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Work At Home Questions and Answers

There are a number of questions that tend to be repeated. So we've decided to create this page to better serve you.

Be sure to read ALL the questions and answers on this page before emailing us. Yes I know the page is as long as the Bible. But isn't it worth spending a few minutes reading advice that may help you avoid scams and spending money you don't have? The choice is yours! Feel free to share this page with others.

1. Is or or or A Scam?

Sorry for the excessive use of Blah Blah. But there are so many variations of those typing, data entry, rebate processing and paid survey websites that listing them all would just take up the whole page. But here's the thing, no matter what the website url is, if your question is about a data entry, typing, paid survey or some processing website you're thinking about investing money in, you should do the following:

  1. Listen to my audio about these so-called opportunities:
  2. Visit our work at home scams page and follow the steps listed there to do your own research on any of the sites you were thinking of paying.
  3. Invest your money in real work at home sites that aren't trying to mislead you such as:,,

Let me say this, I'm very proud of you that you're willing to invest in yourself to secure work at home. That in itself has already set you apart from your competition. But hopefully after listening to my audio & doing your scam research you've realized that your money is better spent on companies that aren't trying to mislead you such,,

2. Why does every website or company want me to pay them money to work at home?

  • They don't. Many times work at home seekers are running into work at home ebooks or so-called systems and not actual jobs. The authors of these ebooks are charging you for the information in their books or systems. You're not actually paying to work for them. Now with that said, I have found that many of these ebooks are misrepresenting what they're giving you. They make it seem like you're being hired by companies they represent but in reality, all they're selling you is information that can readily be found on the internet if you know where to look. For some of you, the ebooks will prove helpful. But for most of you who want a job, I would suggest avoiding buying any of these products and apply to legitimate no cost jobs listed on our Work At Home Companies or our Legitimate Work At Home Job Leads page. which is our free work at home job search engine is also another great place to find jobs for free!
  • As a work at home seeker you'll also run into legitimate websites like our own which are heavily supported by ads that are usually displayed by Google or some other company. Most of these ads are obviously business people trying to make money selling you some system or ebook. So if you run into this on your favorite work at home site, it's not that the owners are recommending these opportunities. Most website owners have their own recommended opportunities and will usually write about them in articles as we do. So in our case, unless we've written an article specifically recommending an opportunity don't assume that any ad you may click on is backed by our site because it's not. We strongly encourage you to use the scam section on to research any company asking you for money! Hopefully now you'll understand that your favorite work at home website isn't supporting or encouraging scams. With time companies like Google and other affiliate networks that deliver these ads on your favorite sites will have more resources to get rid of some of the more questionable ads and companies. But right now it's a daunting task. So just educating yourself with our scam information should help you avoid a lot of the crap!
  • And finally Home Based Business opportunities are also confused with jobs. So let's clarify this so you don't make any assumptions about legitimate companies that are offering you the chance to be your own boss. A home based business opportunity is like any company. Companies can't get started without money to buy supplies, hire employees, advertising , etc. A home based business involves the same start up process except you're working out your home instead of paying for office space or hiring employees. But you still need supplies which often time is sold to you by the company that recruited you. So in this scenario, it makes total sense they would ask you for money to get started. After all can you start a McDonald's for free? Exactly. Now with that said, the same rules apply about doing your research using our scam section on Some companies offering home based businesses are very shady so as always do your research and you can't get scammed!

3. Where can I find legitimate no cost data entry or typist work at home jobs?

Bonus Tip: If you're really serious about typing at home then one job I suggest which has great availability is Medical Transcription (Typing). It does mean you need to invest in training. I know that is a turn off to many people because of the money situation. And I really do feel your pain. I felt the same way initially. But then it dawned on me. I and millions of other put ourselves in debt to go to college or graduate school because we knew it meant we would get better paying jobs than without it. Eventually I was able to pay off my college debt because I got a good job.

