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Weekly Work At Home Recap 10-08-2010

Dead End

Hey Guys,

Hope you're having a great week. Mine has been consumed with the new house we're trying to buy. Not surprisingly the bank is dragging their feet. So we're basically at their whim. Hopefully we'll have a commitment letter and closing day very soon.  

But it hasn't stopped my wife and I from window shopping, talking to contractors and taking leaps of faith. Not surprisingly some of this has been met with resistance from certain people around us which leads me to my weekly babbling. 

Have you ever noticed that once you've set your mind to do something greater the haters and critics become louder than usual.  You couldn't here a peep from them when you were complacent and unhappy with your life. But as soon as you've decided that you refuse to live a life of mediocrity then the negative Nanciess want to give you tons of lip and their limited advice you never requested.  The sad thing is a lot times this is coming from people you love, trust or respect. In their minds they may think they're protecting or helping you. But the reality is they're actually projecting their own failures and insecurities on to you. Don't get mad at me.  I'm not trying to be disrespectful and knock on your loved ones. I'm sure they do have your best interest at heart. Well I hope they do. However if they're not in the position in life you want to be, then why would you really listen to them about the new path you're walking?  I hate to say it but sometimes you need to "shut people's mic off". 


I got that little saying & tip from a controversial DJ (Star) that hosted a morning show here in NY. Anytime a guest or one of his co-workers said something ridiculous, he would scream "Shut his mic off" and would literally shut that person's microphone off so they couldn't be heard. Then he would proceed to discuss the reason why this person was out of line. Yes it was a very rude thing to do. But honestly in life just as in that radio show, some people really shouldn't be allowed to spew their nonsense into your ear. Because ultimately they aren't adding value to your life and the goals you're trying to reach. Instead they're trying to fill it with opposing thoughts that make you doubt yourself & lead to inaction. They want you to stay down on their level rather than souring to the top where you belong. 


One of the reasons I became really successful aside from training, taking action and the good Lord's favor was a shift in mindset. A lot of that was achieved by watching the type of messages I was putting into my mind. You don't realize it but we're inundated with negative messages all day long from the media, co-workers, family and friends. You're so emmersed in it you don't even realize it's negative anymore. You start thinking well it's normal to spend hours away from your family making others rich. It's normal to believe that what you currently have is good enough and you'll never amount to much more. It's normal to wisk away your dreams and stay grounded in so called "reality". That's the power of letting all this stuff fill your head on a daily basis. Once I limited these influences and replaced them with positive reinforcement, all the other elements of hard work and taking action finally started paying off. Think about this. I was at this business for years but I never reach the level of success that I currently have until I started to shut off the mics of these negative influences in my life.


I made it a point to no longer watch the news, limited my contact with negative people and surrounded myself with like minded people via friends, books, programing, etc. I'm not saying you have to do exactly what I did. But you do have to start by recognizing what the negative influences are around you and shutting them down. It's easy to spot because you usually feel bad after being surrounded by it. For instance there has yet to be a time where I've watched the evening news in it's entirety and left feeling good. I bet the next time you watch the news you'll remember that statement. 


In any event, the point is the more you limit your contact with people that don't share your "voice" (aspirations), the better off you'll be. Because at the end of the day we already have enough internal voices in our heads that cause us to doubt ourselves. You don't need more of that from external forces. So the next time you start feeling negative because of your own thoughts or because of comments from people around you, just shut their mics off! And if you're feeling really bold and empowered tell them out loud! Just be sure it's not someone that signs your checks, provides you shelter or can physically knock you out. lol


I hope this makes sense. If not I'm sure you've already mentally shut my mic off. Either way, Enjoy the job leads below.  


Monday 10/04/2010

- Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant

- Bloggers Wanted

- Sales/Business – Writing – Editing – Interviewing

- User and Technical Documentation

- Research Assistant

- Shopping Review Writers


Tuesday 10/05/2010

- Proofreader

- Legal Secretary

- Medical Writer/Researcher

- Copy Editor

- Research/Editor

- Mortgage and Finance Articles

- Website Articles


Wednesday 10/07/2010

- Financial Literacy Curriculum Writer

- Short Sale Processor

- Bookkeeper

- Marketing Writer

- Resume Writer

- CPA/Auditor

- Tattoos Writer

- Blogging Editor/SEO Specialist

- Automotive Writer


Thursday 10/07/2010

- Web Content Writer

- Writers and Editors

- Recipe Writer

- Quickbooks Online

- Medical Coders

- Bankruptcy Intake Paralegal

- Family Law Paralegal

- Senior Paralegal


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