Rebate Processor Jobs, Scam or Work At Home Miracle?

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Let me start off by saying how much I love communicating with you guys because you keep me up on “what's hot on the streets”. Every question or comment you make lets me know what's been on your mind. You may not realize how critical that is. But it's very important to get your comments because it helps me come up with better posts for you to read like this one. This is a tremendous help to our little community here. So keep your comments and questions coming in my articles. Good or bad, I want to know.

In any event, in the last week or so I've received tons of emails and comments about these Rebate Processors Positions listed all over the web. It's seems to be the new hot thing on the web right now. Anyone that has been reading my blog for a while knows that I do my best to keep it real and help people avoid work at home scams. I know a lot of people are very hopeful about this whole processing rebate opportunity but I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Basically like many of those typing and data entry ebooks that cost $39.95 on clickbank, rebate processors opportunities are just another misleading rip off. I can't call it a flat out scam because what they're teaching you can work but they're totally misrepresenting the information.

Here's What You're Promised As A Rebate Processor

The sky, moon and stars. Okay seriously you promised the ability to process various rebates for all different companies which can pay anywhere from $10-$15 per rebate processed. Training is allegedly provided and you'll be able to make money right away! Sounds pretty good? But of course you can't start this so called job without paying the going rate of $29-$49 bucks!  Hmmmm, something smells funny and it's not me this time as I just took a shower. I know, too much information Ed.
Here's How Rebate Processor Work At Home Positions Really Work.

  • The authors of these ebooks or systems provide you with a list of products to sell.
  • The companies that own these products offer you a commission for every one you sell.
  • You're then provided a list of free classified sites.
  • You're also provided with ads to put on these sites.

You're then instructed to visit these free classifieds sites and post ads which are basically designed to encourage people to buy the products you list. However in your ads you have a statement that reads you'll pay people that buy the products you list some money back. (also known as a rebate) Because you get a commission every time a product is sold, you can afford to pay these rebates to people that buy your listed products. That's the rebate processing scam.. I mean opportunity.

Now let's clarify some things.

Yes, it's true companies will pay you a commission for selling things or simply just for referring people to their sites without having to make any sales. I know this for a fact and make a very good living doing this (You can too, click here to see how!). I especially focus on the latter referring people to free sites. But the creators of this processing rebate ebook has done a horrible injustice by misrepresenting the opportunity. If they called it “make money selling stuff by encouraging people to buy your stuff by giving them some of the money you earn opportunity”, that would be a total honest representation of this work from home opportunity. But I'm sure many of you wouldn't really give it a second look based on that description. The creators of these ebooks know this so they cross the line and put a totally unbelievable spin on the opportunity.

So the problem lies more in the presentation and not the actual information. The techniques that they teach you can work. But they won't for most people because you're going in there thinking it's a regular work at home job when it's not. Obviously, this is going to piss you off. You won't actually try the techniques listed because it's not what you want to do. As a result, you're going to call this company a scam. But the scam of it all is how it's represented. The actual information listed is viable and legal.

Infomercials have a habit of doing the same misrepresentation. For God's sake our president did it too with the whole weapons of mass destruction nonsense. Now does that make it right? Hell nah! But marketers walk the fine line between marketing and straight up lying everyday. In cases of the rebate processors, data entry and typing ebooks they just flat out stomp across the line. So just keep that in mind any time you come across these systems or ebooks that cost $49.95. Chances are they're misrepresenting the opportunity or rehashing information that can be found for free like in the cases of paid surveys.
It's Spreading All Over Like A Nasty Rash!

Chances are you'll find these so-called rebate processor opportunities everywhere, even on some of your favorite legitimate work at home sites. (I think I've even seen them on some of my sites. ) Usually this occurs because the ads are automatically displayed by Google across thousands of sites. Google administers that ads that pay web site owners. I think in time they will get rid of these ads like they have been doing with the fake data entry and typing scams. But now you have the facts. So no matter where you run into this so called opportunity and no matter how good they make it sound, you'll know to keep your money in your pocket!

