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DocCash – Get Paid To Upload Documents

Getting paid to upload documents may sound familiar if you’re a long time subscriber of this blog.  It should be, because we did cover a similar company called: a while ago. So if you’ve read that, then this opportunity is pretty much the same deal.  What is DocCash? In nutshell, DocCash pays you for […]

Get Paid To View Ads (

I know what you’re thinking isn’t that so 2000 and “played out”. Yes it was really big back in the days. Sites like were the originators of getting paid to view ads. It was great while it lasted and I made some good money with it. But eventually like the dinosaurs that business model […]

Get Paid To Tweet? (Twitter)

In the last two months Twitter has blown up like your local Mexican restaurant’s bathroom. Between Oprah, Ashton Kutcher & CNN, has become mainstream. This can be a good or bad situation depending on your stand point. Today, it’s a good thing because it has lead me to review a website that makes you […]

Is a Scam?

So recently I was on Twitter getting my tweet on, (If this makes no sense to you, click here to watch the following video & it will dumb down this whole twitter business.) when i received an email that I had a new "follower". I make it a habit of checking out who follows me […]

Is a scam?

So you’ve probably seen many of the cash for gold commercials on T.V. If you haven’t, let me break down how this money making opportunity works. 1. Visit (Or insert any of the money for gold websites here) 2. Request their free “Refiner’s Pak” to be mailed to you. (Pre-paid envelope) 3. Drop in […]

Get Paid To Share Your Knowledge –

There is this common misconception that being expert is limited to people that have some fancy degree or have written a book. That may be true in certain industries but it’s not the case for all situations. Whether you know it or not, you are an expert at something. An expert basically means that you’ve […] – Get Paid To Chat & Answer Questions!

There was a time when the internet was like the wild wild west. Sites were popping up left and right but it was hard to find these sites. Then directories came about which tried to categorize these websites to make them easily accessible to the growing population of internet users. Eventually directories developed into search […]

Get Paid To Text Message with

As some of you may know, I am a huge tech person. I love gadgets, computers, electronics etc. Back in the days, people that liked this stuff were called nerds and geeks. That was a time when it wasn't cool to be those things. Now it is hot to be a nerd and geek. This […]

Is GDI Global Domains International A Scam?

Jay & Robert recently asked my opinion about GDI aka Global Domains International. So I decided to write a review since it’s a pretty well known opportunity that has been on the radar for a while. After following the usual steps in my scam video, I was a bit frustrated. Most of the sites that […]

Get Paid To Upload Documents on

Have you ever written a term paper for school? Were you ever expected to create PowerPoint presentations, excel documents or other reports for your current or past jobs? Do you have any of those documents floating around in your computer? If you have said yes to any of these questions, you may want to look […]

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