Amazon Work From Home Using Mechanical Turk

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Most of us know as a great place to buy stuff at a lower price. But did you know they offer work at home opportunities as well? I'm talking about a lot of opportunities here, not the one off telecommuting jobs that major corporations rarely offer. Amazon's work at home opportunity is known as Amazon Mechanical Turk program (Please note, there is an interstitial ad page that will load before getting to the amazon page Gotta pay the bills. lol). Strange name if you ask me. But who cares?

So What is Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Let's say a company has a directory of thousands of restaurants and need the hours of operation.

The company could ask a Mechanical Turk workers to find the hours of operation for each restaurant online (for instance by using Google or Citysearch, etc). They would do this by providing the name and city of one restaurant and load these tasks into Mechanical Turk “job board thingy”.

Then you a Mechanical Turk would then take one of these “HITS” assignment and the company would pay you whatever the amount is for that particular task.
Or let's say, a company has people uploading images on their site but doesn't want people uploading the dirty kind you surf for late at night when you think no one is watching. (lol)

Well they would post a “HITS” where they would explain the task. You could then take on one of the hits and flag dirty pictures for the company using whatever mechanism they provide you and get paid for each image you flag or something to that effect.


What Types of Jobs are on Mechanical Turk

Some jobs or hits found on Amazon Mechanical Turk are as follows

  • transcribing audio or text
  • writing articles and summaries
  • re-writing/paraphrasing sentences, paragraphs, and articles
  • image tagging (identifying objects in a picture)
  • posting comments to blogs
  • writing reviews of movies, products, or services
  • researching details on various topics
  • answering questions
  • rating sites
  • checking search results
  • Becoming a fan of someone facebook page.
  • Tweeting a message.
  • Participating in a forum.
  • Bookmarking sites.
  • Watching Videos
  • Much more…

How Much Can you Make?

Browsing around the HITS projects, the payments are relatively low. It's anywhere from $.05 – $100 (If you're lucky.) per HIT/job. But keep in mind there are so many available hits that it could add up really quickly in a given day. But it's definitely not the type of money that you would earn by running your own business as an affiliate marketer. But it's start!

When Are You Paid?

After the requestor (employer) of the hit approves the job you've done, you will be paid for each HIT you did for them. The money accumulates in your Amazon account. Then when you're ready to cash out you have two options.

How Are You Paid?

You can transfer the money to a bank account you have listed (Don't worry, only Amazon has access to it). Or you can redeem your money isntantly for an electronic gift certificate.

The minimum Withdrawal Amounts are as follows:

$10.00 minimum withdrawal to a bank account.

$1.00 minimum for an Gift Card purchase.

So with the amazon gift card option, you can literally have money by the end of the day. The great thing about Amazon is that they sell damn near everything so you could conceivably buy stuff you need around the house right from your desk. Gotta love it!

How Do I Sign Up For Amazon Work From Home Opportunities?

It's pretty easy and you can do so by clicking here (Please note, there is an interstitial ad page that will load before getting to the amazon page, it's what helps us provide great opportunities like this.) Unfortunately this opportunities isn't open to all countries and people. But there are other options.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Alternatives

If you've liked what you read and what to find more companies like Amazon Mechanical Turk, you may want to check out the following great free options as well:

Folks are having great success with these websites too!

Amazon Mechanical Turk Tips To Keep You Safe!

Just like Craigslist, Monster or Careerbuilder there are some shady people that take advantage of sites that are meant to be helpful. Amazon Mturk is no different. Here's some advice that should help you stay out of trouble.

  1. Avoid Hits that involve entering any personal information such as your name, email address, mobile number or physical address. A lot of times these hits are disguised as quizzes, data entry, surveys or website testing. I just skip over any hits that mention this. Why should you avoid these hits? They're probably affiliate offers and you may end up getting spammed with information. If you don't mind dealing with spam than by all means carry on. There is also a risk some of the requesters may be phishing for information to be used for scams. These are possible things to consider with hits that require so much information. Proceed at your own risk.
  2. Be skeptical of high paying hits especially if they involve the hits I just mentioned in the first tip. There are definitely some hits that pay well but they tend to involve a lot more work just as you would expect in the offline world. But if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. So don't let greed or desperation get the better of you.
  3. Check for new hits all throughout the day. They're constantly adding tons of work regularly so you can easily earn a couple of dollars per day if you just hang out at the Mturk site. I do hits during my down time.


  • Instant Money. You can literally have money by the time you finish reading this article!
  • Idiot Proof. Most of the hits (jobs) are super easy!
  • Jobs are available right now! There is none of this sending out resumes and praying to the job Gods that you'll hear back from these employers.
  • Flexible schedule. I literally do hits in between emails or any down time I have.
  • Low Payout minimum. If you stick with the amazon gift card options you can cash out a dollar instantly. That can probably be done in 10-20 minutes with certain hits.


– Low payout per hits.

I think there are some people that will moan that this is damn near slave labor. But I think most reasonable people will see this as easy money that can be made in the comfort of their home while you can still pursue more substantial opportunities.

– Weak Scam Detection & Reporting.

Unfortunately Amazon doesn't have a great mechanism in spotting con artist requestors (employers). You would think they could just post some hits to hire people to monitor the other hits and dry snitch on bad employers.

– Bank information.

I know some people get the heebie jeebies about giving out their bank information even if it's to a major company like Amazon. This definitely sucks if you don't want the gift card option. So the bank account thing may be viewed as a con. Personally It never concerned me since I've shopped on Amazon many times and they've never done anything shady with the financial information they have stored. So personally I think it's a silly concern. But to each their own.

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk Safe?

Ultimately I think the Amazon Mechanical Turk work at home opportunity is totally worth a shot since there are many “jobs” that are actually available. The other reason I recommend it is that so many of you have made money with it. It's by far one of my most popular recommendations. However just keep in mind that this isn't a huge money maker. But you already know my philosophy. It's better to do a lot of little things that make you money which can add up quickly than making no money applying for work at home jobs that are extremely hard to land! So what do you have to lose?

Update: One of my loyal subscribers has written a great article on How To Make Money Typing on Amazon which you should definitely read if you have interest in typing jobs and I know a gang of you do! lol When you read you'll see how It goes to show how well you can do with this Mturk program and how it can lead to other jobs. Enjoy.


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  1. U kno Wat Eddie! its funny but am glad i can leave a comment here…at WA since am not a premium guy yet,man i cant comment otherwise thanks for this i got to try it out koz i need to be active within WA for a secure future by God’s grace.

  2. Hi Eddy!
    Thanks for this review, it will certainly come in handy for me going forward. I could use this insight to help me with my other program called Wealthy Affiliate. Again thanks for putting this out there.

  3. Amazon Mturk has been the best so far. I have cashed out so many times toward my Amazon gift card balance and have shopped basically for free! I love the extra bonuses I have gotten on various studies.

  4. Hi Eddy,

    Mturk is not accepting my application. I am from India. I got mail stating “we regret to inform you that you will not be permitted to work on mechanical turk.” Please suggest.

  5. Hi, thanks for the article. I have never heard of this before. I tried signing up through your link but I kept being redirected to take a survey so I’m going to sign up through google, but I still want you to get credit for the sign up it if they have an affiliate program.

    • You’re welcome Chad.
      The survey you received after clicking the link is how pay the bills. So if you want to support that then feel free to take it. If not you can use Google as you suggested. Thanks.

  6. hello Ed,I just want to ask if I can apply to Mturk,I recently live here in japan .i have no experience in home online job so quite afraid that I may fall in scam only. I have handicap kid to take care. So I work only 4 hours in cleaning job , that’s why I need extra income to help my hubby and also my parents in Philippines

    • Hi Marilou,

      I’m not really sure. The best thing to do is sign up and you’ll know.
      There are also alternative websites I listed above you can try as well if Mturk doesn’t work.

      All of the opportunities I listed above or scam free so you’re good.

      I hope this helps.


