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As many of my loyal subscribers know, I've been expecting my first baby girl. She was due April 08. But like her tardy Dad she was a little late but just in time according to her own schedule. My little princess arrived fashionably late on April 09, early afternoon after nearly 12 hours of labor.

Men are the weakest link…
Considering how tall and big I am, my little princess was tiny which was fortunate for my wife. Our little bundle of joy was only 18 inches and weighed in at 7lbs. Needless to say that would still be too big for my pueny Man anatomy. I am now a firm believer that women are the stronger sex. The things I experienced in that labor room were so beautiful and some were dang right frightful. I am really shocked that I didn't pass out. Check out the pics of my little princess below.

Shout out to my "Baby's Momma"
Just kidding. But seriously I have to say this, I really admire my WIFE even more. It was one thing for her to deal with my adolescence behavior, "stomach issues", sarcasm and twisted sense of humor. But the way my beautiful wife handled the labor and delivery was truly an example of her emotional and physical strength. This wonderful experience just put her on a new level for me. She is truly my idol and better half.
Sniffle, sniffle.

In any event, I want to apologize beforehand if I don't write consistently or get back to your questions or comments in a timely manner. I'm still trying to develop a schedule. My little princess doesn't seem to know the meaning of the word schedule so I have to adjust to her. So bear with me folks.

Sharing The love & MONEY!!!!
With that said, I've already learned a few tricks to keep my new baby girl happy. But as a new parent I'd love to get some additional words of wisdom from the experienced parents that frequent our little home here at

My joy will become your financial gain as I propose the following. I need my loyal subscribers to post in the comment section below some advice or experiences that were instrumental in helping you being a great new parent. I will pick the top 3 comments from our loyal subscribers and pay them $50 each via


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2. Your advice must be submitted using the form on the bottom of this page. Don't email me separately otherwise you'll be disqualified. Just post your comments below. It's easy to do.

3. Be sure to include the email address you used to subscribe to leave your comment below. I will use this to verify that you are a loyal subscriber and it's the only way I'll be able to contact you if you won.

4. You need to have a paypal account and be ready to provide me with your paypal email address so I can pay you. I'm a tech guy, so I don't really believe in stamps, writing checks, money orders, type writers, horse driven carriages, out houses or any other outdated instruments. If you want to get paid, you need a paypal account. No exceptions.

5. This contest will run for a week. I'll announce the winners in a separate post after the week is up and will contact the winners to get their paypal email address so I can send you your money!

Sample Advice or Recommendations..

Some of my favorite advice and recommendations which has worked really well for me in the last 5 days.

1. Get a bottle warmer.

You guys know how much I love technology. I'll be the first to admit that some "baby tech' is just plain excessive and lazy if you ask me. But having a bottle warmer has been great. It makes preparing a bottle very quick and easy. In hindsight I guess it's lazy too but when your baby girl is crying frantically you want every little edge to get her to stop quickly. lol

2. Double team your baby.

No I'm not talking about wrestling silly. Some new parents had told me the key to their success in this new experience was taking turns and shifts.
I have found this to be very true and why I also give single parents and stay at home moms a shout out. When my wife sleeps, I take my shift then vice versa. It's a recipe for happy and productive parents and thus a happier baby.

3. Get a snap and go stroller.

I guess I'm such a man but I love gadgets. That snap and go stroller is just hotness! It's so portable, light and easy to use. At first I was trying to be Mr. Brawny and carrying the car seat every where but recently my wife convinced me to use the snap and go stroller and my arms are in debt to her. My little princess probably appreciates the smoother ride as well.

So that's some advice I've received that has made an impact on me right away. So product recommendations are welcomed but solid good old fashion words of wisdom are appreciated as well. So go and make this money by posting your advice or recommendations below right now!

We'll try to get back to providing you with more traditional ways to make money at home very soon. I don't want you think I'm just going to just ramble about my personal life from now on and not about making money. So this contest is my way of alleviating any of those fears.


Your fearless Work At Home leader and New Big Poppa!