Are There Any Legitimate Free Rebate Processor Jobs?

Well I recently read an interesting concept online. Someone suggested, hanging out around major electronic stores and offering to pay people for their receipts and the UPC codes on the boxes of the products they buy as they walk out the store.
Then you just head home and process the paperwork and collect the rebate checks. I guess this is feasible because I know I rarely take advantage of the rebates printed up by my local Best Buy or Circuit City. But you really need to have a good approach otherwise people may think you're trying to scam them or something.
What's The Last Word? You Tell Me…

Now you have my thoughts about this whole rebate processor program. Depending on your point of view, I can totally see how some of you would think of it as a total rip off, fraud or scam. But that's not really for me to decide. I'm just giving you the information and it's up to you to run with it.

What do you guys think? Are you still willing to give this whole processing business a try now that you know how it really works? Are you open to the free version I laid out here? As always I'm interested in your thoughts. Who knows your comments may be the subject of my next blog post and can help others dispel some of the other crap that's out there! So leave a comment in the form below! By the way, if you're still looking for something legitimate to invest your time in,  you may want to explore a work at home career as an affiliate which is what yours truly does. If so click here for more details.

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Eddy Salomon - November 30, 2008 Reply

Hi K,

Thanks for sharing your concerns with us.
You have every right to be skeptical about the whole work at home industry. There are a lot of shady people out there trying to steal your money or misrepresent their intent.

But the fact of the matter is that everyone isn’t out to scam you. It’s very easy to avoid scams just simply by doing your research. The internet is your friend and can provide you with valuable information.

I would encourage you to watch our scam video: and apply the simple technique listed there. It has helped so many people avoid scams. And you can read their comments your self on that page. You’ll also have a list of other scams to avoid. Most of these scams repeat themselves with very slight variations. So it becomes increasingly easy to spot them as long as you become an educated work at home seeker.

I would also encourage you to read our question page: There is a wealth of information listed there that will help you navigate through this tricky work at home industry.

We also have a great articles page that will help you tremendously:
Our personal recommendations are listed there. Many of which don’t involve any fees.

And finally if you have any doubts about our legitimacy, please read our about us page:

Hopefully you’ll soon learn we’re not the bad guys here. I think the fact we give so much free information on working at home and avoiding scams should speak volumes. But if it doesn’t, maybe the fact that The Boston Globe, Businessweek, etc think we’re “okay” will be a good source of validation for you. =)

At the end of the day, work at home seekers that take the time to read through helpful articles and do their research tend to succeed at working at home and avoiding scams.

In any event, I hope you take advantage of all the free information shared on this blog. If you do, you’ll experience the same success as many of our loyal subscribers:

Take care,


K. - November 30, 2008 Reply

I’m very concerned about venturing into the “working from home” world. I don’t feel I can trust anyone. I’m so worried about being taken advantage of…I think it’s cruel for people to do such a thing but I know it happens so often.

I am burnt out with my career as a social worker, I’m pregnant with my 2nd child an I have a 3 yr. old daughter. I’d like to be able to stay home with my children yet help supplement our income. I worry about paying for access to a survey site…I have such trouble trusting.

I’m hoping to find a legitimate work from home program that I don’t have to spend money on since I don’t have much as it is.

I’ve read your site and though I’m impressed with it…I’m still having issues trusting.

Thank you for your time.

Eddy Salomon - November 18, 2008 Reply

Hi Denny,

Glad to hear you’re going to give a try. It’s a no brainer.

In terms of HUD/FHA refund processing I don’t know much about these opportunities. But I can tell you an easy way to figure out if a given company you plan to work with is a scam. Watch our scam video and follow the steps there:

Any time folks are giving up their hard earned money with work at home opportunities it’s better to air on the side of caution and do your research before investing anything.

