Qriket Review: Is it a Scam or not?

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Many moons ago I wrote about a company called SuperPoints that basically paid you for clicking on a button on their website. It seemed too good to be true. But for a while they really did pay people. But unfortunately the company closed. But it seems like the concept has been reborn in a smart phone app. So in my Qriket Review we will dig deeper to see if this is going to follow the same path as super points or will Qriket.com be around long term to make you money.

qriket review

Who is Qriket?

Qriket.com is a small app company that was founded in 2010 (six years ago in human years, 36 years in internet years!) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by founders Jonathan Comparelli and Mark Muralla.

How do I make money with Qriket?

Great question! Once you download the free app you're basically getting paid to click on a wheel that spins on the app. But you can only get a certain number of spins by doing free activities on your phone like looking at online ads, watching videos, doing offers, and taking surveys. Some activities are easier than others but they all earn you spins which can earn you money. Did you know you can get paid for downloading apps like qriket and doing other things online using FusionCash.com and Swagbucks.com?

How much money can I make?

When you spin the wheel you can win instant cash prizes that range anywhere from $ .05 cents (could have bought you bubblegum in the 1980s) to $500 (can buy you an Xbox One today!). Each time, you get to pick a color: yellow or blue. This determines your wheel fate, but let's hope it's the color you pick! Otherwise, you'll need to go back and get more spin credits and try your luck again! See how this gets addicting? But unfortunately this isn't something you can depend on for a full time or part time income. If you want that you should stop reading and look into my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation instead.

When do I get the money?

When you reach $5 (which could take awhile, depending on your luck and whether it's rigged) you can ask for a payout that is paid quickly to the PayPal account you specify when you sign up.

What are some Qriket Spin Code Cheats & Tricks?

A quick tip or Qriket hack that can help you make more is to refer others to Qriket using your referral information. Apparently at the time of this review you can get 25 spins per friend referred. That's 25 more chances towards winning a few cents or $500! You also can get small amounts of cash per friend you get to use the app.

Qriket Complaints

Where's the rest of my money?

Watch out, some users have claimed they had some of their money docked due to PayPal fees not being included in the payout amount – ouch! You would hope that Qriket absorbs the paypal fees but apparently they don't. So keep that in mind as you request your payment. That $5 may actually be $4 something.

Is it all rigged?

Some people claim the app is rigged. It's hard to tell if that's just bad luck, or they seriously don't ever give out the big prizes.

Is anyone home?

It's also quite apparent from looking at the Qriket Facebook page that the company does not pride itself on customer service. There are far too many complaints of multiple emails and support requests to the administrative team being unanswered. This is a BIG no-no for a company that pockets 60% of all of the ad view revenue!

You've changed for the worst!

Apparently the Qriket app use to be a QR code scanning app which paid its users much more money than it's current iteration as the app that pays you to spin a wheel and do online activities. A lot of the members of the older version of the app aren't happy about the pay cuts.

So Is Qriket Legitimate?

Qriket does not appear outright to be a scam. My research team did earn small bit of money on their spins. That's not to say it's not misleading, though; Qriket appears to have a history of misrepresentation of how much money people can make on it. As long as you keep it in perspective: as a small (VERY small) moneymaker for short-term use, you should be just fine. However if you want to be able to make more money, you may want to check out Swagbucks.com and FusionCash.com instead. But I would love to hear what you think of this app and my Qriket Review. So leave your comment below before you leave.

What's Next?

If you don't like the idea of leaving your income to the luck of a spinning wheel there are definitely other options that can pay you real money. You may want to check into my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation and My Work At Home Courses. Both of these options can make you real money that can provide a full time income or supplement the income you already have.

In my years of experience the best way to make money online is to have a multiple streams of income approach. This way you can still make money with apps like Qriket but also from various other resources. But the worst thing you can do is hope for one type of income like a job because if you get fired you're pretty screwed. So be sure to explore all the options available to you. Because when you work from home you have a lot more flexibility and time to make money various ways.

I hope to see you back here soon.

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71 thoughts on “Qriket Review: Is it a Scam or not?”

