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Review of products and opportunities to make money from home.

Is American Consumer Opinion (Acop) A Scam?

I'm away in Aruba at the moment. (Yes another trip. As an affiliate marketer I work hard but play harder. lol) In any event, never fear, I have someone filling in for me for this week's useful and helpful content. The following is a guest post by my right hand gal Callie Boyd of […]

Is A Scam?

If you've read my review about Swagbucks, then this company is pretty much like it. If you liked that site then you'll like iRazoo and you can skip through the review below. Just sign up and start making that money. lol For everyone else, read on so you know how this works.    So What […]

Is A Scam? claims to offer a great at home opportunity making $98,500 a year as an “Auction Listing Agent". What is that you may ask? Well, it is a position in which you are simply posting brand name products to sites such as Ebay for large companies, and get paid for each post you complete (Allegedly!). […]

Avon Review: Is Avon A Scam or Legit?

“Knock, Knock” “Who’s there?” “Avon Calling!” For those of you that can remember when Avon began to become a popular home based business in your area, you may have heard this phrase a few times. That is exactly how Avon grew so large, and have been around so long. When I say long, I’m talking […]

Is Red Swan A Scam? is a company that enables you to turn your unwanted jewelry into cash. This ain't nothing new. Sites like this have been popping up like weeds. You can hardly turn on the television or radio without stepping in some type of cash for jewelry stuff. Just as we have seen in the past with […]

SwagBucks Review: Is SwagBucks A Scam or Legit?

Is Swagbucks a scam or legit?

It’s time for another review from your friendly neighborhood blogger. Today I’m going to help you get your swag on!  (Ask your kids or someone that listens to hip hop if you don’t get my little pun there. ) Don’t worry we’re staying on topic and this article will be about making money from home […]

Is A Scam?

When I first started in the work at home industry one of the jobs I assumed was available in great numbers was, stuffing envelopes assembly and craft work at home. However I quickly discovered most of these so called "jobs" were scams. The few times I could find a legitimate company, it was almost impossible […]

Is The Blastoff Network A Scam?

Lately I've been hearing a lot of talk on the "streets" about the Blastoff Network. Truth be told, I visited the page and was immediately turned off by the whole personalized portal concept. I thought to myself why do I need to join this company to create a personalized page of my favorite sites? Isn't […]

Is A Scam?

If you've read my review regarding Mechanical Turk work at home program the following review will seem like deja vu. What is   It's very much like a freelance site except without the bidding. An employer or company hires to complete a project. breaks this project down into smaller easier tasks. […]

Is A Scam? claims to offer a data entry job in the comfort of your own home. “Enter data online and earn $200 – $500 every day working from your home computer. Data entry workers needed immediately!” goes on to state that “This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but a legitimate way to earn money from […]

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