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The Reality “Check”

Eddy Salomon

Eddy with a Y

Let’s face it, trying to locate a real work at home opportunity is like trying to find missing socks in the laundry. It’s damn near impossible!

 I would know because I’ve been in this industry for over 10 years so I’ve seen it all.

  • I’ve run into people claiming that their “magical lucky charm” system will make me money by pushing a button.
  • I’ve been tricked into “cult” like home parties where I’ve been pressured into harassing my family to make money.
  • I’ve submitted resumes and anxiously waited while employers continue to ignore my requests as if I was some type of stalker.
  • I’ve been flat out denied certain work at home jobs because apparently having young children is like having the bubonic plague!

Needless to say all these experiences left a bad taste in my mouth. You can’t help but feel jaded and skeptical of anything related to working at home after such nonsense. If any of this sounds like your story, then let me show you what worked for me…


How Was I Finally Able To Work At Home

After going through all this, I quickly realized I couldn’t depend on anyone else to make my dreams happen. The only person I could trust to give me what I wanted, was me. Afterall, me, myself and I are pretty tight and “they” know exactly what I want. LOL So with that said, I made the tough decision to just start my own online business. Gasp… I know what you’re thinking and I felt the same way. I was suffering from a Sever Case of the “Didn’ts”. Oh you don’t know what that is? Let me put you on to this self defeating disease.

question icon I didn’t know how to start my own business.

question icon I didn’t know how to create a website or promote it.

question icon I didn’t know what my website should be about!

question icon I didn’t know how or what to write on the site.

question icon I didn’t know how to make money with my site!

question icon I didn’t have all the answers or the help I needed!

Does any of this sound familiar to you? So how did I get over this and you can too?


The Answer Is The Wealthy Affiliate Community!

Wealthy Affiliate - Me Profile!Remember all the “didn’ts” I mentioned above? Well Wealthy Affiliate was like the antidote. I stumbled on this website back on June 3rd 2007 because of a trusted recommendation. To my surprise Wealthy Affiliate literally helped me address all the things I didn’t know how to do, to build my online business and make money with it.

But before I get into more details about what Wealthy Affiliate is and how it helped me, I have to talk about what it’s not. The reality is this company may not be for everyone. So I’d rather focus on the right people. Sound fair? Cool!

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is Not…

  • It’s not going to cost you a dime to join WA!

You can literally Join WA right now for FREE! That means no credit card or sneaky stuff. You can dive into the community right now & learn how to build an online business YOU choose. Can you imagine trying to start a McDonald’s with no money? Good luck with that! It wouldn’t go down. But with the internet and WA you can literally start your home based business without the risk of a financial investment you could lose with other types of businesses! If it doesn’t work, you don’t lose your shirt!

  • It’s not a Work At Home Job!

Sorry if that’s what you’re looking for, you can stop reading right now. I’ll wait… Okay, now that they’re gone, let’s keep it real. Have you ever tried landing a work at home job? Doesn’t it feel like these employers don’t have any damn manners? They rarely respond to you, if it all. And most of the time the jobs don’t pay anywhere near what you need or made offline! Then to top it off, the jobs that are actually available usually require specialized skills that you may not have. No thanks, I’ll pass on that rejection and frustration!

  • It’s not a Damn Multi Level Marketing/Pyramid Scheme!

Let me say this right off the bat. This business isn’t about just recruiting people to make your upline rich. It’s not about peddling crappy products people don’t want or need. You’re not going to be forced into some monthly quota or buying nonsense you don’t even need every month. You won’t have to attend or host a stupid home party! God I hate those things. Oh yeah and you don’t need a PHD to understand the commission “matrix”, structure or whatever fancy name they’re using nowadays to confuse you about how much money you’ll make. And finally you won’t be required to harass your friends and family for you to make money! So if that’s what you were expecting, they’ll be none of that garbage. You can add your sigh of relief here.


So What is Wealthy Affiliate (WA)?

Now that we know what Wealthy Affiliate isn’t, let’s discuss what it is and how it makes you money.

When you become a FREE member of Wealthy Affiliate, you’re joining a website and live community that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know about creating your own online business which can be about anything YOU want! This a huge difference than joining a company where you’re may be peddling useless nutritional supplements, shakes, or services people don’t want or need.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate provides you EVERYTHING you need to be successful in this business which includes:

  •  Step by Step Training

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when you’re learning something new, especially an online business. So WA provides easy to follow step by step lessons on how to build a website, write content, promote your new site and how to make money with it. You won’t be guessing what to do next, because everything is in sequential order so you don’t get confused. It’s like being in school but you move at your own pace and you’re at home in your underwear. LOL

  • Online Video Tutorials

Sometimes you don’t feel like reading. So WA provides you with easy to follow instructional videos so you can literally see what to do & how to apply what you’ve just read and learned. It’s like the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. So I guess a video must be worth a zillion. Is that even a number?

  • 24/7 Live One on One Help

Reading and watching videos can only take you so far. We can all use a helping hand when learning something new. That’s not a problem. WA provides you with private messaging and live chat with other successful online business owners and fellow new members. It’s a real community and not an ebook. Everyone is actually friendly and wants to help you succeed! Even the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle & Carson actively help their members. I’ve personally met the owners. So I’m not recommending people I’ve never met! The point is one way or another if you have questions or problems you’ll have multiple ways to get answers from real people including me, Eddy with a Y. Noone is going to make you feel stupid when you ask questions and they all want to help you succeed!

