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If you're looking to earn REAL money from home the way I do, contact me directly at my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate. It's the only place you can chat live or private message me . It's absolutely FREE to join and it's the only way to get 1 on 1 consultation with me.

 Click here to contact me directly via Wealthy Affiliate & if you're ready to earn a full time living from home.


However if you have other general questions about working at home or scams, I've provided you with links below to address them.

1. If you need information about working at home such as finding a job or a way to replace your income, Click here.

2. If you're just looking for a way to make some extra money but don't need the income to survive, then Click here.

3. If you're trying to figure out if something is a scam. Watch our YouTube video here. Then Click here to check out other common scams. If that doesn't help then use the next option.

4. If you're wondering if I or my products are a scam, then read what the media has had to say about me and/or my site by Clicking Here.


If you have any other question or comment that isn't addressed above, please use the form below. We love hearing from folks that have had success making money online or have avoided a scam. If you just want want to say thank you, we appreciate that too. Either way we look forward to hearing from you. I will get right back to you as soon as I can.

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