18 thoughts on “Baby Advice Wanted Now! Pay is $50”

  1. Tiffany,

    Thank you so much for posting this story of inspiration on the site. It does my heart so good to hear when my loyal subscribers are taking action and more importantly making money.

    Too often I’m unaware of these success stories and wish more people chimed in. This way I would know that folks are succeeding.

    I think it’s not only important for me to hear but for all the people that read this blog so it inspires them to take action as well.

    It just goes to show, when people take action on the advice I provide, they succeed. It also goes to show I’m not just bs’ing you or trying to just make money off you.

    The stuff I’m teaching works. Tiffany, Callie
    and probably many more are testaments of this. So I hope everyone can be inspired by Tiffany’s success and follows her lead as well.

    You have the tools you need on this blog but it’s up to you to take action on it like Tiffany.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Eddy,

    I have been looking for work from home for a little while now. I currently work full time and hope to fire my boss very soon! I found your site during a Google search one early weekday afternoon. I read read a few of your post and subscriber comments. I must admit, I navigated around the site looking for a place to “Sign up” for a membership, I just knew there would be a fee of $39.95 for a year or something like that, instead I found a free subscription to the site and wealth of information on working from home, Do’s and Don’ts and much more.

    Since trying out some of the advice you have provided on your site ( ), I can proudly say that I am well on my way to really working from home! I have made a weeks worth of gas money with Fusion Cash..( I wrote down the trial periods and expiration dates in a notebook! ) I have earned a little over 100 points with My Survey ( ). I have even had the nerve to begin reading more about using Google Adsense. Then to top it all off…. I have you some tidbits of what has helped my husband I while raising our 2 sons and was compensated a much needed $50.00!

    You have helped me avoid scams and learn the best way to become recognized by potential WAH employers. I have had 5 WAH employers that have reached out to me to continue on in the hiring process. I am more than glad that I have found your site. I am happy that you are helping people find ways to truly work from home so that they can find time to spend with their family or attend school or whatever reason they desire to work from home, and make money doing it!

    I look forward to my second date with “Affiliate Marketing” until then,

    Keep up the great work!

    Best Regards,


  3. Carol,

    Thanks for this wonderful post.
    You had my wife crying over here. (Big baby. lol)

    I think my wife and I have finally started to narrow down the winners. But it was really tough.
    I’ll be posting the winners tomorrow morning bright and early.

    Great job everyone.

    I definitely have to do more of this! lol


  4. Whoops- my cat walked on my keyboard and submitted my comment before I was ready!! That animal needs a leash!!

    The next bit of advice I have is for when your daughter becomes a toddler and you have to discipline. The most important thing in disciplining a child is to make sure her limits are clear and when she crosses the line, you and your wife absolutely must present a united front. Remember when you didn’t like the answer Mom gave you, so you went to Dad??? All kids pull this card out of the pack. You must, whatever the first parent did to tackle a problem, stick with the decision of the first responder. The question you always ask first is “What did your dad/mom say?” Even if you disagree with whatever your spousal unit said, go with it. Discuss it privately later, but back the other person up. This is critical. As you face more and more situations, you’ll discuss them between the two of you and get a feel for how the other thinks and if there are differences, you’ll learn how to strike the happy medium. I can’t stress it enough, you need to parent as one. Aside from not letting your daughter get away with stuff, it again, shows her that you respect one another.

    The third most important thing I’ve learned is that you should never never never make threats that you’re not perfectly prepared to carry through on. Remember how annoying it is to be standing in line at the grocery store listening to some mom tell her kid over and over again that she won’t tolerate the violation in question again…after you’ve heard the mom give Junior the last chance 9 times, you just wanna tell the parent to shut up and dish out the punishment already! That child kept disobeying his mother because he knew mom’s threats were meaningless idle words that meant nothing. If your child is misbehaving, tell her in no uncertain terms what the consequences of her actions will be. If she crosses the line again, carry through. No, it won’t be pleasant, but once she knows you mean what you say, she’ll be far less likely to test you.