It’s good that you’re willing to invest in your career but you have to be careful who you do with. Hope this helps.

By the way my personal recommendations for opportunities can be found here:

Good luck either way.


Denny - November 18, 2008 Reply

Dear Eddy,
I am very interested in the site and will try it. I am also interested in your thoughts on the FHA/HUD government insurance refund processor work at home jobs out there. Some out there I know are scams but others seem to be legit (american refund THey at least explain that the lists of people are available for different states for a fee, while others charge $69.00, do not give there names or explain additional fees.

Thanks again and any additional help or recommendations will be welcomed,


Eddy Salomon - October 6, 2008 Reply

Hi Carmen,

You didn’t mention the actual site name.
But whatever it is, do your research following the video in our scam section:

That’s pretty much all we would be doing anyway.

I hope this helps.


Carmen - October 6, 2008 Reply

Hi Eddy,
I found a site from someone by the name of Tissa Godavitarme who also sees to come across as a legit business guru. Everything sees fine but, he states it cost only $4.95 a month and he takes care of all your web postings. However, when it came time to sign up, the site show the cost of an annual fee of $59.40. I have sent him emails and also called him (as he posts his tele. #) but I can not get a personal response to him directly. I know you do a lot of homework, but have you either heard about him and have you checked out his site with all the other freebees. Thank you.

Eddy Salomon - October 3, 2008 Reply

Hi Guy,

Thanks for sharing your comments. Sorry to hear about your friend. It was troubles me to hear when people experience these things especially when it could be avoided.

This leads into my next point. I don’t really buy into this notion that if it sounds too good to be true then it’s a scam. I think that’s a gross over generalization. Because I’ve seen many instances where that wasn’t true. If I followed that advice I would have missed out on opportunities such as paid focus groups, surveys or affiliate marketing. ( )

I more of a firm believer in, “when in doubt just do your research”. Don’t assume either way about a given company or opportunity. Know for certain by doing your research. So that’s my take. But to each their own.


Guy Dude - October 2, 2008 Reply

If it sounds to good to be true, then most likely it’s a scam. I have a friend who fell for the rebate scam and it was not pretty results.

Eddy Salomon - September 26, 2008 Reply

Hi Carmen,

I’m so happy you found us too! I’m sure you could have used that $197 for something else. These companies don’t go into details because most of us would run for the hills. So they just give you just what you want to hear and bang when they get your money, the truth comes out.

But like I said, affiliate marketing is a great career. It’s what’s helped me retire from working for “the man” and allowed my wife to stay home for a year to raise our new baby girl. So there is money to be made but you want to do it the right way and be trained by the right folks like the guys at Wealthy Affiliate:

I’m sure as you read my blog you’ll be exposed to various new ways of making money that you never considered or were aware of. So best of luck to you.

By the way if you’re not a subscriber please consider being one so you receive all our updates and content like what you read above:

Take care.


Carmen - September 26, 2008 Reply

Hello Eddy,
I just finished reading your blog on “rebate processor” working from home, and yes the site brings up “Angel Stevens” who askes for $197.00 to get started. WOW thank God I checked you out because they DO NOT GO INTO DETAILS as to what it takes to make any money. Thank you for the heads up of the truth on this company. I will continue to read up on all your blogs for anything that I look into for a home based business. THANKS AGAIN!!!

Eddy Salomon - August 17, 2008 Reply

Hi Betty,

You need to get a refund. Call your credit company.
Eventually when you go through their material they will allude to the fact that being an affiliate of a company usually means to make money, you need to sell for them.

You can read all about what an affiliate entails here:

Its a great career but you’ve been misrepresented about this so called rebate nonsense.

Good Luck.


Betty - August 17, 2008 Reply

The rebate processors emails I have received cost $197.00 and don’t say anything about selling anything. It’s supposedly processing rebates after you become an “affiliate” of some unknown company and they claim you make $15 or more per rebate. How in the world is that possible?