  1. Qriket has now completely changed! No more wheel to spin anytime you want. They now do Live shows sometimes 4 and none on weekends unless it’s announced ahead. So now you have to play the Live game to win .05 cents if you lose on the 1st spin and 10 cents on second. If you want to win more you now have to PAY! MONTHLY!! $12.99 a month you get 2 games a week for “Plus Members” and if you pay 3 months ahead it’s $9.99 a month, then for $6.99 a month you get 6 months but you have to pay it all upfront. In these games [if you are able to get registered in time] the prizes are .50 cents 1st spin and if your out on second you get 1.00. These are special games set for usually 2pm, and if not a Plus member you can not play. The only way I’d ever pay for that is if they had 1 game a day of Plus.. I still play the free version it seems I got up to 7.00 really fast and then for months I’ve gotten to 12.75.. can’t cash out till $25.00 So it’s going to be another 2 years to get $25, I don’t even play it as much now. Since there’s no wheel to try unless you play LIVE.. THEY CHANGED THE ENTIRE GAME NOW. AS IF MAYBE 3 or 4 WEEKS AGO. I know the wheel you could spin anytime was a scam and only got you a nickel. Spin Codes, they are a joke! They are always gone 3 minutes after posting and if you do get one you don’t win money anymore, just 2 spins. Because the LIVE games cost 5 spins to play. Also Qriket Plus paid members can cash out ANYTIME.. That’s what they say..

    • Wow, that’s crazy Laurie! They just continue to make this opportunity worst for people. I can’t say I’m surprised given all the negative feedback of late. This sounds like a ploy to keep them profitable. They were probably losing a lot of money the other way and trying to find a way to monetize their user base.

  2. I’ve played for more than a year using the single color strategy. I collect 20-50 spins and use them all at once. I’m lucky if I win 1 of those 20-50. It’s never more than 15 ¢. Interestingly enough, if I pick blue and stick with it, I’ll have a 90-100% loose streak. The instant I switch to yellow (or vice versa) the opposing color wins. It is definitely rigged to keep you hoping and keep them earning from you watching ads.

  3. my husband has cashed out twice so far and we have received that money so it does pay.
    as for mine, my paypal had multiple emails attached to it so it wont work, i have tried for months to reach someone on many avenues to change my paypal email so i can cash out but no one replies so i havent been able to get my money but my husbands cashes out fine.

    • Hey Jennifer,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s a shame that no one has got back to you. That’s not a good sign.
      But it’s good that your husband hasn’t had any issues.

  4. Spent a few months on this. Stuck to the same colour for every spin (no changing). Religious about grabbing all spins after midnight, 8 am, noon, 4 pm, and a check for them after 8 pm. Higher percentage of losses, LOTS of 5 cent wins, a few sprinkled 10-75 cent wins. Wins seem to occur easier / more frequently right after midnight (EST). Cashed out around $35. The cashout is in CAD (as expected, since I’m in Canada). It’s done through Paypal via echeque, so it took a couple of business weeks (not unusual for a Paypal done with echeque). No fees taken by Paypal; suspect that might be some kind of currency conversion fee. No troubles experienced. I did notice a boost in frequency of winning spins right after the “1 Million Dollar” tournaments started – suspect that this occurrence and participation of other users rebalanced the game. It isn’t a scam, but it works fairly similar to a lottery scratch ticket on a “micro” level. Just keep that in mind. (Note: I stuck with the same colour 100% of the time. No head to heads. No tournaments. No “buying” more spins. No coupon codes from vendors. No referrals. Most of my spins were done between midnight and 6 AM EST – when fewer players are using the system.)

  5. Qriket is absolutely 150% rigged. My girlfriend and I played almost every day for 1 year. Cashed out $25, which PayPal took most of.

    I have won 5 ¢, 10 ¢, and 15 ¢ (10 and 15 VERY rarely) but as soon as you have a chance to win more than that watch the wheel as it magically decides mid-spin to land on the opposite colour no matter what you do.

    I also have a friend who is very good at coding who was able to “dismantle” the Qricket app and he confirmed that there is an algorithm that will specifically change the outcome to a losing spin based on a law of averages and very high numbers of users to make a winner.