  7. I’ve been doing mturk stuff for a while now, and I was just wondering if it’s possible to get referral pay for this if I can get some of my sahm friends to do some, too? Thanks!

    • I wish because I’ve literally referred thousands of people to them from this article. LOL
      Unfortunately no they don’t have one otherwise I’d be all over it.

  8. Thank you, Eddy 🙂 Because of reading your article, I have just rolled my Amazon earnings over the $100 mark. I have done this in a bit more than a month because I started on 07/30. I have used earnings directly to pay for shopping on & have transferred most of it to my bank without any hang-ups. So again, thank you for your article and advice 🙂

  9. Hello Eddy! It’s Jay again! I noticed today that when I transferred my earnings from MTurk to my bank account, you now only need a minimum of $1.00 instead of $10. I only noticed it after I switched to a new bank account but was wondering if that is the same for everyone. Have you noticed the new payout minimum? If so, a $1 minimum would be a GREAT plus for anyone who wants to try out MTurk.

  10. I used mturk while I was on vacation in South Korea and made over $300 in a few months. Never had problems with jobs or payments and recommend this to friends.

  11. hello Eddy after reading all the comments about Mturk I think I will give it a try. I’ve been searching for an at home job for a long time. I’m a stay at home Mom of 5 and My Hubby is the only one working so I’ve been looking for extra Income so we can be comfortable, having 4 kids in pampers is not easy lol. So extra Income will be great. Wish me luck and Ty for creating this site for ppl like me 🙂

    • Hi Jessica,

      You’ve made a smart move. Mturk is by far one of the most favorite ways people are making money at home that doesn’t require a phone and has a totally flexible schedule.

      It can really add up and there are various tasks so you’re never bored doing the same things over and over again unless you choose to. =)

      You won’t need luck. You’ll do just fine like thousands of others who use the site. Keep me posted.

      P.S. You’re very welcome! I love when people take the time to read my articles and take action!
      So thank you!

  12. I found Amazon MTurk through your site (which has been great, by the way!) just a week ago. I haven’t earned a lot on it so far, but I haven’t really dove in yet either. I’ve been exploring it and a few other sites this month. But I so far I have earned:
    $8 on mturk (with very minimal effort)
    $40 on Surveyhead (also not working very hard at it)
    $2.47 at InstantCashSweepstakes
    $5.40 at PaidViewpoint
    and that is just in the past 2-3 weeks logging in for a few minutes in my spare time. I have a few other sites I am trying out and am not quite as thrilled with as the ones I listed above but am keeping at it. I plan on really dedicating to MTurk in August and seeing how much extra cash I can make, just little $0.10-$0.15 tasks can add up quickly!

    • Whitney,
      You’re doing great! I keep telling people this stuff all adds up and pretty easy to do. You’re a perfect example of this! Thanks for sharing.

    • If you’ve read the article and comments you know it is. And how to start is provided right in the article. This stuff only helps if you read it. 😉

  13. After months of stalking, reading and studying.. Jimminy Christmas, I finally  get it. Amazon, Affiliate Marketing.. all I can say is.. Wow, I will never look at a website the same way again. I will either be in awe of the ingenuity of the designer to monetize it or finding a way to build the even better mouse trap. When I grow up, I wanna be just like you Eddy!

    • Welcome to my world. I once told my friend I feel like Neo in the movie The Matrix. There is a scene where he can finally see the matrix and has a better understand of what it is. He gets to the next level because of it. Well you just had that moment my friend. Welcome to my world. I look at websites very differently than most people. It inspires me and awes me at the same time. So it’s nice to see you’re experiencing the same thing!

      When you grow up I hope you’re better than me. And then take me a long for the ride. lol

  14. Hey Eddy
    They did contact me from and ask me for registration fee, $1.95 and monthly cost $29.95 for web site hosting. So whats going on it?

  15. Hey Eddy,

    Thanks for having this Web Site. I found your site about 6 weeks ago and immediately jumped on the Turk bandwagon. So far I have completed just about 200 hits and have earned nearly $100. Its a good way to spend down time as I typically watch TV while doing a hit. So in a sense I am getting paid to watch TV.

    I am in the middle of Turking right now and felt I needed to throw you a shout and thank you for turning me on to this.

    All my Turking profits go towards the purchase of video games as I am a gaming junkie. This is sweet because I don’t have to shell out my hard earned cash from my day job to support my habbit. When I  find a game I want, I just spend a couple nights turking and my game arrives a week later. Its almost as if I am getting the game for free.  So far I’ve picked up 6 games for about a month’s worth of turking. After all this, I think I will have a hard time ever shelling out cold cash for a game again.

    When I first started Turking, I caught a lot of flak from my friends and family about how I am going to get scammed and conned. However, when my first set of games showed up, all of that ceased. Now  most of them want to know how I am able to do this. Naturally, I refer them to your site as my thanks to you.

    Again thank you  and keep up the good work.

    • You’re so welcome! Thanks for coming back and sharing your experience and thanks. It’s really appreciated it. You approach these little money making opportunities the same way I do. When I want a new gadget, I use things like Mturk and my other recommendations to pay for it:

      Like you, I work on these opportunities in my free time like early in the morning, TV commercials, using the bathroom. lol So I’m totally there with you. It’s nice to have simple little ways of earning money at home that are legitimate.

      People outside this industry are always skeptical. They either think everything is a scam or it’s not worth their time or effort. That’s fine by me, that’s more money for the rest of us. lol But it’s nice when you show proof that some folks come around.

      In any event thanks again for sharing your comment. It made my day.

  16. Hey,

    Thanks for coming back and continuing to report your experience. It’s great to hear how much you’ve earned with such little work at Mturk. I’m not really sure why you’re not able to complete any more hits if you haven’t been banned. I don’t know if it has to do with your ratings or if requesters can black ball you or something. Seems weird. Hope it’s a temporary technical issue that is resolved for you since you’re doing very well with this site.

    •  We got it straightened out, there were two very good ATurk people who emailed me, the second who added things to the first correspondence which he had looked at.   The problem so unusual, they just guessed, and one of the guesses was right:   It might just need a cache- and cookie-clearing, but since I’m not good at that sort of thing (not sure of it), I worked with my compaq guy on the phone for an hour and we cleared it up and installed the latest Firefox.   Yes, that was exactly what it was.

      ATurk thought it was maybe even their server, but had hard time understanding that I got the ‘expired’ notice every single time I accepted ANY and all HITS.  

      But your philosophy of keeping multiple work venues going is what I learned while I waited for them (I had no idea when they’d respond.)   So I wrote that on your recent FusionCash post.   Easy to get so involved with ATurk’s convenience and safety that it’s a little hypnotic!   So many more to choose from than in most of the others.   Main thing that really got lost in this mess was that it also kept saying to ACCEPT even after saying it was expired, so after I did that, I lost all opportunity to do about 50 HITS, which I kept accepting to see if some of them would work.  

      Basically good, though.   I do agree with a recent poster that there are a number that want your cellphone and name and address too often.  

  17. Hey Jay,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Congrats on your first payment! A lot of us use these multiple streams of income for holiday shopping like you’ve suggested. I’m currently in the process of doing that with a few of my recommendations. So when the holidays rolls around we’ll won’t have to use any of our own money to buy gifts. We’ll let all these small opportunities that some people ignore pay for it! =)

    So I agree with you. I also use all these opportunities to pay for gadgets I want like ipads, laptops, etc. So I agree with your approach! Thanks for sharing and continued success to you! Keep us posted.

  18. Hey Eddy! This is Jay, I can’t sign in with Facebook for some reason, so I’m using my Google account, but anyways, I received my first payment of $10.99 through Amazon Turk and I just came up with a good idea. Everyone who regularly uses MTurk can easily make $3-$5 a day doing this. So I came up with an idea where you could possibly save up your money and then withdraw the first week of December and have a great money stash saved up for Christmas! Along with the other multiple streams that you can build on during your spare time, it would be one great holiday for your family. Just thought I’d throw that out there 🙂  

    Or you could take my mother’s advice and invest the money you’re making and make free money off of your free money 🙂

  19. Hey Kim,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes some people use Hits to have people complete offers that make them money. That’s fine for sites like Fusion Cash where this is a business model that they’re upfront about and it’s actually a legitimate company. But it’s against the rules at Amazon Mechanical Turk and there is no way to actually verify of the requester are actually legitimate and not just stealing this information for their own evil use.

