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I already know what you're thinking when you read that title, ‘Here comes another one of those get rich quick scams.' I don't blame you. Most titles that begin the way tend to lead to some ebook or sales page. But what I'm about to reveal to you is totally legitimate and involves nothing more than speaking your mind. No I haven't lost mine! Just be patient.

As consumers we're inundated with products. Some are more useful than others. The ones that are useful come about because the business did something smart and actually asked its customers what they wanted! Wow what a freaking novel idea? But I digress.

As much as I like helping people I'm not all that motivated to help big companies. After-all they have zillions of dollars that they ain't sharing with me. Or are they? I recently made $150 by talking to a nice woman about a survey she was preparing for a huge financial company. I was sworn to secrecy so I can't provide the company's name.  But I'll say this,  it's one of those fortune 100 companies that have more money than you and I can ever imagine in this lifetime. This huge company was planning to survey its customers about various topics related to its service. But before sending out that survey, they wanted to ensure that it would be easy to complete. I guess they figured, ” if we're going to spend all this money creating and sending this survey, we better make sure that people will be inclined to fill it out.” I don't know about you, but this makes total sense to me.

So how did they go about getting feedback about the survey from their customers before actually sending it out? Naturally they decided that they would only ask a small number of them first which luckily for me lead to $150 in my pocket. And I promise if you keep reading, it may lead to the same for you.

So let's examine how a small business gets feedback about its services verses a big business that has money to burn for fun.

With a small mom and pop shop, the owners may approach the situation like this:

Small Business Store Owner:
“Hey Jim, Would you like a cup of coffee with your donut today?

Jim: “Sure Tom, I could use a quick bite.”

Small Business Store Owner: “Here you go Jim. Hey do you have 5 minutes?  I wanted to ask your quick opinion about a new item we're adding to the menu?”

Jim: “Come on Tom, you know I always have some free time for ya!”

Now here's how a big business with a zillion dollars approaches a similar situation:

Big Business With A “Zillion” Dollars: “Hey research department, I need the feedback of 100 of my customers on a survey we've just created. I needed this information yesterday so make it snappy!”

Research Department: “Do you need a specific group of people?”

Big Business With A “Zillion” Dollars: “Yes, I need men and women, age 30-50 that have purchased from us in the last month.”

Research Department: “No problem. “How much should we pay them?”

Big Business With A “Zillion” Dollars: “Just give them our loose pocket change. $150 per person is fine. But I need them to stay for at least an hour or so.”

Research Department: “No problem boss!”

Big Business With A “Zillion” Dollars: “Report your findings to me as soon as you can. I'll be in my pool of $100 dollar bills practicing my breast stroke.”

Research Department:
  “Will do!”

Okay, I know I oversimplified the process and hopefully made it entertaining for you. But this scenario I laid out happens with many big companies. Good companies want to make great products and services that their customers will buy. They don't do this by looking into a crystal ball or calling Ms Cleo's psychic line to figure this out. They go straight to the source, you the customer.
Fortunately for us, they are willing to pay for this feedback because it is extremely valuable to them in the long run. If a company conducts a focus group and learns that most of its customers like red phones. Guess what's going to happen in a few weeks or months? They're going to start selling red phones. If their research proves to be correct,  then many others should want to buy red phones. Thus the company should make a “zillion” more dollars on a research investment that cost them a mere few hundred thousand. Sweet deal for them but more importantly for you that gets paid to tell them what they should be doing! How empowering is that?

This whole process basically sums up market research or better known as focus groups. It's similar to paid online surveys but you get paid way more with focus groups. Focus groups also tend to be in person and usually involve sharing your views with other people. However I've done a few from the comfort of my home or in a one and one basis like the focus group I did today.  Although the money is great, these things are tons of fun. I've done some really cool focus groups where where I got paid to eat cake, drink beer and watch TV. But again money has always been a factor for me. The best I've done is when I got paid close to $1000 just to monitor how I used my credit card and keeping a journal for a week. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it right now.

So How Do I Find Focus Groups & Get Paid?

Well as usual, I've done all the work for you and we list them for FREE at our parent site www.WorkAtHomeCareers.com, we also provide you with some tips on how to make some consistent money with them. So if you have an opinion and I know you do! Or if you're tired of paid online surveys that ONLY pay you pennies for your thoughts. Then move up to the big boys and get in a focus group! They're totally free and they pay in hard cash, my favorite currency!

Speaking of opinions, what did you think of this article? Please leave your feedback below. I ain't rich so I'm not paying you for it. But I'll send you a thank you note and continue to deliver more tips on making money at home!

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  • Hello Eddy,

    Thank you for all the information you provide. I believe in the idea of multiple streams of income, and I have signed up for a couple of the programs you have promoted. You have inspired me so much that I have even began creating my own blog hoping to get referrals and duplicate your success. So far the blog has not brought me any referrals, but it is still a work in progress and I am determined to make it work. Thank you again for providing all this information on making money from home.

  • You're very welcome. I'm glad you can see the value in multiple streams of income! Congrats on taking the plunge to start your own business.

    But as you have quickly learned just having a blog isn't enough to see results. You might want to read the following article to help you avoid making some common mistakes:

    You have the right attitude. You just need to gain the skill set to succeed now.

  • Do you know that your focus group links are broken? I would love to participate in focus groups and studies, however, I only seem to find scams. Please help. 

  • I want to thank you for bringing all this info! I'm a young adult with who has a lot of time on her hands for now  and this is a great way to get money, I've only tried online surveys got me at least 50 bucks in one month depending on how many surveys I get that month. Focus groups- I've been thinking if it would be safe and could just give my cell phone number or will it charge the calls at home or not?

  • You're very welcome. As long as you're dealing with legitimate focus group companies you should be fine. Keep in mind they ask for your numbers so you can get called when they have no focus groups. Just do your research and you should be fine which is easy following the steps in my scam video here:

    I hope this helps.

  • Man you ARE the berries, you do all that work, point us in the right direction and I still have tears in my eyes from the laugh about the pool filled with 100's & doin the back stroke. Thanx!!

    • LOL, You're welcome Ali! Glad you appreciate the website and all the work that goes into it. It's nice that you appreciate the corny humor too. lol

  • Thank You so much for the article! Very helpful, and the humor makes it great to read. Thanks for helping the little people make some money! Back on Line, GREAT!

    • You're welcome Nerry! Glad you found the article helpful and you could appreciate my corny humor. lol