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Amazon mechanical turk work at home opportunity

My bad…

Before I get into how to make money at home with I just wanted to apologize for my in frequent posts of late. It's the summer time & honestly I just want to be lazy for the duration of it. I haven't been able to do that since I was in elementary school. Now that I've retired, have a baby girl and my wife is home for the year, we figured we might as well enjoy the lifestyle that a work at home career as an affiliate has provided us. So please excuse the infrequent posts from now until September.  We'll be back in full force then. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Most of us know as a great place to buy stuff at a lower price. But did you know they offer work at home opportunities as well? I'm talking about a lot of opportunities here, not the one off telecommuting jobs that major corporations rarely offer. Amazon's work at home opportunity is known as Amazon Mechnacial Turk program (Please note, there is an interstitial ad page that will load before getting to the amazon page, just click on the skip the ad link at top right of the page to proceed to the correct page. Gotta pay the bills. lol). Strange name if you ask me. But who cares?


Here's How It Works.

Let's say a company has a directory of thousands of restaurants and need the hours of operation.

The company could ask a Mechanical Turk workers to find the hours of operation for each restaurant online (for instance by using Google or Citysearch, etc). They would do this by providing the name and city of one restaurant and load these tasks into Mechanical Turk "job board thingy".
Then you a Mechanical Turk would then take one of these "HITS" assignment and the company would pay you whatever the amount is for that particular task.
Or let's say, a company has people uploading images on their site but doesn't want people uploading the dirty kind you surf for late at night when you think no one is watching. (lol)
Well they would post a "HITS" where they would explain the task. You could then take on one of the hits and flag dirty pictures for the company using whatever mechanism they provide you and get paid for each image you flag or something to that effect.


Just in case you suffer from the mad cow like me and didn't understand a word of the explanation above, I've created a short video for your enjoyment. It's true what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:


What Types of Jobs are on Mechanical Turk

Some jobs or hits found on Amazon Mechanical Turk are as follows

  • transcribing audio or text
  • writing articles and summaries
  • re-writing/paraphrasing sentences, paragraphs, and articles
  • image tagging (identifying objects in a picture)
  • posting comments to blogs
  • writing reviews of movies, products, or services
  • researching details on various topics
  • answering questions
  • rating sites
  • checking search results
  • Becoming a fan of someone facebook page.
  • Tweeting a message.
  • Participating in a forum.
  • Bookmarking sites.
  • Watching Videos
  • Much more…


How Much Can you Make?

Browsing around the HITS projects, the payments are relatively low. It's anywhere from $.05 – $100 (If you're lucky.) per HIT/job. But keep in mind there are so many available hits that it could add up really quickly in a given day. But it's definitely not the type of money that you would earn by running your own business as an affiliate marketer. But it's start!


When Are You Paid?

After the requestor (employer) of the hit approves the job you’ve done, you will be paid for each HIT you did for them. The money accumulates in your Amazon account. Then when you're ready to cash out you have two options. 


How Are You Paid?

You can transfer the money to a bank account you have listed (Don't worry, only Amazon has access to it). Or you can redeem your money isntantly for an electronic gift certificate.

The minimum Withdrawal Amounts are as follows:

$10.00 minimum withdrawal to a bank account.

$1.00 minimum for an Gift Card purchase.

So with the amazon gift card option, you can literally have money by the end of the day. The great thing about Amazon is that they sell damn near everything so you could conceivably buy stuff you need around the house right from your desk. Gotta love it!


Are the positions actually available?

Don't ask me, take a look yourself by clicking here (Please note, there is an interstitial ad page that will load before getting to the amazon page, just click on the skip the ad link at top right of the page to proceed to the correct page.). lol


Tips To Keep You Safe!

Just like Craigslist, Monster or Careerbuilder there are some shady people that take advantage of sites that are meant to be helpful. Amazon Mturk is no different. Here's some advice that should help you stay out of trouble.

1. Avoid Hits that involve entering any personal information such as your name, email address, mobile number or physical address.  A lot of times these hits are disguised as quizzes, data entry, surveys or website testing. I just skip over any hits that mention this. Why should you avoid these hits? They're probably affiliate offers and you may end up getting spammed with information. If you don't mind dealing with spam than by all means carry on. There is also a risk some of the requesters may be phishing for information to be used for scams. These are possible things to consider with hits that require so much information. Proceed at your own risk.

2. Be skeptical of high paying hits especially if they involve the hits I just mentioned in the first tip. There are definitely some hits that pay well but they tend to involve a lot more work just as you would expect in the offline world. But if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. So don't let greed or desperation get the better of you. 

