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Work At Home Questions and Answers

There are a number of questions that tend to be repeated. So we've decided to create this page to better serve you.

Be sure to read ALL the questions and answers on this page before emailing us. Yes I know the page is as long as the Bible. But isn't it worth spending a few minutes reading advice that may help you avoid scams and spending money you don't have? The choice is yours! Feel free to share this page with others.

1. Is or or or A Scam?

Sorry for the excessive use of Blah Blah. But there are so many variations of those typing, data entry, rebate processing and paid survey websites that listing them all would just take up the whole page. But here's the thing, no matter what the website url is, if your question is about a data entry, typing, paid survey or some processing website you're thinking about investing money in, you should do the following:

  1. Listen to my audio about these so-called opportunities:
  2. Visit our work at home scams page and follow the steps listed there to do your own research on any of the sites you were thinking of paying.
  3. Invest your money in real work at home sites that aren't trying to mislead you such as:,,

Let me say this, I'm very proud of you that you're willing to invest in yourself to secure work at home. That in itself  has already set you apart from your competition. But hopefully after listening to my audio & doing your scam research you've realized that your money is better spent on companies that aren't trying to mislead you such,,

2. Why does every website or company want me to pay them money to work at home?

  • They don't. Many times work at home seekers are running into work at home ebooks or so-called systems and not actual jobs. The authors of these ebooks are charging you for the information in their books or systems. You're not actually paying to work for them. Now with that said, I have found that many of these ebooks are misrepresenting what they're giving you. They make it seem like you're being hired by companies they represent but in reality, all they're selling you is information that can readily be found on the internet if you know where to look. For some of you, the ebooks will prove helpful. But for most of you who want a job, I would suggest avoiding buying any of these products and apply to legitimate no cost jobs listed on our Work At Home Companies or our Legitimate Work At Home Job Leads page. which is our free work at home job search engine is also another great place to find jobs for free!
  • As a work at home seeker you'll also run into legitimate websites like our own which are heavily supported by ads that are usually displayed by Google or some other company. Most of these ads are obviously business people trying to make money selling you some system or ebook. So if you run into this on your favorite work at home site, it's not that the owners are recommending these opportunities. Most website owners have their own recommended opportunities and will usually write about them in articles as we do. So in our case, unless we've written an article specifically recommending an opportunity don't assume that any ad you may click on is backed by our site because it's not. We strongly encourage you to use the scam section on to research any company asking you for money! Hopefully now you'll understand that your favorite work at home website isn't supporting or encouraging scams. With time companies like Google and other affiliate networks that deliver these ads on your favorite sites will have more resources to get rid of some of the more questionable ads and companies. But right now it's a daunting task. So just educating yourself with our scam information should help you avoid a lot of the crap!
  • And finally Home Based Business opportunities are also confused with jobs. So let's clarify this so you don't make any assumptions about legitimate companies that are offering you the chance to be your own boss. A home based business opportunity is like any company. Companies can't get started without money to buy supplies, hire employees, advertising , etc. A home based business involves the same start up process except you're working out your home instead of paying for office space or hiring employees. But you still need supplies which often time is sold to you by the company that recruited you. So in this scenario, it makes total sense they would ask you for money to get started. After all can you start a McDonald's for free? Exactly. Now with that said, the same rules apply about doing your research using our scam section on Some companies offering home based businesses are very shady so as always do your research and you can't get scammed!

3. Where can I find legitimate no cost data entry or typist work at home jobs?

Bonus Tip: If you're really serious about typing at home then one job I suggest which has great availability is Medical Transcription (Typing). It does mean you need to invest in training. I know that is a turn off to many people because of the money situation. And I really do feel your pain. I felt the same way initially. But then it dawned on me. I and millions of other put ourselves in debt to go to college or graduate school because we knew it meant we would get better paying jobs than without it. Eventually I was able to pay off my college debt because I got a good job.

The same can be said with Medical Transcription. Invest now and it will pay off in the future. If you don't believe me just check out how many more jobs are available for Medical Transcription than there are for those highly chased but rarely acquired data entry and typing jobs. Now if you want to ice skate up hills like everyone else and try to find a data entry or typing job, then by all means knock yourself out. The information is here on the site. But for those of you who want every advantage to help you secure being home with your family and not having to explain yourself to a boss who doesn't value family time, then I would suggest you request some free training information today. Then go to your local library or search the web for scholarships or grants that you can use to pay for this training. In some cases with a government scholarship or grant, you may not have to pay the money back. So at the very least there is no real reason not to explore the options . It doesn't cost you anything to do that much. At the end of the day you'll be more likely to work at home then everyone else chasing their tails for data entry and typing jobs that rarely exist.

4. How Can I Make Money Right Now?

  • It all depends on you. Have you already limited yourself to one type of industry such as data entry and typing? If you said yes, then I don't really have many options for you because landing those jobs is like winning the lotto…Damn near impossible! But if you're like some of my long time visitors who are willing to take action then you too can be successful at making money at home right now by taking action on one or more of the following non-traditional work at home opportunities:
  1. Message Board “Typist”
  2. At Home Product Testers
  3. Focus Group Participants
  4. Survey Taker
  5. Virtual Assistant
  6. Proof Reader
  7. Work At Home Ad Typist / Affiliate
  • With that said, I've also noticed that people with highly specialized technical skills like web design, programming or graphic design can make tons of money relatively fast using freelance websites (,,, I hire these type of people all the time for projects I have for my site. Again their skills are in demand and there are a lot of jobs available unlike low skilled jobs like data entry or typing. So there is a reoccurring theme here folks.

5. How Can I Tell If A Company or Website Is A Scam?

  • I get this question a lot and it's always very easy for me to answer. Just follow the yellow brick road to our scam research page!  Any time someone emails me a question about a company, all I'm doing is following the steps listed on my scam page. Trust me you don't need me or anyone else to tell you if a company is a scam if you follow the steps on the scam page. My rule of thumb is if it sounds too good to be true then chances are it is. And if there is a fee involved I'm even less inclined to consider it unless it's the situation I listed in question 1 where it's a home based business opportunity and even then, the scam research page process is still used. And even if there is no fee involved I still do research because of the wire transfer and payment processing scams that run rampant on the web. You can also find some common scams we've run into on the following page.

