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Weekly Work At Home Recap 11-12-2010

Help Wanted

Hi Guys, 

I just want to say thanks for all the birthday wishes that continue to pour in. You make an old fart feel very loved. But more importantly thank you to all who have been sharing your experiences with me regarding working at home for my birthday contest. Your stories are amazing to say the least.

Although I've already achieved what many of you are striving for, it still inspires me when I hear all your triumphs big and small. I know other subscribers reading it must feel the same way. Your comments are like a seed that is now planted in those who been hopeless or skeptical. So thank you for providing such a great gift to me and others.

I'll speak to you soon. Thanks again for all the love. 


Monday 11/08/2010

- Content Writer

- Bookkeeper

- Technical Writer Trainee

- eBay Listing Helpers

- Independent Sales Reps/Appointment Setters

- European Portuguese Transcription Work

- Microsoft Technical WriterFreelance Writer


Tuesday 11/09/2010

- Professional Writer for Newsletter

- Writers/Researchers/Content Experts

- Technical Recruiter

- Artist/Illustrator

- Freelance Blog Guest Writers

- Financial Article Writer

- Administration Assistant


Wednesday 11/10/2010

- Formatting Files for E-Books

- Children's Book Illustrator

- Experienced Writers

- Market Research Analyst

- Business Writers

- Manager – Editor for Employment Blog

- News Writers/Bloggers

- Website Content Editor


Thursday 11/11/2010

- Virtual Sharepoint/Jive Expert

- News, Features & Sports Freelancers Needed

- Senior Accountant

- Transcriptionist

- Medical Coders

- Editor

- Science Writer


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LadyDi - November 14, 2010 Reply

Hey Eddy,
I’m still lovin’ Wealthy Affiliate. Since Ii still feel a bit overwhelmed by it all ( nothing against WA, they do a good job of holding your hand-it’s just how I get when I feel all excited and enthused about something..lol) I decided to add a bit of structure to the mix by signing up for the Article marketing/SEO/PPC course bundle. And it’s awesome.

I still have my occassional lapses into helplessness/hopelessness.
I’m contemplating starting a blog about the experiences I’ve had at my job. We always say it would make a great sit-com.Although when you think about it, it’s really quite sad.

And another lesson I’ve learned this week. The idea is certainly not new. But actually implementing it puts you into a whole new level.
They say one of the best ways to get over your own problems is to help someone else.
So, i like to shop at Goodwill. i don’t absolutely need to go there. It’s kind of a kick to find $175 jeans for $6.99 (yep, inflation has hit Goodwill too. A few years ago they were $3.99!)
But for some people it’s not a kick. In fact some folks can’t even afford to shop there!
Last week I noticed a bunch of people going through the dumpster at Goodwill. I asked what they were looking for. They obviously weren’t loooking for stuff to resell on eBay.
So Eddy, they were all Haitian-Americans, looking for clothes that even Goodwill couldn’t sell to send to the folks in Haiti.
It really bugged me that they had to go garbage picking to do that.
So I went home, looked through all my stuff, and came up with 3 large boxes of clothes and shoes to give to them.
I caught up with these people last night. To them those 3 boxes were the greatest thing in the world. They were so happy it made me cry!
So, I,m off work tomorrow but that is going to be my project. An office clothing drive for Haiti. In South Florida there is a large Haitian population that regularly sends stuff down there, so my “selling point” will be hey, you might not have $$ to give to charity but you sure have some clothes you haven’t worn, so…..win/win for everyone.
The selfish part is…the good feeling i get from this makes me see possibilities i otherwise wouldn’t. It keeps me keepin’ on!

    Eddy Salomon - November 14, 2010 Reply


    Glad to hear you’re appreicating WA and working through the material as best as you can. It is very exciting to be in this business and the possibilities are endless once you master the basics. I often lose sleep at night thinking of different ways to apply what I know. So I understand your excitement.

    In any event, I’m really so proud of you. We’re constantly giving stuff to my mom to pass down to my brothers and sisters in Haiti. The clothing people dump here make the folks over there so happy. They really do appreciate that stuff. So it was kind of you to go through your own stuff and donate. But you’ve gone beyond the call of duty by setting up a clothing drive. It’s nice to see when we take matters into our own hands
    to change things instead of waiting on others to do it for us. The world would be a better place if we all did that in our own little ways. It doesn’t even have to be something big. So I applaud you. It’s that type of selflessness that will pay off many times over in other ways. There is nothing wrong with feeling good to help others. That’s what one should feel. Thanks for sharing this and thanks for helping my brothers and sisters in Haiti. Trust me they can use the help.

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