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Scams have come a long way since envelope stuffing and chain letters. Most people just assume that scams are anything that requires money to work at home. But oh how times have changed. Yes there are still many scams trying to sell you pipe dreams, secrets or systems that will allegedly make you a few hundred dollars per day or weeks such as Rebate Processing, Typing/Data Entry, Google Money Scams, etc. But the far worst kinds are the ones that are cleverly disguised job offers that don't ask you for a dime such as reshipping packages, cashing checks or wiring money. Many of these scams will even use the brand or identity of legitimate companies to lure you into a sense of security.

As the owner of a work at home website Work At Home that has been sited for helping people avoid scams by nationwide publications and news agencies, I know a little about these scams. So I've decided to update you with the latest scams on this blog. Look, this ain't rocket science.Scams tend to repeat themselves with slight variations so you'll start seeing a pattern as you continue to read the items listed below. A lot of times a scam will quack like duck, walk like a duck and talk like duck but call itself a golden goose. It doesn't matter. If it sounds like one of the scams listed below, then it's probably a scam. Don't let a different website name, job description, color, or name confuse. For instance Google Money Tree is a known scam so if another company calls itself Google Pesos Bush and exhibits many of the traits described in the Google Money Tree scams; It's probably the same scam. There is no need to try to convince yourself otherwise.

Don't pay for these pipe dreams or fall for fake jobs that just fall out the sky and sound too good to be true. If you want my legitimate non-traditional work at home recommendations click here. If you're looking for a traditional job with no strings or fees attached then visit my Work At Home Companies page.

At the end of the day, if you spend some time reading many of the scams and the comments of the victims listed below, you'll quickly become equipped to avoid any scam and see the BS from a mile away. But its up to you to take advantage of the information. Good luck.

Want To Know if A Company Is A Scam?

Watch the following video and in about 5 minutes, you should be able determine if a company is legitimate or a big scam! If you don't have 5 minutes then here's a simple tip, if it sounds to good to be true, then it is. Here's another one, if your instincts are making you feel uneasy about a company or opportunity, that's the gift God gave us to sense danger so we could avoid being eaten by a lion or something. These instincts are usually right when it comes to work at home as well. Follow them.

You may also want to read our Top 10 Tips To Avoid Online Scams article.

Report A Scam!

Think you've been scammed? Don't let the punks get away with it! Do your part by reporting the scam using the form at the bottom of the page! Provide as much details as possible. In some cases we may be able to help you, so the more information you can provide in terms of the site, ad that may have been used, etc the better. Don't let the scam artist get away with this. Sometimes the best thing to do is put their dirty laundry out on the web so others can find it and force these people out of business. So post your scam experience in the form at the bottom of this page!

Work From Home Scams To Avoid:

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Cashing Fake Checks & Wire Transfer Scams

Package Forwarding & Reshipping Job Scam

Google Money / Work At Home Scams

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Warning: Government Cash Grant Scams!

Rebate Processors Scams

Cash Gifting – Giving Programs Scams Scams

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Infomercial Scams

Job Offer 10% Get Back If Interested.

Company Representative Needed (Payment For Services)

Universal fabrics and Fashion Inc Job Opportunity

Receivables Processing Specialist

IRS Tax Refund Scam Email

Bookkeeper Work At Home

Uk National Lottery Online Promo

Lottery Scam!

Health Insurance Co-pay Scam

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