3. Check for new hits all through out the day. They're constantly adding tons of work regularly so you can easily earn a couple of dollars per day if you just hang out at the Mturk site. I do hits during my down time. 



–  Instant Money.You can literally have money by the time you finish reading this article!

– Idiot Proof. Most of the hits (jobs) are super easy!

– Jobs are available right now! There is none of this sending out resumes and praying to the job Gods that you'll hear back from these employers.

– Flexible schedule. I literally do hits in between emails or any down time I have. 

– Low Pay out minimum. If you stick with the amazon gift card options you can cash out a dollar instantly. That can probably be done in 10-20 minutes with certain hits. 



– Low payout per hits. I think there are some people that will moan that this is damn near slave labor. But I think most reasonable people will see this as easy money that can be made in the comfort of their home while you can still pursue more substantial opportunities. 

– Weak Scam Detection & Reporting. Unfortunately Amazon doesn't have a great mechanism in spotting con artist requestors (employers). You would think they could just post some hits to hire people to monitor the other hits and dry snitch on bad employers. 

– Bank information.  I know some people get the heebie geebies about giving out their bank information even if it's to a major company like Amazon. This definitely sucks if you don't want the gift card option.  So the bank account thing may be viewed as a con. Personally It never concerned me since I've shopped on Amazon many times and they've never done anything shady with the financial information they have stored. So personally I think it's a silly concern. But to each their own. 



Ultimately I think the Amazon Mechanical Turk work at home opportunity is totally worth a shot since there are many "jobs" that are actually available. The other reason I recommend it is that so many of you have made money with it. It's by far one of my most popular recommendations. However just keep in mind that this isn't a huge money maker. But you already know my philosophy. It's better to do a lot of little things that make you money which can add up quickly than making no money applying for work at home jobs that are extremely hard to land! My loyal subscribers that have actually followed this advice has had some great work at home success because of it. So what do you have to lose?

Update: One of my loyal subscribers has written a great article on How To Make Money Typing on Amazon which you should definitely read if you have interest in typing jobs and I know a gang of you do! lol When you read you'll see how It goes to show how well you can do with this Mturk program and how it can lead to other jobs. Enjoy.


Where Can I find more Opportunities like this?

If you've liked what you read and what to find more companies like Amazon Mechanical Turk, you may want to check out my Clixsense Tasks Review and Fusion Cash Tasks review. Folks are having great success with it too!

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  1. says

    I’ve been doing mturk stuff for a while now, and I was just wondering if it’s possible to get referral pay for this if I can get some of my sahm friends to do some, too? Thanks!

    • says

      I wish because I’ve literally referred thousands of people to them from this article. LOL
      Unfortunately no they don’t have one otherwise I’d be all over it.

  2. Katie says

    Thank you, Eddy :) Because of reading your article, I have just rolled my Amazon earnings over the $100 mark. I have done this in a bit more than a month because I started on 07/30. I have used earnings directly to pay for shopping on & have transferred most of it to my bank without any hang-ups. So again, thank you for your article and advice :)

  3. Jay OsWorld says

    Hello Eddy! It’s Jay again! I noticed today that when I transferred my earnings from MTurk to my bank account, you now only need a minimum of $1.00 instead of $10. I only noticed it after I switched to a new bank account but was wondering if that is the same for everyone. Have you noticed the new payout minimum? If so, a $1 minimum would be a GREAT plus for anyone who wants to try out MTurk.

  4. Daniel Anaya says

    I used mturk while I was on vacation in South Korea and made over $300 in a few months. Never had problems with jobs or payments and recommend this to friends.

  5. Jessica says

    hello Eddy after reading all the comments about Mturk I think I will give it a try. I’ve been searching for an at home job for a long time. I’m a stay at home Mom of 5 and My Hubby is the only one working so I’ve been looking for extra Income so we can be comfortable, having 4 kids in pampers is not easy lol. So extra Income will be great. Wish me luck and Ty for creating this site for ppl like me :-)

    • says

      Hi Jessica,

      You’ve made a smart move. Mturk is by far one of the most favorite ways people are making money at home that doesn’t require a phone and has a totally flexible schedule.

      It can really add up and there are various tasks so you’re never bored doing the same things over and over again unless you choose to. =)

      You won’t need luck. You’ll do just fine like thousands of others who use the site. Keep me posted.

      P.S. You’re very welcome! I love when people take the time to read my articles and take action!
      So thank you!