Eddy Salomon - May 24, 2008 Reply


Thanks for commenting.
So gives us more details about this so called “Rebate processing” job that is so different from what I wrote in the article above. Because I’ve yet to find where this wasn’t just a misleading info product teaching about affiliate marketing which I’ve clearly argued is legitimate. But the whole processing part isn’t exactly as straight forward as these sites would have you believe and they’re not being upfront with people. So do tell and provide as much detail as possible.


Paige - May 24, 2008 Reply

Hello everyone,

Just to let everyone know that I did do data entry at home. They were very simple medical claims and they came 200 forms at a time. I am also doing rebate processing where I do process people’s rebate form requests contrary to what these articles says about rebate processing. I am doing it part-time on top of my full-time job but the extra $600/month is a good security cushion. The best place to do a work-at-home is to find them locally. These two places that I work for has an office and you actually have to go in and do a typing test and load their program on your computer at NO FEE. Good luck everyone.

Eddy Salomon - May 8, 2008 Reply

Hi Jackie,

I’m glad we were able to enlighten you about rebate processing. I’m also really sorry to hear about your situation.

There are various things you can do to make money. We’ve written various articles about them and created videos you should go and explore right away if you’re serious about making money.

Here are some places you may want to start:

Traditional work at home jobs:

I also think it’s important you read the following article:
Succeeding at working at home really starts with your mind set as corny as it sounds. In my years of experience the people that were able to actually work at home and make decent money had a different mind set than others which made them take action on things that most people ignore.

So if you’re really serious about working at home, I hope you’ll follow the advice laid out here.

Some of my other loyal subscribers have and they are making money:

I hope this helps and you decide to become one of our loyal subscribers so we can continue to help you:

We have additional advice that you can read here:

If you have any questions about working at home visit the following page:

Good luck to you.


Jackie Ellis - May 8, 2008 Reply

So what can we do at home to make money? I was about to respond to the rebate processing so was really happy to read your article. There are so many scams out there. I really need to find something that I can do from home, after work and on the weekends. I have a job but, we just cant make ends meet anymore. We are about to lose our home and everthing else. Have sold just about everything we can and have started getting rid of our animals. Please help.

Scherri - May 4, 2008 Reply

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you and get that link…
YOU will need to copy all of this and paste it into your search bar…
Good luck!
You will have to create an account to purchase which is free to do, as well as create a PayPal account which is also free…it is easy and the best way to conduct business on line not to mention If you do set up a business the paypal account can be used to receive payments as well! A Win Win Situation if you ask me!

Eddy Salomon - May 1, 2008 Reply

Hi Scherri,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with Cheryl.
Can you provide a link to the seller’s profile on ebay?
I think it would be helpful to some other folks that may be reading this.


Scherri - April 30, 2008 Reply

This is a reply to Cheryl who says she lost all…Cheryl if you were an RN I think Medical coding and billing might be a good thing for you to think about. Or Medical transcription work…I’m not sure If I am allowed to post these or not but go to ebay and look up training_alternatives…this lady has a complete training CD for both transcripion and billing and coding for $30…if you go to most of these online schools they charge over $1200 to be taught what is in these CD’s…

She is considered a power seller on eBay and you don’t get this ranking unless you are an honest seller who plays by the rules…she also has a few practice cd’s that are about $10 each but says the combo does has some practice work in it as well as a practice test and up to date ICD-9 codes. With your medical back ground you should be able to breeze through these cd’s and train yourself to do this work. They also give you tips on how to set your self up to either get a job doing this or to do it at home…granted most want the person to have some viable work background but since you have worked as an RN that may be good enough. It is worth looking into and see if it may be something you could do. These are training cd’s. So you need to view it as that. It is not a get rich quick scam or anything of the like. This lady teaches this same course at a community college in NC. I certainly hope you think about it.

