Sitel Review: Is It A Legit Work At Home Customer Service Job?

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Can You Get Paid For Taking Customer Service Calls With Sitel?Do you love spending lots of time yapping on the phone? Did you know you can actually make money at home doing it? Well, apparently there are numerous call center work from home opportunities out there. Companies like Sitel will pay you to answer customer service calls from many companies in industries such as financial services, retail, healthcare, hospitality, and telecommunications. Chances are, you may have even read the other Sitel WorkSitel Work At home reviews to learn the real truth regarding its work from home jobs. Well, if you want to know the real deal, including the complaints against Sitel, you're going to want to read this review.

What is Sitel? is an outsourcing provider company offering call center services to businesses. As a result, they also have plenty of call center work at home jobs on a full time or part-time basis. The Site corporation is part of the Acticall Sitel Group, which has generated revenues of approximately $1.7 billion. The company employs more than 75,000 people in 22 countries.

How Does Sitel Work?

Sitel careers feature inbound calls from well-known companies in a variety of industries. Calls may include billing inquiries, orders, troubleshooting, or installation scheduling. Employees are scheduled specific shifts and start their shift by logging into their account on the company's website. No previous experience is necessary.

How Does Sitel Pay?

The company does not exactly say how much pay is involved in its jobs, but many previous workers say that the pay starts at $9 per hour. The call center jobs include full benefits such as medical, dental, and vision insurance. The company also offers 401k plans and paid vacations as well as raises. Employees are paid bi-weekly through either direct deposit or a total pay card. Employees can also earn a $200 referral bonus. If you work 90 days and your referral works 90 days, you will receive the bonus.

What is The Sitel Job Application Process?

To get started with the Sitel call center, you can fill out an application on the company's website. If your application is accepted, you will be contacted by a manager for an initial interview and a possible second interview. Once accepted, you will need to fill out and return some documents and attend orientation training. You will also need to complete a computer readiness class that walks you through the equipment setup process. You will need to complete at least 3-6 weeks of paid training before you are assigned a project.

If you don't like the waiting period check out,, and The companies will assign tasks to you once you sign up. You will earn money by doing what you do daily like reading emails or sharing your opinion and many more tasks. Also, check out a survey company like where you won't require multiple interviews in order to start answering questions.

What Equipment Do I Need?

You will need to have a desktop or a laptop computer with a current Windows 7 or above operating system, anti-virus software, and Internet. All peripheral accessories, such as your keyboard, mouse, and headset, must not be wireless. You will also need a separate 19-inch monitor with 1280 x 1024 minimum resolution. It is recommended that you use the approved Plantronics Blackwire Corded USB Headset. You will be given software to download to your computer once you are given an assignment. If you don't have this equipment, you may want to look for alternative ways to make money working from home. I highly suggest you check out my Best Work At Home Recommendation.

What We Like

No Fees: The company pays all the costs for background checks, credit checks, and drug screens.

You're an Employee: In most cases, if you're working with a company that offers work at home you're an independent contractor. So that means you have to deal with your own taxes. But with Sitel, you don't have that headache because you're an employee.

Full Benefits: You get access to medical, dental, and vision insurance after 90 days on the job. Plus, there are paid vacations, and access to 401k plans.

Paid Training: The company pays for all necessary initial and ongoing training you need. Training is paid by the hour and is arranged around your work schedule.

Positive BBB Rating: At the time of this review, They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Sitel Complaints

At first glance, this company sounds like a unicorn because it's rare to find work at home companies that offer full benefits and paid training. But don't fall for the okie dok. There are some complaints against Sitel that may turn you off to this job.

Quiet on the Set: This work is not for those with screaming kids or yapping puppies. Your environment must be as quiet as possible. You will be answering calls coming in for major companies and it will appear unprofessional if there's a lot going on in the background. If you have a hectic home life, you may want to consider my Best Work At Home Recommendation instead.

Potential High Equipment Costs: If you don't own the computer equipment required by the company, you will have to purchase it all in order to start. This can be quite expensive. Chances are you already have a computer or laptop, but your accessories may not be wired. You may not have the additional monitor or headset either. Expect to have some costs up front when working with this company.

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Limited Locations: Jobs through this company are only available in a few select states listed on its website. If you don't live in these areas, you won't be applying.

