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Amazon Work From HomeMost of us know as a great place to buy stuff at a lower price. But did you know they offer work at home opportunities as well? I'm talking about a lot of opportunities here, not the one off telecommuting jobs that major corporations rarely offer. Amazon's work at home opportunity is known as Amazon Mechanical Turk program (Please note, there is an interstitial ad page that will load before getting to the amazon page Gotta pay the bills. lol). Strange name if you ask me. But who cares?

So What is Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Let's say a company has a directory of thousands of restaurants and need the hours of operation.

The company could ask a Mechanical Turk workers to find the hours of operation for each restaurant online (for instance by using Google or Citysearch, etc). They would do this by providing the name and city of one restaurant and load these tasks into Mechanical Turk “job board thingy”.

Then you a Mechanical Turk would then take one of these “HITS” assignment and the company would pay you whatever the amount is for that particular task.
Or let's say, a company has people uploading images on their site but doesn't want people uploading the dirty kind you surf for late at night when you think no one is watching. (lol)

Well they would post a “HITS” where they would explain the task. You could then take on one of the hits and flag dirty pictures for the company using whatever mechanism they provide you and get paid for each image you flag or something to that effect.

How Does Amazon MTurk Work?

Just in case you suffer from the mad cow like me and didn't understand a word of the explanation above, I've created a short video for your enjoyment. It's true what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:

What Types of Jobs are on Mechanical Turk

Some jobs or hits found on Amazon Mechanical Turk are as follows

  • transcribing audio or text
  • writing articles and summaries
  • re-writing/paraphrasing sentences, paragraphs, and articles
  • image tagging (identifying objects in a picture)
  • posting comments to blogs
  • writing reviews of movies, products, or services
  • researching details on various topics
  • answering questions
  • rating sites
  • checking search results
  • Becoming a fan of someone facebook page.
  • Tweeting a message.
  • Participating in a forum.
  • Bookmarking sites.
  • Watching Videos
  • Much more…

How Much Can you Make?

Browsing around the HITS projects, the payments are relatively low. It's anywhere from $.05 – $100 (If you're lucky.) per HIT/job. But keep in mind there are so many available hits that it could add up really quickly in a given day. But it's definitely not the type of money that you would earn by running your own business as an affiliate marketer. But it's start!

When Are You Paid?

After the requestor (employer) of the hit approves the job you've done, you will be paid for each HIT you did for them. The money accumulates in your Amazon account. Then when you're ready to cash out you have two options.

How Are You Paid?

You can transfer the money to a bank account you have listed (Don't worry, only Amazon has access to it). Or you can redeem your money isntantly for an electronic gift certificate.

The minimum Withdrawal Amounts are as follows:

$10.00 minimum withdrawal to a bank account.

$1.00 minimum for an Gift Card purchase.

So with the amazon gift card option, you can literally have money by the end of the day. The great thing about Amazon is that they sell damn near everything so you could conceivably buy stuff you need around the house right from your desk. Gotta love it!

How Do I Sign Up For Amazon Work From Home Opportunities?

It's pretty easy and you can do so by clicking here (Please note, there is an interstitial ad page that will load before getting to the amazon page, it's what helps us provide great opportunities like this.) Unfortunately this opportunities isn't open to all countries and people. But there are other options.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Alternatives

If you've liked what you read and what to find more companies like Amazon Mechanical Turk, you may want to check out the following great free options as well:

Folks are having great success with these websites too!

Amazon Mechanical Turk Tips To Keep You Safe!

Just like Craigslist, Monster or Careerbuilder there are some shady people that take advantage of sites that are meant to be helpful. Amazon Mturk is no different. Here's some advice that should help you stay out of trouble.

  1. Avoid Hits that involve entering any personal information such as your name, email address, mobile number or physical address. A lot of times these hits are disguised as quizzes, data entry, surveys or website testing. I just skip over any hits that mention this. Why should you avoid these hits? They're probably affiliate offers and you may end up getting spammed with information. If you don't mind dealing with spam than by all means carry on. There is also a risk some of the requesters may be phishing for information to be used for scams. These are possible things to consider with hits that require so much information. Proceed at your own risk.
  2. Be skeptical of high paying hits especially if they involve the hits I just mentioned in the first tip. There are definitely some hits that pay well but they tend to involve a lot more work just as you would expect in the offline world. But if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. So don't let greed or desperation get the better of you.
  3. Check for new hits all throughout the day. They're constantly adding tons of work regularly so you can easily earn a couple of dollars per day if you just hang out at the Mturk site. I do hits during my down time.


  • Instant Money. You can literally have money by the time you finish reading this article!
  • Idiot Proof. Most of the hits (jobs) are super easy!
  • Jobs are available right now! There is none of this sending out resumes and praying to the job Gods that you'll hear back from these employers.
  • Flexible schedule. I literally do hits in between emails or any down time I have.
  • Low Payout minimum. If you stick with the amazon gift card options you can cash out a dollar instantly. That can probably be done in 10-20 minutes with certain hits.


– Low payout per hits.

I think there are some people that will moan that this is damn near slave labor. But I think most reasonable people will see this as easy money that can be made in the comfort of their home while you can still pursue more substantial opportunities.

– Weak Scam Detection & Reporting.

Unfortunately Amazon doesn't have a great mechanism in spotting con artist requestors (employers). You would think they could just post some hits to hire people to monitor the other hits and dry snitch on bad employers.

– Bank information.

I know some people get the heebie jeebies about giving out their bank information even if it's to a major company like Amazon. This definitely sucks if you don't want the gift card option. So the bank account thing may be viewed as a con. Personally It never concerned me since I've shopped on Amazon many times and they've never done anything shady with the financial information they have stored. So personally I think it's a silly concern. But to each their own.

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk Safe?

Ultimately I think the Amazon Mechanical Turk work at home opportunity is totally worth a shot since there are many “jobs” that are actually available. The other reason I recommend it is that so many of you have made money with it. It's by far one of my most popular recommendations. However just keep in mind that this isn't a huge money maker. But you already know my philosophy. It's better to do a lot of little things that make you money which can add up quickly than making no money applying for work at home jobs that are extremely hard to land! My loyal subscribers that have actually followed this advice has had some great work at home success because of it. So what do you have to lose?

Update: One of my loyal subscribers has written a great article on How To Make Money Typing on Amazon which you should definitely read if you have interest in typing jobs and I know a gang of you do! lol When you read you'll see how It goes to show how well you can do with this Mturk program and how it can lead to other jobs. Enjoy.

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