6. What Work At Home Jobs Or Opportunities Do You Recommend Or Have Tried?

7. I'm disabled & no one wants to hire me to work at home. Where can I find a work at home job?

  • This question came up a lot so we created a whole page with resources for you to find work at home. So visit our Work At Home For The Disabled page.

8. I live outside the U.S. can you help me find work at home?

9. Would you hire me to work at home?

  • Yes if you have the skills I need. I'm always in need of affordable graphic designers or programmers. Unfortunately i don't have a need for a typist or data entry person. But if you have some other ways you think you can work for my company then feel free to email me your proposal. Just don't email me about a typing or data entry job.

10. Do you think is a scam?

  • LOL, sorry about that website address. But it was the only way i could come up with to relay any site you may ask me about. There is is this misconception that I'm a scam expert. I do know my way around work at home and scams but the techniques I use to research any  company to determine if they're a scam isn't a secret. I made it available to you on our  work at home scams page. Most of the time when you guys ask my opinion on a given website, I just follow the techniques on the scam page. So no need to wait on me, just head to work at home scams page to get the answer to your question right now.

11. Are checking cashing, wire transferring or check processing jobs a scam?

  • Yes they are scams no matter how good they sound. This is one of the hottest scams right now. People let their guards down because the company doesn't ask you for money. Instead they're giving you checks to cash and in return you get to keep some money for yourself. (Usually 10%) How nice of these companies, right? Wrong! You'll end up losing tons of money and having your bank drop you like a bad habit. If you want more details about this scam visit our scam page of course by click here. The articles you should read are as follows:Fake Checks & Wire Transfer ScamsDerby House Fabrics Bookkeeper Job Scam!

12. Are cash gifting, cash leveraging or cash giving work at home opportunities scams?

  • Does a squirrel have nutty poop? Yes they are. I know this for a fact because the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has a whole section on it. Click here to read my article about this scam.

13. If you're so against scams, why do I see some scam ads or opts on your sites?

  • That's a great question and I'm happy you asked. First and foremost I don't personally recommend any scams. Here's what's happening on our site and pretty much any site supported by ads. I and many other website owners spend hours, days, weeks and months providing you with informative articles, videos, pre-screened job leads and scam prevention tips. Most of us do this without charging you a fee because we understand you're struggling to make money and usually don't have it to invest in this information even if it's worth every penny.But alas like you we have kids to feed and bills to pay. So since we don't want to charge you, we join networks like Google and many others that pay us to place their ads on our website. Do we always necessarily agree or approve of all the ads that are often automatically displayed on our sites? Of course not. If you read our articles and scam section we make it very clear what we feel about some these opportunities. The hope is that if you do click on an ad and run into one of these sketchy companies, you'll remember one of our articles and make the right decision.  But if we really wanted you to buy into these scammy products, then obviously we wouldn't write articles warning against them. So that's the fine balance we as website owners have to juggle running sites like this.So please keep this in mind when you visit a work at home website. Ads on their site doesn't equate to personal recommendations. On this site I make it very clear what I recommend via my articles and I'll flat out tell you to give something a try if I feel its worth it. But other than those situations you should safely assume that I haven't recommended these companies. In which case go and do your research on our scam section and proceed with caution.  Hey, even with the stuff I do recommend do your own research. You may still not agree with my opinion, the company may have changed, or I could end up being wrong. It's about using your best judgment and weighing various information sources to get a full picture. You never want to be in situation where you're just following everyone that cries scams or marketers that recommends everything. Its about balancing out information to get a clearer view of a company.At the end of the day if you don't want to deal with ads at all then invest in a site like So you do have choices. I'd love to give you all the information I do for free, but guess what? Money doesn't grow on trees and we have to earn it too. As folks looking to make money at home, I am sure you can now appreciate our given circumstances. Hopefully this clarifies any confusion and provides you with a better understanding of how free sites like this work. The fact of the matter is that every free website that provides good content and value is supported by sponsored ads (AOL, CNN, etc) but the only difference is that the work at home industry has way more sketchy type of advertisers than a news site might have.Hope this makes sense.

14. What should I do if I've been scammed?

  • Well it all depends. There is something that should be said about being “scammed” before going into solutions. This industry is full of people that cry scam at the drop of a dime. If you joined a home based business opportunity and you couldn't make it work for you and earn money, that doesn't necessarily make it a scam. I can buy a blockbuster franchise and end up losing tons of money because of various reasons. That doesn't make blockbuster a scam. It means that I failed for whatever reason and have to accept responsibility for that. But if I purchased an ebook that claims to provide me with typing jobs and then it ends up being some dude tricking me into affiliate marketing then that is a company that is guilty of misleading you. This would be considered a scam by most. So please be honest with yourself before taking action on a company.Okay so now that's out of the way, the first thing to do if you're scammed is try to contact the company you feel has wronged you. Give them an opportunity to rectify the problem. Let them know in great detail why you think you've been had. And most importantly provide them with options that would appease you. You also need to provide the consequences of what will happen if they don't rectify the situation which is pretty much reporting them to sites like ours and having their reputation ruined. Allow time for an email response from the company (More than 24hrs). If they do contact you, provided them with definitive time frame for an acceptable solution (3-5 business days) . If the company fails to comply, then contact your credit card company right away and have them reverse the charges. Then visit one of the top 5 scam fighting website and spread this company's dirty laundry to the world so no one else has to go through that.Now if you didn't pay by credit card, than you're pretty much screwed. But you could report this company to the top 5 scam fighting sites. This is a great way to get back at this company because many more people will be warned which may lead to their business being shut down because of a lack of new prey. Alternatively, the Feds may also step in and shut these guys down based on the feedback provided by many users like you. And if that happens you may actually get your money back if they seize the scam artist's assets.  So that's what you should if you've been scammed.