  6. says

    I found Amazon MTurk through your site (which has been great, by the way!) just a week ago. I haven’t earned a lot on it so far, but I haven’t really dove in yet either. I’ve been exploring it and a few other sites this month. But I so far I have earned:
    $8 on mturk (with very minimal effort)
    $40 on Surveyhead (also not working very hard at it)
    $2.47 at InstantCashSweepstakes
    $5.40 at PaidViewpoint
    and that is just in the past 2-3 weeks logging in for a few minutes in my spare time. I have a few other sites I am trying out and am not quite as thrilled with as the ones I listed above but am keeping at it. I plan on really dedicating to MTurk in August and seeing how much extra cash I can make, just little $0.10-$0.15 tasks can add up quickly!

    • says

      You’re doing great! I keep telling people this stuff all adds up and pretty easy to do. You’re a perfect example of this! Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      If you’ve read the article and comments you know it is. And how to start is provided right in the article. This stuff only helps if you read it. ;)

  7. LJ says

    After months of stalking, reading and studying.. Jimminy Christmas, I finally get it. Amazon, Affiliate Marketing.. all I can say is.. Wow, I will never look at a website the same way again. I will either be in awe of the ingenuity of the designer to monetize it or finding a way to build the even better mouse trap. When I grow up, I wanna be just like you Eddy!

    • says

      Welcome to my world. I once told my friend I feel like Neo in the movie The Matrix. There is a scene where he can finally see the matrix and has a better understand of what it is. He gets to the next level because of it. Well you just had that moment my friend. Welcome to my world. I look at websites very differently than most people. It inspires me and awes me at the same time. So it’s nice to see you’re experiencing the same thing!

      When you grow up I hope you’re better than me. And then take me a long for the ride. lol

  8. Hooman10000 says

    Hey Eddy
    They did contact me from and ask me for registration fee, $1.95 and monthly cost $29.95 for web site hosting. So whats going on it?

  9. TheGreatJuJu says

    Hey Eddy,

    Thanks for having this Web Site. I found your site about 6 weeks ago and immediately jumped on the Turk bandwagon. So far I have completed just about 200 hits and have earned nearly $100. Its a good way to spend down time as I typically watch TV while doing a hit. So in a sense I am getting paid to watch TV.

    I am in the middle of Turking right now and felt I needed to throw you a shout and thank you for turning me on to this.

    All my Turking profits go towards the purchase of video games as I am a gaming junkie. This is sweet because I don’t have to shell out my hard earned cash from my day job to support my habbit. When I find a game I want, I just spend a couple nights turking and my game arrives a week later. Its almost as if I am getting the game for free. So far I’ve picked up 6 games for about a month’s worth of turking. After all this, I think I will have a hard time ever shelling out cold cash for a game again.

    When I first started Turking, I caught a lot of flak from my friends and family about how I am going to get scammed and conned. However, when my first set of games showed up, all of that ceased. Now most of them want to know how I am able to do this. Naturally, I refer them to your site as my thanks to you.

    Again thank you and keep up the good work.

    • says

      You’re so welcome! Thanks for coming back and sharing your experience and thanks. It’s really appreciated it. You approach these little money making opportunities the same way I do. When I want a new gadget, I use things like Mturk and my other recommendations to pay for it:

      Like you, I work on these opportunities in my free time like early in the morning, TV commercials, using the bathroom. lol So I’m totally there with you. It’s nice to have simple little ways of earning money at home that are legitimate.

      People outside this industry are always skeptical. They either think everything is a scam or it’s not worth their time or effort. That’s fine by me, that’s more money for the rest of us. lol But it’s nice when you show proof that some folks come around.

      In any event thanks again for sharing your comment. It made my day.

  10. says


    Thanks for coming back and continuing to report your experience. It’s great to hear how much you’ve earned with such little work at Mturk. I’m not really sure why you’re not able to complete any more hits if you haven’t been banned. I don’t know if it has to do with your ratings or if requesters can black ball you or something. Seems weird. Hope it’s a temporary technical issue that is resolved for you since you’re doing very well with this site.

    • toby says

       We got it straightened out, there were two very good ATurk people who emailed me, the second who added things to the first correspondence which he had looked at.  The problem so unusual, they just guessed, and one of the guesses was right:  It might just need a cache- and cookie-clearing, but since I’m not good at that sort of thing (not sure of it), I worked with my compaq guy on the phone for an hour and we cleared it up and installed the latest Firefox.  Yes, that was exactly what it was.

