probably for good reasons though I understand :) .. lol .. So I just wanted to say, I have been to your site quite often lately, especially within the past 3 weeks and I have been to some others recommended as well, I have grown fond of the smaller inflows of cash and have bookmarked the ones that really appeal to me and use them daily as I can.  I have been racking my brain over affiliate marketing for the past 2-3 weeks since I came here and like many I’m sure, it is a constant (if you haven’t made a decision yet) up and down rollercoaster of .. I’m gonna do this! .. Oh I can’t .. YES I CAN!! .. awe crap there’s no way I suck .. or that might just be me .. I hope not lol ..

     I really find what you write to be inspiring as many other readers and I’d like to tell you why.  I have been battling panic disorder (similar to social anxiety) for about 6 years now and it has really messed a lot of things up for me, I am 23 and should be well on my way to a career or at LEAST a part time job of something.  But the biggest reason I am at a loss is because of this annoying disorder, it’s not just a matter of getting over your fear (boy do I wish that was the case cause I would surely beat myself all the way to the finish lol) it literally inhibits me from doing the most common things, driving, going to the movies, shopping, going to my JOB.  And so here I was at a loss.  I really like this article and the benefits that I have read about WA but like some others, I will have to wait to afford it (yet another reason I’m not even in college .. yes yes I know fafsa .. little more complicated on my part lol).  I just want to express to you the gratitude I have for you taking the time to write these articles and I hope that I can find a way to succeed using these methods as I can’t have a traditional offline job at this point in my life =.  

    I don’t feel that this was a coincidence that I ended up on this site, quick short story (if I can manage it).  My fiance told me about 4 weeks ago, “I think you should just bypass all the job BS and just start your own business”.  I looked at him like he was mad! I mean honestly, what the heck am I gonna make a business out of? I immediately started thinking of traditional offline businesses and was so overwhelmed I looked at him and said, “There is no way I could do that, I have never once even thought of owning my own business nor had the desire .. you are off your rocker!”  He then laughed at me and replied with, “Don’t stress yourself out thinking of it now, I think it will come to you in time.”  So ya I was really thinking .. Oh lord he’s nuts.  It wasn’t until about a week ago that it hit me and it was just a light bulb .. Why not take it online?  And the heavens opened up and the angels started singing.. lol .. not really but I have an overactive imagination :P.  I do apologize for posting my own article I really preferred to put it in an email .. panic disorder and all you know .. but I really just wanted to share that with you.

     No questions here, just thanks.  I hope for the other young adults out there in the world who are just as lost as me (cause of course school doesn’t teach you ANYTHING that really applies to surviving today’s world lol) with all of the OVERWHELMING amounts of data out there, that they can find something that sparks their interest and really makes them motivated.  

    Sorry again for the long post ! I just couldn’t help it!  

    Thanks again for the inspiration and motivation, if I somehow succeed I shall return to share the news :) *fingers crossed*

  13. Tishauna says

    I noticed while reading through the comments that WA has offered promotional pricing on their membership fees from time to time. Are there any promotions available now or are any coming up in the near future? I’ve just about decided to pull the trigger and join (under you, of course) but if I can get a deal you know I want one! lol Thanks for all the help you offer, I’ve learned a lot on your blog.

  14. Babesrus0111 says

    Hi Eddy, I am at a phase where I’m going through what you have personally experienced….frustrated that I can’t spend as much time at home with my kids and not getting paid what I’m worth and based on the amount of time I put at work….remuneration just doesnt seem to commensurate. So, I’m intending to go part time next year. I have switched from one job to another within the last one year so I guess I will have to stick to this one for quite awhile before I can quit next year.

    While I’m doing Full time now, I thought of trying out wealthy affiliate to get some things moving so that hopefully by next year, I could be earning some amount from this business and perhaps I really don’t have to go out to earn that miserable pay as a part timer elsewhere.

    I am indeed very inspired by what you have written and I am so convinced…but I am also a little apprehensive. Just a question….since you say that this is a affiliate marketing is a business, besides the membership fees I need to pay WA monthly, what other stuff will I expect to pay for as a ‘start up capital’?

    • says

      I applaud you for taking control of the situation and deciding to take action to help you get to your goal. Too often people complain about things but don’t do anything different to change it. So you’re already on the right path.

