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Can You Be A Good Mom, Wife & Work Too?

Wow, that's a lot of hats to wear. Yet many stay at home moms are able to do it everyday. How is it possible when you consider all that a stay at home mom has to do? At any given day, a stay at home mom is juggling multiple task such as watching the kids, cleaning the house, making all the meals and then has to find enough time to squeeze in some money making activities all while still trying to look cute for your Hubby. (That last one is still important ladies. lol) Keep in mind I only covered a fraction of what stay at home moms do in a given day. 

You literally have to be a super mom to make it all work. So do you really think you have what it takes? Are curious to see how other super moms handle it?  Here's a peak at what it may take (Click on the image below to enlarge): 


Click here to view full size.


So what you guys think. Do you agree with the infograph above? Do you think it's missing some qualities? Chime in below. Feel free to share this infograph on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or any where else it may add value using the icons listed below this post.

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