      ATurk thought it was maybe even their server, but had hard time understanding that I got the ‘expired’ notice every single time I accepted ANY and all HITS. 

      But your philosophy of keeping multiple work venues going is what I learned while I waited for them (I had no idea when they’d respond.)  So I wrote that on your recent FusionCash post.  Easy to get so involved with ATurk’s convenience and safety that it’s a little hypnotic!  So many more to choose from than in most of the others.  Main thing that really got lost in this mess was that it also kept saying to ACCEPT even after saying it was expired, so after I did that, I lost all opportunity to do about 50 HITS, which I kept accepting to see if some of them would work. 

      Basically good, though.  I do agree with a recent poster that there are a number that want your cellphone and name and address too often. 

  11. says

    Hey Jay,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Congrats on your first payment! A lot of us use these multiple streams of income for holiday shopping like you’ve suggested. I’m currently in the process of doing that with a few of my recommendations. So when the holidays rolls around we’ll won’t have to use any of our own money to buy gifts. We’ll let all these small opportunities that some people ignore pay for it! =)

    So I agree with you. I also use all these opportunities to pay for gadgets I want like ipads, laptops, etc. So I agree with your approach! Thanks for sharing and continued success to you! Keep us posted.

  12. A B says

    Hey Eddy! This is Jay, I can’t sign in with Facebook for some reason, so I’m using my Google account, but anyways, I received my first payment of $10.99 through Amazon Turk and I just came up with a good idea. Everyone who regularly uses MTurk can easily make $3-$5 a day doing this. So I came up with an idea where you could possibly save up your money and then withdraw the first week of December and have a great money stash saved up for Christmas! Along with the other multiple streams that you can build on during your spare time, it would be one great holiday for your family. Just thought I’d throw that out there :) 

    Or you could take my mother’s advice and invest the money you’re making and make free money off of your free money :)

    • Jeremy says

      How many hours do you work a day to earn 3-5.00 ? Just curious about this, gotta do something to make some money!

  13. says

    Hey Kim,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes some people use Hits to have people complete offers that make them money. That’s fine for sites like Fusion Cash where this is a business model that they’re upfront about and it’s actually a legitimate company. But it’s against the rules at Amazon Mechanical Turk and there is no way to actually verify of the requester are actually legitimate and not just stealing this information for their own evil use.

    So I agree, I always tell people to avoid hits like that. But some folks are attracted to them because they pay so high. But sometimes there is another price paid when doing them. Sticking with the lower paying hits that don’t involved entering any of your personal information is the best bet!

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. says

    Hi again Eddy! For those of you who are trying mturk make sure you watch out for some of those hits! Some of them are very shady, I’m hesitant to say some of them are scams but be careful. Like Eddy posted in the review “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. So don’t let greed or desperation get the better of you.”

    Lately there have been various users posting jobs for filling out a credit report and they claim it is a trial. Do not do these. While they seem promising at $25-$60 a hit they are not worth it. Not only is it against your user agreement with mturk to do trials for hits but this website is also very tricky. They have you put in all of your info including SS and while I haven’t found anyone saying that they stole their information they have been doing something to make even the $60 payment not worth it. In the trial they will say that you can check your credit score ONCE. But when you click to submit the form they open 2 tabs or 2 windows (sometimes more than that) and charge you $20-$40 dollars for viewing per view. Meaning if you have 3 tabs of it they charge you up to $120. If you see these report them because they are against the user agreement and have already conned some people into paying them money instead of paying us money. Luckily I wasn’t one of those, I do my research but be careful guys.

    While that is said this is pretty much the only negative experience with Mturk that I’ve had. I’ve earned over $100 just from going on every now and then and doing a few $.50-$7.00 hits. I earned enough to pay for my textbooks in college and pay for 10lbs of Pancake mix and 4 boxes of fruity pebbles on As funny as that sounds it helps, A LOT.  Just make sure to be smarter than the scammers. Generally the lower paying hits are legit and very fast to do.

