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me_mickey_bee_and_lileHey, that’s me “Eddy with a y” with my kids “aka” my pains in the butt. I’ve been making full time money online for over a decade which is cool because it allows me to feed those kids of mine.

But more importantly I’ve been blessed to help thousands of people like you avoid scams or make some type of money online as well. The media seems to like me and think this is pretty cool too. So when it comes to working from home, I know a thing or two.

Most of my knowledge is shared FREELY on my blog. But I’ve kept a few secrets to myself that I’m only willing to reveal to a select few. So if you ever wanted to look over my shoulder and learn some of the various ways I make money online then you’re in luck!

I’ve created and listed some of my products below. These products are designed for serious people who are willing to invest in themselves and understand there is a value in that. They have been created and taught by me. I’ve designed them to be affordable, easy to start and will make you REAL money in time. So if you ever wanted to be coached or work with me, the products below provide you this opportunity.

1. How To Earn Multiple Streams of Passive Income!

This product is designed for those of you who:

  • Who realize that depending on one employer is dangerous.
  • Who don’t want all your financial eggs in one basket!
  • Who want to have more control over how much income they earn.
  • Who want to have multiple legitimate sources of income.
  • Who want to control when they work and how much they make.
  • Who don’t want to worry about finding legit companies.
  • Who want to earn a full time income from home.
  • Who want to have new options regularly that are legit and pay.

Click here to check it out!


2. How I Earned $8486 Online Without A Job!

This product is designed for those of you who:

  • Want an easy, legit step by step system to make REAL money online.
  • Don’t want to sell a product.
  • Don’t want to write articles or build a website.
  • Want help getting referrals that actually want what you offer.
  • Want an opportunity that can be done anytime to give you totally flexibility.
  • Desire passive income that is easy to set up but continues to pay on autopilot.
  • Want anyway to make money online that was legitimate.
  • Want multiple streams of income coming in.
  • Desire to get paid to help other work at home seekers like Eddy with a y does.
  • Need something that can earn hundreds if not thousands of dollars rather than pennies.

Click here to check it out!


I’m confident these products can help you earn decent money online legitimately and relatively quickly. They’re totally taught and supported by Eddy with a y. So if you enjoy my blog posts, you’ll probably enjoy any of these products.


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