How I Earned $8486 Online ...
Using Others Obsessive Internet Habits!

(Yes, I know it sounds crazy!)

Let's Keep it Really Real...
Most Work At Home Opportunities Are Scams or Pay Out Crap!

If you have been lucky enough to avoid all the shady scams out there, you have probably discovered that most of the legitimate work at home opportunities pay peanuts. Sure some companies will pay you for your obsessive web activities like watching videos, reading emails, surfing the web and a whole bunch of other online activities you do unpaid. But because these things are so easy to do, the online reward companies like Fusion Cash & SwagBucks pretty much pay you pennies. 

What's worst is they make you jump through hoops like a circus animal to get the cash! 

And let's face it no one is going to be paying any major bills consistently with that nonsense...

So Is It Even Worth Your Time?

In most cases the answer is "HELL TO THE NAH!  That's pretty much what I felt  for years. That's until I learned a trick to squeeze real money out of reward sites like Fusion Cash, Swagbucks and others. Instead of wasting hours earning a few pennies with these websites, I was actually earning hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars every month.

Best of all, I didn't need to do jack squat. I just sat back and let  eager people I never even met do all the work for me. 

This Sounds Crazy... 

How Could I Make Money Without Doing The Work?

You're probably thinking "Eddy with a y" must be smoking that stuff or turned to the dark side. Nah I didn't do any of that. I just wised up and realized the error of my ways.

You see, all these FREE Reward websites that pay you also have something called a referral program. This is where they give you a FREE website. This site is connected to your account and managed by the company. All they need you to do is promote this site online and they pay you when people sign up for their FREE website or take some other FREE activity. It's just a way for the company to get more people and reward you for it. It's great in theory because you can get paid when someone you recruit does something for free.

Column 1

But Houston We Have A Problem...

The problem with this scenario is that most of us suck at promoting online. Initially you may try hitting up your family and friends via email or social media. But they don't sign up because they don't trust it or have been burned by some shady MLM. Or maybe you've already exhausted your own inner circle and just don't know any more people. In either case, you're in some deep "doo doo" and won't be making money with referrals. 

Ideally you don't want to chase people down. They should come to you and that's exactly what I learned to do and want to teach you as well.

The Answer... 

As I racked my brain trying to figure out how to crack the puzzle to make money with referrals, I finally ran into a website that literally had thousands of people that were glued to their screens looking for opportunities like the ones that rewards sites like Fusion Cash, SwagBucks, etc., were offering. And best of all these folks were eager to earn any cash that these reward sites offered that I couldn't be bothered with.

It was a match made in heaven. So I developed a system that would allow me to automatically recruit these people into the reward websites I was part of. "‹These folks were happy to join because it was FREE. In turn I made money when they joined and did any of the online activities that paid them. It was amazing because...

  • "‹I didn't have to spend hours and hour searching and applying for work at home jobs where employers were ignoring me like I was a stalker.
  • After the initial set up I was eventually making hundreds and then thousands of dollars of passive residual income every month. 
  • I could spend more time with my bratty little kids because once the system was in place I wasn't required to being work set hours set by an employer.
  • I didn't alienate my family members and friends by chasing them down any more to join the programs I was promoting.
  • My income wasn't dependent on if someone purchased a product or not. I was getting paid regardless.
  • I could actually control my income at will be making some minor changes. So if I needed more money I could basically do it at a click of a button which was crazy to me. 

So How Does It Work? 

Okay, so you're probably wondering how I can I get down with this referral income stuff?

"‹Well I've created an easy step by step video course where I literally walk you through everything you need to do to eventually make hundreds of dollars from these rewards sites by letting others do the work for you.

I try to keep this "Simple Simon" like my brain, So there are basically 4 steps:

Watch Videos

I created several short videos that walk you through all the steps and concepts that make this work.

Sign Up For Free Sites

I provide you with the best free paying websites to use to get your cash on autopilot. 

Do Basic Typing...

At this point you're doing some copying, pasting and a little typing to get everything set up.

Earn Your Cash

Once its all set up, you should start earning money with your referrals and the companies will pay you at your request.

That's a high level over view of what you'll be doing. In my course I go into way more details so you avoid the mistakes I made and you can really maximize your income. Check out the video below of what to expect. 

Anyone Can Do This...

So hopefully as you can see by the video above, this is all pretty easy to follow. Again all you'll be doing is watching some videos, signing up for a few free websites, then doing some minor typing, copying and pasting.

This isn't rocket science otherwise "Eddy with a y" wouldn't be involved. Everything required are online activities you've done many times. But now you'll be doing with a purpose and following my easy step by step videos. And if you can do that, you should get to the point where you earn the income I do without having to be at your computer wasting hours jumping through hoops to make money.

No Means No...

If you're anything like me you're probably concerned about some nasty hidden surprises with this whole referral cash system. We've all been there before. You get all hyped up reading up on an opportunity and you're ready to make it happen. But then when you finally see it all revealed, it involves a whole bunch of extra stuff that you don't want to do or can't do. I totally hear you, so let me address these concerns now.

No Harassing Family & Friends

This is designed to have people coming to you. So leave your family out of this. 

No Damn Boss!

The only boss you have with this is you. You decide when and how you work.

No Selling Required

This system is based on FREE programs that pays us so there is no selling.

No Writing Articles

This has nothing to do with blogging because not everyone is Shakespeare.

No Building Websites

These companies give you FREE sites so you don't really need to build one.


Google can take a hike because you don't need them to make this work.

So What Are You Waiting For?

  • If you're tired of applying to jobs and being ignored by employers, this is for you.
  • If you want to actually earn real money online instead of earning a few cents this is for you.
  • If you're tired of running into scams promising you the sun, moon & stars, this is for you.

But more importantly if you want to make some extra income without having to sacrifice time you'd rather spend with your family or doing the things you want then this is for you. Because eventually it allows you to have total freedom of time and income. I know first hand...

The picture above is of me and my princess.  We took that picture while our family was on vacation for a whole month in sunny Florida because of the income I made from referrals. It was a great experience I hope you can have.

Look, I can't predict how much you'll make but I can guarantee to teach you what has worked for me and can possibly work for you if you're willing to stick with it. "‹

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