  15. toby says

    Eddy, thanks for your thoughtful reply of a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve made two withdrawals into my account, no glitches at all with that, and although they say ‘up to 7 days’, I believe, I got both in a day or two.  I’ve started off with the surveys to get a good work record, because they are mostly easy for me and pay .25-$1.50.  There are some difficulties here that I have to be careful with.  The greatest pleasure of ATurk is the freedom to do it when you feel like it, and have no one prodding you–but if you ARE suspended, you can’t find out why (or not easily.)  Someone brought this up in the thread.  I was suspended for FIVE MINUTES, and still don’t have any idea why.  But it made me decide to be very careful at not submitting ‘similar surveys’. The requestors, in fact, expect you to remember all their details, and this is impossible unless you take it all down as you do it.  As a BIRDFOX code, for example.  This I was told cannot be repeated, but I only happened to remember it.  If I have any doubt that a survey is ‘too similar’, I return the HIT, because it could damage the approval rating.  I’ve never taken an identical one, and probably the one that was ‘similar’ was okay, although it is still pending, but…some of them really don’t work properly, even when you open a new tab or windows, and I’ve lost as many as 5 that I’ve finished, only one of which was a reflex-mistake on my part. But that’s just the breaks of getting to work in private.  I’m now looking to do more original writing–summaries and blogposts, etc.–now that I’ve got over a hundred submissions.  I also do one easy less-paying job with Crowdsource whenever they email with new ones.  They always limit the number any one person can do, so I just grab them when possible.  Other obstacles I’ve run into are the bad HITS that try to get your home address, so I always get off those quickly. 

    Thanks also for the emails to subscribers.  After I’ve gotten enough ATurk work under my belt, I’m going to look at those.  Most will have found out that there are also some very difficult HITS that pay almost nothing, and can even expire quickly.  And some good ones, as a survey on Obama, gave me only 6 minutes, and so I lost that one.  Basically positive thus far for me. 

    • says

      Congrats on your success with Mtuk Toby. Sounds like you’ve gained a lot experience on how to get the most out of it! Continued success to you. Thanks for chiming in and sharing your experience.

    • toby says

       Hi Eddy, just dropping by again.  Thus far, most of my experience has been good and I’ve made about $67 for an hour or two a day after month.  But, as of just now, I can’t do a single HIT, I keep getting”

      “The HIT you were viewing has expired.

      You can work on this new HIT by clicking the “Accept HIT” button.”
      I didn’t get to any HITs this morning, having other work to do, and just now I did one which I submitted.  I wrote 2 emails to the MTurk people, but it could take any amount of time.  As far as I know, I have never written anything illegal or offensive, but people can think anything.  I’ve reported a couple of HITS for asking for cellphone #’s and other identity things, and one for just being broken (can’t see anything after you accept.)  I am just writing this here while I wait, and will tell you what they say if they answer.  Also, in the meantime, thought I’d mention this in case anybody else had gotten this as a consistent thing, not as an actual ‘expired HIT’.  Literally every HIT I accept has this afternoon allowed me to accept it, and then that notice comes up above, and I try to accept it again, but it still won’t work.  There’s also no notice of my account being suspended, so this is pretty strange.  I’ll report back when they write back, but this is the one downside, when you have  no idea what happened, and I even made another withdrawal this morning.
      Thanks for help on this, and I’ll report back what the MTurk people answer. 

  16. Shaiannna says

    I have been using Mechanical Turk for about two weeks now and been just testing the waters, so to speak, just a few hits here and there.  But last weekend I went for gold, I found a super easy hit, paid .05 cents a hit, took me less than a minute to do, in fact it took longer for the page to load than for me to do the hit.  Anyways, I breezed through 99 and then they cut me off.  The site said I had no more hits available to me for that day.  Anyone heard of a top off?

    • says

      Yes this is common. Fortunately there are many more hits you can do for another company. But that’s how it is on Mechanical Turk. Sometimes you find some real good gems to run with. So when you do, try to knock them out. But there is always something new every couple of minutes and days that you can try there.

  17. Minzy says

    Hi Eddy,
              Was so excited reading your site, something I was looking for along time. Dissapointed to realize that amazon Mechanical turk is only for US based turkers! Pls recommend alike which outsiders also could involve and make  money.

  18. says

    I just started work at Mturk. I am currently doing a HIT that requires you search certain terms into Google and paste the URL that is most fitting for the term. There are 15,000 hits available and I am able to keep doing new ones, am I only allowed to do one HIT or can I keep completing HITS for this company? Thanks for any help!

    • says

      Jessica, Just try doing them and they’ll let you know if you’re allowed to do additional. Usually if you can’t it will stop you from taking more hits.

  19. 1361 says

    I like the Amazon Turk site over other because of how quickly you get paid and the amount. I use several other sites like Amazon Turk, however they do not offer the  range or amount of money. Like clicksense most of their payout are 0.001 of a cent, meaning you would have to  complete 100 of these to get to one cent. Also i like instant cash, and the parent site payout amount should be lower).