Ok, if you've Read ALL the questions above and still have a question that isn't addressed then please use the comment field below. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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michelle - March 1, 2010 Reply

@Colleen W:
I get three of those checks a year and i talked to my bank and they said i need to turn them into the bank whenever i get them.@eddysalomon:

rebecca - February 24, 2010 Reply

I was wondering if you knew of a work at home assembly job that is not a scam, if you have any recommendations for them.

    Eddy Salomon - February 25, 2010 Reply

    Hi Rebecca,

    You may want to try
    It’s not a job but you can get paid to sell arts and crafts. I hope this helps.

    Good luck.


William B Dean - December 6, 2009 Reply

Has anyone seen this one from Mirax Finance Group, Munich, Germany? Oliver Reinz human resources manager promises $3,200 /mo for data entry, distributing financial reports, bank statement reconciliations, financial transactions, etc. They are supposed to open U.S. offices next year. The job is called “Junior Accountant”–they even have phone numbers and addresses in Munich. Bill Dean

Lowell Christensen - November 23, 2009 Reply

Thanks for that! You really have covered all the bases with this site.

Lowell Christensen - November 20, 2009 Reply

Eddy… have you done any reviews on Cash Crate. I believe it’s legit, but am wondering if the claims some people are making about how much they made are true. There are videos on Youtube that have people showing checks from $16,000 but it seems a bit much for a program where you only make a little money to review offers. Except for the referrals maybe.

Lydia - October 27, 2009 Reply

Hi Eddy,

I have been following your site for months now…Anyhoo under the legit jobs you have listed and I just wanted to testify and say it is a legit company. If anyone likes sales and is good at it and catches on quick they will be successful with this company. Everyone is nice and friendly and family oriented.

To be considered if you have to have all the requirements, This link will tell about the requirements. It took me about 3 weeks to get a call back. There are no weekends and calling is between 8am -9m MST. I think part time is less than 30hrs and full time is 40 or more. The campaign I was on was calling or responding to people that showed an interest in furthering their education. You have to read a script verbatim, ask qualifying questions, get customers information so that you can match them with the right schools and submit their information so that the information pertaining to what degree they are interested in can be mailed out to them. Training lasts 1 day and then you start making calls usually the next day.

I only lasted a day. They said they needed someone that was able to jump right in. If someone has what it takes. I’m not sure if they are still hiring, but they are legit. Surprisingly I got paid for the few hours that I did work.

Thank you for this site and all the wonderful information that you have been sharing with us.

Take care and God Bless

Lydia M.

terryann - October 19, 2009 Reply

Hi Eddy,

Wow, am I glad to have found you!!! You are such a blessing, this is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom, experience and expertise with us. I tried to become a member to your website but I have yet to receive a confirmation… I checked my spam and it’s not there as well. Please let me know what else I should do. Oh, and I already thought about joing Wealthy Affiliate, been checking them out and felt they were the best, thus far, now after hearing your words, I am joining and would like to sign up under you… please let me know what I should do to make that happen.

Thanks Eddy… & God bless you and your family….

    Eddy Salomon - October 19, 2009 Reply

    Hi Terryann,

    I’m glad you found us too! 🙂

    You’re quite welcome. I feel honored to be in a position to help people like yourself. In terms of the email subscription, try using a different email address from a different provider like or aol and see if that works. If not then, we’ll have someone look into it.

    I’m glad to hear you’re seriously considering joining WA. Just be sure you read the following articles to ensure that you know what to expect. I’ve read a lot of other folks reviews about WA and they sugar coat a lot of stuff. I don’t want you going into it with unrealistic expectations so read the following pages:

    If you everything sounds good to you after reading that stuff, then click on any of the WA links I have in those articles and I’ll get credit. I appreciate the fact that you want me to get the commission for the referral. That’s very kind of you.

    In any event, I hope this helps you. God Bless you and your family as well!

777 - October 6, 2009 Reply

Hello every one:

Eddy, first i just want to say thank for all.

I would like to know what is the BEST way to create a web site, online

    Eddy Salomon - October 6, 2009 Reply


    I would suggest this website is built on their platform and works great. But I’m biased. lol

amber - September 9, 2009 Reply

Hi there, Ive read your posts about google cash but saw on the news that google does work from home legit stuff. I found this again and wondered if you could look at it and tell me what you think as it says it was seen on so many reputable news stations. Please have a look and let me know if this is legit or if they are outright lying. Thanks so much,

debra arruda - September 7, 2009 Reply

Hi Eddy, I am currently on disability and unable to work. The status of this will not change so I really need to find a work at home job to make some extra money. Right now we are financially stressed like many other people out there so I need to find something to do from home that will not cost me any money to get started. I hope that you can get me started in this direction as from what I have heard of you you are a genius. LOL. Seriously, if there is any way you can help lead me on where to start it would be greatly appreciated. God Bless and thank you, Debra Arruda

    Eddy Salomon - September 7, 2009 Reply

    Hi Debra,

    See question 7 above. It will help you right away.
    Be sure you read the rest of the questions so you don’t miss out on any other information that may have already been answered. It will help you avoid unnecessary delays waiting on me to reply. 😉

    Hope it helps.

Ludwig - September 6, 2009 Reply

Hello Eddy,

I found your website this last Friday night while checking for work at home opportunities. After spending several hours reading & listening to your opinion about Wealthy Affiliate & internet marketing, it sounds like you are a trustworthy down to earth kind of guy who is genuinely interested in helping others find opportunities that are right for them. Thank you for that. It is a breath of fresh air to connect with someone with these qualities via the net.

I would like to know your honest opinion of just what kind of time commitment it would take to achieve one to two thousand dollars a month income as an Internet Marketing Affiliate using the WA site. I’m sure there is a learning curve during which time a lower income can be expected. If someone were to dedicate a maximum of four hours a day to Affiliate Marketing, is it reasonable to see $1K – $2K per month in say less than six months? Or are we looking at more like a year minimum here? I presently can only dedicate four hours a day & would be increasing my time at it as my income increased. Please keep in mind that I am coach able, but inexperienced & would have to start from scratch.