      In terms of your question, chances are you’ll want to purchase a domain name (.com) although it’s not required. You may decide that you want to buy advertising rather than using the free techniques WA teaches you. Other than that I don’t anticipate any more cost. WA provides you with hosting for you site that is included in your membership. So you won’t have to pay elsewhere for that unless you chose to. Most of the things you learn can be done without having to spend additional money or a lot of it.

      I hope this helps.

  15. says

    I think you meant, After taking the training from WA has anyone be successful earning money with Affiliate Marketing?

    Because you don’t join WA to make money with WA, you join it to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing via your own sites, article marketing, etc.

    Good question though. So hopefully folks will chime in.

  16. Bryan says

    Nice place, lot’s of nice words and comments. 2-3 years. But I don’t see if anybody reports about results. Is anyone here, in this forum, started make money with WA (Except Eddy)?

  17. says

    Hi Rozanne,
    You’re welcome. It all depends on the person hiring. It can be anywhere from $5 to $20 per article. But remember the goal here is to learn this business so you decide how much you make with your own articles via your marketing efforts. The amounts I have made from my own articles on my blog would never be the same as what someone would pay me for them. So keep that in mind.

  18. says

    Glad you enjoyed. Just keep in mind there aren’t any short cuts with this business. It’s going to take time (meaning longer than a month) to see any major results. You have to be in it for the long run for this to work.

  19. Inetcrafts says

    The video make a big difference in understanding a little bit more. Before seeing the videos, I was on the fence, about to join, but taking my time. After the videos I see that I need to take a chance to see if this will work for me today. I spent money on many books, downloads and other instructions. I am hoping this will be a shortcut to a r-e-a-l BLUEPRINT!!! The worst thing that can happen is that I spend a couple of hundred bucks for an education. My local community college charges $109 for non-credit courses on things like this. If I took two courses I may be out of pocket about the same amount of money. I am a rookie jumping in with my eyes are wide open. I need a mentor and I am looking forward to others sharing and helping me along. Hey. To all the Rookies in the house. How well did you do in your first month? Any stories?

  20. Roxanne says

    Greets Eddy,

    Thank you for all the information & insight. I am an avid writer & feel that upon joining, Wealthy Affiliate University, I could add value to those that need help with article writing. Plus it would provide me an opportunity to ‘earn & learn’ as well. You mentioned for example, an ad requesting 28 articles to be written. What would the aprroximate charge per article be; not just in that case but over all. A range would be much appreciated.


  21. Ajv Tdr says

    Thanks for all the insight on WAU. I am truly a rookie in this arena. Very limited knowledge but have become very interested in online opportunities. Where do I start to learn the very basics?  HELP!
    Thanks, Tony

  22. Amy says

    Hi Eddy,

    Just like to say thank you for all the help and advice which you have offered me.  Also, thank you for your previous emails. I don’t remember replying to them because I usually get stuck into applying for work at home.  However, I am extremely grateful for your support and please continue!  It’s great to know that I am not on my own, pulling my hair out!


  23. Jlong says


    Thank you for your candid review of WA.   My wife and I are going to look into it
    further.  I appreciate your passion for
    sharing opportunities as well as sharing it in a truthful manner.  I have just one little comment regarding your
    first video, where you share your commission earnings via Quickbank, Rexdirect
    and Commissionjunction.  In all three
    cases you showed your earnings from 4/1/11 to 6/30/11 and said it was for the “last
    two months”, actually this period of time encompasses a total of three
    months.  It is an exceptional amount of
    money, none-the-less.   Thanks
    again.  Jim

  24. says

    Hey Donna,

    Thanks for the kind words about my site and my little princess. I really appreciate it! I totally hear the need for supplemental income. I think it’s something we can all use no matter what the situation. As you read my site, you’ll see I like to keep it very real with this stuff. Like you said there is too much stuff out there fluffing people. I encourage you to read the following page: to see the various options you have available to you.
    And if you like what you’re reading be sure to subscribe so we can keep in contact with you:

    In any event, thanks again for taking the time to write this comment!