    Which is why no one on Qricket has legitimately won $100 or more in months.

    It’s legitimately rigged so that you make their money for them.

    • Hey Sebastian,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. That’s a pretty big accusation about the coding. Although based on the many comments here it doesn’t seem far fetched. It would be great to see some documentation on what your coding friend discovered. But I think many would agree with the findings regardless.

  6. Qriket isn’t what it says it is! Says my account has been suspended and took my $48! It’s funny I still get notifications when they’re live with A SUSPENDED ACCOUNT! YOU’RE NOT GOING TO GET YOUR MONEY PEOPLE! WASTED TIME!!!

  7. After reading what Michael Tobin said about the wheel glitching when it’s an amount higher than 5 cents, I decided to test it. Sure enough… I got a couple 10 and 20 cent spins and the spinning wheel glitched each time (of course I lost). They’re so subtle that you’d never notice unless you were looking for it. I paid close attention to the 5 cent spins too and those spun smoothly, no glitching. So rigged.

  8. Superpoints isn’t dead they just renamed themselves rewardshopping.com. I still use them. Still press a button! Takes a while to get enough points to cash out but I don’t spend that much time on the site and still cash out 2x a year. slow and steady wins the race. Haven’t tried Qriket yet but not really that appealing after reading these reviews. Thanks for steering me clear.

    • Jill, that was a recent development. But they were dead for a while. Thanks for sharing your experience with them though. I totally understand your apprehension about Qriket. I don’t blame you.

  9. I believe this is a total scam when doing the normal spins. I have noticed a few times (a few people in the comments have said the same thing) that when I am spinning for a big number $50, $100 or whatever that the wheel starts to slow up almost seems like the app freezes and then the wheel speeds up and lands on opposite color. This is what leads me to believe the apple is total BS. I feel like they were winning spins but the wheel glitches and that’s where the fix is in that they somehow are changing the outcome of the spin mid spin. Probably some kind of program they have running that detects a winning spin by one of the users and then goes and basically keeps spinning the wheel over and over until it’s a losing spin. Whenever it is a 5 cents spin and I win it will spin normally. Anything over the 5 I notice that sometimes it just spins normal to land on the opposite color. It seems like when it’s it’s a winning spin it slows down like in ts going to stop and then speeds up again sometimes ot does that 2 or 3 times. This is what leads me to believe they have software running detecting winning spins that makes those spins keep spinning over again and over until it loses. They can put pics again need videos up by the 100’s showing people winning but there is no way for us as users to verify anyone that is a real winner.
    If you want to win more than 5 cents a spin you gotta do as challenge. I saved up 2 bucks over as few weeks and did as challenge and won the 2 bucks i bet in the challenge. You can win that way because you are taking the money from as Reno there user as opposed to a payout by from them. After reading the comments I am going to save up now and try and cash out to see how that goes. I do paid surveys for and company based out of England and I and always able to cash out paypal without issue I do the instant paypal and get the money within a matter of minutes. Sorry for the long comment just wanted to share what I have learned with everyone. Take notice on a big money spin and see how many times the wheel slows down and speeds back up before it lands on the color and you will see what I mean. I am 100% convinced this app is 100% rigged and nobody ever wins more than 5 cents. I have read comments on about 5 diffrent sites and nobody I mean any comment section has said they won more than 5 cents.

  10. It’s only seems like you can win 5 cents all day but, as soon as 25 or 1.00 comes up you never win. I’ve only been playing 2 days now but, it really seems hard to win anything. I am changing my colors in between spins. It’s just not a 50/50 chance you’re going to win. It’s more in they’re favor than ours. But, I’ll keep playing because it is a good past time game

  11. I have to have have $25 to cash out, not just $5. Always just winning 5 cents on about 20%, losing the other 80% of the time.

  12. I made my 1st $25.00 dollars and it says it is pending on MY PayPal but I have never received it.. how long does it take to get your money??

  13. I’ve made a total somewhere close to $60 at about $10 a month, but I am also patient and collect my 10-25 spins throughout each day, every day.

