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In this day and age because of the advent of the Internet everyone is looking to work from home. I won't go into the advantages of working from home or why people want to do it. At this point that is very obvious! What may be less obvious to some is that as more people look to make money from home there are more scam artists who view this as a huge opportunity to divorce you of your hard earned money or worst your identity. Scams have come a long way since envelope stuffing and chain letters. They now come in more clever disguises.

As the owner of a work at home website Work At Home that has been sited for helping people avoid scams by nationwide publications and news agencies, I know a little about these scams. So I've decided to update you with the latest scams on this blog. Scams tend to repeat themselves with slight variations so you'll start seeing a pattern as you continue to read the items listed below. Most of the items are geared towards working at home or money related. But sometimes they are not but are still worth citing because you may run into them in just your casual Internet surfing. If you find the information useful be sure to use the share this link and send this page to everyone you know.

How To Tell If A Company Is A Scam!

Watch the following video and you should be able to avoid any scam in the future and can tell which company is legitimate or a big scam!

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The Latest Work From Home Scams:


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44 thoughts on “Work At Home Scams”

    • Data entry jobs aren’t in demand. If you want to make money at home, you have to try to go after opportunities that are actually available like reward sites or affiliate marketing.

  1. Hello Mr Salomon,

    I enjoyed my visit on your website very much, it is refreshing to find someone online who desires to help others with good information. Your website is a great asset for many people, you are saving others from wasting their time plus avoiding to be scammed which is happening way too often online today.

    Thank You

    • Hey Jeffrey,

      You can just call me Eddy. Mr Salomon is way too formal for me. In either case, I really appreciate your kind words.
      It’s nice to be appreciated. I love being able to help people avoid nonsense and give them the real deal on any company they’re considering.
      So thank you for taking the time to share the love.

    • Mr. Eddy I was just scam with the forwarding mail , it states that I was part of amazon the company name was “Shipment Track” LLC.
      I gave them copy of license social security card and a w-2 form. I call BBB, USPS mail Fraud Government I now have to report it to the police.

  2. Can you help me out by telling me if sending someone your online banking information is ok. I no it’s probably no. But I would hate to pass up this offer. It’s with medical action Inc. They say for a data entry position. They say they need to track there deposit.? Didn’t sound right . But they r in fact a company.

    • Hey Denise,
      This sounds shady to me. If it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. Data Entry scams are the most common and rarely do these type of opportunities exist. So I wouldn’t fall for it.

  3. Hi Eddy i just wanted to say thank you for all the great information, and the video how to look for a scam i also lost a lot of money on a website company goes by the name of hoolyweb. com , and i did not know much about how to research for that the attorney sent me a letter for a class action suit on them,but as of, yet no money back thanks to you i know how to look for scams now a little better.

  4. Hello!
    Hi Eddy,
    I received an email, and I want to know if you can check it out for me to see if it’s a scam. Please respond back as soon as you read this post. Thanks in advanced!

    God blessed!
    My name is Stefan Fischer and I will be your HR representative. Not long ago you’ve applied for Administrative Assistant job. We consider you as a possible candidate, so here’s some additional information about the job.

    For this job we’re offering a two month training course, as Administrative Assistant and his activity is very important for the office. This is a home-based training and you don’t need to move or travel. We do pay the salary for the training course (this is why it is called On-The-Job Training). According to the Employment Agreement salary of Administrative Assistant starts with 4500$. During the training salary is around 60-80 of Administrative Assistant’s base pay. We do offer a flexible bonuses system as well. With it salary of a fully qualified Administrative Assistant may come up to 8000$.

    To apply please visit our web site ( Click on the “Careers” menu and find Administrative Assistant vacancy. Click “Register for an interview” and input required data. Once your application is submitted, just await a phone call from our representative.

    Please follow these simple steps. Once interview process is complete Employment Agreement will become available from the web site as well. I’m looking forward into working with you.