Don't Get Sick: You cannot miss even one day of training or you will be dropped completely from the assigned project.

No Project/Schedule Choice: The company does not give you a choice on what projects or work schedules you receive.

So is The Sitel Work From Home Legit or A Big Scam?

Sitel is a legitimate company offering work for home call center jobs on a full and part-time basis. These call center jobs include paid training and full benefits. Employees receive an hourly wage and receive payments on a biweekly basis. You will need to have a quiet environment and specific equipment for this work. The company is also strict with its work schedules. If you miss a day of training, you will be dropped from your assigned project.

If you prefer work at home jobs that don't have work schedules you may want to consider other FREE to join companies like,, and which will pay you to do simple tasks like downloading apps or watching tv and so much more. In addition to that survey companies like will not drop you if miss out on surveys. Amazing options, right?

Overall, Sitel appears to be a good business opportunity to add to your multiple streams of income. But if you have a noisy home life or answering phones doesn't thrill you, you may want to check out my Best Work At Home Recommendation and my Work At Home Courses. After reading many other Sitel reviews as well as this one online, you should have a better understanding of how the company works and what it has to offer. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with the company. Feel free to post your comments below. And if you enjoyed this review, please free to check out my other work at home reviews as well.

Until next time,

Eddy with a y

27 thoughts on “Sitel Review: Is It A Legit Work At Home Customer Service Job?”

  1. I just finished the interview process with Sitel and they told me they would be providing the equipment I would need. Is this a sign of improvement? I also realized that they must be out of California because they were an hour earlier than me in Idaho – it doesn’t appear that they take that into account when asking you to be available.

  2. Please do yourself a favour. DO NOT apply. AND keep your money in your pocket. I first got a response last December when they needed a bilingual customer representative. The recruiter said that my laptop did not adhere to the specific requirements. Fine enough. I went to buy another laptop with a quad-core at 1.2 GHz (more than required honestly). That laptop passed their technological requirements test just fine with a big green check. The recruiter ended up not approving of this laptop because the processor speed was not a good fit according to her opinion (HR opinion on technology). I doubt that 0.3 GHz would have made a difference. Anyway, I went on to exchange that laptop to another one a gaming one. 2.5 GHz with more than enough memory than required. I also changed my ISP to get a faster speed. All in all she ended telling me that she would not be able to recruit me because I was still under my Canadian study permit after my recent graduation. Now, let us rectify HR ignorance on the rules of IRCC here:” You can continue to work after you finished your studies only if: you’ve already applied for a work permit.” – Which ahem I’m doing right now. She also did not seem to be interested to give me a bilingual position and focused only on specific English positions (maybe perhaps to pay me less). She could have also mentioned to me that she did not want to work with me AT ALL right at the beginning. It would have prevented me to go through all of this hassle.

    Funny story: The recruiter made a mistake and ended up leaving a voicemail that was destined to somebody else. While speaking, she clearly mentioned to that person that she would find support for her into buying a computer and other equipments to let her start the job. I was speechless. I spent so much money into getting set up while other people clearly got the opportunity to receive help into buying a computer and equipments.

    General conclusion: The phone interview was pretty casual. I’ve SPENT A LOT of money for nothing and ended up not getting recruited. Also, if you’re on Canadian territory, they will exclude you because the recruiters are from the U.S and DO NOT understand Canadian work regulations.

    • Sorry, I can’t believe that happened. Are you black by chance? Wondering if she could here it in your voice.

  3. Beware of this fake company!!! They also sent me a check, “For supplies,” and asked me to deposit it and send them a screenshot as proof. They wanted me to Zelle the money to multiple vendors, claiming that I would be reimbursed when the checked cleared (which never happened). I tried contacting the representative to confront him and he no longer exists.

  4. This is a scam. They sent a check, “For supplies,” and asked me to deposit it and Zelle the money to a business for supplies. Of course, the check bounced.

  5. My concern is that 1st I was told they would provide all the equipment, now they want access to my online banking to be able to “Track a transaction”, but I have been told nothing about it. I was told I had to open a bank account so I can get paid through Zelle… all you need for that is a persons phone number????

