How To Find International Work At Home Jobs

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On Work At Home Careers I receive a surprisingly large number of emails from people outside the United States in search of work at home. Because I saw that this need was being under-served, I ended up creating a small international work at home section. I'll be the first to admit it's a bit limited. But after some accidental research I discovered how international work from home seekers can locate even more jobs. But we need to discuss the inherit difficulty of providing international work at home jobs from a U.S employer's point of view.

So Why Is it So Hard To Find Work At Home Jobs Outside the U.S.?

There are several reasons. I'll be the first to admit they are not the most fair explanations but nonetheless it is a reality that must be addressed. Hopefully having this information will provide you an advantage by addressing these concerns when approaching a prospective traditional U.S. based work at home employer. So let's go into the reasons.

1. Apparently it's hard to manage paying international work at home seekers because of given restrictions or limitations of certain countries banking structures. No employer wants to jump through hoops to pay you when they can easily paypal or mail a U.S. employee a check.

2. There is a lot of fraud that originates from countries outside of the U.S. This shouldn't be taken as a personal attack on your integrity because there is a lot of fraud here in the U.S. as well but it seems like it's just harder to prosecute in certain countries. So employers don't want to take that added risk especially when they have other options.

3. Finally, one of the biggest reasons is the language barrier. Although our fellow international work at home seekers are just as capable as U.S. workers, their English isn't always necessarily up to par and this can cause delays in terms of getting work done or just pose an on the job issue.(i.e. Customer service calls.) In my experience these have been the sticking point for U.S. based work at home employers. Is it fair? Not necessarily in all cases but again, it's the reality your facing. But enough of all the negative talk, let's get into what you can do to combat this stuff.

So How Do I Find An International Work At Home Job Online?

Well in my experience the best way to do this is to use freelance job websites. A freelance website is similar to an ebay for jobs. People that need projects done such as data entry, typing, customer service, programming, design, etc visit a freelance site and post their project description, the requirements and how much they're willing to pay. Then registered freelancers are able to see this project and bid on how much they will do the project for and the time it would take them to complete it. Freelance websites project owners tend to be more inclined to work with international work at home seekers. The freelance websites also have payment processes in place to ensure that no one gets screwed. (For the most part)

Conclusion So my suggestion to international work at home seekers is visit freelance job sites. You'll tend to have a greater advantage there because you may be able to afford to do work at lower prices because your cost of living maybe cheaper than it is here in the states. As a result, this makes you more attractive than U.S. based workers. Sorry guys, but we have enough work at home opportunities geared towards U.S. workers, international workers need to eat too. Below are some freelance job websites you should visit:

Additional Non Freelance Job Sites

  1. Freelancermap
    Location: Germany
  2. Freelance
    Location: India
    Job types: all
    Location: South America
    Location: Latin America
  5. Trabajo Freelance
    Location: South America
  6. Joobs
    Location: Romania
  7. Pinoy Jobs
    Location: Philippines
  8. Motamot
    Location: France
  9. Okeli
    Location: Sweden
  10. Projekurdu
    Location: Turkey
  11. Circa
    Location: Italy

International Work At Home Companies

  1. Atomic Arts – Freelance 3D Animation/Visual Effects – (Worldwide)
  2. Way With Words – Transcribers/Typists (Worldwide: Europe, Asia, Canada, Africa)
  3. Cipherion Translations – Translation, Engineering, Multimedia, Sound Recording, QA & DTP (Worldwide)
  4. VOBA – Freelance Transcription (UK)
  5. Wise Translations – Freelance Translators (Multiple Countries)
  6. Saral Software Solutions – Medical Transcription & Editors
  7. Acusis – Medical Transcription (India)
  8. Digitype – Transcription/Legal Coding (Australia)
  9. Hispanic-Jobs – Advertising/Sales Reps (Latino, Spanish, Asian, Bilingual)
  10. Network Omni – Freelance Translation/Publishing/Engineering (Worldwide)
  11. MultiLingual Solutions – Freelance Translation/Interpretation/Linguistics (Nationwide & Global)
  12. Language Lines – Bilingual Interpreters (Worldwide) US, Canada, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico, & UK
  13. Orion Transcription – Medical, Legal, & General/Business (Canada & US)
  14. EduXcel – Virtual Tutors/Educators (grades 6-12th) (Canada, UK, India, US)
  15. G3 Translate – Freelance Translators, Editors, Interpreters, Proofreaders, Desktop Publishing Specialists (Worldwide)
  16. Retail Active – Mystery Shopping (UK)

Hope this helps.

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