I think I am going to get them since I want to be able to do something to supplement my income after retirement since I know i will not be able to live on my ss and 401k and don’t intend to live in poverty at that time of my life.

Good luck.

Eddy Salomon - April 6, 2008 Reply

Hi Bianca,

I think it’s pretty clear how I feel about any of the refund processing websites. They all pretty much do the same things that are described in the article above.


Bianca - April 6, 2008 Reply

What do you think about the “Process from home” website by Angela Penbrook as a work at home service?

Eddy Salomon - February 27, 2008 Reply

Hi Callie,

I’m glad it helped. Hopefully Usman is still subscribed and will reply.


~ Callie ~ - February 27, 2008 Reply


I’d like to know if it’s ok to ask if Usman (post 19) would be willing to share what companies he has found employment with? If this is not permissible, I do understand.

~ Callie ~ - February 27, 2008 Reply

Well Eddy, you definitely wrote a best-selling novel here … lol, but yes the information is helpful. Good tips, and resources to follow up with.


Eddy Salomon - February 27, 2008 Reply

Hi Callie,

Always great to hear from you! Honestly the opportunity as described in the article is how it works. But let me give you 6 quickie steps that you can easily follow and try yourself.

Ok, we’ve already established that affiliate programs are legitimate ways to make money at home. Companies are basically giving you a set amount of money for referring people to a website, filling out a form on their site or buying something. So with that in mind let’s break down how you can do rebate processing without necessarily paying those guys that claim they can teach you.

1. Join an affiliate program like maxbounty for instance. Visit:

2. Start looking for programs that you feel comfortable promoting. For instance I feel comfortable promoting Fusion Cash because I’ve made money with it many times over and so has my sister who I introduced to the opportunity. If fact my little cousin is on her way to making money with it too. lol So the best way to promote something a program in my humble opinion is to join it first. And if you’re smart you’ll do it from your own affiliate link so you get paid. 😉 This way you know for sure it’s not a scam. But that’s optional. You can just as well do your research without joining to get a feel of a program you might want to promote.

3. After you’ve decided what program or programs you’re going to promote which in this example we’re promoting a work at home opportunity fusion cash., get your unique website address from maxbounty. It’s a process that takes two seconds once you have a free account with them. You don’t need to create your own site or have much technical skills. If you know how to copy and paste, you pretty much have all you need. So I won’t get into how to do it because they can show you when you join their network. Since you’re planning to give people “rebates” or better known as a portion of your referral income, I would look for things that pay well in addition to being legitimate. So if program a pays $3.50 for a referral than maybe the rebate you’re willing to give someone is $1.50 and you still make $2. So keep that in mind as well when selecting a program to promote.

4. Then you need to find people to give your unique website address to. In this case it may be looking for legitimate work at home. That shouldn’t be too hard to find because many of you visit work at home sites and forums all the time. So I would visit a message board like mylot at:

Do a search for work at home or make money. What you’re looking for are people that are asking for ways to make money online so you can help them and make some money in the process.

5. Once you’ve found a few people asking about how to work at home, Answer their questions truthfully and Give people real insight. Like for instance if someone is asking how to avoid scams don’t just say well join my program at Give them real tips or refer them to places like here or the BBB, etc. Then after answering that question you can say something like, you may want to give fusion cash a try. From what I understand from reading elsewhere, it seems like a decent opportunity. Here’s the link:
Enter your affiliate link here.

And if you join using the link above, just email me the confirmation email you’ll get after signing up and I’ll pay you $1 in a month.

Step 6. Log back into Maxbounty or whatever affiliate network you plan to use, to check to see if there is a lead for fusioncash around the same time of the confirmation email the person sent you. Make a note that you owe this person money. Email them saying hey I just confirmed that you did sign up. Please send me your paypal email address and I’ll send you $1 as promised in a month after we’ve received our payment from our parent company.