    So I agree, I always tell people to avoid hits like that. But some folks are attracted to them because they pay so high. But sometimes there is another price paid when doing them. Sticking with the lower paying hits that don’t involved entering any of your personal information is the best bet!

    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Hi again Eddy! For those of you who are trying mturk make sure you watch out for some of those hits! Some of them are very shady, I’m hesitant to say some of them are scams but be careful. Like Eddy posted in the review “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. So don’t let greed or desperation get the better of you.”

    Lately there have been various users posting jobs for filling out a credit report and they claim it is a trial. Do not do these. While they seem promising at $25-$60 a hit they are not worth it. Not only is it against your user agreement with mturk to do trials for hits but this website is also very tricky. They have you put in all of your info including SS and while I haven’t found anyone saying that they stole their information they have been doing something to make even the $60 payment not worth it. In the trial they will say that you can check your credit score ONCE. But when you click to submit the form they open 2 tabs or 2 windows (sometimes more than that) and charge you $20-$40 dollars for viewing per view. Meaning if you have 3 tabs of it they charge you up to $120. If you see these report them because they are against the user agreement and have already conned some people into paying them money instead of paying us money. Luckily I wasn’t one of those, I do my research but be careful guys.

    While that is said this is pretty much the only negative experience with Mturk that I’ve had. I’ve earned over $100 just from going on every now and then and doing a few $.50-$7.00 hits. I earned enough to pay for my textbooks in college and pay for 10lbs of Pancake mix and 4 boxes of fruity pebbles on As funny as that sounds it helps, A LOT.   Just make sure to be smarter than the scammers. Generally the lower paying hits are legit and very fast to do.

  21. Eddy, thanks for your thoughtful reply of a couple of weeks ago.   I’ve made two withdrawals into my account, no glitches at all with that, and although they say ‘up to 7 days’, I believe, I got both in a day or two.   I’ve started off with the surveys to get a good work record, because they are mostly easy for me and pay .25-$1.50.   There are some difficulties here that I have to be careful with.   The greatest pleasure of ATurk is the freedom to do it when you feel like it, and have no one prodding you–but if you ARE suspended, you can’t find out why (or not easily.)   Someone brought this up in the thread.   I was suspended for FIVE MINUTES, and still don’t have any idea why.   But it made me decide to be very careful at not submitting ‘similar surveys’. The requestors, in fact, expect you to remember all their details, and this is impossible unless you take it all down as you do it.   As a BIRDFOX code, for example.   This I was told cannot be repeated, but I only happened to remember it.   If I have any doubt that a survey is ‘too similar’, I return the HIT, because it could damage the approval rating.   I’ve never taken an identical one, and probably the one that was ‘similar’ was okay, although it is still pending, but…some of them really don’t work properly, even when you open a new tab or windows, and I’ve lost as many as 5 that I’ve finished, only one of which was a reflex-mistake on my part. But that’s just the breaks of getting to work in private.   I’m now looking to do more original writing–summaries and blogposts, etc.–now that I’ve got over a hundred submissions.   I also do one easy less-paying job with Crowdsource whenever they email with new ones.   They always limit the number any one person can do, so I just grab them when possible.   Other obstacles I’ve run into are the bad HITS that try to get your home address, so I always get off those quickly.  

    Thanks also for the emails to subscribers.   After I’ve gotten enough ATurk work under my belt, I’m going to look at those.   Most will have found out that there are also some very difficult HITS that pay almost nothing, and can even expire quickly.   And some good ones, as a survey on Obama, gave me only 6 minutes, and so I lost that one.   Basically positive thus far for me.  

    • Congrats on your success with Mtuk Toby. Sounds like you’ve gained a lot experience on how to get the most out of it! Continued success to you. Thanks for chiming in and sharing your experience.

    •  Hi Eddy, just dropping by again.   Thus far, most of my experience has been good and I’ve made about $67 for an hour or two a day after month.   But, as of just now, I can’t do a single HIT, I keep getting”

      “The HIT you were viewing has expired.

      You can work on this new HIT by clicking the “Accept HIT” button.”
      I didn’t get to any HITs this morning, having other work to do, and just now I did one which I submitted.   I wrote 2 emails to the MTurk people, but it could take any amount of time.   As far as I know, I have never written anything illegal or offensive, but people can think anything.   I’ve reported a couple of HITS for asking for cellphone #’s and other identity things, and one for just being broken (can’t see anything after you accept.)   I am just writing this here while I wait, and will tell you what they say if they answer.   Also, in the meantime, thought I’d mention this in case anybody else had gotten this as a consistent thing, not as an actual ‘expired HIT’.   Literally every HIT I accept has this afternoon allowed me to accept it, and then that notice comes up above, and I try to accept it again, but it still won’t work.   There’s also no notice of my account being suspended, so this is pretty strange.   I’ll report back when they write back, but this is the one downside, when you have   no idea what happened, and I even made another withdrawal this morning.
      Thanks for help on this, and I’ll report back what the MTurk people answer.  

  22. I have been using Mechanical Turk for about two weeks now and been just testing the waters, so to speak, just a few hits here and there.   But last weekend I went for gold, I found a super easy hit, paid .05 cents a hit, took me less than a minute to do, in fact it took longer for the page to load than for me to do the hit.   Anyways, I breezed through 99 and then they cut me off.   The site said I had no more hits available to me for that day.   Anyone heard of a top off?

    • Yes this is common. Fortunately there are many more hits you can do for another company. But that’s how it is on Mechanical Turk. Sometimes you find some real good gems to run with. So when you do, try to knock them out. But there is always something new every couple of minutes and days that you can try there.

  23. Hi Eddy,
                      Was so excited reading your site, something I was looking for along time. Dissapointed to realize that amazon Mechanical turk is only for US based turkers! Pls recommend alike which outsiders also could involve and make   money.

  24. I just started work at Mturk. I am currently doing a HIT that requires you search certain terms into Google and paste the URL that is most fitting for the term. There are 15,000 hits available and I am able to keep doing new ones, am I only allowed to do one HIT or can I keep completing HITS for this company? Thanks for any help!

    • Jessica, Just try doing them and they’ll let you know if you’re allowed to do additional. Usually if you can’t it will stop you from taking more hits.

  25. I like the Amazon Turk site over other because of how quickly you get paid and the amount. I use several other sites like Amazon Turk, however they do not offer the  range or amount of money. Like clicksense most of their payout are 0.001 of a cent, meaning you would have to  complete 100 of these to get to one cent. Also i like instant cash, and the parent site payout amount should be lower).

  26. Hi Eddy,

    I read the whole thread last night, and started Mechanical Turk.   A nickel by this morning,   and then 95 cents by now.   Wanted to thank you.   I had some of the fears of signing in ssn, etc., but that’s all gone.   This is exactly what I need for some extra money, and you actually learn a lot of interesting things doing it.   It sharpens your brain.   I noticed some of them pay ZERO cents, I guess that’s for a certain kind of ‘turker’.   I like this.   And I’m going to subscribe right after posting. There’s a wide variety of jobs, and it’s not like being in an office where you’re watched like a hawk.   It’s frankly enjoyable, and therefore you can make some decent pocket money if you have some other income.   Some sounded like they could make a living or maybe half of one for a single person, but this is all just fine.   Took me awhile to figure out a few things, but I’m pretty much sold.   Today I’m doing a similar job as many as I’m offered, and they paid within 20 minutes each time, so it’s a lucky break I’ve had to start this way, and these little tasks can be performed very rapidly.   Thanks again!   Your site and advice was very reassuring.  

