Weekly Work At Home Recap 6/18/2010


TGIF Ya'll!

This week, I'm keeping it short and sweet. 

First and foremost, Congrats to the Lakers! It was a hell of a series and they proved they were the better team. As a New Yorker this is probably the closest thing to winning NBA champion we'll see? Why because Lamar Odom and Ron Artest are from NY. LOL


Shout Outs

Today I want to highlight some comments from two people that have taken action on my advice and achieved success because of it. I figured I'd share it with you because I know sometimes you look at my success and may think it's unattainable or too far removed. But the following people are just like you. The great thing about these two people is they both followed different paths that was right for them.  I love that fact because this is what my blog is all about. Giving you different choices so you can make the decisions that are best for you. In any event read their stories below and gain some inspiration from it. Because after all these folks are just like you. The only thing that may be separating you from them is taking action. 

Click Here to Read Sue's Story.

Click here to Read Brian's Story.


New Stuff I'm Trying…

Big Phil put me on to a spanking new opportunity to make some easy money. I'm talking about almost swag buck easy. You get paid to take answer short and often silly polls. I'll have a review shortly. But Phil has been paid out many times already so I feel confident recommending it to you now. I've already earned $1.20 today with it. A few people from my facebook fanpage have already earned as well. So give it a shot. It's free and easy, just the way you like it. LOL Visit: InstantCashSweepstakes.com for more details and to sign up. If you enjoy that poll, you'll also enjoy the Swagbucks poll where you can earn $1 Swag Buck dollar every day of the week. So that's another easy money maker for all my swag buck users out there. 

In any event, enjoy this week's lead recap. 


Customer Service  Reps Wanted


Monday 6/14/2010

- English to French Translator

- Experienced Access Operator/VBA Programmer

- Contract Quickbooks Work

- Comic Book Illustrator

- Experienced Coder Needed

- Accounting Bookkeeper

- Designers and Productions Artists

- Content Writer/American Government

- Spanish Editor


Tuesday 6/15/2010

- Bankruptcy Paralegal

- Shopping/Fashion Writer

- Wedding Blogger/Wedding Writer

- Legal Secretary/Paralegal

- Comic Strip Illustrator

- Writer for County Club Industry

- Web Designer


 Wednesday 6/16/2010

- English to Chinese Translation

- Web Content Writers

- Experienced IT Consultants

- Business Analyst

- Response Writer

- Aggressive Attorney

- Blog/Content Writer

- Fashion Writer


Thursday 6/17/2010

- Graphic Designer

- Website Designer

- Writer

- French to English Translator

- Phone Auditor

- Educational Callers

- Bookkeeper

- Editor

- Assistant Attorney

- Content Editor


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