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doTERRA Review: Is it a Snake Oil Scam Or Not?

Review of: doTerra

Reviewed by:
On August 12, 2014
Last modified:August 12, 2014


Seems like a legitimate way to make money promoting oils that help people's various health ailments.

doterra-scam-legitI’m the first one to admit that I’m a bit skeptical about the belief of slathering some good smelling oil on your skin can cure insomnia, depression, backaches, stress, and the list goes on. But then again most medicine we take are based on nature’s elements found in plants, herbs, etc. So I guess it’s not that far fetched that oils can have positive health effects. Either way, the idea of healing oils sparked my interest. So I decided to do some research and stumbled upon a company called doTerra that has made a business on selling oils that claim to treat and heal folk’s health ailments.  In my doTerra Review I’ll dig in into these health claims and more importantly the business opportunity side. If you’re a hippy… Opps, I meant a person into natural remedies and want to make money with it, then let’s dig deeper into what doTerra has to offer.

What is doTerra

doTerra started in the spring of 2008. The name “doTerra” comes from Latin and simply means – Gift Of The Earth. The business basically centers around the sale of various fragrant “essential oils.” The company claims that these specific oils can heal and cure many ailments. The products are sold in United States, Canada, Austraila, and many other countries; including more of Central America.

How To Become a doTerra Essential Oils Consultant

You will need to to pay a $35 signup fee to join as an “independent doTERRA product consultant” to make money with doTerra. There are no monthly charges for the consultant’s websites. Consultants earn 25% on retail sales of the doTerra products. They also earn commissions on the sales of the people they sponsor, and their sponsors, and so on; meaning you earn money from the consultants you recruit. There are other aspects of the home business opportunity and bonuses offered. They are “fast start bonus (paid weekly), power of 3 team bonus, (paid monthly), and also a preferred member sponsor bonus of which a percentage of (up to) 25% can be earned.

doTerra Complaints

As always you know I’ll dig into any company to find the possible cons or complaints the reps fail to mention or purposely hide. Alas every company has some flaws. It doesn’t mean they’re scams or bad. But I feel it’s better to know some of the complaints beforehand. This way you can make an informed decision especially when you’re investing your hard earned money and time. So with that said, my friend let’s dig into some of the issues.


Sign Up Costs

A lot of work from home seekers automatically assume a business as shady just due to the fact that there is a price tag attached. It’s simple simon advice and mentality that has been passed around without explaining exceptions to the rule. A home business is this exception. Think about it, there are fees required to start a Walmart. Why should a work at home businesses be any different? You have to keep in mind that a work at home JOB and home business are not the same. Most businesses usually have start up fees. That said some of you will still view that as a knock against doTerra. So it’s why I mention it here even if I don’t agree.


It’s an MLM

The doTERRA business model is an MLM. Most work at home seekers are automatically skeptical of MLMs for good reasons. Many folks have had poor experiences because of shady companies with poor products or the mlm reps I’ve covered here. But it doesn’t mean all MLMs are bad. But let’s face it some people just don’t like them especially when you have complicated compensation plans that you need to decipher. You can read their compensation plan Here. Yeah enjoy figuring all that out. The other reasons people don’t like the mlm model is that it usually focus on recruiting people rather than promoting and selling products. However I don’t get that impression with doTerra.

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Limited Payment Options

Unfortunately doTERRA doesn’t offer paypal as a payment option. But they do pay via check however it appears there is a minimal check processing fee. Are you serious?! It’s not bad enough that banks nickle and dime us but the company that you’re helping make money wants to do it to you too. Come on! It’s not like the fee is crazy but it’s just principle that gets me. Apparently they have a direct deposit option which would avoid this annoying fee but you need to reach the “Gold Level” for that privilege. Ultimately this is a minor complaint and I don’t think it’s a real deal breaker for anyone.


Not BBB Accredited

Now just for the record, just because a company is not BBB accredited doesn’t mean squat! You can read my feelings on the better business bureau here for more insight on that. But some of you live and die by BBB reports so with that said there are 11 closed complaints. The nature of the issues deal with product complaints, unauthorized credit card transactions, and warranty issues. In addition, there were two billing/collection issues this past July. You can read the BBB details Here.


