OfferNation Review: Does It Really Pay or A Scam To Avoid?

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So many people are spending so much time online but they aren’t getting paid for it. Ironically a lot of the things they do for free they can make money with. Apparently companies like OfferNation are willing to pay you to do the simple tasks you do online like watching videos, reading emails, watching videos and more. But I bet you’re having doubts and that’s why you’re reading several OfferNation Reviews

Well, my research team left nothing to chance while writing this OfferNation Review. Unfortunately, not everything’s pretty, so you may want to read along carefully for your own good. 

What Is OfferNation? is a GPT (Get Paid To) website that pays you to do the simple tasks you already do online like taking surveys, watching videos, downloading apps and more. The company is owned by 99 Ventures, Ltd; the company behind GPT sites and OfferNation is currently managed by Alan Stables and they are headquartered in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. 

How Does OfferNation Work?

Once you sign up for OfferNation which is free, you’ll find various ways to earn which include the following:

  • Taking Surveys – This is perhaps the most popular way to make money with OfferNation. However the surveys are usually from third party companies so you’ll need to fill out some personal information like your age, occupation, location, etc. 
  • Offers – There’s a variety of ways to earn with offers at the Offerwalls tab, including signing up for free trials, interacting with ads, buying something at a discount and so on. 
  • Downloading Apps – This one’s pretty much straightforward; download an app (usually games) and earn a reward. At times you may need to keep the app installed on your phone for a certain duration, or play the game to a certain level to get your reward. 
  • Referring friends – You’ll earn a 25% commission of whatever your referrals earn for life. 
  • Promo codes and contests – OfferNation periodically shares promo codes on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to check out their pages for that. They also run a quarterly cash contest where you may win cash prizes if you are one of the top earners. 

But if these types of tasks aren’t your thing and you would prefer a real work at home opportunity that will earn you a full or part time income consistently, check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

How Much Money Can I Make With OfferNation?

With GPT sites how much you make depends on the availability of these various ways to earn and how much time you commit to the site. At OfferNation, surveys pay a few cents to a dollar, while downloading apps may earn you $1 on average. 

Some offers and trials can earn you upwards of $10, but you may need to give your credit card info or actually buy something to get the reward. You can also earn through referrals, but how much you make depends on how many of those you can actually get.

At the end of the day, the best way to ensure you make a decent sum of money with GPT sites is to join several of them. That way you’ll always have something to do elsewhere if there’s a go slow in one site. That said, you can join and are perfect alternatives to OfferNation where you can potentially earn more at is a great place to find paid surveys as well.

How & When Does OfferNation Pay You?

You’ll either be earning points or cash as rewards on OfferNation. 1 point is equivalent to 1 cent. At the time of writing this review, they have a couple cashout options including:

  • PayPal – $1 minimum
  • Amazon – $5 (500 points) gift card minimum
  • PayZa – $1 minimum
  • Skrill – $10 minimum
  • Bitcoin – $40 minimum

Once you hit the minimum payment threshold you can withdraw the funds and they’ll send the money within 24 hours.

How Do I Join OfferNation?

Joining OfferNation is totally free. You can go here to sign up, and you’ll earn $0.25 as a sign up bonus. But first you’ll need to fill out a form detailing your full name, address, location, age, household income, occupation and so on. At the time of writing the opportunity is available worldwide. 

OfferNation Complaints

Everything sounds great so far, but as you already know, there’s nothing like a perfect company. So read these complaints and judge for yourself whether they are deal breakers or not. 

Not Mobile-Friendly – OfferNation doesn’t have an app. They have a mobile version of the website but it is not user friendly. Because it’s difficult to complete some tasks using your phone’s browser. Fortunately other similar sites like and do have app versions which are great for improving your chances of earning even while on the go. 

Keep your Day Job – Don’t expect to pay your bills consistently with OfferNation. These tasks are not always available especially for non-US residents. Members say the site is only good if you’re okay with earning a few dollars weekly, but definitely not something to consider as a job. If you’re serious about making real money working part time or full time online, then definitely check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation

No BBB Profile – The Better Business Bureau can be a useful resource against scams, for those y'all who use it. Unfortunately at the time of writing OfferNation is not listed with them. 

Is OfferNation Legit or A Scam?

OfferNation is a legit GPT, as no one has come forward to call them out. They also have a payment proof section on their website. However, similar to most sites that reward you for completing simple tasks, you can’t really rely on OfferNation to keep the lights on. 

The best workaround would be to join several of similar sites. I would recommend and that also pay you to do what you already do online like reading emails, watching videos, downloading apps and more. You can join for surveys as well. That way you’ll widen your income nest and improve your chances of making money through GPT sites. 

But perhaps you’re not interested in just making a little extra money. I know I’m better off spending my time doing something that will make me real money at the end of the day. If you feel the same, then consider using My Best Work At Home Recommendation to build your own online business which may eventually turn into a passive income earner. The best part is it’s free to get started! 

Well, that’s my OfferNation review. If you still need more questions answered, you can visit their FAQs page. Do you think OfferNation is worth your time? Or are you part of any company we’ve just mentioned? Feel free to chime in your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. They did not pay me they said they sent my bitcoin and I looked under my account on coinbase it was never sent. When I asked them for a copy of the transaction from the block chain they would not and could not produce it. Scam site stay away all these reviews are BS they are a scam


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