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Eddy Salomon - December 16, 2008 Reply

Hi Anuu,

Well fusioncash is still a good option because you could just focus on the free offers. You don’t have to do the trial o risk free offers.

We also have some recommendations listed in our articles section that you may want to try:

And finally you may want to review our scam section since we have a lot of information on common scams out there and how to avoid them because not all of them ask you for money:

Good luck.


Anuu - December 16, 2008 Reply

I am fed up with scams and asking money or asking for order cd or something that they can make money I want some work where they don’t ask any thing before i get something if there is any work like this please let me know. I will not pay anything for book/cd no…..

Eddy Salomon - November 12, 2007 Reply

Hi Patty,

They’re both the same site when I visit.

patty - November 11, 2007 Reply

is it or is it they are totally different websites. please help!

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