I would also like to know what website maintenance costs or additional costs to the $2.00/day WA member fee I would be incurring in order to make the kind of income I am talking about? For instance, would I need several websites with hosting fees for each, or are we just talking about one site & dedicated time to marketing it?

Thank you for your honest feedback on what to expect by joining the affiliate program. I appreciate any help you can provide to make an informed decision.

I have been trying to email you from your contact page, but for some reason it is not getting to you.

Sincerely, Ludwig

    Eddy Salomon - September 6, 2009 Reply

    Hi Ludwig,

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m happy you can appreciate my efforts.
    In terms of your question, affiliate marketing isn’t a job. The amount of hours and time you put in doesn’t necessarily translate into a given amount of money or any money at all. At the end of the day, this is still marketing. The reason you trust me and are even considering my WA recommendation is because I established a raporte with you via my writing and the value I’ve provided on this blog. I’ve put tons of hours into the information on this blog and for a very long time it didn’t translate to the money that you would expect. This was a long term investment where I knew eventually it would make me the money I felt I deserved and wanted. But there is no way for me to guess that or even estimate that for anyone that gets involved with affiliate marketing even with the proper training like WA. There are so many factors that I can not control for.

    You can spend hours writing articles and engaging in affiliate marketing but if you happen to be picking the wrong niche or promoting products of low quality you may never see a dime even spending a zillion hours at this. So no one can tell you when you’ll make a dime let a lone $1-$2k per month. If anyone is promising you such deadlines and money, be extremely wary. They may also try to sell you the Brooklyn bridge. Affiliate marketing is a marathon not a race. The goal should be getting to the finish line not how long it takes and when you’ll get there. You need to focus on the reason you’re doing this. I hated the idea of spending the rest of my life making someone else rich. So there was no time frame. The goal was free myself from the man. If I didn’t do that then I failed and needed to keep plugging away.

    So if you’re goal is to make a certain amount of money in the next couple of months I can’t promise that joining WA is guaranteed to achieve this. For some people it will but for most you could spend months at this before even seeing a dime. So if you’re looking to this to help you with immediate expenses or to keep a roof over your head, then I wouldn’t hold your breath with affiliate marketing. Because it’s not easy and success does take a long time even if you had 20 hours per day to put to this. So that’s my honest opinion. I don’t want you or anyway going into this career with unrealistic expectations based on my recommendations. As you probably know there are plenty of sites willing to feed you that pipe dream. I’m not one of them and I don’t care if I lose commissions for being this upfront.

    In any event, I would also encourage you to read the following article.

    I hope this helps you.

    Good luck.


    P.S. I’ll check on the contact us page situation.

Michael P. Blazewski - September 6, 2009 Reply

I am disabled and collect social security disability and I am looking for work from home. I am looking for data entry but cannot make more than $940 a month so I do not lose my benefits. My last job was with the government and I did data entry and would like to do that now. I have an extensive resume with over 30 years of Management experience. I need to pay for my medications and doctors bills and need this extra income and soon. Please help this disabled person out. I am also a Veteran. Please Help.


Michael P. Blazewski

    Eddy Salomon - September 6, 2009 Reply

    Hi Michael,

    Please read question 7. It’s totally addresses the situation you’re in.
    I would encourage you to read the rest of the questions as well so you don’t miss any more important information
    that pertains to you.

    Take care.

Christine Peters - September 4, 2009 Reply

Hi Eddy i was just wondering if you have heard of Maverick Money Makers i was wondering if i should sign up with them? could you let me know if you have? please let me know if you have any information on this company?asap? thanks from

Amanda - August 31, 2009 Reply

Good morning Eddy,

I am quite interested to know if you can point me in the direction of an online graphic arts position (or work from home graphic arts position) I’m incredibly skilled in graphic design, website design and maintenance, and print media design. If you could give me some suggestions I would sure appreciate it. Thank you Eddy! Your site is faaabulous!

    Eddy Salomon - September 1, 2009 Reply

    Hi Amanda,

    Fortunately you actually have one of the in demand skill sets when it comes to working at home. I’ve hired many graphic and website designers all who work from home. That being said, I find most of them on freelance websites. I wrote an article about these sites on the following page: Although the focus was for international folks it’s available to people in the U.S. and you’ll find a lot of work there. is another great place.

    And keep in mind every Friday we list new work at home job leads here on this blog and every week we tend to have graphic design job leads. So as long as you’re a subscriber,
    you’ll know when we post these leads:

    You’ll also find them on my other site:

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck.

TRC - August 30, 2009 Reply


Thank you so much for this information.


Sonya - August 28, 2009 Reply

Dear TRC,
My husband has a patent pending product right now. We went through a patent office called Global Licensing Partners. The cool thing about that company is they will talk to you about you idea and even put it through a review board to even see if it’s worth patenting and selling. If they do think it’s worth marketing they will walk you through all the steps. But just to let you know it is very expensive to get a patent. Even if you go directly to the goverment patent agency it’s self. By the time you pay for everything your looking at about $12,000.00. So it’s something to think about and good luck!!!

yanna - August 28, 2009 Reply

Hi! Please send me list of company that offers “Work at Home- International.” Any computer work at home while I travel to other countries . Thanks

Rafael - August 28, 2009 Reply

Which websites can I make money fast? The only experience I have is administrative assistant work. I recently started doing surveys online but they take time to get something. I wanted to know any other work from home jobs that pay faster and good. I researched online Translators get paid $30K to 40K a year working from home. I saw that on ABC NEWS with Tory Johnson. Which websites are good to make money everyday?

    Eddy Salomon - August 29, 2009 Reply

    Hi Rafael,

    There is no such thing as fast and good money. People that tend to look for that end up getting scammed and buying work at home products that totally lie to you. So avoid that trap.
    Anything that is going to make you good money will require time and effort. Just like in regular life there are no short cuts.

    If you’re looking for real jobs visit the following page:

    We list translator jobs at as well. Just do search there.

    Good luck.

TRC - August 28, 2009 Reply

Hello Eddy:

I have an idea that I am looking to patent. Do you have any recommedations or leads on the best process for obtaining a patent. I’ve read alot on-line but wanted to tap in to see if you had insider knowledge to avoid any scams that might be out there. Thanks for your help!