    • Toby,

      Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you’re getting a lot out of this opportunity in various ways. Keep taking action and you’ll continue to see a lot of success.
      Keep us posted.

  27. Hello Eddy, You might want to point out to Canadians that they can only be paid in Amazon gift cards that they can only use in the US Amazon store. Plus the only thing they can buy is books and DVD’s…that’s it. I tried getting an Amazon Mechancial Turk account and it kept asking me for my credit card number and information which I don’t have because I’m on disability.

  28. Thanks for the heads up on that. I wasn’t aware of that restriction. I wonder if it’s new. Either way congrats on make money within your 3 days working there. I’m a big believer that it all adds up. So keep at it!

  29. Hey there, you may also want to note in your “cons” section that when you first get started, Amazon puts a cap of how many “hits” you can do in a day on you. The cap is supposedly lifted…eventually…so uh, we’ll see. Still, I’ve made almost $30.00 in 2 days playing around on there…I know pocket change, but I find it kind of fun and really easy.  

  30. It’s They process millions of transactions with people’s credit card and banking information. And for the most part there has never been any major issues. So the same applies here. But most legitimate companies will eventually want this type of information so they can report your earnings.

  31. I am trying to sign up with the amazon turk and I canceled the social security registration the first time like the guy previously did and it said it was successful but now it says to receive payments you have to put it in. Is this safe? I dont know how i feel about putting that in to their system.

  32.  This is true but they only send your info to them if you exceed ~$600 dollars a year for that particular employer. After seeing this I looked it up and it’s on their FAQs page. Btw I’m posting as KimberleyG (instead of KimG) now because it wouldn’t let me sign into my other one and the email password thing didn’t appear. so until that gets cleared up I’m on this one.

    “Yes, we only share your tax identification with Requesters that have
    provided their EIN information. It is important to note that only
    Requesters who have paid you at least the IRS tax reporting threshold
    ($600 in 2008) can request the information you provided for tax
    reporting purposes. Amazon verifies that you have earned over the tax
    reporting threshold for the Requester before releasing your tax
    information.We verify that the Requester has a valid employer
    identification number (EIN). Once we have completed the above steps,
    your tax information is shared via a report with the Requester.

  33. Thanks for pointing me in this direction Eddy! Your fantastic and since I found your site I’ve been using Swag Bucks and Mturk. total I’ve made about $20 in that past couple of days. My fiance and I are now doing this together and earning quite a bit. This is great for us because we are both art students and get our supplies on amazon so we are pretty much getting our supplies for free (with a bit of work). Keep up the good work! and thanks again!

    • Hello Eddy ,

      i’m interesting about Amazon Mechanical turk.
      I leave abroad(Greece) , can i use that or not?

      Thanks in advance  

  34. I already had an Amazon account and when I registered for this, it asked for my social security number at the end. And yes, I was on the correct site. I clicked on cancel and it asked me if I’d like to abandon the page and I said yes. It then took me to the main page and says ”
    You have successfully registered for Amazon Mechanical Turk!” Just thought I’d like everyone know…you shouldn’t have to enter your ssn.

  35. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. A worker is someone that is looking to work and make money. The requester is basically the person requesting for people to work. Hope that makes sense.

  36. Eddy, I just signed up for Mturks, and I was able to use my existing account. Thanks for your fantastic review and the video example was excellent. If not for your incredible article, I would have missed out on a great money-maker while I continue my search for a local job. Thanks!

    • Because the government always wants their share of whatever money you make and that includes money online. All legitimate companies will eventually ask you for your tax information because they will report your income to the feds once you pass a certain amount. Some wait to request that information once you’ve hit that amount. Others ask up front.

    • I found your site when researching mturk. Was going to register for mturk but then found that even though Amazon is the one who pays the Provider the money, they send your tax information (ssn) to the Requestor upon request. I’m not an accountant so it surprised me that the 1099 would come from the Requestor, instead of Amazon.

    • Trust me when I say it’s better than making nothing or getting scammed which is what is happening to a lot of people trying to work at home. Just view this as a starting point.

    • Sally,
      I, my family and friends have been using Amazon for years and they have never given away information to people. So you might to confirm it’s actually them and that you didn’t accidentally sign up for something that gave a company the right to share your information.

  37. You’re welcome! Glad to hear you’re taking action on the stuff you read. You have the right attitude to succeed in this industry and given your circumstances. Some people can’t even appreciate earning a few extra bucks. So I’m glad you can because you’ll find that you’ll probably earn even more than that because you’re open to all the other type of little opportunities out there that can make you money. Take care!

  38. Hi, Eddy;

    Thanks so much for the info on Cloud Crowd and MTurk!!!   I just signed up for the latter.   I am unemployed now so any money will help, even 10 bucks.   I had no idea about this stuff.   Thanks for putting it out there and the advice, very helpful.  

  39. I found out about Amazon Mechanical Turk about a month ago. I have been very successful with it and made about $60. By NO means should this be your main source of income but it is decent for side cash. I usually do about 6-7 HITS between classes during the day or   when I have some down time.

    Most of the hits are $0.25-0.50 so it takes a while to accumulate cash to deposit into you’re bank account. I’ve been using it directly with my amazon account an just buying DVDs. It’s definitely worth looking into

    • Thanks for sharing your experience and re-affirming what I and others have argued about this opportunity. It’s a nice easy way to make some side cash while one tries to land something more substantial.

  40. dude why every time i try to do this bs something always comes up about my account never existing with my regular amazon account wth is up with that

  41. Hi Eddy!   I love this website.   I’ve already made over $50 doing surveys on mturk and it has only been a week.   You have to watch out for the surveys that ask for an email address.   I found that most of the surveys that are for $1 or less are pretty legitimate.   Also, they usually have a consent form to agree to before starting.   The surveys need to be opened in a new window or tab from the link on the HIT so that the code at the end can be entered.   Thanks for all this useful information.

  42. Hi Eddy!   I love this website.   I’ve already made over $50 doing surveys on mturk and it has only been a week.   You have to watch out for the surveys that ask for an email address.   I found that most of the surveys that are for $1 or less are pretty legitimate.   Also, they usually have a consent form to agree to before starting.   The surveys need to be opened in a new window or tab from the link on the HIT so that the code at the end can be entered.   Thanks for all this useful information.

  43. That sucks. That being said there are tons of other hits to do if one doesn’t turn out to be on the up and up. Furthermore we list tons of other legitimate ways to make money here: and list work at home jobs daily here: So don’t let a set back stop you. Learn from it and just keep it moving. There’s enough ways to make money out there that having one obstacle shouldn’t frazzle you.

  44. Ugh I just created an account and after 88 quesions of matching keywords with pictures I get this message. “There are no HITs available for you at this time. Please try again tomorrow.”  was hoping for a decent way to make a stable income to pay my portion of rent next month. *sigh* 🙁  

  45. Be really careful.   I worked really hard and was saving my money.   I now have $159.39 that I can’t access because they closed my account for policy violations.   I really didn’t do anything wrong and worked in good faith.   They won’t answer my requests for an explanation.   I can’t believe that I got scammed by Amazon.   I had an excellent approval rate and was looking forward to continuing work.   The account closure was totally unexpected.   I thought this was a great opportunity for extra cash but I ended up working hours for nothing.   Beware.

    • That sucks. Most of the people I know that have worked with Amazon Mechanical turk have had great experiences me included. But that doesn’t discount what happened to you. I know from experience that sometimes we violate a policy that we weren’t aware of. It’s usually in the terms and conditions that most of us skim right through. So that might be the case here. Either way it sucks. Just move on to something else. Fortunately there are many other ways to make money when something doesn’t work out. That’s what I’ve done in the past. It sucks either way.

  46. Stay away from the survey-type hits. It asks you to copy and paste a confirmation number to the hit site when you are through with the survey. However, when through with the survey there is no link that takes you back to the site. Waste of time.