    P.S. It’s Eddy not eddie. ;)

  25. Donna says

    Eddie,  I appreciated your article!  As a 46 yr old  full time RN, I’m looking for a supplemental income or a  way to cut back on hours on my feet.  I does look like work, but I am grateful for your honesty. I have been hit up by E Marketing Solutions and other “pie in the sky” online companies.  Thank you very much for your directness and forthrightness in showing pros and cons.  PS your daughter is darling! 

  26. says

    Lisa, you made my day. I’m so happy you get so much value of my little site. I really appreciate that you take the time to read through all my articles. A lot of times folks don’t and miss a lot. So thank you! I’m happy I have gained your trust and appreciate that you want to sign up under me for anything I recommend that fits your needs. Thanks for your continued support and just taking the time out your day to express this. I really do appreciate it!

  27. LisaC says

    Dear Eddy,
    You are such a big help. I have enjoyed your website and have learned much.  Your personality comes through in your writing, making it a joy to read. Thank you very much for the info on WA University. I feel I can trust your opinion and that means a lot. I’m glad I read the entire article and now know that if I do sign up I should go through you. Thanks, Eddy.

  28. says

    Thanks Cisi! I’m glad you can appreciate my style. I try to keep it very honest to the point it should scare certain people away. So I’m glad that isn’t the case for you. You’ll be in a better position to succeed! Thanks for chiming in!

  29. Cisi says

    Hi Eddy,

    I have been looking for something like this for awhile. I am so gald I came across you website. I have never heard/read anyone put it down like that. You kept it really real!  I will be joining WA under you. Thanks!!

  30. says

    Hi Jeff,
    Glad you like the information. Please keep in mind this is NOT A JOB! This is a business. You’re not guaranteed a set salary based on the hours you put in. If that’s what you’re looking for be sure to check out our jobs page: or some of our other recommendations here:

    I just don’t want you going into this with the wrong mindset because it will lead to frustration and failure.

    With that all out the way, internet marketing can be applied to any existing website or one that you can easily create at WA. They have a website tool that makes that pretty easy. You can read more about that on their site.

    I hope this helps.

  31. Jeff says

    Hi Eddy,

    Good stuff, I am new to all this and have been wanting to build a home internet job for awhile but never trusted any online work at home products but this seames for real. The one question I have for you is do you have to have an existing website or do they help you with one.

  32. Britneyspoonemore says

    Hi! Your page was a lot of help and reassuring. I recently joined an affiliate program and am excited about it. However, if I hadn’t read this page I probably would have gotten frustrated and impatient- thinking that I was wasting my time trying to do something that i know nothing about- in the very near future. I haven’t been with them long – about a week and a half now. I realize now that this will take time and probably some trial and error, but I know now not to give up if I don’t see results right away. Thanks so much!

    • says


      I’m happy you stumbled upon this article then. Too often people think running a business is like a job. But it’s not. So at least now you understand the difference and will be more patient until you can build your business.

      I just hope you have the proper training because just joining an affiliate program is the easy part. Getting people to trust you and visit your page and links is the hard part and why we recommend a company like WA to help you succeed with any affiliate program you join.

      So keep that in mind.

      Good luck!

  33. says

    I’ve been involved with affiliate marketing in one capacity for many moons. So yes I was always employed while I was mastering this business. I’m a firm believer that you should have some other consistent income coming in so you can relax and enjoy the processing of learning this business. Otherwise people try to rush through the learning and miss a lot of important things because they’re desperate to pay bills. Learning like that doesn’t work!

    So definitely have some other income in place which is why we gave you many other easy recommendations here:

    and we list jobs daily here:

    This way hopefully you’re earning money with other things as you try to build this affiliate marketing business which can take a lot of time and is daunting.

    So having another job and making other ways is how I paid for training I would get from places like WA. I always invested a portion of any money I made from a job or other money making opportunities in to better myself or business. It’s an investment that has paid for itself many times over and why I’m home in my PJs answering your comment and earning more money than I ever did at my full time job.

    I hope that makes “cents”.

  34. Godwin_family5 says

    Hi Eddy, I’m wondering did you continue working at your old job where you tried to convince the boss to give you a 15 cent raise while you started doing this business? If not how did you pay the fees for WA? It sounds like a good plan BUT I’ve been burned before.

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