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When I was in high-school I always dreamt of working at home typing. So like many of you I searched the Internet in the hopes of finding that elusive work at home typist job. Little did I know that it was virtually impossible.  Consequently in my desperation I fell into one of the many work at home typing scams and lost $50! Back in the days that was a lot of money to me. Actually, that's still a hefty amount to me! lol The one major thing that came of that experience is that it  lead me to eventually create my own work at home websites . It's why you're reading this now. But prior to doing that, I figured out how I could create my own typing work at home job and it was purely by accident. Here's how it all came about. Be patient it may help you as well.

My mom worked in a hospital. As her job began to transition more into using computers , she would often take additional time out to study the programs she was required to learn. The hospital she worked in had it's own medical library. I was bribed by mom into going to the medical library with her because she said I could use their computers which were very fast and had high speed Internet connection.  Most young adults need money or video games as a motivation but I was a geek at heart so computers were just as a good to me.

In any event, like most mothers with their children, I am my mother's pride and joy. So she would make it a point to introduce me to everyone she knew in the library. And if that wasn't embarrassing enough I would also be introduced to innocent bystanders that happen to be around as my mother introduced me to folks she knew. But God bless her heart because she helped me stumble upon how a work from home typing job was possible. As I was played in the library's computer room,  I noticed a lot of the people were medical students using the computers to type their papers. I watched as they struggled to type 1-5 words a minute using two fingers. As I sat there I was suddenly smacked in the head, kind of like when pigeon droppings hit you, but this was an unexpected idea that was hitting me. I thought to myself, "Duh, why not offer to type the papers for these students?" After all, as medical students it meant they had some disposal income, they were going to be in school for a while and judging by their typing skills, it was more painful for them to continue to do it on their own.

So I asked my mom to tell some of her library buddies that I would be willing to type their papers for about $3-5 per page or some figure around that range. Forgive my memory, It was a very long time ago and my mad cow syndrome tends to act up these days. In either case I was able to secure 2 clients from my mom with consistent weekly work. It was pretty decent money considering how fast I typed and that I could do it in the comfort of my home.
What made it great was that my clients even came to my house to pick up or drop off work. On some occasions my mom served as my go to person. (I kept the work in the family.) Business was great for some time. Eventually I gave up this business to take on running my sites. But in all my years of trying to work at home,  It was the only way that I was ever able to make money at home typing in a legitimate way.

So what does this mean for you?
Well if you're smart you're already thinking I need to check out some hospitals in my area and hang out in their medical libraries. If you didn't think to do that, you may want to give it a try. Medical students are often tired because of their long hours and all the studying they have to do. So they're definitely more inclined to pass down their typing needs to you because it's totally worth it to them. College and high-school students may not be ideal because of their limited budgets and in this day and age they've been typing since they were out the womb. So chances are,  they ain't paying you to do it for them!  But I know medical students are a good target based on my own experience and considering their lifestyles. There may be other opportunities like this that are eluding me. So try to think it through and see if you can find an opportunity like this if you're hell bent on finding a no fee work at home typing job.

I hope this gives you an idea how to get paid working at home typing in a legitimate way. I know it worked well for me when I first started trying to work at home. It takes a little footwork and luck. But you're far more likely to secure something than what you're already doing now. What do you have to lose?

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  • Hey Eddy, just an FYI for anyone that is interested there is a site that offers free education. They've got a LOT to offer, so look around. You may just find what you are looking for. OK the website address is: http://www.free-ed.net


    • I don't know what you want me to tell you? People tend to be able to read my body of work and know I'm not a scam artist. If you're looking for some external validation then visit my media page where I've been featured on the news and many other well known websites:

      Good luck.

  • I am a college graduate, married, grandmother looking for a legitimate way to earn income. I have worked for several people, some wonderful, others s full of themselves that they were unable to get their job done. I am smart, capable and all I want to do is work so my husband and I can have some years together that we greatly deserve.

  • This is a clever idea, Eddy, and a great example of how if you just think outside the box a little, you can turn your idea into cash. If you see someone struggling with something you happen to be good at, let them hire you for it!

    • Exactly! You definitely saw the potential of what I did here and how it can be applied in many other ways. Great job!

  • "this is Mav", I love the style of your words, it is interesting to read and makes good humor part of the picture and keeps the hopes up..... Wish the typing thing could work for me because I could type for hours but unfortunatly I live in the country and no one is close enough to want me to type for them around here.... I have five boys, been working for almost 20yrs, have a bad back and need to be able to work from home but keep coming up empty...Don't want to do internet stuff just basic office type work for a company from home....

  • Hey Mav. Glad you like my articles and my style. Thanks for the kind words. I don't know what country you're in but you might want to try our international page:

    You're best bet at work at home will be internet based. So you'll have to adjust accordingly. You also shouldn't limit your self to typing. You should try anything legitimate that will earn you some money which is always better than earning none.

    So keep that in mind!

  • Eddy, You have been a God-send to me! Your advice has kept me out of a lot of bad situations.
    Thank you for your kindness and for all that you do to help workers (or aspiring workers) in need!

    • Julie,

      Thank you so much for those kind words! I really appreciate it! Without support like this I wouldn't be here. So thanks!