Is a scam?

Is a scam?

I do not think there is a person in this country who has not said, “I should have been on that jury,” Think about the Casey Anthony trial. We all had an opinion on that case and the subsequent "verdict".  Some of you out there probably watched the whole thing for months. Well imagine if you could have been part of that trial and could have helped sure up the prosecutor's case. Imagine being paid for it too. Well that case is long gone and hopefully they'll never be one like it again.

But if you are interested in helping shape cases and get paid for it, this is the review for you. provides you the opportunity to get your voice heard from the comfort of your sofa! I am going to tell you right off this is a legit company, it been around since 1999, has an A+ BBB rating ( if that matters to you, not so much to me as I like to get my information from various resources.)


I’m sorry, I need to digress a sec… reality check here. Did I say long time and 1999 in on sentence? How in the heck did 1999 become a long time ago? Damn I'm getting old! Ok back to the task at hand. Ejury is straight up company, so let me tell you all about it.


What is eJury?


EJury is a way for trial attorneys to test the waters so to speak to see what the common every day, non-legal eagle sorts think about the facts in a case the are working on.  This gives the attorneys helpful information on finding strengths and weaknesses of the evidence, gets insight into "public" attitudes, helps them with jury selection, can help them with the most effective arguments and even with establishing a settlement value.


What they do is prepare a case with all the facts and arguments from both sides, the prosecution’s arguments and the defense side of things. EJury gets it all organized in a standard format.  At the end of the case there are questions to answer about what you your thoughts were regarding the case and material presented. Once finished with the questions you submit your verdict. Sound interesting to you? Here is a sample brief from a previous mock trial, so you can see how well they organize and set it all up.


In a court room they have 12 opinions decide a case, with this they get a minimum of 50 people sharing their two cents, well really it is $5-10. This is like a focus group– one of the legitimate opportunities I have recommended in the past. However you don’t actually have to leave your home to participate in this type of focus group.


How does eJury work?


You get an email about a mock trial opportunity and a deadline. You log on, go to the secure room where a new write up like I showed you above is, and read it carefully. Then answer the questions and submit your verdict. They take submissions until they reach their target number which is usually 50, then the trial is closed. So it sounds like you should log in as soon as you can after getting the email!


Once you get the hang of it and get comfortable with the legal mumbo jumbo in these things, it would take you about a half hour or so to do a 6 page brief, which would bring you in $5.

For more details on exactly how it works you can read about it here.


How do you get paid and how much?


You get paid $5 -10  for each “mock” trial. On the top of page for each case, it clearly states the payment for that case. The amount depends on how many pages are in the brief. Once you submit your verdict, the payment is sent to you via Pay Pal. So you must have a PP account. (How many times do I have to tell you to go get one? Well, here is one more. Lol) It is a well oiled machine. You do the work, you get immediate payment, which of course is something that suits me to a T. Always love it when the green stuff comes my way without having to wait.


How much money can you make?


Well eJury and other mock trial sites like them will never be a big money maker. They are upfront about it from the get go. Like with paid surveys, the number of offers you receive depends on where you live and demographics. Larger cities and more populated counties get more chances than more rural areas. I think there are places, like in Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolis, where this company got its start, where you might get one a week. But I think for the most part it will be a once and awhile kind of thing. Most people just do it because it is kind of fun.


Are there special qualifications?


Well as a matter of fact there are a few restrictions that you can read about here.

Basically, you must be 18, a US citizen and not work in or be married to a lawyer or liability /insurance adjuster. They also ask that you be able to read and write. (No comment on why that felt they had to include that tidbit) Oh yeah you can’t be a felon or have ever been convicted of a felony….. sorry.


How do I sign up to be an eJury mock trial juror?


There is a form to fill out where the company will verify your qualifications,  give them your demographics and identity verification details (your drivers license number) which they will use to check your felony convictions records and make sure you are who you say you are. lol

Once they do all their checking, you will get an email that you have been accepted to eJury and then you get your log-in details and instructions on how to access the open cases you qualify for.. There is no minimum obligations, you stay with them as long as you like, or don’t like.


OK time for me to try to find some of the cons for this totally legitimate company that pays you quickly.




Well the main con is obvious, there will be great mock juror candidates that never get called because they live in the middle of nowhere, or in places where there are not many trials or where attorneys don’t use eJury. The more populated the county you live in, the better. Note COUNTY not COUNTRY is what they talk about. That mix-up of words is one of the biggies for you skimmers out there.