  • Your Own Free Websites

Obviously you need a website to start an online business.  Otherwise no one will take your seriously and companies like Google won’t allow you to join their affiliate programs or show up in their search engines. So it’s a necessity. Fortunately you don’t need to know how to create one or promote it.  Another  benefit of being a FREE member of WA is that they give you two FREE websites that you’ll be able to create in under 30 seconds. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below:

Just so you know I’m not “bs’ing” you, check out the site I created in the video above by clicking here. Pretty cool huh? With Wealthy Affiliate you can do the same but they’ll also teach you what to write on your website, how to make money with it and how to get people to visit your new site.

Ready to Get Started ? Click Here to become A FREE member of Wealthy Affiliate !


How Will I Make Money?

You’ve seen how easy it is to create a website. So how can your new site make you money if you don’t have your own product? Well it’s pretty simple.

Sharing is Caring…

Have you ever referred a friend to a movie, restaurant, doctor, product or place? Of course you have! Now imagine if any of the recommendations you made over the years paid you a referral fee? Well there are literally thousands of companies online that pay referral fees to people like you and I all the time.

Wealthy Affiliate is basically teaching you how to find these companies, place them on your website and write content that will attract thousands of people to your site looking for your recommendations. So basically you’re just being paid as the middle man to bring the companies and people together. So everyone wins!

This type of business is called “affiliate marketing” and there are literally thousands of companies that will pay you for referring others! Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a dime to become an affiliate or to get the training you need when you create your FREE Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership!


Is This Real & Does It Work?

You might be thinking, yeah right Eddy! Are you smoking that stuff? Name some of these “so called companies” that will pay me for referring people to them. Sure, no problem. Have you ever heard of these little old companies called Google, Amazon or Apple? Well these billion dollar companies all have affiliate programs. You can google their names + affiliate program and you’ll see for yourself. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Apparently despite earning billions of dollars, each of these companies still feel the need to have affiliate programs to increase their profits! If this business wasn’t “REAL” or didn’t work, why would they all have affiliate programs that we can join ?

Obviously it is real and does work. When you Join Wealthy Affiliate, they’ll literally teach you how to become successful in this business. In fact, let me show you some of the comments of existing members who are having success in this business because of Wealthy Affiliate:

Succesful wealthy affiliate members

So as you can see, it is the real deal! Oh by the way, how did you get to this website? Do you think you got here by mere coincidence? No that’s not how it happened. You were looking to find a legitimate way to work at home and you ended up on my blog because Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to get you here!  Can you see how all this is coming together like butt cheeks? LOL

But seriously, this stuff does work! So will this business work for you? Damned if I know. Ultimately, that’s going to be up to you and how you work your FREE Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership. If you’re able to follow directions, work hard and have patience then it will work for you in time. But if you’re planning to “half ass” it and “wait to see if this does work”, it won’t work for you! It’s just that simple!

You may not like that answer but that’s  “Real” talk for you.  Let it marinate in your mind before deciding to jump into this business. Otherwise this isn’t going to be the right option for you!

How Much Money Can I Make?

This is where I’m suppose to lie about all the fast money you’re going to make by joining Wealthy Affiliate, right? Well don’t hold your breath, because that BS ain’t happening on my watch!  Remember that this is a business and as I said before it takes time to build a successful one. Otherwise we’d all own Walmarts making millions. So honestly I can’t tell you how much you’ll make. I don’t know you from a hole in the wall. So I can’t guess how much work you’ll put in, if you can follow directions and if you plan to stick with this until you do succeed. Those are variables I can’t control or predict. Only you can!

That said, I can reveal some of the income I’ve earned in this business so it might give you a sense of what you may be able to WORK up to in time.

So How Much Do You Make Eddy?

Keep in mind, I’ve been a member of WA for over 7 years and working my business for a long time, so I now earn several thousands dollars per month with my websites. I’m not saying this to brag but I just want to show you what the proper training, hard work, support and patience can make you.

Just so you know I’m not pulling this stuff out “my you know what”, I created a video literally walking you through some of my income with this business. It will also reveal different ways you can make money with your own site:

Not bad huh? Are you now ready to work your way up to this income and more?


How Do I Get Started For Free?

Now that you know my # 1 FREE way of working at home, Let’s get you started.



No credit cards or sneaky stuff going on there (I hate that crap!)

When you sign up you’ll be walked through the process of creating your website and making money with it. Just remember to ask for help whenever you need it, the community at WA is an incredible support network. I’ll be there as well to welcome you once you sign up.

I really do hope you take advantage of this, it is only going to benefit you and your personal success! Hope to see you inside.

Your friend,
Eddy with a Y. (Get it right already. lol)


Eddy Salomon

If you have any questions about this opportunity, I would encourage you to join WA and contact me directly here . Remember it doesn’t cost you anything and chances are the questions you have will be answered once you become a member and I get you started.

Either way, I’ll be there for you throughout the whole process. You won’t be alone!

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