    Very let down!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think it all depends on the employer providing the hits. Some are good and some are bad. Just like in life you’ll have some great employers and some will suck. Either way amazon should have a rating system.

    • You need to open those surveys in another window or tab  before taking them.   After you copy the code at the end of the survey, you can paste it  in the comments box of the HIT.

    • You need to open those surveys in another window or tab  before taking them.   After you copy the code at the end of the survey, you can paste it  in the comments box of the HIT.

    • Damn, i forgot to ask you one question. I don’t live in the US, but in a country from Europe.  

      If i want to transfer the money from Amazon to my bank account, i can still do that right (to a bank from my country) ? Because i can’t find anything clear regarding that.  

      Thanks again, man.  

  47. Man, i made 1$ in a couple of hours with this site. It may seem low, but i’m happy as hell.  

    I’ve never made that much money online so fast in my life. I’ve ben keeping it low, only doing what’s easy, and i don’t got one rejection on amazon Mturk.  

    Thanks, man, i love you !!!

  48. This does not filter through PayPal any longer — you now have to create and setup an “Amazon Payments” account.  This is not linked to your PayPal account

  49. I have just one question lol. I have been doing Mturk before I even found this forum on ideas and hints but looks like i did pretty much everything correctly. My question is are you only allowed 100 hits a day? I have a 99.2 percent approval rate right now have done 667 hits and 475 approved and have 4 rejected on those four it was a computer malfunction as i didn’t realize something got clicked off which really upset me but besides that I have 188 to be approved. I have made about 54.00 and have made bonuses as well. But once I hit 100 hits it wont let me take anymore so I just wanted to make sure I am not doing something wrong.

  50. I started working on mturk about a month ago and have earned over $500. Most of the HITS were paid the same day that I did them while others were paid within a day or two. There were a few that took more than 2 weeks to get paid.

    Like another commenter before me, when I was brand new and had 100 HITS pending, they cut me off until those hits were approved. However, I now have an approval rating of 99.6% and have about 3500 approved HITS. So I don’t get cut off, but can work as long as I want to.

    I have run into a few very picky requesters who won’t pay if there’s a tiny mistake in my work. I simply don’t do those. If there aren’t any requesters that I like to work for, I look for others or start researching jobs outside mturk. When I’m not sure if I’ll like working for a certain requester, I simply do a couple of HITS for them then wait and see what happens. If they reject the HITS with little or no explanation or I’m certain I did the HIT according to their directions, I move onto another HIT and by another requester.

  51. I don’t have good experience with mturk. Why should they suspend accounts ? Requesters reject the work is enough. Moreover, they can block which is more than enough. But suspension ?

    If they think of quality work then they should consider accuracy or approval rate. In their policy, they already mentioned that they do not guarantee for quality of work and requesters use the site at their own risk. Then why do they need to suspend ?

    And if suspension is so much required then they should make a criteria like suspension of one day for one percent decrement in approval rate or two day suspension when a requester blocks a worker etc..

    My HIT approval rate has been more than 97% and I got bonuses also. But they suspended my account when more than 200 hits were pending worth of about $50.

  52. Hey Eddy , I been reading along and watched the video but i have a question …Is there a way to know how many hits you did if u lost count or a way to track it , so that incase of a money issue arrives and you dont get paid what you work for … you have some proof of it ? Maria

  53. Hi there! I love your site and I am looking forward to be part of your group. I’m from Philippines, am I qualified to be a member? I am hoping to hear from you soon, thank you.

  54. i am on amazon turk. i am trying to sign up but i have a problem with the security questions. i enter them in and it keeps saying there is a problem. any suggestions.

  55. hi eddy, i just started on the mechanical turk today, I have about 166 hits pending, how long before they are approved? this is great thanks

    • Hi Brian,
      It all depends on the people that provided the hits. Some move faster than others. I’ve had some were approved in a day or two. Then I’ve had some that have taken as long as week. Just be patient. In the mean time take action on some of the other opportunities I’ve recommended.

  56. great great work eddy, this amazon mturk thing realy works. m an indian n jus came across your site some 2 mnths b4, n i shud say wahhh! to such informations you give to the lay men. A special thnx 4 u n ur work. just a reminder, did make 37$ till date! n du have some lil doubts, hope u cud clarify it 4 me at some point :), well done bro!

  57. hi again ,
    also dont you think its unfair that people living in the states have the option to cash out but if your from the uk for example you have to spend any money you earn at there site such as amazon mechanical turk! What happened to equal rights and opportunities? Thisoption should be aailable to everyone and more people would be encouraged to do it if they were able to be paid like everyone else in the states

    • Chris,

      I totally agree with you. But that’s pretty much life. There are certain opportunities that may be available to you that aren’t necessarily available to me here in the states. I know it’s frustrating but that’s how it is sometimes. That being said, visit our international section: I created to specifically help my visitors outside the U.S. I’m sure it will help you. Good luck.

  58. I’ve been doing MTurk for about five months and I like it a lot. It’s very straight-forward. The minimum cash out for PayPal is $10, but you can put any amount toward purchases, which is awesome if you buy from there frequently.

    Here’s a tip: Get qualified for HITs from a Requester called TryMyUI. It’s a company that finds ordinary people to review web sites for their customers. E.g. Somebody owns a bakery that does catering for special events. They have a site and want to know others’ impressions of it. They hook up with TryMyUI, who in turn hooks up with you to test that site. You’re given a set of objectives. Then you record your comments & thoughts into a mic as you explore the site and accomplish the objectives. It’s very easy and normally pays $10 a HIT.

    However, don’t expect to get a HIT every day or even every week. There are some tests you won’t be qualified for. It’s still a good MTurk supplement!

    • Renee,

      Thanks for sharing your success with one of the many companies listed at Amazon Turk. Mturk continues to be a winner for anyone that gives it a real shot. Like any company it’s not perfect but most of the feedback I’ve always received from people that have taken action on it is they love it. So I’m happy to hear that’s the same case for you.

  59. hi eddy

    i started amazon turking yesterday and i have 12 pending job to be approved i hope 🙂 just wanted to verify, amazon doesnt have this affiliated links? right??

    eiii just a news i got my first payment from cloud crowd with usd 7 im so amused

    i love this site !!!! keep it up eddy

    • Congrats,

      I’m happy to see you taking action. No the Amazon Mturk doesn’t have an affiliate program otherwise I would be making a lot of money with all the people I’ve referred to that site. lol

      Keep up the good work. More action, just leads to more money.

  60. Dear eddy
    just joined turking 🙂 i love it there is so many option but my concern is since im from UAE i saw one faq about taxes and I need to have an SNN no incase my earning would reach on a certain amount..will you explain more about this? and if i apply for this SNN is there a risk i may not be approved? so will it mean i wont get all my money from amazon? non us based turker…im an addict of your site and a huge fan , love ur site and thanks youuuuuuuuuuuuu

  61. Hi Eddy- MTurk has been a fantastic place to be. I have yet to see $7 bucks an hour but……….. At least my daily income has been rising. Who knows? And it’s more than I was making before just poking around all by myself. There is a lot to be said for experience, keeping yourself safe and finally making money. I like to encourage people to do the same thing but most of the people I know are not as adventurous as I am. And here I am at 11:08pm working. But it’s not for that other guy! Thanks for all this that you’ve put together. Great vision!

    • You’re welcome Cathy!
      You have a great attitude and it’s because of it you will ultimately succeed at working at home and eventually making the money you want. Unfortunately there are a lot of short sighted and limited perception folks out there. As a result they will continue to get more of what they have been getting for years. Whereas folks like you will have a world of opportunities.
      So keep at it!

  62. Quick update: I just completed my first month of doing MTurk. I made $84 and change working on Hits in my free time. All in all I probably spent about 12 hours total working with MTurk. $84 divided by 12 is $7 per hour. Not bad for working from my home. If I put a little more time into it I could have broken $100 easily. Eddy, thanks again for the tip.

    • Great Job Bryan!

