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Weekly Work At Home Recap 7-15-2011

Sun Burn

Hey Guys,

How's it hanging? Hope you had a great week. It looks like many of you have taken a liking to one of my new favorite ways to make money Beezag! Thanks to all of you who have signed up and shared your feedback. I appreciate it. 

Today I'm going to do something a bit different and provide you a tool recommendation. You know I rarely do because most stuff out there is crap. (Excuse the French.) But I've been using this tool the last couple of weeks and felt compelled to share it because it's been so helpful. It's a God send for you experienced or newbie internet/affiliate marketers that struggle with Keyword research or niche selection. If you don't even know what that means then you can ignore this recommendation. But for those of you in the industry who are like me and are always expanding your learning and skill set to make more money, then I would strongly suggest you pick up Micro Niche Finder!

It's been very instrumental in helping me speed through the drudgery of keyword research which can be painfully slow. With this tool I can easily identify the keywords that I can easily rank for in Google which is very important for traffic and making money. That's where most people fail. They're going after keywords that are too competitive or don't have enough traffic. So their sites aren't found by users and thus you don't make any money. This helps you avoid this problem.  

It has also help me get over an area of weakness I have which is identifying new niches to build sites around. My bread and butter is the work at home industry. I have two sites that rank well and make all my money. But I've always hated the idea that all  my income is dependent on those two sites. I'd prefer to spread my risk and diversify like any good stock portfolio. But I could never figure out other niches to enter and more importantly niches that weren't super competitive like the niche I'm already in. Well Micro Niche Finder helps in that respect too because it has a cool brainstorm and hot trends feature that finds niches for me that I can drill down and build sites around. It's amazing the stuff out there that people are interested in that you can make money with if you create a site around it. 

I plan on coupling the internet marketing skills I've learned with Wealthy Affiliate with Micro Niche Finder to create a few more winning sites to add to my income. This will go a long with my multiple streams of income approach I always preach. So I just wanted to share that with you. I've already used it to find keywords for my uncle in law's contracting site and was able to easily rank on the first page of Google for some decent keywords. So it does work provided you know how to apply traffic driving techniques like the ones that WA teach you. Hopefully you find value in the tool if it's something you're interested in. 

Okay back to our regularly scheduled program, Enjoy the job leads below. I'm currently on vacation in Florida right now trying to avoid being melted by this crazy sun and heat. I'll talk to you folks next week hopefully without a sun burn. (Yes black folk get them too, although rarely because we don't need tans or try to get them. lol)


Monday 7/11/2011

- Internet Search Consultant (Chinese Speakers)

- Software Researcher Needed

- Excel Wizard – Visualization Expert

- SEO Expert Needed

- Experienced Paralegal

- Experienced Grant Writer

- Medical Editor

- Illustrator

- Web Advertising/Email Marketing Sales Position

- Medical Billing


 Tuesday 7/12/2011

- Concert Music Marketers Needed

- Content Developer

- Help Desk Representative

- Telemarketing

- Lead Generation/Assistant

- Childrens-wear Designer

- Ghost Writer

- Technical Writer

- Technical Support

- Experienced Transcriber Needed


 Wednesday 7/13/2011

- Professional Executive Assistant

- Medical Transcriptionist

- Finance Writers

- IT Support Specialist, Jr

- IT Consulting Sales


 Thursday 7/14/2011

- MS Access Project

- Accounting Personnel Clerk

- Website Coding Specialist

- Skilled Freelance Writer

- Writer / Admin Asst

- Proof Reader/Editor

- Scenic Draftsman

- Hungarian Translators Needed

- Technical Support / Sales


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