  14. I had faith that they’d work but when it came time for me to cash out they said some policy changed in PayPal and that I had to take it up with them. I still don’t know what the new policy is my PayPal works fine…

  15. Hello I been with them 2 months. and i can not log back in.My pass code said error. so i said forgot pass code still can not log in. And I would still win the lower amounts. One time it said 50. never got it.Not sure if i should try another email or what? and create a new account but i guest i loose the money that is in the account.

    • Damn that sucks Maria. See if you can contact them directly from the site or their social media accounts if they have one. But I’m not hearing really good things about them of late.

  16. It’s not a scam. You just have to remember three things:

    1. Keep your expectations LOW. (If you’re counting on any of these things to pay the rent, you’re in for a big surprise.)

    2. Cash out as SOON as you reach a minimum amount. (Why trust anyone with YOUR money longer than you have to?)

    3. Nobody but nobody but NOBODY is interested in making money for YOU. They’re only interested in how much money you can make for them and letting you have the scraps that are left over. Name for me ANY job where that’s not true.

    • I don’t know Dan. I agree with your points but we keep getting a lot of the same comments about how this may be rigged. So time will tell. I appreciate your feedback either way.

  17. Fuckin scammers they don’t wanna let u win shit.Once the app shows u a big amount u won’t even get it but the smaller then they let u win that.

  18. Was just surfing to see what others thought of this app. I seen what, tonite alone 500 three times 200 twice 100twice , 75 three times a bunch of 50’s on my spins and yes I won none. Now .05cents you can win all day.. But yes its scam no doubt about it. They wait to see what color you pick so when the big money pops up the wheel starts to hesitate and pause so it will fall on the opposite color. Comparelli is smart almost slick as Zuckleberg…hum I’m not even mad at him for getting his money. He got a good get rich scam. Tough

  19. This game is RIGGED! Seriously only let’s u win .5 cents when it shows the big numbers it clicks on the opposite color ON PURPOSE! AND AFTER PLAYING IT FOR SO LONG AT A TIME, IF U CHOOSE BLUE IT CLICKS ON YELLOW IF U CHOOSE YELLOW IT CLICKS ON BLUE!!

  20. As for me Qriket not much rewarding as I hoped, many times I’ve had amounts of anywhere from .25 to $ 500.00 & lost every time, to me it is kinda of shady, on the other hand, it’s relaxing for me so I’m not much @ a lost…

  21. I’ve been using Qriket for almost a year….yes, a year! It is easy enough and I realize the app isn’t set at a 50/50 win ratio like they say, but it does pass time.

    I’ve tried every “strategy” that anyone and everyone can come up with and it’s not 50/50…average was about 1 in 20 spins was a winner. Average winning spin is a nickel.

    I’ve been through the ups and downs with the site and I didn’t dislike it (even with the dishonesty) until I tried cashing out.

    I am well above the $25 payout, I put in a request with my verified PayPal account that I’ve had for many years and I received an error message that my request was not able to be processed.

    And, I can only assume the customer service is going to be the same as it has been over the past year….completely non existent, so my options for contacting support are a waste.

    So they’re taking more than just the 60 percent of the ad revenue. For most people it’s generally 100 percent!

    I suspect the Qriket Live and other spin codes are a sham. They control the wins and the codes. So essentially, yes there might be a few winners that actually win, but they control the output of how much they want to give away. Then they can turn around and tell people they do reward.

    If you are a fortunate one to win, you have to claim the winnings within such a limited amount of time, if you don’t they will take it back.

    Plus, if you’re a user from the US you have to pay the PayPal transfer fee and since the company is based in Canada you have to remember the currency rate. The $25 turns into about $17, good luck to those who can get it because I’m still trying to figure that problem out!

  22. i have made my first $25.00 i have tried to cash out and received an email stating that they can not send to my paypal witch is an up and running paypal ,said they would credit back to my qriket account witch they did and said try again later …well iv tried later again and again i am very upset i can not get my money i worked months to get,any help PLEASE.

  23. I also had the same issues as others. Only had the app about one day, and I worked my cash to 3.45, then no more. I lost everytime no matter what color I chose. I lost 147 times straight before the cash was gone. App most definitely favors the “house”….I think even Vegas machines wouldn’t unleash those kind of odds.