    Eddy Salomon - August 28, 2009 Reply

    Hi TRC,

    That’s outside my jurisdiction. But the government sounds like a good place to start:

    You can’t really go wrong dealing with the source.

    Good luck.

Jose - August 26, 2009 Reply

Hey Eddy been doing alot of reading here and i like what i hear. Here’s my story I’m a stay at home dad my kids are 3months 4,6. I need help trying to find a job to at least help with the bills I need something i can jump right into. I have School coming up an very little money for the kids. Please contact me back with something Quick I’m ready to get started (asap) Hands on, or Whatever

    Eddy Salomon - August 26, 2009 Reply

    Hey Jose,

    Glad to hear that you like what you’ve read. Let me give you some advice to help your situation out.

    1. Please keep in mind that anything that will make you decent money isn’t going to be quick. That’s the type of crappy misinformation I’m trying to fight here on this blog because it’s not true.
    Watch out for any sites making outrageous claims about large sums of money quickly. Trust me when I say there is always a catch and you end up getting screwed.

    2. It’s great that you’re eager to start asap, but the fact of the matter is the road to success in terms of working at home is a very long one. So as long as you’re persistent and really want this,
    eventually it will happen. It may not be today, tomorrow or a few weeks from now, but it can happen if you don’t give up and are open to various options.

    That being said, you should read the following pages to get you started:

    Good luck.

Sherry - August 25, 2009 Reply

I am a divorced mother of 2 and I’m having alot of problems with my feet. I work all day on my feet in a pharmacy so therefore I really need to find another way to make money.

My question is…do any of these work at home jobs pay enough as a single, full-time income? I would love to dedicate full-time hours to a job or jobs that would allow me to be home.

James - August 23, 2009 Reply

Hi I wanted to ask if you have had any experience with or Both are paid to click websites. I’ve requested payments into my paypal account with both websites. I requested my first payment in May and I’ve waited the 30 and 60 days according to their terms but I haven’t received a payment or response to my many many emails I’ve sent to both website admins. I did receive an email from before I requested my first payment but ever since then they’ve clamed up. Any advice?

Yolanda - August 22, 2009 Reply

Just want to know if you have any info on a company called cloud10?

Barney - August 22, 2009 Reply

@Joanie Gage:
I’ve Tried That.Com just did a report on cashmails. Here is the link to that report. Hope this helps and you are able to open this.

Patricia - August 20, 2009 Reply

Hello Eddy,

I’ve recently discovered your website and have found it to be very helpful. I’ve been looking into working from home for quite some time now, but have been sceptical of everything I come across.

There are two websites that I’ve looked at pretty heavly; and; both have been recommended on shows such as CNN, The Today Show, etc., I have not found anything negative about either. Both sites require a fee, but state the fee is for weeding through and posting legitimate work at home opportunities.

If you know of these I would like to get your thoughts/feedback on them.


Kamil - August 20, 2009 Reply

@Eddy Salomon:
Thanks Eddy,

As always, you give great advice! I will keep my head up and keep the dream alive. Thanks again

Kamil - August 19, 2009 Reply

Hello Eddy,

Thanks again for the great website! I asked you for advice once before and you were very helpful so I would like your advice again if you can give it:) I had a corporate job about a year ago that I quit, to persue a career as a Internet Marketer/Full-time Ebayer. Everything was going great until the last three months. I am guessing that my online Ebay business is suffering because of the present ecomony. Now, I still make money online now, but it no longer is enough to support my bills, so I am now being forced to re-join the work force:( My career is in sales and I have a job offer for one company to work as a part time rep and I have another offer from a different company to be a full-time rep. I need the money now but I am sure I can support myself by just taking the part-time job. Now, my question is, since you left your job for a online career I am sure that it took alot of your time getting your business rolling. Is it better for me to take the part time position so that my time can be use to continue my dream at becoming a Internet Marketer or should I take the full-time position and go back to working my online business on the side. I know this is alot back I would really like some advice from someone who understands the situation. Thanks in advance

    Eddy Salomon - August 19, 2009 Reply

    Hey Kamil,

    Nice to hear from you again. I’m sorry to hear about the state of your internet marketing career at the moment. I guess it all depends on your market. Some marketers are having record years and some are suffering. That being said, if you think you can support yourself with a part time gig, then I would opt for that. There is no sense in giving “the man” more of your time then necessary. lol

    Ultimately you do whatever you need to do to get you back to your dreams. I worked at part-time and full time job for years before I could finally do this full time. With God’s grace I’ve managed to be job free for the past two years. But if my situation changed and I needed to put in my time again, I would do it in a heart beat to get me back on track.

    Hope this helps. Don’t worry things will pick up again.

Joanie Gage - August 19, 2009 Reply

Hi Eddy i wanted to know is the sites and because i ask for a payout in July and have not got it yet and won’t answer me can you help or find out anything? thanks Joanie

    Eddy Salomon - August 19, 2009 Reply

    As always, visit my scam page: and watch the video listed there. You’ll be able to figure out if these companies are scams within a few minutes. You should probably read the other stuff listed there so you avoid a lot more scams. Good luck.

Pam - August 17, 2009 Reply

so what you are saying is that I have to pay the difference out of my own pocket.

Pam - August 16, 2009 Reply

How do you handle taken care of taxes?

    Eddy Salomon - August 16, 2009 Reply

    Basically any company you’re working with will send you a w9 that you must fill. This document will be filed with the government. At the end of the year if you’ve earned over $600, they will send you 1099. You will need to provide this to your accountant. He/She will then ask you what your expenses were for this business which will be stuff like your internet, home office supplies, etc. (They’ll be able to advise you on your deductions) Whatever is left over after all your deductions is what can be taxed by the feds and you’ll be expected to pay back. I know this in intimate details because I’m an independent contractor for all the affiliate companies I work with. That’s a common way to work with home based folks so the company avoids the cost of managing taxes and such. So that’s basically the process assuming you’re here in the U.S. and it may vary from state to state.