  20. Toby says

    Hi Eddy,

    I read the whole thread last night, and started Mechanical Turk.  A nickel by this morning,  and then 95 cents by now.  Wanted to thank you.  I had some of the fears of signing in ssn, etc., but that’s all gone.  This is exactly what I need for some extra money, and you actually learn a lot of interesting things doing it.  It sharpens your brain.  I noticed some of them pay ZERO cents, I guess that’s for a certain kind of ‘turker’.  I like this.  And I’m going to subscribe right after posting. There’s a wide variety of jobs, and it’s not like being in an office where you’re watched like a hawk.  It’s frankly enjoyable, and therefore you can make some decent pocket money if you have some other income.  Some sounded like they could make a living or maybe half of one for a single person, but this is all just fine.  Took me awhile to figure out a few things, but I’m pretty much sold.  Today I’m doing a similar job as many as I’m offered, and they paid within 20 minutes each time, so it’s a lucky break I’ve had to start this way, and these little tasks can be performed very rapidly.  Thanks again!  Your site and advice was very reassuring. 

    • says


      Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you’re getting a lot out of this opportunity in various ways. Keep taking action and you’ll continue to see a lot of success.
      Keep us posted.

  21. Tina says

    Hello Eddy, You might want to point out to Canadians that they can only be paid in Amazon gift cards that they can only use in the US Amazon store. Plus the only thing they can buy is books and DVD’s…that’s it. I tried getting an Amazon Mechancial Turk account and it kept asking me for my credit card number and information which I don’t have because I’m on disability.

  22. says

    Thanks for the heads up on that. I wasn’t aware of that restriction. I wonder if it’s new. Either way congrats on make money within your 3 days working there. I’m a big believer that it all adds up. So keep at it!

  23. says

    Hey there, you may also want to note in your “cons” section that when you first get started, Amazon puts a cap of how many “hits” you can do in a day on you. The cap is supposedly lifted…eventually…so uh, we’ll see. Still, I’ve made almost $30.00 in 2 days playing around on there…I know pocket change, but I find it kind of fun and really easy. 

  24. says

    It’s They process millions of transactions with people’s credit card and banking information. And for the most part there has never been any major issues. So the same applies here. But most legitimate companies will eventually want this type of information so they can report your earnings.

  25. Rj says

    I am trying to sign up with the amazon turk and I canceled the social security registration the first time like the guy previously did and it said it was successful but now it says to receive payments you have to put it in. Is this safe? I dont know how i feel about putting that in to their system.

  26. says

     This is true but they only send your info to them if you exceed ~$600 dollars a year for that particular employer. After seeing this I looked it up and it’s on their FAQs page. Btw I’m posting as KimberleyG (instead of KimG) now because it wouldn’t let me sign into my other one and the email password thing didn’t appear. so until that gets cleared up I’m on this one.

    “Yes, we only share your tax identification with Requesters that have
    provided their EIN information. It is important to note that only
    Requesters who have paid you at least the IRS tax reporting threshold
    ($600 in 2008) can request the information you provided for tax
    reporting purposes. Amazon verifies that you have earned over the tax
    reporting threshold for the Requester before releasing your tax
    information.We verify that the Requester has a valid employer
    identification number (EIN). Once we have completed the above steps,
    your tax information is shared via a report with the Requester.

  27. KimG says

    Thanks for pointing me in this direction Eddy! Your fantastic and since I found your site I’ve been using Swag Bucks and Mturk. total I’ve made about $20 in that past couple of days. My fiance and I are now doing this together and earning quite a bit. This is great for us because we are both art students and get our supplies on amazon so we are pretty much getting our supplies for free (with a bit of work). Keep up the good work! and thanks again!

    • says

      Hi Kim,
      You’re quite welcome! It’s great to hear your success! I’m very proud of you. Thanks for coming by and sharing this with me. You made my weekend. Please feel free to share our site with anyone else you think will benefit.

      And if you haven’t already, consider becoming one of our loyal subscribers:

      Thanks again!

    • SavFil says

      Hello Eddy ,

      i’m interesting about Amazon Mechanical turk.
      I leave abroad(Greece) , can i use that or not?

      Thanks in advance 

  28. says

    I already had an Amazon account and when I registered for this, it asked for my social security number at the end. And yes, I was on the correct site. I clicked on cancel and it asked me if I’d like to abandon the page and I said yes. It then took me to the main page and says ”
    You have successfully registered for Amazon Mechanical Turk!” Just thought I’d like everyone know…you shouldn’t have to enter your ssn.

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