Work At Home For The Disabled

Recently I received an email from one of our loyal visitors Linda which read as follows:

“Hi Eddy,
Thanks for all the information you have sent me.  I would like to ask you if you have any knowledge of work at home sites for people with hearing disabilities.
I am hearing disabled, and a lot of the legit work at home sites have jobs for call centers or involving extensive phone work.  I am looking for administrative work. I know work at home jobs are hard to come by and when your are disabled it is even harder.
Thanks for any information you can provide.
– Linda”

I'm always happy to hear from you, the users of our site. It brings me tremendous joy, every time I read an email about how someone has learned a great deal about work at home or avoiding a scam, because of what they've read here. And although Linda's email expressed these sentiments, it was a bit different.

I was very embarrassed that we failed to include resources for our disabled users.  At the very least we should have written an article. After all, I have had enough insight to write content for our international work at home seekers.  But I really dropped the ball when it came to work at home seekers with disabilities. So we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to our disabled users.

Too often we're all guilty of just living in our own little worlds. I take it for granted that I can see, write, walk and talk with little effort. But that's not the case for everyone. We already know how difficult it is to find a legitimate work at home job when you have no disabilities. But imagine the uphill battle that your disabled counter parts have to fight everyday!

So with that said we have compiled a list of disabled friendly work at home job related resources below.  I hope it does help this portion of the population that we have unintentionally ignored.

NTI Central

Office of Disability Employment Policy

Job Accommodation Network



Pearl Interactive Network


Final Thoughts

Although this article was really aimed at our disabled work at home seekers. I would like the job seekers that suffer no disabilities to have a better appreciation for their situations. Too often as work at home seekers we do a lot of complaining about how we can't find that perfect work at home job. Hopefully you can take away from this article that you're very are a lot more fortunate in other ways than you've realized.

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  • Hi I had a stroke am unable to use my left side of my body desperately need to find a way to earn an income. Please help. Thanking you Debbie Schneider.

    • Hi Debbie, I'm sorry to hear that. If you qualify for disability then you qualify for the companies listed in the article above. So be sure you actually read it and take action.

  • I have been working with a job locator,need 2 hip surgery's and a back surgery,high anxiety keeps me at home.I am still fighting disability.How can I earn money using the internet or phone ,with no start up fees?

    • Uh, by actually reading the article above and taking action. That's the whole reason it was written. But it doesn't help unless you actually read it and take action. Everything you need is on this site if you READ! We can't make it any easier.

  • Thank you, so much! I'm am disabled, NOT by choice of course. With depression, I'm better off when I'm busy. With bipolar, seizures and chronic migraines it is tough to find a job. My boyfriend, even got fired, because they weren't family friendly about our situation. When I'm having a bad day, I cannot take care of my 2 young children. Which is alot of work, when they are both on the Autism Spectrum.
    Hopefully, I can find something, my bf and I both can do, to supplement our income and make things easier.
    With at home jobs, how does it work with the taxes? Of course, I can't work but so many hours a week, legitamently, so just curious on how this works. I'm just getting started, so your help, is so very much appreciated.
    Thank You!

  • hi this is claudia i am deaf i have trouble with out of jobs they can't hire i am deaf it hard for them and me.. i am trying to find work at home i never experience i am nervous there are some of scam and hard to understand what looklike work. can u help me?

    • Yes. Start with the article above and use the resources in it to find some options that may be available to you. They're legitimate companies so you don't have to worry about getting scammed.

  • Dear Eddy: Sounds great for the hearing impaired, but I am a quad. That means I don't have use of my hands, and can't type (someone is typing for me right now). Any Ideas for work for home positions for someone like me? Any additional money I could make would be wonderful. I have a bachelors degree and part of my doctorate. Thanks


    • Hey A.R.,

      I really wish I have an option for you my friend. But I don't really know something perfect for your situation.
      I'm sorry for not being able to help! =(

  • Dear Eddie , Thank You I myself can agree with Linda It is Hard to find but thanks to you I can get a chance to do the job ive always wanted What an awesome Site Thank you:)

  • I do not have disability yet but have health issues that cause be to be disable. Can I still use these websites to find a job or is this just for people who are under disability?

    • Stephanie, Most of these companies will need the official paperwork to be considered for their programs. So you need to get disability first I believe.

      But you can always visit the websites and ask them directly. The worse they can say is no.

  • I have PTSD/panic disorder/severe depression/anxiety attacks and borderline agoraphobia. So I do not do well with speaking with people either on the phone or in person. I have not been able to find a legit work at home job where I can just type or do data entry. I am not on disability yet but may be soon. Please let me know if you know of any sites as I have read your article and all jobs for the places listed involve speaking with people. Thank You

    • Hey Sue,

      I'm not sure how many of my articles you've actually read but I cover many opportunities that don't involve talking to anyone.
      So you may want to start here and take your time reading them all. You'll find many options.

    • You're welcome Jessica.
      The links still work. But the best thing to do is try each resource and see for yourself.