    Well, those are my three common sense tidbits of advice. Take them to heart or not. Remember, this is your (and your wife’s) child and only YOU know what is best for her.

    I wish your family nothing but happiness and good health!!

    Carol Dickinson

  5. Congrats, Eddy, to both you and your wife!!

    I’ve managed to raise two kids to become wonderful adults and none of us have any permanent scars!

    I’ve got a few little bits of advice that were given to me long ago. They helped me keep a level head many many times.

    Firstly, you’re in the easy part now. Babies are easy to please. Just keep ’em clean and dry and well fed. The difficult part comes when they’re mobile and can talk(back). That’s when all the real questions pop up.

    No matter what the age of your kids there are an unlimited number of “right” ways to do things from changing diapers to feeding to bedtime routine. You’ll get many people telling that you’re doing things wrong. Be polite and thank people for their advice and do what YOU feel works best for you. You’ll probably find that you and your wife do some things differently too. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Discuss things, for sure, but understand that for the vast majority of things, it’s not critical that you do things identically. Your daughter is going to grow up understanding that her parents are individuals and that they respect one another, and that is the important lesson to teach her.

  6. Congratulations to the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. Having been a mother,and now a grandmother to two daughters and three grandaughters, I would like to impart my wisdom! Enjoy the moments,good & bad,as they are like the wind. Children do not come with an instruction book, therefore the heart is your guidebook. Make sure they grow up learning how to help all people.

  7. Wow, that’s amazing. Goes to show you contrary to all the negativity we see on the news and TV there are still kind people in the world.

    Glad you shared that with us.


  8. Hi Eddy,

    I had never heard of that before either until I met this old lady and my kids knew her as their Granny because my mom died and I felt lost so this very nice lady came along and she help me in so many ways to keep my kids together and I always took her advice. She was a true Blessing and she was My Rock until she passed away. I always think of her and my mom and if I can share just a little bit of their knowledge with someone else, I feel I will be Blessed and has done my job.

  9. Hey Stranger (Charlene) lol,

    Where you been hiding?
    Thanks for submitting your advice. I’ve never heard that and I’m all for doing anything that will help my little princess advance in the world.

    Thanks again.

    Jeez, you guys are coming up with some really good stuff!


  10. Hi Eddy,
    I know it’s been awhile since I gave you a comment but I want to say “CONGRATS” on that beautiful baby girl. Just like Stevie Wonder says, Isn’t She Lovely? Oh yes, she is! Here is a tip for you and I hope you use it and you can wait to pay me the $50 if you like after she’s 6 mos. old because this is a guaranteed one,ok! Here is the thing that you and your wife should do. In order to potty train your babygirl in 6 mos. All you have to do is get a potty chair and everytime she wakes-up or eats, sit her on it and I guarantee you she will be potty trained in 6 mos. and no more diapers. She will be in training panties in 6 mos. All you will have to do is have the potty chair with you when you go out because she will not go potty in her pants after that. This is how an old lady taught me when I had my daughter and sure enough the diapers was ended at 6 mos. You have to be patient with her because it only takes a few minutes to do each time she wakes up or eats. Isn’t it wonderful to know the older generation can teach us new tricks. Anyone that sees this should do the same. It will save you big bucks. What do you have to loose?

  11. Thanks Lydia.
    It feels great being a parent. It’s just been a pure joy despite being a little tired and cranky sometimes. It was all worth it. I’m so happy I work at home full time. God has really blessed me because I couldn’t imagine going to work and dealing with the Big adult babies and my own baby at home. Now I understand why my former employee was always so frustrated being at work.

    Thanks for your advice as well. We’ve actually been employing the schedule adjustments. And it works well for us because we’re inclined to nap. lol

    Thanks again for the well wishes to my wife and I.


  12. Well…congrats for Eddy and your wife..

    I already have a 5 year old boy here.

    How do you feel when you become a parent for the first time??

    I only have two basic pieces of advice…especially for your wife.