The same can be said with Medical Transcription. Invest now and it will pay off in the future. If you don't believe me just check out how many more jobs are available for Medical Transcription than there are for those highly chased but rarely acquired data entry and typing jobs. Now if you want to ice skate up hills like everyone else and try to find a data entry or typing job, then by all means knock yourself out. The information is here on the site. But for those of you who want every advantage to help you secure being home with your family and not having to explain yourself to a boss who doesn't value family time, then I would suggest you request some free training information today. Then go to your local library or search the web for scholarships or grants that you can use to pay for this training. In some cases with a government scholarship or grant, you may not have to pay the money back. So at the very least there is no real reason not to explore the options . It doesn't cost you anything to do that much. At the end of the day you'll be more likely to work at home then everyone else chasing their tails for data entry and typing jobs that rarely exist.

4. How Can I Make Money Right Now?

  • It all depends on you. Have you already limited yourself to one type of industry such as data entry and typing? If you said yes, then I don't really have many options for you because landing those jobs is like winning the lotto…Damn near impossible! But if you're like some of my long time visitors who are willing to take action then you too can be successful at making money at home right now by taking action on one or more of the following non-traditional work at home opportunities:
  1. Message Board “Typist”
  2. At Home Product Testers
  3. Focus Group Participants
  4. Survey Taker
  5. Virtual Assistant
  6. Proof Reader
  7. Work At Home Ad Typist / Affiliate
  • With that said, I've also noticed that people with highly specialized technical skills like web design, programming or graphic design can make tons of money relatively fast using freelance websites (,,, I hire these type of people all the time for projects I have for my site. Again their skills are in demand and there are a lot of jobs available unlike low skilled jobs like data entry or typing. So there is a reoccurring theme here folks.

5. How Can I Tell If A Company or Website Is A Scam?

  • I get this question a lot and it's always very easy for me to answer. Just follow the yellow brick road to our scam research page! Any time someone emails me a question about a company, all I'm doing is following the steps listed on my scam page. Trust me you don't need me or anyone else to tell you if a company is a scam if you follow the steps on the scam page. My rule of thumb is if it sounds too good to be true then chances are it is. And if there is a fee involved I'm even less inclined to consider it unless it's the situation I listed in question 1 where it's a home based business opportunity and even then, the scam research page process is still used. And even if there is no fee involved I still do research because of the wire transfer and payment processing scams that run rampant on the web. You can also find some common scams we've run into on the following page.

6. What Work At Home Jobs Or Opportunities Do You Recommend Or Have Tried?

7. I'm disabled & no one wants to hire me to work at home. Where can I find a work at home job?

  • This question came up a lot so we created a whole page with resources for you to find work at home. So visit our Work At Home For The Disabled page.

8. I live outside the U.S. can you help me find work at home?

9. Would you hire me to work at home?

  • Yes if you have the skills I need. I'm always in need of affordable graphic designers or programmers. Unfortunately i don't have a need for a typist or data entry person. But if you have some other ways you think you can work for my company then feel free to email me your proposal. Just don't email me about a typing or data entry job.

10. Do you think is a scam?

  • LOL, sorry about that website address. But it was the only way i could come up with to relay any site you may ask me about. There is is this misconception that I'm a scam expert. I do know my way around work at home and scams but the techniques I use to research any company to determine if they're a scam isn't a secret. I made it available to you on our work at home scams page. Most of the time when you guys ask my opinion on a given website, I just follow the techniques on the scam page. So no need to wait on me, just head to work at home scams page to get the answer to your question right now.

11. Are checking cashing, wire transferring or check processing jobs a scam?

  • Yes they are scams no matter how good they sound. This is one of the hottest scams right now. People let their guards down because the company doesn't ask you for money. Instead they're giving you checks to cash and in return you get to keep some money for yourself. (Usually 10%) How nice of these companies, right? Wrong! You'll end up losing tons of money and having your bank drop you like a bad habit. If you want more details about this scam visit our scam page of course by click here. The articles you should read are as follows:Fake Checks & Wire Transfer ScamsDerby House Fabrics Bookkeeper Job Scam!

12. Are cash gifting, cash leveraging or cash giving work at home opportunities scams?

  • Does a squirrel have nutty poop? Yes they are. I know this for a fact because the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has a whole section on it. Click here to read my article about this scam.