Internal Use Of Essential Oils
doTERRA and its consultants recommends and promotes internal use of their oil products. However, this goes against most health care providers. It has been reported that many people have been harmed in using the products in this way. Poisoning has also been reported. Aromatherapy and Herb associations have taken great lengths to let the public know that internal use of these products is NOT recommended, and flat out dangerous.


Legal Woes

doTERRA is currently in lawsuit with Young Living Essential Oils. Seems that doTERRA has cloned quite a few of their oil products. That of course raised a lawsuit with YL.  Apparently there is yet another company that came forth and claimed copyright infringement as well. It’s hard to read into this. A lot of legitimate companies experience some legal issues. But given the nature of this particular issue you don’t know if it can lead this company into financial ruin or being required to shut down. That might be a stretch but it’s a concern.

So Is doTERRA Legit?

There isn’t anything I’ve read or researched that has led me to believe that doTERRA is scamming people. From a health standpoint a lot of people have reported positive results with the products themselves. However I’d personally be hesitant of selling health and wellness products simply because I wouldn’t want people waving a red flag back at me in case of allergic reactions, and becoming ill from any of the products. That’s just me and why I like My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation. I’m also not passionate about natural home remedies like that. And it’s important to build a business about what you’re passionate about and trust me it can be anything which is what my top recommendation teaches you.
Having said all that, if you’re not too concerned about the cons listed above, and you still would like to try this company out, then go for it!

However, if you do, I’d sure like to read your comments, thoughts and experiences. As always I love your feedback, both positive or negative! Various feedback helps to give us all a complete picture so definitely chime in. I’ll be patiently waiting for your comments but not for too long. LOL

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See you next time guys!

Eddy with a Y

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Leslie - January 27, 2015 Reply

I loved Doterra products and still use some but they should be used with caution when taken internally. One year ago I took DDR Prime at night with apparently not enough food (it does say on the label take with food) and it burned my esophagus while I was sleeping and woke me up that night with severe acid reflux which I’d never had. It has affected my life tremendously. I’ve spent a great deal of money (thousands) on medications and tests trying help this problem that I know was caused by the oils. We even bought an adjustable bed so that I could sleep upright. I’m miserable every day. So all this to say they should have much bigger warning labels on the oils that they say to take internally. It is not completely safe, there are risks.

    Eddy Salomon - January 27, 2015 Reply

    Wow Leslie,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. That’s crazy stuff. But I guess it’s like anything else you ingest you have to really read the labels. Either way, I appreciate you sharing your experience.

lynn - December 22, 2014 Reply

Two pieces of information should be corrected here. First, doTERRA has direct deposit available for everyone earning commission, at any rank. There is a 50¢ fee per check. Secondly, all lawsuits between doTERRA and any other company have been dropped.

I find the compensation plan extremely generous and not difficult to.understand. I’ve had great success with my family’s health using these oils AND I’ve made a substantial income in the last year. I highly recommend a second look at this company. The education is fantastic. I’m growing a very nice business too.

    Eddy Salomon - December 22, 2014 Reply


    Thanks for sharing the updates. I’m glad you understand the compensation plan. I’m pretty sure a rep had to sit there and explain it to you and then you understood it. It would be so much easier if MLMs had a straightforward compensation plan. i.e. Customer buys x, you earn x commission. You earn X% on your referrals sales. Boom all done and easy to understand without some matrix to explain it. But that’s my pet peeve. But as I said earlier in my review, I think this company is worth a shot if none of the cons are concerns. I think you’ve addressed one of the major ones so that’s great!


DIANE TODD - November 14, 2014 Reply


    Eddy Salomon - November 15, 2014 Reply


    I’m not sure why you’re “cyber yelling” but I’m happy to hear the product works for you. I think it can definitely work for some people so no argument here.

Mike - September 29, 2014 Reply

Hey Eddy,
FDA is after these guys. They have been making wild claims for years and now after their consultants claim they have a cure for EBOLA the FDA is finally coming down on them. Some truth is good but all truth is better. doterra is far from telling the whole truth. Glad it helped some but it just takes money from many those who can’t afford it with there astronomical prices.

    Eddy Salomon - September 29, 2014 Reply

    Hey Mike,

    That’s crazy. Their reps shouldn’t make crazy claims like that. Where have you read articles about the FDA going after them?