    1. Adjust your schedule with the baby. So when she sleeps, you sleep too. And when she wakes up, so do you. It will makes you stay fresh and balance.

    2. If your wife feeding the baby herself, make sure that your wife will always eat nutritious food (vegetables, fruits and some supplements) to guarantee your little princess gets enough of her mother’s milk.

    Good luck with your new living style.


  13. Wow,

    You guys are great. These are wonderful tips and recommendations. You are going to make this tough.

    Thanks Colleen, Sharlene, Callie & Tiffany!
    This has been great. I’ll be going through these with my wife as they come in and have her help me pick.

    But this is wonderful. Keep it coming folks. I may have to do more of these contests for different topics!

    Aka Big Poppa. LOL

  14. Eddy,
    Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your new baby girl!!! My husband and I are the proud parents of two energetic boys ages 9 and 5. Regarding your request for advice; The best item we purchased was the: Travel Bottle Warmer,while in the car, we plugged it in took a bottle out of the diaper bag and within minutes it was ready to serve!It was a life saver on several day outings! We quickly learned that new babies and cold wipes don\’t mix at 2:00am during a feeding and changing. Heck, it doesn\’t mix with adults either for that matter! We invested in a wipe warmer. Later we found that holding the wipes in our hands for about a minute or so warmed them up just right and actually was faster than toggling with the wipe warmer… eventually you will forget to actually put the wipes in the darn thing! So don\’t invest unless you just want too. My best advice to you and your wife is not to ask for too much advice from family or friends, Why you may ask.. Sure, Though you both love and value you family and friends and their opinions, Each couple needs the chance to create their own system on bringing up baby, you had the instinct as soon as you both found out you were expecting. Do what seems natural and what makes the most sense to you, then incorporate a little of what grandma or an aunt has suggested, that way you guys don\’t get burnt out or begin having the guilt feeling of not pleasing someone. You know that phrase \” Do you!\” It definitely applies when bringing up baby. Lastly, make time for mommy and daddy. I know you both will be exhausted, However you must make time for each other. So ask family or close friends to hang out baby for an hour or two while you both get a a bite to eat,or a walk in the park not far from the house or if you can\’t get out, order take out and watch a movie together while baby is sleeping. My husband and I did these things and it helped us get off to a great start as new parents! I know you both will do just fine! Congrats again and many blessings!!!


  15. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Salomon for their beautiful ‘lil baby girl!

    Eddy, I would like to suggest a “baby tech” item that will be sure to provide comfort to the little Princess’s delicate bottom during her newborn diaper changing stage. If you and your wife have not one already, I would recommend a Baby Wipes Warmer. It is a wonderful piece of technology designed to temporarily warm baby wipes. I used one with my now 9 and 7 year olds. I don’t believe the warmer existed when my 27 and 24 year olds were babies … lol. If so, I would have definitely used it!

    Without a warmer, even room temperature baby wipes can be uncomfortably cool/cold on a little one’s bottom, to the point of actually flinching (and sometimes additional crying) while being cleansed.

    I’ve located a couple of Baby Wipes Warmers at Target ( and BabysRUs ( Both are about $22 and have received an average review of at least 3 of 5 stars.

    I’m sure there are several more out there, ranging in price and features but I wanted to include at least a couple for you and your wife to review.

    Happy Parenting! 🙂

  16. Hi Eddy,

    I have a little advice for you and your wife.
    Don’t get her used to sleeping with you in
    your bed.
    If you do that she will want to continue to
    sleep with you for a looooong time to come.
    And you will be sorry.
    Get a small alarm clock or something with a
    ticking sound when she sleeps and it will
    comfort her. (Like Moms heart beat)
    Hope this helps.


  17. Do be aware that sometimes baby will cry and cry.
    Your patience is very important in this time.
    You’ve checked the diaper. It is dry.
    You’ve tried the bottle. She is not hungry.
    The baby does not seem to be feverish or in pain.
    Hold the baby close, talk to her, sing to her, walk with her, rock with her.
    Bond with her in these moments and you will find that her crying spells will all but disappear in time.


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