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So today, I am doing something a bit different than my usual reviews. There are a lot of times I am researching a company behind the scenes to determine for myself if they actually pay. Usually this involves actively participating in the opportunity for  some time before I write a review. My guinea pig approach can mean you'll be waiting for weeks or months before I can present my findings. So I'm doing a bit of a compromise today where I report some of initial impressions of a given company.

A full blown review will follow where I go into the usual gritty details that many of you have come to love about my site. So with no further delay, check out my video first look on a new survey opportunity,, which is an offshoot of a company we love around here: Remember, this is just a first look my review will provide a lot more details and answer a lot of the questions you'll probably have. So keep this in mind. Enjoy.

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