Christine L. - September 15, 2014 Reply

Hi Eddy,
I was first introduced to doTERRA through a friend who knew I was looking for a natural remedy to deal with a herniated disc in my lower back. I was desperate for relief without taking strong drugs that would make me loopy or unconscious. The Deep Blue soothing blend was the first product I tried and after not being able to stand up straight in six months, I was almost completely pain free after the first application. It took another week of as needed treatments before I realized that I was standing up, bending over, and playing with my children again without wincing and bracing myself. We spent the next year using several doTERRA products for our entire family, children included, all with fantastic results. We visited a doctor only once for a diagnosis and then treated at home with the oils.

After a year of daily use, my husband and I decided to start sharing our experiences more wholeheartedly with friends and family. What amazed us was just how many were not only receptive to our story but eagerly looking for similar results. We’ve spent the last six months learning how to teach, mentor, train, and build our ‘customers’ and our ‘builders’. The financial aspect is extremely satisfying to us as we are well on our way to supplementing the bulk of our monthly income and expect to replace it completely within the year. There’s much more to say but I hope I laid out the gist of it. Thanks!

    Eddy Salomon - September 15, 2014 Reply

    Hey Christine,

    I’m so happy to hear the doTerra products work well for you. It definitely makes it a lot easier to sell if you have personal positive experiences with a company. I wish you continued success. Please keep us updated.

Derek - August 14, 2014 Reply

Hey Eddy! I love this site but there is one website I think you should make a review about! It’s called appdown.me. The minimum amount you need to cash out is 2$! It only works for iPhone at this time but it’s cool because you’re getting paid to download apps! Hope you check this site out!

    Eddy Salomon - August 14, 2014 Reply

    Hey Derek,

    Have you used DoTerra products or sold them? What do you love about it?
    I’ll check out the site you recommended. It sounds like Instagc which allows you to do the same thing and earn other ways too. So you should check that out too.

    Thanks for chiming in!

Kelli - August 14, 2014 Reply

I am passionate about natural health and have had much success with doTERRA essential oils. The company is definitely product focused. I’m relatively new at the business end of things so I don’t have the comp plan down pat yet but it does work and they make prompt payments.

    Eddy Salomon - August 14, 2014 Reply

    Hey Kelli!

    That’s great you’re passionate about natural health. It means you more inclined to stick with this business and succeed because you are actually interested in the niche. So I applaud you! And I agree the company seems more product focused than recruiting so that’s great too! As long as you’re happy with the products and you’re getting paid that’s good. They probably won’t ever change the comp plan to make it understandable in English but that’s just the nature of MLMs. The company still appears worth the shot to me. So keep us posted on your activity with the company! Thanks again for sharing!

    Tammy Embrich - August 14, 2014 Reply

    Thanks Kelli, for sharing. Just more proof that the products do work. :) Yes, please keep us posted on your success with the business.

Tammy Embrich - August 13, 2014 Reply

Hey Eddy,

Thanks for this review, awesome write up. :)

Wow, what an extremely complicated compensation plan!! :o lol Can’t wrap my head around that one. And a check processing fee, what gives?? I’ve seen some resources that say a lot of people have had good therapeutic results with the products. Thinking I may try them out, however, I’ll wait and see if you get more comments as “from the experience of the product” standpoint. ;)

    Eddy Salomon - August 13, 2014 Reply

    Hey Tammy,

    Thanks for chiming in. I don’t get why these mlms insist on making the compensation plan an SAT test. I get they want to give people various ways to make more money. But why add all the complexity to it. Sigh.. I would definitely love to hear how people are doing with the products. They do sound interesting. Let me know if you do try them.

    Tammy Embrich - August 13, 2014 Reply

    I know it!! lol and Sigh…here too. :P
    I will let you know if I try them out. And you’re welcome! :)

    Eddy Salomon - August 13, 2014 Reply


Paul. - August 13, 2014 Reply

hi Eddy, always look forward to your reviews, but summer coming to an end? am from uk,have yet to see it lol, Paul.

    Eddy Salomon - August 13, 2014 Reply


    Sorry about that Paul. Don’t worry we haven’t had much of a real summer here in the north east of the United States. Although I’m not complaining. I hate the heat.

    Thanks for the continued support on my reviews. It’s good to know that you look forward to them just as I look forward to the comments I get from you guys! So what did you think of this opportunity? Would you try it or pass on it?

Dez - August 12, 2014 Reply

Don’t think that I’ll be checking this one out.
Thanx for the great review Eddy!

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