Work At Home Scams

In this day and age because of the advent of the Internet everyone is looking to work from home. I won't go into the advantages of working from home or why people want to do it. At this point that is very obvious! What may be less obvious to some is that as more people look to make money from home there are more scam artists who view this as a huge opportunity to divorce you of your hard earned money or worst your identity. Scams have come a long way since envelope stuffing and chain letters. They now come in more clever disguises.

As the owner of a work at home website Work At Home that has been sited for helping people avoid scams by nationwide publications and news agencies, I know a little about these scams. So I've decided to update you with the latest scams on this blog. Scams tend to repeat themselves with slight variations so you'll start seeing a pattern as you continue to read the items listed below. Most of the items are geared towards working at home or money related. But sometimes they are not but are still worth citing because you may run into them in just your casual Internet surfing. If you find the information useful be sure to use the share this link and send this page to everyone you know.

How To Tell If A Company Is A Scam!

Watch the following video and you should be able to avoid any scam in the future and can tell which company is legitimate or a big scam!

The Latest Work From Home Scams:


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Derby House Fabrics Bookkeeper Job Scam!

Top 5 Work At Home Scams of 2007

Recruitment Offer Scam By Apex Paperworks

Part Time Job Offer Scam – WUJIANG TEXTILE CO.LTD

Infomercial Scams

Job Offer 10% Get Back If Interested.

Company Representative Needed (Payment For Services)

Universal fabrics and Fashion Inc Job Opportunity

Receivables Processing Specialist

IRS Tax Refund Scam Email

Bookkeeper Work At Home

Uk National Lottery Online Promo

Fake Checks & Wire Transfer Scams

Lottery Scam!

Health Insurance Co-pay Scam

Paid Surveys Online Scams

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