      First and foremost, thanks for coming back here and sharing the good news. It’s very inspiring. I wish more people did that because I know there are a lot of folks making money with this particular opportunity. I’ve recently started taking advantage of doing the hits in my free time as well instead of wasting time on Facebook or something. lol
      I definitely think you get what you put in with it. I plan to do a bit more as time allows. But it’s easy money and tons of fun. Feels great to be making money from home doesn’t it? Goes to show it is possible if you have the right guide and take action! Thanks again Bryan.

  63. Eddy, your website is a wonderful oasis in a desert of work-at-home misinformation on the Internet. Thanks for the heads up on this money making opportunity. I just transferred $11.74 to my bank account from Mechanical Turk. I was able to do that with minimal time. I found a couple hits that paid $1.50 and $2.00 and only took me about 5 minutes total to complete. I’m going to use MTurk income to fund my other online money-making ventures. That way I can tell people that I made this money completely from online opportunities. Thanks again.

    • No Bryan,

      Thank you for taking time out your day just to come back and share your success and thanking me. I really appreciate it. It never gets tired hearing people taking action and making money. I’m really proud that you plan to re-invest some of the money you’ve earned back into yourself by trying some other opportunities. That’s a great way to leverage your income and what I do. So applaud you! Thanks again for sharing!

  64. I live in the UK and would love to earn money from home but I have joined lots of things in the past 2 years and never earned a cent. I’d love to try Amazon Turk but if there is no paypal and ai don’t have a USA bank account how would I be paid. Is ther anything like this that I could do from UK. By the way love your site. At last someone is fighting back agains the scammers.

  65. You can use the Turk money you earn towards Amazon gift certificates or just put it directly into your bank account. I do the latter and it is fine. This is all being run by Amazon.

  66. Hey Eddy,

    I signed up for this yesterday and have completed about $4.14 worth of HITS. Not too bad as I was being very picky since I was afraid of the potential for viruses.

    I see all sorts of comments about payout to bank account. Has anyone actually done this? Don’t want to give my account info until I know its legit.

    Another question that came up is what about taxes? How does Uncle Sam get his hands on this? (since you know he will) Can one of the more veteran MTurk users let me know their tax experience and if I’m going to have to file a W-2?

    • Hi Lori,

      Sounds good. Keep up the good work. A fellow Turker said you’re paid via amazon where you can then use the money to purchase things at Amazon.
      In terms of taxes 99.9% of work at home opportunities work as follows. You’re usually considered an independent contractor not an employee. When you reach about $600 for a given company, you may be required to fill a w-9. At the end of the year you’ll receive a 1099 that is filed with the Feds and a copy is sent to you. You then take that to your accountant. They will ask you what expenses or deductions you have such as internet fees, computer, etc, etc. That will be subtracted from what you earned. If there is anything left, you’ll be taxed on that when you send in your return. When you start making some big money, I would suggest getting incorporated. It definitely helps your tax burden.

      So that’s pretty much how the taxes work. Keep in mind some companies aren’t based in the U.S. so they may not require this. But as a rule you’re suppose to report the income regardless. Please keep in mind I’m not a tax advisor or professional. You should always seek the advice of a professional tax advisor for questions like this as the information I provided here may not be accurate.

      Hope this helps.

  67. Your Turk work money sits in your account until you decide to withdraw it. then you can have it transferred to your bank account via direct deposit or towards an Amazon gift certificate. You can see this if you log in and click on Account Settings. There is no Paypal connection that I can see.

  68. Hi Eddie,

    I have been doing some of the ptc sites like clixsense, hits4pay and wordlinx that you recommended, but I have never tried amazon mechanical turks before. I have one question, how do they pay you, is it through paypal, check or to your bank account? I wasn’t able to find that info when I went to the site. Basically how do I get the money? Also, I want to thank you for this site, it really does help with weeding out all of the scams.

    • Hi Paula,

      No worries. lol
      I believe it may be by paypal. That’s usually how most of these companies pay. But I could be wrong. Hey you “Turkers” can you chime in?

  69. Hi Eddy,

    Thanks for doing this site! It’s great to get real advice as to where to go to make some money. I joined the MTurk program. I made a few cents so far. I was wondering about some of the higher paying ones. They will say it’s totally free but they want you to give your cell phone# or pull your credit report. I checked some of these out but then steered clear and returned the hit. Are some of the higher paid hits legit? One in praticluar was offering $22.00 to take a surevy and at the end of the lone survey it wanted my cell phone number for a monthly ring tone fee. I backed out quickley and didnt try to collect the money.

    • Heidi,

      You’re welcome. Glad to hear you’ve made some money with MTurk. Most people do. It may not be a lot right now but it will add up especially if you couple it with a lot of the other opportunities I’ve recommended in the past. In terms of some of the HITS you mentioned, I think you’re right to be skeptical. I think there are certain affiliate marketers that are making up bogus hits to lure folks in so they can promote their affiliate links. So for instance someone may say they have a hit that will pay you $5 but before you can get started on the hit we need to get a credit report on you, so visit Once you fill out the credit report, they’re getting paid by the parent company which may offer them $15-20 for bringing you in. Then that affiliate make take part of that money $5 and pay for some fake hit they make up. It’s very much how get paid to try offers ( ) work but these guys aren’t really being upfront about it. So it’s a bit deceptive on their end.

      The other worst case scenario in that situation is that they’re actually stealing your information for identity theft. So like any job board, proceed with caution. If it just doesn’t feel quite right, just pass on it. There are always going to be folks that abuse legitimate resources such as Mturk, Craigslist, Job boards, etc. But as long as you trust your instincts and do your research when possible, you can avoid a lot of these scams or deception. I hope amazon does a better job of screening some of the folks posting hits in the near future. But it’s nearly impossible to root out all scam artists. They’re very good at what they do and persistent like roaches. But don’t let it deter you.

  70. Hi Eddy,

    I just found your site today, and I’m so glad I did you have a ton of helpful info. I’ve been trying out MTurk and looking through the site and was wondering if you knew if they have an affiliate program. I know amazon does for reffering people to products etc. but was wondering if you can refer people to MTurk? Thanks for all the help!

  71. hello eddy,

    i came upon your site completely by chance and am glad i did i am still a little hesitant, and so i would like to ask a few questions sorry for grammatical/spelling errors. first off
    1) all the work at home sites you recommend are they free to start and have fees, or do they have a one time start up fee or how do most of these sites work.
    2) i decided to also comment because not many places online have discussions where the one person (mod/creator/blogger) actually reply back to them so with that said. i am currently a college student who got put on academic suspension, i am currently a psychology major, and are in real need of money so are there any free work at home sites that pay decently, and are easy to do for now? (sorry its so long)

    glad that you actually keep up with your promises

  72. Hey eddy,

    Love the work you’re doing. I live in Caribbean and has been looking for an online Job or opportunity that does not require a fee for start-up. I tried Mechanical Turk, but they only gifts baskets for earnings for us in the region.

  73. Hey Eddy!

    First, love the site! I’ve shared it with many friends and family members. My favorites are MTurk and Opinion Outpost. Unlike most sites, Opinion Outpost only has a minimum cash out of 5.00, so you don’t feel like it’s taking forever to work your rewards up! I’ve made 250.00 on MTurk so far, just doing it on the side when I have time.

    I wanted to alert you of a few scams WITHIN MTurk. First of all, there are several HITs that ask you to go to one site, fill out a form, and then continue to I’m not sure if everyone is as skeptical about giving out their IP as I am, but I avoid them. Also, as with most things in life, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. There are 4 and 5 dollar hits that once you accept them and do them, they won’t let you submit. The posters rig it to where you are unable to Submit after you have done the task. You do it thinking you’ll get paid top dollar for not much work, but then are unable to Submit for payment.

    There are some HITs that pay well and seem simple. They ask you to simply “download a picture and tell what is in it”. Sometimes it will ask you to name the fruit, or copy the number. It takes you to an external site, and you are asked to download a weird file. I haven’t actually downloaded the external file, but my computer pulls it up as red.