13. If you're so against scams, why do I see some scam ads or opts on your sites?

  • That's a great question and I'm happy you asked. First and foremost I don't personally recommend any scams. Here's what's happening on our site and pretty much any site supported by ads. I and many other website owners spend hours, days, weeks and months providing you with informative articles, videos, pre-screened job leads and scam prevention tips. Most of us do this without charging you a fee because we understand you're struggling to make money and usually don't have it to invest in this information even if it's worth every penny.But alas like you we have kids to feed and bills to pay. So since we don't want to charge you, we join networks like Google and many others that pay us to place their ads on our website. Do we always necessarily agree or approve of all the ads that are often automatically displayed on our sites? Of course not. If you read our articles and scam section we make it very clear what we feel about some these opportunities. The hope is that if you do click on an ad and run into one of these sketchy companies, you'll remember one of our articles and make the right decision. But if we really wanted you to buy into these scammy products, then obviously we wouldn't write articles warning against them. So that's the fine balance we as website owners have to juggle running sites like this.So please keep this in mind when you visit a work at home website. Ads on their site doesn't equate to personal recommendations. On this site I make it very clear what I recommend via my articles and I'll flat out tell you to give something a try if I feel its worth it. But other than those situations you should safely assume that I haven't recommended these companies. In which case go and do your research on our scam section and proceed with caution. Hey, even with the stuff I do recommend do your own research. You may still not agree with my opinion, the company may have changed, or I could end up being wrong. It's about using your best judgment and weighing various information sources to get a full picture. You never want to be in situation where you're just following everyone that cries scams or marketers that recommends everything. Its about balancing out information to get a clearer view of a company.At the end of the day if you don't want to deal with ads at all then invest in a site like So you do have choices. I'd love to give you all the information I do for free, but guess what? Money doesn't grow on trees and we have to earn it too. As folks looking to make money at home, I am sure you can now appreciate our given circumstances. Hopefully this clarifies any confusion and provides you with a better understanding of how free sites like this work. The fact of the matter is that every free website that provides good content and value is supported by sponsored ads (AOL, CNN, etc) but the only difference is that the work at home industry has way more sketchy type of advertisers than a news site might have.Hope this makes sense.

14. What should I do if I've been scammed?

  • Well it all depends. There is something that should be said about being “scammed” before going into solutions. This industry is full of people that cry scam at the drop of a dime. If you joined a home based business opportunity and you couldn't make it work for you and earn money, that doesn't necessarily make it a scam. I can buy a blockbuster franchise and end up losing tons of money because of various reasons. That doesn't make blockbuster a scam. It means that I failed for whatever reason and have to accept responsibility for that. But if I purchased an ebook that claims to provide me with typing jobs and then it ends up being some dude tricking me into affiliate marketing then that is a company that is guilty of misleading you. This would be considered a scam by most. So please be honest with yourself before taking action on a company.Okay so now that's out of the way, the first thing to do if you're scammed is try to contact the company you feel has wronged you. Give them an opportunity to rectify the problem. Let them know in great detail why you think you've been had. And most importantly provide them with options that would appease you. You also need to provide the consequences of what will happen if they don't rectify the situation which is pretty much reporting them to sites like ours and having their reputation ruined. Allow time for an email response from the company (More than 24hrs). If they do contact you, provided them with definitive time frame for an acceptable solution (3-5 business days) . If the company fails to comply, then contact your credit card company right away and have them reverse the charges. Then visit one of the top 5 scam fighting website and spread this company's dirty laundry to the world so no one else has to go through that.Now if you didn't pay by credit card, than you're pretty much screwed. But you could report this company to the top 5 scam fighting sites. This is a great way to get back at this company because many more people will be warned which may lead to their business being shut down because of a lack of new prey. Alternatively, the Feds may also step in and shut these guys down based on the feedback provided by many users like you. And if that happens you may actually get your money back if they seize the scam artist's assets. So that's what you should if you've been scammed.

Ok, if you've Read ALL the questions above and still have a question that isn't addressed then please use the comment field below. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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