Travis - August 12, 2009 Reply

Hi Eddy,

I’m a little confused about a company I’ve looked into recently called Clickbank. I need some advice about weither it’s possible to make money with them promoting ebooks without a webpage of my own to put these links.if you could reccomend some specific sites to promote for free that work and don’t have fake traffic like some sites i’ve crossed paths with.

Thanks a Ton Eddy!

Melissa - August 11, 2009 Reply


First off, I would like to thank you for the time you take into putting this website together. Most sites just list a bunch of referral links and you take your chances with them. I love how you break down everything and explain it so clearly. It’s nice to see someone taking the time to help others.

Ok now on to my question… I am a single stay at home mother of two children. I am not stay at home by choice but more for medical reasons. I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia. NO not looking for sympathy just giving the situation I have my puppies that comfort me when I need the sympathy going :P… Anyways,,,, I have been trying to find some good ways to make money at home. So I can help get my family out of the hole that we seem to have fell into.
The problem is I don’t have a dime to be able to invest. I would love to do affiliate marketing.
I have signed up for the pay per clicks, reading emails and some survey companies. As you know they really do not pay all to well. Unless of course you get referrals. I have tried doing advertisements in the free classifieds but still have no referrals… Can you believe that???
I do not want to give up hope so I am in hopes that maybe you can give me a little bit of advice on how I can get this running?

Thanks so much.

    Eddy Salomon - August 11, 2009 Reply

    Hi Melissa,

    You’re quite welcome. Glad I can help folks like yourself out and that you appreciate the effort. Makes what I do even more rewarding. In terms of your question, have you seen my recent article? It’s a free affiliate marketing guide that can help you with your getting referrals problem:

    I’m confident you’ll have great results with it like I do. Good luck.

Cindy - August 11, 2009 Reply

Hi I’ve been looking for work at home opportunities for a while now and gave up not to long ago. That is until I heard about working for Google. Is it really Google that I would be working for? Is it really possible to work full time at home with Google or is this all a scam? I noticed that they only ask for 1.95 but tha’s only for a 7 day trial after that they say they are going to charge 79.95 per month. How is that a job, if you have to pay them?

Bonnie Newman - August 9, 2009 Reply

I just read that your wife is planning on taking a year off from her job to stay at home and raise your daughter with you. My question is this, if anyone can do affiliate marketing and it is infinitely better than working for someone at a “job”, why don’t you have your wife doing affiliate marketing rather than a standard “job”?

    Eddy Salomon - August 9, 2009 Reply

    Great Question!
    Although anyone can get into affiliate marketing, it doesn’t mean that everyone wants to. Furthermore not everyone is right for it, which is why I wrote the following article:

    My wife doesn’t get the enjoyment of spending hours upon hours on the computer writing articles, doing research and all the stuff that is required of an affiliate marketer.
    Furthermore she already has a full time job raising my princess which keeps her busy enough. lol And finally I’m doing well enough for us both that she doesn’t need to pursue this career. But if that ever changed she could do it. We’re entertaining the idea of starting a couple’s blog. But we’ll see. In any event, hope that answers your question. It’s a great one I’m sure people wonder.

travis - August 8, 2009 Reply

I stumbled on your site just a little while ago. what I notice when I go to websites and learn about there affiliate programs is It seems for affiliate marketing you need you own website. Is there any easy and free ways to earn modest money($100 a week) without a website through sites like clickbank, clixsense etc.

    Eddy Salomon - August 8, 2009 Reply

    Hi Travis,

    Some companies do require that you have a website but not all of them. You might want to read my affiliate marketing article:

    That will help you get started. I don’t know about $100 a week. To earn that type of money as modest as that is, you’ll probably
    need to be involved with a lot of non-traditional work at home opportunities and get very good at getting referrals. The article
    will help you get started.

Tom - August 8, 2009 Reply

I have been investigating a company called Demand Media to see if they are just another version of the Helium model and after following your advice and doing my own research, including a complete scouring of their website, I’m still unsure if they are a scam or if they–like Helium–are just very rigidly tied to their usage agreement and its content ownership clauses. I have not read anything that overtly smacks of exploitation of writers, but also have not read anything that hasn’t put money in some lawyer’s pocket either. I know they have some content agreements with ehow and Livestrong (Armstrong bought into the co.) and with the Atlanta Constitution. But the writing assigments seem a lot like the Helium thing–which I tried and quickly ran from, after having my account deleted–and the video assignments are really lame “how to’s.” So, I just wondered what you know or might have heard. I am so tired of having to do all this detective work just to make a few cents per page for inane content. I think I’d rather write for Hallmark. 🙂

    Eddy Salomon - August 8, 2009 Reply

    Hey Tom,

    First and foremost thanks for actually trying to do the research I suggest on your own. Most people don’t and I end up having to repeat myself about doing so
    because what you did is exactly how I would research said company. That being said, I doubt my results would be any different. If you’re not reading a lot of negative things
    then chances are the company is okay or it’s just too new for the crap to hit the fan yet.

    Personally I prefer going with companies that have more feedback this way i already know what I’m going into both good and bad. With the other writing sites like helium, ehow, associated content, examiner, etc, etc. There is enough info out there so you can select the ones that you can deal with. So my approach is to go with the “enemy” you know already and pick the lessors of the evils.

    You can also just try freelance websites like the ones i’ve mentioned in my international page (Don’t worry it works for U.S. citizens as well especially when it comes to writing) So that’s my advice. Hope it helps a little.

Allison - August 7, 2009 Reply

Hey Eddie,
I wrote to you once before for my friend from church, but now I am writing for myself. Before I could take my time looking for online work. Now, I found out that I no longer have a job to go back to at the end of summer break. This is a result of a significant decline in students for the fall. Thus the school can not afford to be open this year. Now I must find something quickly. I have been using your site and am working thus far with hits 4 pay. However, I need to make enough money for myself and my daughter to survive on. I have no extra money to pay out for training since I am paying medical bills with what I have saved. What would you recomend I do to make enough to survive and have a little bit extra to pay for training for affiliate marketing?