    Just remember with MTurk. Most HITs don’t pay well. If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is! No one is going to pay you .50 cents to tell you what fruit is in 1 picture.

    Overall, I LOVE MTurk and highly recommend it to people with some time on their hands. I made 25.00 just TODAY because I ran across some fairly simple, but well paying, HITs.

    Thanks again for all your hard work.


  74. Hey Eddy and everyone,

    tonight I just joined the Amazonturk thing and I am giving it a try. By reading everyone else’s response and seeing how they have generated sucess, I am stepping out of my boundaries and giving it a try. I work two jobs, and seem to be getting nowhere. I tried the surveys and were never qualified. so I confidence in this. Thanks.

  75. Jesse Most of the things that you write about are correct. selling on sites like amazon, overstock, and ebay works. affiliate marketing works. but I found this out by trying things over the years. I will let you know other things that work over the years.

  76. Hey there,
    I just happened upon the site while I was thinking about how to make a little extra and still stay home with my kids and continue going to school. What a resource!
    I’m gonna try the amazon thing after I do a little research.

    • Hi Matt,

      You’re welcome. This amazon opportunity is one of the top ones I recommend. So many folks have tried this opportunity and had success with it. So trust me when I say
      it’s a no brainer. That being said, it’s always good to do your research. Because the fact of the matter is, just because it may be good for some doesn’t mean it will be for all.
      Good luck.

    • Hi all, I signed up for mechanical turk yesterday and spent an hour or so working on it, seems pretty straight forward actually, was quite impressed. I was looking in the back office today though and it appears that unless you live in the US you cannot be paid in cash. I live in the UK and don’t really buy that much on Amazon. I was really just looking for another income stream to keeping topping up the pounds in my back pocket. Is there anything similar I can do from the UK where I will get paid in real cash? I’ve done surveys in the past but find that they really do take up a lot of time for not much return. Have also tried some of the offer sites similar the ones on minute worker but just found I got bombarded with emails and phonecalls as a result. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thankyou!!!

  77. Hi Eddy,

    I’ve been using Mechanical Turk for a few months now, and I have to say it really works. Some of the HITS are really easy, and fun.
    I’m glad I came across your website, it simply makes it so much easier for us folks who are interested in finding legit ways to make some money.

    Thanks for educating us on how to avoid becoming victims to scammers. 🙂

    • You’re welcome MGY.
      It’s always good to hear people taking action on these recommendations. You’re living proof that they do work if folks are willing to come out their comfort zones. So congratulations.

    • Hi,

      You might want to read the article and watch the video above. There was no mention of needing a website for this opportunity.
      I would hate to see you miss out on some great opportunities because of scanning articles. Hope this makes sense. Good luck.

  78. @Eddy Salomon:
    Hi Eddy,

    I called amazon and spoke with a rep who said he would need to take my debit card number and the debit card’s bank phone number on the back to pass that along to the billing dept. to figure out if that amount needs to be waived. I’m still waiting to hear back.

  79. Hi Eddy
    I just want to know is it possible to have earnings send to paypal account at Turk,i know they have the amazon gift account and then the us bank account ,unfotunatly i dont have a us bank account .
    Tx keep up the best web page ever.

    • Dawie,
      You need to contact about that question. But from what I gathered that’s not an option.

      Hi Tanja,

      Thanks for the update. Look forward to future updates regarding this because I’ve never heard anyone having this
      issue. Thanks again for keeping me in the loop.

  80. Hi Eddy,

    I just joined AmazonMechTurk and was wondering why my account is seeing a debit of $1 from them? I’m new at this and want to make sure I’m doing everything correctly. I didn’t think there were any fees involved. Please assist. Thanks!

    • Hi Tanja,

      I haven’t heard of such a fee. Did you try contacting amazon directly to determine what that is?
      I think that’s the best course of action. A number of people have worked with Amazon and I’ve never heard this.

      Let me know what you learn when you contact amazon.


  81. Hi Eddy, I just wanted to ask, is Mechanical Turf open to international members? I am from the Philippines and it says on their FAQ that to receive payment you can have it transfer to US personal bank account. Do you Paypal options?

  82. Hi,
    Just want to chime in and say that I have been working for Turks since June 2008 and have made over $1,040.00 so far. It helps if you like to write or rewrite and you type fast.
    Anyway, thanks for your great site!

    • It’s pretty straight forward. You watch the video above. Click on the link above and sign up. It’s that simple. If you have questions you visit their site and email them or look for their FAQ or help section. Good luck.

  83. Hi Elizabeth,

    Top of the Morning or Afternoon to all our viewers out there.

    That is totally awesome! ! lol I want in hahaha!!! And would like more information about it the more the Meriel I like to learn and to see what’s out there on the net…it is people like you who inspire just like Eddy Salomon to keep on going. Keep up the great work.

    Veronica N. 😀

  84. Eddy,

    I had to update! I’m so excited! Ok,so I earned $33.75, off ONE HIT on Mechanical Turk, secured a long term assignment, (Still going, INCLUDING a data entry job!) OK….still with me? Guess what?

    I invested $18 in, a full years subscription! (scroll up people, it’s in the list!!) If there is somebody out there that can’t find ONE job from this site in a full year, well…I couldn’t even imagine that scenario!!

    Eddy, I have not seen soooooo many writing jobs available in ONE place, you know how I feel about writing!!! There are 217 writing jobs in ONE place…..t-w-o h-u-n-d-r-e-d s-v-e-n-t-e-e-n !! That’s just writing, there is also sections on business, clerical, customer service, engineering programming, finance, creative art design, human resource, medical transcription, web developement, and get this….listening? There is even a miscellaneous section! How cool is that!

    Now for the kicker! In the miscellaneous I found a job title that is line with my course work!! (currently going for an Associate in MIBC)

    Geeesh! Eddy, I’m telling you, I’m practically doing the “happy-snoopy-dance” here! I’ll get you an update as soon as I have one.

    Oh, gee, sorry to be filling up your discussion with such blabber, but I just had to say something about your site!

    You guys, listen…..I’m a full-time student and you students out there know money gets pretty darn tight! All you have to do is just keep looking, keep making time in your day to look through these sites, find one and then just DO IT! For every good lead you turn down, someone is coming right behind you and picking the ball up and making that money you just turned down!

    Eddy, thanks for your dedication at putting these sites out. You may never know how many people gain a better spot in life because of you, but as for me? I’m going to darn well tell you about it! 😉


  85. Hey Elizabeth,

    Thanks for taking the time to share your success story with me. Goes to show when people take action it can lead to things. I know at first glance when people see how much is initially offered for these non traditional opportunities they think its a waste of time. But you’re living proof it can lead to bigger and better things. So you go girl!

    Again I really appreciate hearing these stories, If more people took the time to share them I think it would inspire a lot more people to succeed. So thanks again. Keep us posted.

  86. Eddy,

    Months ago I bookmarked your site, and boy am I glad I did! Not only did I join Mechanical Turk, but on my first HIT I got a bonus plus, now I write on a long term basis for the person I made the bonus from! These HITs are wonderful, and if you put out quality work, you just might get a long term assignment like me. Now, I am waiting for a data entry job to come around from the same requestor!! He said he liked my work so well he wanted to keep me busy! I joined 1 week ago, and I have already made $33.75 !!!

    Thank you for putting the websites up that do make you money. You will not get instantly rich, but if you work hard enough, it is something that you can make money at.

    Oh! I also joined Mylot, and am very pleased with the community there! I have found friends that are contributors of other writing sites I am a member of! My websites have really been active with the PVs!! Thanks, and keep up the good work here, people do join these sites everyday!

  87. I went through the website bu Nigerians are not allowed to join. Too bad. Why is it that most online ventures do not allow Nigerians. I do not stay in the U.S I love to do online business but I have not seen any legitimate ones that accept Nigerians. Please i would like you to help me with online jobs that Nigerians can do. I have internet facility, I am a graduate and I believe I can work from home and make good money for myself. I have done mystery shopping that paid me $96 here in Nigeria but I need more jobs to do here in Nigeria. Please help me.