  6. Be Warned!
    I worked for Sitel at one of the call centers for nearly a year. One day they called me into the office and said I was not fully licensed. They took my badge cleared out my locker and sent me home. They told me if I got my license in South Dakota they would put me right back on the phones. I got an attorney to help me get my license and working 14 daysi was fully licensed in SD and the final state Wisconsin.
    Sitel had since cut off all communication with me.
    I’m more than disappoint that a company as large as Sitel operates under such insensitive and unethical practices. American citizens against corrupt cooperations.

  7. Hello I just wanted to let someone know that Sitel do not honor what is written in their guidelines…it states: We are looking for applicants that are available for full-time employment with flexible availability to include evenings and weekends…..this is not a try statement because I was flexible to work evenings and weekends but was refused to continue my interview because I was not available for days because I have a part-time job working a 4 hour shift their requirements should state that you really want someone who is available 24/7 and then others would not waste their time. and the rudeness of the recruiter that kicks you out the adobe room is very unprofessional. I sent the company a email to let them know that I would be posting this on social media about their company so other people will be aware everyone’s time is valuable and if they are told upfront all the requirement then they would know not waste their time. My interview was schedule for 8-8:30a. and I did not meet with a recruiter until 10 that shows that this company does not respect a person time and it should have been a red flag to me that its not professional. The recruiters who kicks you out the adobe room should be more courteous its unfortunate but true that one negative employee can scar the dignity of the company. Also just because someone applies for a job does not mean that they are really looking for employment they might already have a job giving reviews on other companies just a FYI….

  8. This company is a joke. Training was 11 business days, over a 3 week period, and all we did was read rules/guidelines and then take some knowledge checks.

    For the campaign I was hired for, there are approximately six tools that we need to access for any given call. We were not given access to some of these tools up until two days, one day, and live call day. (Depending on the tool). There were no live-calls throughout training, only muffled pre-recorded calls being played via speaker to the trainers’ microphone boom. Needless to say, very few were intelligible.

    When it comes time to actually take calls in OCP (Your first baby-step calls), you and all of your classmates, none of which know anything that’s going on, are forced to chat their questions to three (3) people overseeing 20+ new agents.

    There is no mentoring, there is no screen-sharing. You are thrown to the wolves, folks. Don’t let anyone else tell you differently.

    I left because I have prior call center experience, and I am in no way, shape, or form intimidated by customers, but also in no way, shape, or form will I submit to feeling inferior, under-trained, uncomfortable, etc., because I’m not familiar with the tools. Even the trainers regularly said “That’s Sitel for you,” when someone would ask a question about why something was how it was.

    I dislike that I left at the very end of training, but it all started from day one. I thought it would get better. It never did. When they did pay me for my time, apparently for a new hire, three weeks isn’t enough time to type into a computer system someone’s direct deposit information, so I am awaiting a paper check in the mail.

    Additionally, I have read that their turn-over rate is about 80% starting from new-hire status. So out of every 100 people they hire and train, 20 stay with them. How long? I don’t know. Until they aren’t wanted anymore, seems to be the general consensus.

    This company gets a major fail from me. I’ve never posted feedback online about an experience I’ve had with an employer–but this was bad enough to warrant it–steer clear, folks!

    On a positive note, the trainers did their best with the material they were provided. The trainers were/are good people, and even good trainers. If I was put in their shoes I don’t think I’d handle it as smoothly as they did. It was their first time training a class. Yes, they pull people off the production floor to train new hires. They aren’t even trained to be a trainer, and they don’t get a raise for doing so. Their reward is a break from calls. Here’s your powerpoint and go!

  9. I am interested in position. Why is the pay so low? What exactly is this positiin, what are the hours. Where is the training.

  10. Thanks for an interesting and detailed breakdown of the situation.
    While it doesn’t appear to be a scam, there are two aspects that could put people off.
    Firstly, the fact that even as an employee, you are expected to buy all your own equipment is strange. I haven’t had a single job where I turned up and they told me that I had to buy my own equipment. In fact, any initial costs would be a sign to leave during the interview.
    Secondly, the pay looks to be very minimum wage, so you might be better off getting a different job that requires less training and no initial expense.
    Just my $0.02 …

