The Online Mathematics Subject Tree

Math Societies

·          AMATYC – The American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges is an organization that was founded in 1974.  This organization works specifically with promoting math studies in two year colleges.

·          AMS – The American Mathematical Society promotes mathematical education and research through educational publications, journals, conferences and more.

·          MAA – The Mathematical Association of America focuses on mathematics at the undergraduate college level. 

·          EMS – The European Mathematical Society Publishing House is associated with all journals and publications relating to applied mathematics.

·          AIMATH – The American Institute of Mathematics aim to expand mathematical knowledge through math research, mathematical publications and math education.


Biographies of Famous Mathematicians

·          Famous Mathematicians – A listing of biographies of recent mathematicians who have paved the way in the education of math.

·          Great Mathematicians – Biographies of math’s pioneering researchers, dating back to the 1700’s.

·          Mathematician Biographies – Categorize the mathematician by date, or arrange them alphabetically.  This mathematician index houses one of the best collection of biographies and information on mathematical geniuses.

·          Famous Mathematicians – Houses profiles and biographies of mathematicians all throughout the world, this index is arranged alphabetically.

Math Education Websites

·          Math Education Resources – A wonderful collection for both educators and students interested in learning math.  The websites listed all contain math resources aimed to educate students of all math levels and concentrations.

·          Mathematical Resources on the Internet – A huge collection of mathematical help.  Arranged by different categories including math journals, mathematics websites, math discussion groups, math references and more, this website should definitely be bookmarked and saved.

·          General Math Resources – A compiled list of mathematical resources categorized by math education websites, lesson plans, activities and more.

·          Essays on Mathematical Education – A collection of resourceful essays written about the study and evolution of mathematics education.


Electronic Mathematical Journals

·          Mathematical Journals – A list of mathematical journals that are published on the web.  Includes mathematical journals from all over the world.

·          Electronic Math Journals – In addition to a complete listing of mathematical journals on the internet , there is a huge section for printed mathematical journals and where you can find these publications.

·          Mathematical Journals on the Web – A wonderful collection of electronic math journals.  Includes journals for specific fields of math, mathematical research, mathematical education journals and more.


General Math Tips

·          Calculation Tips and Tricks – Put down that calculator.  These math tips and tricks will have you figuring out mathematical solutions you never thought possible.

·          SAT Math Tips – Studying for the SATs ?  These math tips are perfect for the math portion of the mathematical portion of the exams.

·          Math Study Tips – Learn easy ways to improve your math study techniques. 

·          Math Tricks – Learn these mathematical tricks and start solving math problems in a flash.  These helpful short cuts make learning math easy.

Helpful Math Software

·          Math Realm – This wonderful website has helpful math software, math workbooks and math resources available for free.  The math resources cover a wide range of math fields and student levels.

·          Math Crony – Available as a free trial, this math software helps students learn basic math skills such as multiplication, long division and more.

·          Math Calculators and Tools – Free calculators, conversion tools, and other download able programs aimed at making math education easier for students of all ages.

·          Online Math Calculators and Solvers – Including graphing software, time calculators, logarithmic equation solvers and more, this collection of math software and tools covers just about every math topic and field.


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