  24. I had the same experience as Jamie. I even had everything logged as to how things were going. I was making steady amounts from buying 25 spins for 50 cents ranging from 5 cents to 30 cents for each set of 25 I bought. After purchasing 175 spins total I was up 80 cents from when I started. After that I lost 15 cents on the next spin purchase and each one after that I could not win anything. One round I alternated colors every so often and won nothing on 25 spins while the next round I stayed on yellow for all 25 spins and also won nothing. So 50 spins in a row where I won nothing. While I wouldn’t quite call this a scam, if you get to the point where you’ve won between 50 cents to 1 dollar for the day I suggest calling it quits. Wait until your next set of free spins come in and your lockdown on winning has likely refreshed.

    Also, the longer you play the fewer number of spins worth more than 5 cents you’ll see.

  25. The app works great! It’s not as fast as any job pays but if you allow your myself you save you can earn some good money on the side. Hope this convinces the few that question if Qriket is real or not, my opion, it’s great!

  26. I’m not getting any of my referral money. I had like 5 people use my referral and didn’t get that money. Kinda disappointed.

    • I wonder were your referrals were required to do some additional activities to be credited? You should reach out to Qriket to see what they say.
      Thanks for sharing either way. Keep us posted.

  27. i just cashed out my first $25. have won about $10 or so through instagram spin codes where i’ve won $1 each time, have a few referals as well which get you $1. i find that the people who keep on one colour are the ones that get upset due to not winning. i switch back and forth between colours and sometimes i find some sort of a pattern and win 0.30-0.60 a day and them sometimes i get some bad luck and win nothing, but ive never had 2 days in a row with nothing won. to those that have cashed out, it says 6-8 business days to get your money…what has been your experience?

  28. Had a good run for about a week or so. Got up to around the $2 mark, and was lucky enough to catch a code that earned me another $1.
    Then I went on a losing streak of about 14 straight losses, which was a little odd to me. In turn I decided to run an experiment of my own to see how legitimate the app was in regards to a 50/50 chance of winning.
    Long story short, I stayed on yellow for 150 spins, or $3 worth and didn’t win a thing. I had also noticed that the amount to win never went higher than $0.05 in that whole span. Hard to believe that the app/game isn’t rigged after that.

  29. I wish there were a customer service phone number. I had almost $40 in my account & then the app updated a couple days ago & my balance is now $0!!! Where did my money go? I’ve emailed them 3 times. I’ve played for almost a year to get to that amount & now it’s just gone? Grrr!

  30. I think the app is great!!! I’m addicted haha Honestly, If you have the spare time and patience to win free money, it can be very fun! I’ve been a member about a month and a half. I have cashed out already once (@25$) and on my second round at 32$! It’s a great app. good luck everybody! If you are already a member, what is your total??! I’m curious to see where other people are at

  31. Here is what I noticed. After so many spins, you stop winning altogether. I started with $1.35 in my account. I started buying 25 spins for 50 cents. I was making that 50 cents plus 10 to 15 cents back on those spins. I did this for about an hour. Got my account up to 3.75. All of a sudden i did not get any spins over 5 cents for about 200 spins. After that I stopped winning completely. There is no way that its bad luck when you spin 100 times and not win once. So with that being said, when you play too much, they end up shutting you down.

  32. In regards to your Qriket app reveiw….some of your info in incorrect and some of it is “generous”. Examples: must earn $25 to cash out. Deductions r not PayPal fees.it’s the conversion from Canadian to U.S. currency. New app downloads get 25 free spins if they use a referral code but the person that referred them gets $1 for each referral.u get 6-7 free spins, no surveys, just 20 sec adverts,is no longer on FB,.Has daily $100 spin code, no one has EVERY won $250 or $500 (that’s a fact.not opinion ).etc…..is it a scam? No. Is it set up to suck you in and make you think that your gonna win a ton of money? Yes. For the 1st few weeks. After that,ur lucky if you win a dime a day. Anyway, over the past 2 months the app has doubled and if youd like to do another review on them I’d be happy to give my knowledge and opion, good and bad.


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