    • Hi Ikenna,

      I’m really sorry to hear about your situation. You may want to visit my international work at home page instead:

      Unfortunately your country is associated with a lot of the common online schemes so I guess companies find it easier to just black list a whole country then to do it on a case by case basis. All it takes is a few bad apples to ruin it for everyone.
      Ironically I just read a report where most of the spam comes from the U.S. but yet we’re not getting blacklisted. So go figure. In any event, try the international page listed above. It may help. Good luck.

  88. Hello This sounds good I only have acess to my fiancee’s computer every two weeks example: August 8th and 9th and August 22nd and 23rd etc. when my son visits his dad. I am avaliable about 3 or 4 hours every other weekend and in about a year if I do not find other employment I will be avaliable every doy about 4 hours or 6 hours. thanks for a place to see that is actually real and not a scam.

  89. Dear Mr.Eddy Salomon,
    I am a not a US citizen, but i am a Malaysian, and i found that most of the home job links on your site is not available to me. I would appreciate if you could refer a legit home based online data entry or surveys job that i could work online from home. I am trying to secure a home based job in order to enable me to take care of my young daughters needs for eg. sending her to & from school, & tuition etc, and also be able to secure an income at the same time. I have been trying for almost a year now since i lost my administrative assistant job in a software company after it folded in due to the recent economic downturn. I am already 53 years of age now so it is not easy to secure a decent job due to my age. My search for a legit work at home online job was not fruitful as i found out that they are all mostly SCAMS.
    Anxiously awaiting your response and thanking you with sincerity.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Ann K

  90. Eddy, I’m from Brooklyn, NY and now that I know you’re from the Bronx, NY I feel I can trust you more! 🙂 I just found your site after many years of searching for at home work. I like your philosophy of doing many different things to make money and not wasting time on looking for the ONE big job! It makes so much sense. Anyway thanks for all the research you do and for sharing it with the rest of us.


    • Hey Joanne,
      I was actually born in Brooklyn, NY and spent my earlier years there. My heart still feels that connection though. Anybody from Brooklyn knows what I mean. In any event I’m happy you can appreciate the multiple streams of smaller income strategy. I think it’s an easier way to make money now rather than later especially for people just starting out.

      Thanks for your continued support. It always means a lot to me getting some local love. Take care and good luck.


  91. I’m so glad I found your site a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been turking since then and writing for associated content and getting paid already. I couldn’t find a job this summer but the writing is adding up already and the “turking” hmph, well I’ve made a small amount and spent a small amount but its adding up. I also am selling my old research papers online and signed up for mylots yesterday. So hopefully everything will add up nicely. thanks.Have a great summer, I really appreciate your blog.

  92. Hi Eddy,

    Just a comment about Mechanical Turk…I’ve been working on some of their stuff and I would HIGLY reccommend that you accept the hit BEFORE you start working on th project. I worked on one project one day that took me about 10 minutes but by the time I got back over to submit the work the hit had disappeared and was no longer available! Bummer….all that work for nothing.

    I have been paid twice by Amazon for this, so just so everyone knows it does pay out. It wasn’t much but it was interesting to me because I went to buy a book on Amazon and it actually gave me the choice of whether to use my money toward the purchase. Cool deal the way I use Amazon all the time. 🙂


    • Hi Dee,

      Thanks for the advice and chiming in. I think Amazon actually explains that in their tutorial. But it’s good that you point it out again so people don’t make the same mistake. I’m just happy to hear another one of our recommendations is making people money. It’s not a lot of money but I bet it’s better than making no money at home. You couple this with many of the other free non-traditional work at home opportunities we’ve recommended and it adds up quickly. Great job and thanks for actually sharing! It’s always good to hear from people like you because it may give folks hope and the incentive to take action.

      Keep up the good work!

  93. Oh almost forgot to mention I don’t seem to have found an article about if mention in one of your articles, could you please tell me more about it and how it works please?

    Thanks again,
    Veronica 😉

    • I’ll be releasing an article as soon as I get my first payment. I like to wait until I get paid with the companies I personally recommend. Because I’m an affiliate marketer I don’t want folks’ thinking I’m talking out my arse just so I can get paid for referrals. I like to practice what I preach. There are too many sites out there that recommend everything. But most of them have never even tried or researched the crap they’re promoting. So as soon as I get my first payment I’ll dedicate a full article and video. But from all the research I’ve done the company is legit. It basically works very much like YouData. You log in, click on the ads, get paid. Wash, rinse and repeat the cycle every few days and like any good company they offer an affiliate program so you can make even more money by helping others work for the company. Most of the get paid to click websites that I’ll be reviewing will work the same way. I hope this gives you a quick insight to it.

  94. @Eddy Salomon:

    LOL to funny. I am originally from New York and I know exactly what you mean regards to loud noises hahaha Now I reside in South Carolina it took a while to get use to it so quiet here lol I’ll have to play my spanish music from time to time lol makes me feel like home….t/c Eddy.

    May you have an awesome day!! 🙂

    Veronica N.

    • LOL I’m glad someone else can relate. When it gets warm, I roll my car windows down throw on some old school rap and drive around the neighborhood blasting my music. Makes me feel all warm inside during those summer days. lol
      We visit the old “block” because our family members still live there. But I won’t lie it feels good to come back to our quiet suburban home now. I never thought I would ever say that. lol

  95. Hi Eddy,

    First up, I want to thank you for suggesting Amazon Mechanical Turk to us. It’s a great site and pays us for our work. I signed up last month and had my first check come in a few days back for $58. I’m so thankful to you because I lost my job some time back and was badly in need of some income generating opportunity. You’ve been very helpful Eddy, God Bless You!!


  96. Hi Eddy,

    Um…well lets see after going through the reviews of your article and video i must say i was huh? . I am still a bit confused I will eventually figure this out.
    Thanks again for posting this information.

    Btw I heard birdies in the backround how cute. lol

    Veronica N. 🙂

    • LOL.
      You’re welcome. I live in the suburbs so I hear birds, geese, and other strange animals I’ve never seen in the Bronx where I from. I was so accustomed to sirens, loud music and people talking loud that it took me a while to get accustomed to the sounds of nature. Quite frankly, it freaked me out at first. lol

  97. Hey Alvin,

    I wish I could tell you that I have the answer but I really don’t know what you would do in that situation.
    You may want to visit: and ask them this question directly.

    They may be able to provide some insight. That’s always a problem for my international users, some countries are covered and some aren’t. It’s very frustrating to say the least.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance.


  98. Hi again Ed,

    I have a question. Is there a way I can transfer my earnings to a local bank in my country? I noticed that MTurk can only make transfers to any banks in the US.

  99. Thanks for the very informative piece here.

    I really like to get a work at home job and you gave me a nice look at the opportunities to work at home.

    Thanks again Ed!

  100. I’ve been using Mechanical Turk for a while now. Around Christmas time I was living solely on Hits and buying food from Amazon with my earnings. That was extreme, but I’m just saying it works. I ran into a couple of Requesters who were willing to pay a bonus because of my quality of work. There are all ranges of Hits from a penny to quite a lot, but most high paying jobs are worth more than the Requester is willing to pay. Still, I can say that it’s a legitimate place to make some extra cash.

  101. Hello Ed,

    Love the website and I have decided to focus more on affiliates and surveys now more than traditional work from home opportunity. I have two questions for you. One, I am seriously thinking of joining Wealthy Affiliate and I plan on earning while I earn. Typically, how much money is offering for the jobs posted in WA. I know that you said that there are jobs there only for WA members so typically how much do they pay?
    Second, I have applied to a couple of online surveys but it appears that I am not that qualified because I never receive surveys. It may be because I am 28 and single and I also work an online ebay business. So, is there a way I can twick my profile so that I am more qualified for surveys and so that I can start making money?

    Thanks in advance



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