There you have it, rebate processing! All done totally free and legitimately. Now in the example above I’ve really over-simplified and glossed over a lot more elements of the process. There are some other aspects that come into play.

One, you can use many affiliate networks not just maxbounty.

Two, certain programs may not allow you to offer a rebate. Maxbounty is great because they tell you which ones do. It’s referred to as incentized offers which basically means programs where you’re allowed to “bribe” people to join by offering them something. In this case it’s part of the money you earn.

Furthermore there are some other elements of all this that can make this whole process a lot easier. For instance affiliate companies like maxbounty allow you to create special website pages that have a code in them so you can track where you’re making money from. But they can help you with that.

Also I just used work at home as an example. This could be done with anything. There are affiliate programs for any and everything. Just do a search for affiliate programs. Next there are other ways to promote this besides just going to mylot.

That’s pretty much where those rebate processor companies come in handy in terms of the training they provide. Again I can’t vouch for them since I’ve never joined. I know WealthyAffiliate does a great job of training you on how to make money with affiliate programs with free methods like the one I listed above and paid ones which is what I tend to use. Either way they cover it all and in a lot more depth than I did here.

But what I’ve provided may give you a good start.

Jeez, I think I might have to turn this comment into it’s own post so others can read it. Callie, let me know what you think and if it was helpful at all.


~ Callie ~ - February 27, 2008 Reply

Hey all,

Eddy, just wondering, in terms of the concept you read online regarding how rebate processing can be done legitimately … is it possible for you to provide further information about the “good approach” in doing so? If so, the information would be very helpful. 🙂

As always, thank you for your genuine support, it is greatly appreciated.

Eddy Salomon - February 20, 2008 Reply


Not sure if you read the article above. It makes it very clear what this company is offering. So you shouldn’t really be wondering at this point.


stephanie - February 20, 2008 Reply

hope that it’s real and not a scam

Eddy Salomon - February 16, 2008 Reply

Hi Nnabbale,

Well I’m not sure if it will work for you considering what I wrote here. But at least you know what to expect. If you’re fine with that then Good luck.


Eddy Salomon - February 16, 2008 Reply

Hi Usman,

Thanks for your kind words.
We appreciate. Glad to hear you’re having some success.

There are definitely some fake survey companies out there that do what you’ve suggested. But if you stick with the ones we personally recommend you won’t have those issues.

They can be found here:

I hope this helps.


Nnabbale John Baptist - February 16, 2008 Reply

I’ll be very glad if the program works out for me.

Usman - February 16, 2008 Reply

Hey Eddy!
Keep up with the good work, honestly speaking i have been looking & searching through work from home companies a lot. I’ve even paid $49 so that didn’t help either. Anyway I came across some websites that I found through you 8 months ago. Your site has been a great help because of the insight and research you provide. I just wanted to thank you because the companies you recommend do pay. I’m earning a little less than $450 a month. So thanks again Eddy. Keep up the good work and keep posting some new web sites that pay. Some of the survey companies are frauds and scams. Some of them are just set up to get your email and name so they can spam you. So that pissed me off.

Eddy Salomon - February 15, 2008 Reply


I just did. lol
Read the information above.

Darlene Stocks - February 15, 2008 Reply

I am very must interested in working at home being a processor. Can you give me more information.

THank you Darlene Stocks

Jude Bourff - February 5, 2008 Reply

Hello All! (Karen) 🙂

I have been online for a couple of years now. I can sure understand your frustration!
I decided to do my own reviews… Actually, just my experiences with different online jobs! 😛

I paid $25.00 via Paypal on Sept. 8, 2006 for the Dollarzblaster site. It is February and my resell site STILL isn’t up!

So, in my experience, dollarzblaster is a Scam! I am very disgusted with the whole experience..didn’t even
get a KISS! Please learn from my mistakes! lol

There are also some very good opportunities that are completely FREE to start out!
Will you get rich quick? I doubt it. But, all of the little bucks add up.