Some folks are jittery about giving out their drivers licence online. I don’t blame you. They have to have it in order to confirm your identity and make sure you have never been convicted as a felon. Just like if you went to the courthouse.  So for many of you that is a con and possible deal breaker.


You can’t earn a living with this. It’s a common argument I hear from people when I provide these various little ways to make money online. If you’ve read enough of my articles you already know what I’m about to say and can ignore this part of the article. For the rest of you, No you can’t depend on this for consistent money or to pay all your bills. However I’m a big proponent of multiple streams of little income. Why have all your eggs in one basket when you can have different sources of income coming in at different times from various companies? You’d be surprised how quickly all these checks add up to some nice money. It doesn’t mean you should stop looking for a tradtional work at home job that can support all your needs. But that can take a while. Why not make some money in the mean time with these various little opportunities?It’s a no brainer to me. But I appreciate any money coming in. Not everyone has that philosophy. For some people it’s all or nothing. To each their own, I say.


Just because you are married to an attorney or insurance adjuster, or a blood relative of one they don’t let you sign up.  Like those folks go home and talk about their work or call up their brothers an sisters and blab about their jobs. Anyway there is legal mumbo jumbo for why you can’t do that, and probably more of a pre-conditioned bias.


So is eJury Legitimate?


Yes its, and it’s something I can fully recommend you trying out. I know there are several other mock trial online places out there, and if there is enough interest, I will be happy to look into some of them for you down the line. I would think it would be interesting to see how lawyers work up both sides of an issue. Anyway, go for it.

As usual, I look forward to your two cents on this work from home opportunity!  By the way if this opportunity didn't do it for you, we list traditional work at home jobs every day here. If you're trying to figure out if something is a scam be sure to watch our scam video here. if you have enjoyed this article and want to know when I post more be sure to become a loyal subscriber or join my facebook fanpage

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  1. Josh Edwards Jr says

    I have heard about this site in the past. However, I was on the fence about signing up. After, reading your article I signed up, I also mentioned you, Thanks

  2. Mrslee2009 says

    Just signed up! I am always on your site Eddy so I will definitely keep everyone posted. Thanks for all the info on everything! You are blessed because you help bless others ;) 

    • says

      Sounds good! You’re quite welcome. I agree with you, I have been very blessed because the exact reason you described. Let’s pray the blessings keep flowing for all of us!

  3. says

    I hear what you’re saying now. Hopefully your experience is an anomaly and not the norm.
    But at the end of the day this definitely isn’t something to depend on or is consistent. The same applies for surveys. So it’s good you focus on maximizing your time on the opportunities that make more “cents” for you. So I totally agree with you. Thanks for sharing!

  4. DimndLdy2 says

    Thanks for this Eddy.  I went ahead and signed up for this.  This sounds interesting.  I live in Orlando so hopefully, I’ll get a few cases.  Lisa

  5. Ana says

    I just finished registering with them, but they said I had already been registered. So I just said I had forgotten my password and clicked on that button, but I got a blank page. If I registered in the  past, it had to have been at least 3 years ago, when I  was living  in this country last time. But I never, ever got a case — and I live in a major metro area on the East Coast.

    • says

      You might want to email them directly about the log in issue. In terms of not getting a case, that is not surprising considering what we discussed above. Maybe you didn’t fit the profile they were looking for. Again this reminds me of surveys. Some people will get more surveys than others. It’s just the nature of this opportunity. Thanks for sharing Ana. I haven’t heard from you in a while. So it’s good to see you pop up!

    • Ana says

      In terms of not getting a case, that is not surprising considering what we discussed above …

      Hi again Eddy, always good to nod in here. Actually, it was a surprise considering my location — major metro area, near one of the known legal capitals of the country. Three+ years is a long time not to get any case at all regardless of the demographic. Ok, I’m going to email them about re-registering. I mean, I even did an occasional survey within 3 years and my demographic fit for that is horrible. Since they were becoming time-consuming, I had no choice but to give up surveys. But I’ll see how this goes. thanks again!

  6. Kinya Shelley says

    Good morning Eddie.

    I’ve gotten paid from eJury. They sent me a check in the mail for $10 for a mock trial in my area. So you’re right, it’s not a scam. However that was about a year or two ago. I live in the middle of nowhere in a small county, so you’re right about that too. I haven’t seen a case sense then. So yes, it works, but it does depend on the area you live in.

    • says

      Hey Kinya,
      Thanks for re-affirming what we discussed above!
      Fortunately there are other ways to make money if this really depends on your location.

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