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We’re an entrepreneurial business set up with the idea that internet advertising should pay you for viewing and clicking on ads. Our two founders spotted the opportunity to do something good for internet users, online businesses and charities. They spent a year building the Qmee service and technology around their idea and getting the right expertise and support in place to launch in 2012. We’re now a growing business that operates in the UK and the USA and looking for web searchers!


How To Work With Qmee

  • You must download a free internet browser app. We use this to track how much money we pay you and what advertisers to serve who are willing to pay you.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the free browser app, you’ll be responsible for searching online as usual with Google, Amazon, EBay, Yahoo or Bing. You don’t need to do anything different.
  • Qmee results appear alongside your search. Each Qmee result has a cash reward attached. If you are interested in the result, click on it and collect your reward. When you click on a Qmee result, you will be taken to the result page as usual. We only show results we think are relevant.
  • Each Qmee result shows the amount you’ll receive if you click on it. Some are worth more than others. We only show relevant results so we won’t appear all the time.


How You Are Paid
You can also sign in to your account on the Qmee website to check your balance. It’s up to you when you cashout. If you want cash, we’ll send it to your Paypal account instantly.


To apply for this job please visit www.workathomenoscams.com.