No matter what you decide to pursue don’t expect riches overnight.

Don’t expect profits with no effort.. That is called the Lottery. People do win, but not really practical to depend on.

With perseverance and pure stubbornness you can get some residual income.

If you are lucky and/or talented, or both, You can build on what you are doing today!

Make bigger/more incoming checks!

Hope this helps 🙂

Jude Bourff

Debi Medina - February 1, 2008 Reply

Dear Cheryl,
I totally empathize with you and know exactly what you are going through. I lost my job because of an on the job injury.. of course they said it was because of something else since it would be illegal. But I went through all of the crap with the insurance companies and thought I was going crazy.. I had two jobs at the time and loved both of them.. I also worked in the health field.. and going from two jobs to nothing is enough to drive you into a spiral of depression. BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel.. I don’t know if you mean by SSD that you applied for Social Security Disability.. because here in California it’s “SSI” and a Supplement check if you qualify. I was denied the first time I applied and from what I know they “always” deny you the first time but you have to hurry and re-apply within 60days and usually they will approve you then ‘if’ your condition makes you eligible. I know a lot of people who just went and got an attorney after being denied.. but there has to be some kind of public assistance that you can apply for in the meantime.. especially medical. I feel for you that you lost everything material that you had.. but you have the most valuable thing left.. the will to survive and go on even though you mention suicide..because if you didn’t you would have never asked for some kind of advice or assistance from Ed. I will pray for you and hope that you find that light..

Eddy Salomon - January 30, 2008 Reply

Hi Lam,

We have written an article on how people outside the U.S. can find work at home:

I think it should help you.


Lam Ngoc Liem - January 30, 2008 Reply

Dear Sir/Madame,

I live in VietNam and have a small office with internet access and 5 employees. Now I’d like to find the real work from home job.
Please instruct me the way to apply.

Kind Regards,

Lam Ngoc Liem.

Eddy Salomon - January 29, 2008 Reply

Thanks Sandra for your comments and suggestion.
We actually already have that company and many more legitimate companies listed in our Hiring Companies page:

The only problem with these companies is that there is usually a long waiting list. So people have to be patient or try doing some other things in the mean time like focus groups, surveys etc. So when the companies do finally hire you, at least you were already making some money.


Sandra - January 29, 2008 Reply

There is a legitimate work at home site. It won’t make you rich but it will earn you some extra money. I have worked for them for three years. I hope this helps some of you.

Eddy Salomon - January 28, 2008 Reply

AWWWWW, I totally get what you’re saying now Bill!
My bad. You’re absolutely right. There seems to be an influx of politics everywhere and there needs to be a refuge from it sometimes.

I know it’s one of the reasons I no longer watch the news.
So I understand what you mean now and will keep that in mind for future post. Thanks for taking the time to break that down to me.


William Broome - January 28, 2008 Reply


I hope you weren’t interpreting my comment as an infringement on your freedom of speech. I was making an editorial comment. I was actually enjoying the read of your article until I came across that. The first thing that popped up in my mind was… geeezzz… does politics HAVE to become a part of everything we read??? Don’t we get enough of it thrown at us everywhere else?

It was refreshing to come across an article as well written as yours, in a topic that interests me… until… well you get the gist of what I am saying. It’s your site…. I’m only offering my opinion as something to think about… especially in this year of 08…. a lot of people will get sick of politics real fast this year.. not only me. Some will want to take refuge in reading something OTHER than politics… (smile)

Eddy Salomon - January 28, 2008 Reply


Thanks so much for your comments. We really appreciate them.
William, The great thing about living in this great country of ours is that we have something called freedom of speech. So it gives me the ability to insert my political views in my articles as I fit. In this particular case, I was being light hearted. But nonetheless it obviously reflects my views for good or worst.

This blog is about being a community. In my family I have relatives that are total opposites of me but I can still hear their points of view out because I know that I can probably gain some knowledge or insight regardless of the fact that I may disagree with 99.9% of what they stand for. That’s how we all grow and learn.