    • Hey Derek, I understand your breakdown just some other thoughts to consider. Yes the miss one day in training and gone seems harsh but if your serious about work you won’t miss the first 6 weeks. Now emergency(wreck hospitol) they’ll work with you. You can make up 2 days longer periods they move you to the next class. Pay varies by the client account and most accounts have a bonus structure. While training and Management are universal in policy or material different areas different attitudes can make it better or worse. Thats any job. With the risk of attrition rate its better from the company view to have the individual buy WAH equipment and download the software. The cost and logistics of recycling a couple thousand computers every yr. Nah.. Every job has good and bad reviews. It’s a job. You over 18 apply and except the position its duties, company rules and pay. Can’t blame the job if you can’t work scheduled hours or follow the rules you agreed to. Work ethic has decreased in the last few years. As far as Sitel I got lucky and got on one of the Best client accounts ive seen. We can have music playing, they’re very supportive and employee driven. I’ve been a Retention Specialist for 3yrs no jobs perfect. But if you’re serious about work and with chance for advancement. If you can talk to people and articulate clearly. Yes I recommend it. Remember to save your receipts and talk to your tax guy about WAH deductions.. Side note to the bilingual guy above. I know several I work with but your only allowed English in the US because it simplifies quality call reviews and for the lawyers if they’re needed. Anybody can hear the call and know ver batim what was said..

  11. Since I have worked multiple jobs in several industries, I decided to move to the online spectrum. Working for a call center from home had never even crossed my mind until now. I had no idea that was something that could be done at home, I only thought it was a job where you had to go to a building full of others doing the same thing.

    Your review is very helpful and informative, You seem to outline all of the pros and cons, as well as alternatives for those who do not line Sitel’s stipulations, or would are not that interested in being a part of a call center. ”

    it is good that they offer full benefits, although the pay is low. Sitel may lose a lot of possible employees who are younger/low income people. These people need a job and would be willing to work for $9 an hour, but might not be able to afford the equipment, hence why they are only able to get a $9 an hour job.

    Your review was very helpful, and has given me insight on why I would like to stay within wealthy affiliate, and work on my own website, opposed to working for someone else.
    Hope all of your endeavors are going well!
    Best of luck,

  12. It sounds like Sitel offers a legitimate work from home opportunity, especially for people that like to be on the phone. I like that they offer paid training and full benefits even if you are just part time. That is a huge incentive to work for them. Most companies don’t offer benefits to their part time associates.

    Although the company sounds strict in regards to their scheduling and ensuring you go through the entire training, I think that is true for most companies. This sounds like a great work from home position. Thanks for sharing your insight!

  13. Usually a scam has some sort of enticing offer. I’m not seeing the enticing component here. What’s exciting about talking on the phone for $9 an hour. While I guess this might be nice for someone who otherwise has nothing to do, this definitely isn’t a good way of building wealth. Thanks for the information, I’ll be sure to check out the reviews on the better offers you’re posting on your site.

    • Scams come in very different forms. Some of very understated and sound totally legit. So I wouldn’t assume anything is safe just because it’s under stated. That said, I agree the idea of yapping on the phone with strangers for $9 an hour isn’t appealing to me. But for some people it may be. I don’t think this type of opportunity is meant to built wealth. It’s just a way to make some money from home and for some people that might fit the bill. But I appreciate your insight and comment.

  14. HI Eddy,

    My current employer provides all the equipment I need free of charge. So, definitely a downside with Sitel. Pay rate is rather low too.

    Your review said the company provides benefits. Does that apply to part-time too? In my experience, companies do not provide benefits, like medical and retirement to part-time employees.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Hey Sophia, It’s great your company is better with the benefits and pay. I’m not sure if it applies for part-time folks.  

  15. Hey Eddy with a Y, your review makes me appreciate my 4 years with my work from home employer more as Sitel offers both low starting pay AND doesn’t provide your equipment. My employer provided me with a desktop computer and monitor AND noise cancelling headphones. I do have to pay for my own Internet bill, though.

    I’m ready to look for something with better pay and work schedule, but Sitel won’t be on my short list.

    • Hey Laurie,

      It’s great that you have found a work at home job that provides you more than Sitel offers.  

    • Laurie, can you say who you work for & what you do? I am looking for a good work from home position.

      I am well skilled in accts payable, accts receivable, office administration, sales and customer service.

      I really want a work from home opportunity but I would like to make more money than what Sitel seems to offer. I already have a computer so that’s not an issue but certainly it does seem a company that provides you the need tools might be more authentic.

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