Nicolas - August 7, 2009 Reply

@Eddy Salomon:

Thank you for the very prompt reply. The link you sent me is for international people. It seems like it will not apply to me as I live in the usa. I hope the the name of my university didn’t sway you into thinking I lived out of the country as Florida International University is actually located in Miami, Florida 🙂

Do, you have a link for freelance research jobs for people in the usa?

Also, you stated that the normal type of research jobs are “for science, sociology, etc.” Do you have an article of what other type of research jobs are out there in addition to science, sociology? Sociology actually doesn’t sound like a bad gig. Would I be able to translate my type of research to the other fields of research?

Sorry for all the questions but obviously you are very knowledgeable on this.

Thanks again,


    Eddy Salomon - August 7, 2009 Reply

    Hey Nicolas,

    You’re welcome. You gotta read the article. It doesn’t only apply to international folks. Freelance sites work for everyone. I listed them
    under the international section because it works for anyone in any country including the U.S. I knew exactly where you were. 😉
    I was actually in Miami for some fun this week and got back yesterday. Good times.

    I don’t know of any research jobs. But try my companies page:

    You should also visit my work at home guide which will show you how to find your own legit work at home jobs

    But you need to speak to a career counselor. This is outside my jurisdiction. lol

    Good luck.

Nicolas - August 7, 2009 Reply

Hi Eddy,

First time poster but been following your sites for a few weeks now.

I have a question that I do not believe have been addressed from my reading on your sites.

How do I go about finding research jobs? Research jobs in the way of researching products (ex: electronics, home appliances, automobiles, computers, or anything else that someone is looking to purchase) for people and finding all the different reviews on the product and the best price you can get for the product.

Example: someone looking for a car or a lets say a 52″ plasma tv. I am very good at checking on every single review for, lets say, that 52″ plasmas then translate that on which is the absolute best 52″ plasma and can even break it down to what is the best 52″ plasma, for lets say, $1,500. I then will also break down the detail on each feature that tv or product has and if the extra money for that feature is worth it to the customer. This is just an example. I have researched every possible kind of item for either myself before making a purchase or for my family or my friends.

When there is something someone wants to buy I am the person they go to, to do the researching work. I get a kick out of it and feel a sense of accomplisment when I get the absolute best product for the money for someone or for myself.

I graduated from college (Florida International University) with my bachelors a little over a year ago and I am still trying to find my nitch in this crazy world :). My gf, friends, and family keep bringing up that I should do research.

So finally, in conclusion, is there any of those type of research jobs available? and if so, how do I go about finding them?

Thank you soooooo much as I do appreciate any and all the assistance that you can give me.


    Eddy Salomon - August 7, 2009 Reply

    Hi Nicolas,

    Dude, I’m the same way. I’m a techie so I’m always reading reviews on tech related stuff. All my friends and family know
    don’t buy any computers, gadgets or electronics without consulting Eddy. Otherwise you’ll either end up paying more than you needed
    to or buying a bad model of something. lol

    Well the only type of research jobs I know of are for science, sociology, etc. On occassion you do find some online
    but rarely. If you like doing research then you should consider writing articles for people on freelance sites like the ones
    i listed in the following page:

    Also as an affiliate / blogger I research many of the work at home opportunities I discuss here.
    So that’s two ways to go about doing research. Hope this helps.


randy farrell - August 6, 2009 Reply

Hello ! I live in Portland, Oregon now, but may move to Ecuador. I may move to a medium sized community, but it has full internet cable. I would like to know if there are any opportunities for hourly or piece work done exclusively on the PC, where I could work from home in Ecuador. I can work for lower wages there due to lower cost of living expenses.Does anyone have any good ideas ? Thank you !

Joanne Chiew - August 3, 2009 Reply

Hi Eddy,

Do you know this website : of DATA ENTRY JOBS ONLINE ?

Is it Scam ?

Need urgent of your advice.

Thank you

Blair - July 26, 2009 Reply

quite interested about the medical transcription opportunity. unfortunately i don’t have a ton of time to research this, so if you could answer a couple of questions:

– generally how much does a medical transcriptionist make per year

– i noticed through the first couple of pages of companies looking for medical transcriptionist, that they are usually looking for a minimum of two years experience. i did not go past the first two pages w/ this info, but i’m hoping that there is a ton of companies that will hire new graduates of the MT course.


    Eddy Salomon - July 26, 2009 Reply

    Hi Blair,

    All the questions you asked can be addressed by putting aside some time and reading the following article:

    If you’re serious about working at home and avoiding scams, you’ll need to make the time to research companies. If you fail to, you’re bound to get scammed or fail. Trust me I’ve done them both quite a few times.
    Visit my scam section and you can read about tons of people that have learned the importance of doing research in this industry:

    There are no short cuts to succeeding at working at home. Good luck.

Ed Cohen - July 24, 2009 Reply

Well my wife and I have completed week one of the 8 week action plan. This is a whole new world for both of us. We have gone into this with our eyes opened and have very modest expectations (no overnight millionaires or any get rich quick scheme. From what I have been reading, it is persistence, having a plan and not giving up are some of the key things. I definitely want to get money out of this and a steady income.
It is true, that there is a lot of information at WA – too much! I appreciate your Wealthy Affiliate tips that you sent me. Thanks!!
What is your “login” name at WA, should I want to pm you there?

Ed Cohen

    Eddy Salomon - July 24, 2009 Reply

    Congrats! It is a whole new world, A world of possibilities if you run with it. But it’s definitely not easy as I warned. lol I agree that WA is guilty of information overload. But that should be addressed by the end of the summer with WA Platinum. Every few months these guys make updates that benefit current and new members a like. But the guide I gave you should help. The best way to reach me is just email me directly from the address I sent you the guide from. But just in case people might doubt that I walk the walk when it comes to WA, my user name there is workathomecareerscom. I am still a member 😉

ak - July 22, 2009 Reply

Question? Have you heard of or did business with speciality merchandise corp, or
thjey are both merchandise sales; thus far I heard bad and good and they are both on the site. rip off report, I checked with the BBB smc is NR and Doba has a A- but a few complaints.