Yes I could just stick to just spitting out ways to make money at home without inserting parts of myself in the way I write. But then my site would be like everyone else and we couldn’t have this cool debate. And what fun would would that be? That’s the whole spirit of web 2.0. I could of easily created a static website that didn’t allow any of you to interact with me but that’s not the place I’m at right now.

I like getting the feedback from you guys whether good or bad. It makes for a more real experience for everyone.

So I’ll say this. I apologize if I offended anyone with my political jab including you William. And I’d like to apologize in advance for any other thing I may say that may offend others politically or in other ways.

Hopefully many people will be as open minded as William and not hold it against me.

At the end of the day, my goal is to help you all achieve your goals of working at home.



William Broome - January 28, 2008 Reply

Good article but you could have done 100% better without mentioning any political position. Your information pages are just that, not a political forum. For as much good you do with protecting people from being offended, you need to consider that certain principles need not be expressed or you might offend those exact people you are trying to help. Not everyone believes in the same politics as you do.

Food for thought

William Broome

Eddy Salomon - January 28, 2008 Reply


I’m extremely shocked to hear about your situation and my heart goes out to you. I really wish I could tell you that there is a magical work at home job you can do right now that would help you out of this situation. But that would be a flat out lie or involve some money to get started in your own business which is the only work at home I have found that can be started immediately.

But in terms of your SSD situation my wife is a social worker so I needed to rely on her expert advice. From what I gather, depending on what state you’re located in, you can apply for state based insurance. In New York it’s medicaid but we don’t know what it’s called in your state.

You can also apply for a fair hearing where you can contest the denial of your SSD. You should also look into other government sponsored programs besides SSD which may be available to you based on your current income situation.

With the work at home situation that just is going to take time to secure a regular work at home job. You can try some of the companies listed on the following pages:

I think you’ve clicked on some ads on our site. They are the only ones that tend to require fees. But within the actual articles if you read them carefully we make it very clear which companies we suggest and they’re all free. So you may want to go back and look at those articles you read again.

The number 1 thing you need to focus on though is working out this SSD situation. Try some of the advice we’ve given here. We’re not lawyers so take our advice with a grain of salt. You need to speak to the experts in your state. There are probably social services office that can guide you in the right direction. Or just use google to do some research on your options.

If anyone reading this has some feedback, please chime in to help a fellow member of our work at home community.



Eddy Salomon - January 28, 2008 Reply

Hi Karen,

Thank so much for your comments. I’m happy we were able to help you avoid wasting money.
We recently wrote an article about how the disabled can find work at home. You can read it here:

It should help you get started.


Cheryl Long - January 28, 2008 Reply

Eddy, I am at my wits end. All I can do is sit and cry. I suddenly lost all income and my career when Prudential denied my long term disability so I can’t get my hip surgery. I can’t get SSD without a physician. I can’t get a physician without insurance. I can’t get insurance without SSD. I lost my car, my phone, my health insurance, my house and everything in it, even my clothes and family hierlooms (I had no place to put anything so it had to be left in the house). I am trying to find a work from home, but they all want money upfront. Even if it is just shipping and handling, it is still money upfront. Is there nothing for people that can’t get out to go to a job? Is suicide the only answer for me? I was an RN for 34 years now I have nothing. Even the work at home leads in your articles ask for money. All I have found are lies. Help me! Please.

Karen - January 28, 2008 Reply

I am so thankful that I discovered your website because I was getting ready to try the rebate processing. What could you recommend to a person who is on disability, looking to work at home? It’s really difficult to know who to trust on the web so please, please help me!


Eddy Salomon - January 28, 2008 Reply

You’re quite welcome JR. It’s always good to see you on the site again.


JR - January 28, 2008 Reply

Thanks Eddy for those comments, donno about others, but you are helping me in my path.

God bless

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