    Eddy Salomon - July 22, 2009 Reply

    Hey AK,

    First and foremost thanks for doing your research before asking your question! In situations like this where there is mixed reviews you have to filter through them and determine if the complaints mentioned are deal breakers for you. Or is it just a situation where people are crying about nothing or things that can easily be resolved. I’ve heard complaints about get paid for offers sites. What I discovered was that the things people were complaining about could easily be avoided by better organization and reading the terms and services of offers before doing them. Presto all the things they complained about I avoided and made money without any issue. So take everything with a grain of salt especially when it comes to stuff coming from the BBB. I know everyone feels they’re the be and end all. But I always follow the steps in my scam video: to do further research.

    Hope this helps.

Jaye Smith - July 22, 2009 Reply

Thank you so much, Eddy…I am already a subscriber. And you are right..something just does not feel right about them. Will keep you posted if I determine they are scam..Looking forward to your future newsletters. J

Jaye Smith - July 22, 2009 Reply

Hi Eddy; New reader – Love your site; keep up the recommendations. My question today is on Survey Citi – I have received and responded to their communications; so far it looks legit, but their emails, which are poorly written, are always a red flag to a scam. Will appreciate your thoughts on this operation. Thanks! Jaye

julie - July 22, 2009 Reply

Hi Eddy
hope evey thing is ok today just thought l would drop you a line to say thanks for putting so much work in to this site. and l am sorry if you have coverd this topic but can persons that live in the UK North Wales work for a US firm. l have a pay pal account. so paying me should not be a problem.

julie cottrill

Nellymd - July 16, 2009 Reply

Have you heard of and is their work from home opportunity scam free or really work?

Thank you in advance…..,I’ve fallen in love with your site.

Allison - July 15, 2009 Reply

Thank you so much for having a web site where people like myself can go to get educated on searching online job opportunities. My question is actually for a friend from church. I have told her about your web site but she asked me “What type of online opportunities would you qualify for if you have never finished high school and still make a living?” I did not know how to answer her, can you help? I have a degree and I am still searching myself so I felt horrible not having an answer for her.

    Eddy Salomon - July 15, 2009 Reply

    Hi Allison,

    You’re welcome. The great thing about many of the non traditional work at home opportunities is that education and experience isn’t a factor. But the draw back to that like in the real offline world is you earn significantly less money then the folks that do get higher education. But either way we’ve covered both ends on the following page:

    Hope it helps.

    P.S. Landing a work at home job is very much like trying to win the lotto. The problem is most people are pursuing jobs that aren’t in demand. So I would encourage you to read my work at home guide as well. I have an article in there that details the jobs that are in demand. Knowing this will help improve your chances of landing a viable work at home career:

Jme - July 10, 2009 Reply

Thank you once again, and MUCH RESPECT! The reason nothing came of the blogs and such was at the beginning I was signing up with about 5 to 25 different sites a day. Everything I could,ppc,blogs,surveys,media,anti-scam communities, and all sorts of stuff. Pretty much if it was free I signed up. That was my first and huge mistake. It made it impossible for me to focus on any one thing. My email was so swamped I gave up and got another one.A nail w/ten points does not go into the wood. After reading my other post, I thought I might clear some things up. 1. My van was parked and the motorcyclist was drunk and not hurt seriously. 2. This is the first time iv’e ever moved in w/my family. They are not wealthy and all it is is a place to sleep for which I am greatful. I hate being a burden on them even though they insist it is no problem. 3. The van/insurance thing, was a long time ago around 9 months, and then I bought this computer. I am severely green about computer technicalities, and web stuff yet I learn fast and am now on the net at least 2-3 hours a day(atleast!). 4.Any job I get they love me because I only have one speed, fast(manual labor) and thorough. This is not a plus, mainly because the company will take advantage of it, and the other employee’s think i’m trying to prove something. Also whenever someone is mistreated I tend to open my big mouth, standing up for them or myself. ‘Self respect is beyond price.’ In the end I lose. When I get raises, sooner or later they’ll find younger people to do it for less and I end up canned. “Soup is good food” and I have found that in the end working for someone else always ends in the same way and I end up back where I started. Same thing,same results. So I need a change and man, without direction I truly go nowhere. Every woman I have ever been with knows this from first hand knowledge. At one point I was not allowed to go to blockbuster by myself because I would be there til they close. I have just as much fun searching for movies as watching them. Anyway, (off topic sorry) I follow direction well, and learn fast and pride myself on the 2 r’s, RESPONSIBLITY-n- RELIABILITY. I believe in myself and believe too that w.a. is not a scam. I still wonder if I should wait til the beginning of the month, I have a small temporary income which I use tightly. I have to stop or i’ll ramble on forever. Once again MUCH RESPECT, thank you for reminding me that there are actually some good people in the world not consumed,motivated by greed and self interest(most of L.A.). And for the last time your writing skills are excellent -n- I’m a critic. Type o’s are a necessary piece of the art of writing. It is difficult to avoid the inclination to be hard on yourself, yet that is what makes us who we are. I am waiting to join W.A. on your advice, though I am eager to check it all out and get started. Everything I have researched on it comes up positive. May your gaurdian spirits/angels guide you and yours proper and bless your entire family.
post script: Sorry for rambling.

    Eddy Salomon - July 10, 2009 Reply

    You’re welcome Jme. Thanks for clearing up what happened with the other ventures. I can totally relate. I sort of did the same thing once I discovered there were so many ways to make money and all these different internet marketing techniques. Your analogy “A nail with ten points does not go into the wood.” is spot on and applies to affiliate marketing and making money online as well. The great thing about those negative experiences is that you can grow from them if you choose to (Which apparently you have.). Too often people view negative experiences as obstacles instead of the opportunities for self improvement that they are. Then they end up getting more of the same stuff they didn’t want.

    But I’m gathering you’re just the opposite. I think you have a lot of potential. Just continue to positive and stay focused and you’ll achieve great things in your life. Thanks again for sharing and entertaining my babbling. lol

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