    TEL: +1(855)248-3259
    FAX: +1(866)370-6552

    Best regards,

  5. Filed a complaint with the FTC in October for a Fake Check Scam.. Was sent a check for 1985.00 and told to take 400.00 for my time/effort to pass on the remainder via western union to a recipient. This did not seem unreasonable until I attempted to arrange to provide a 1099 for reasons of tax filing for monies earned. Now the check cashing store.. ACE Cash Express proceeds to seek a return of the 1985.00 plus a bad check fee. (Collections Division for 2000.00).. How is it that I am responsible for more than the 400.00 that I kept .. Again, I smelled a rat and sought to remedy this problem as soon as possible. In addition, I provided the information the FBI (with the FTC complaint number and my contact information.). I hope I did the right thing and want to be on the good side of conducting business on the up and up. No one has since contacted me.. I do not want to become a felon you know.

  6. Im having a difficult time doing the steps shpwn in the video to find out if the company is legit or not. The company os called courier alternative LLC. If anyone could help me i would highly appreciate it. Thank yoy

    • I’m not sure what’s difficult about the steps in the video. You’re just going to google entering the company’s name and the word scam. It’s pretty straight forward. That said if this company is about accepting packages and reshipping them, then it’s a scam. Read this article.

    • Aleah,
      Trust me and Eddy, w/a “Y”, it is a SCAM!!! I fell for it, however, I was able to get out before it was too late, do yourself a favor, DO NOT get caught up in this crap!!! Hope this helps…

    • thank you very much i will not be doing any business with them, i even informed them if they send me anything i will be sending it back and i have reported them in hopes it shuts down this fake business

    • The address mentioned that is in cape cod is a 3 bedroom house..not a buisness..every single number that they have..has the exact same lady on the voicemail not professional at all..they sent me one package..i then was informed from a friend who works.for fedex that it is a scam..why would somebody have a package. (Expensive one at that) shipped to somebody that DONT KNOW instead of having one of the most popular shippind companys in the world do it? I have messaged them a thousand times under my “account” witch now i have no access too..all they tried to say is that im firmly said the last thing i want is their stolen property..all i wanted was a little more info or to speak to somebody of higher management to insure me that the company was real..and i have YET to hear from anybody..IVE CALLED AND EMAILED A THOUSAND everytime i call the numbers they ring 2 times them make a beep beep answers at all..its soo crazy to me.ive never delt with anything in my life..within the day that i DID recieve the first package..i literally had to denie 3 more that day and 2 the next day..they were soo ready for me to be their reshipping mule.and ive yet to have another package sent or have yet to hear from ANYBODY! im soo happy to hear it wasnt only me..i couldnt find any reviews on the company. or any other compaints..i felt soo why me??? Email me if need more info..

    • Hi Eddy,

      Here are the names of 3 other companies that, while they look legit, are total scammers. Just thought that you and your readers might like to know…

      -Linxu International Group-They are from China and claim to be legit, however, after your bogus website is set up, they steal credit card info and clean it up through bogus website purchases, you then, through your LLC, are to keep 10% and send them 90…Yeah right!

      -The next one’s listed are all packaging/re-ship scammers:
      -Safe Fullfilment

      Finally, these last 2 are virtual assistant scams:
      -Moon, LLC
      -Sun, LLC

      I advise everyone to stay away from these clowns, regardless of what kind of garbage they might feed you…

      Hope this helps, Eddy w/a Y…


  7. I think that I have been scammed Eddy. I shipped 11 packages for a company named Safe Fulfillment and now fear that I will be going to prison…Please help me! I have already filed a report w/the feds, can you give me some further advice here?

    • I haven’t but it doesn’t matter. If it’s similar to the scams we’ve covered, avoid it. Don’t take any unnecessary risks especially when we already provide you with vetted and legitimate options here and here.

  8. Beware ADN Logistics Services, they are a scam and almost got me. I didn’t think it was a scam until they made the weird step of hiring me before I turned in their application!

    Thank you Eddy for this website, it saved me!


  9. Hello Eddy, I have been following your site off and on again for some years now, I just started to really get into trying to work from home. I contacted about a work from home position. I had heard this ad played on the radio many times before and decided to give it a try. My question is have you heard about this company being a scam or legit? The company is Innovative Success Systems and you are working with Isagenix. They claim all the leads are setup for you and all that good stuff but it is also $29.95/month if you go ahead with it. They give you a free trial but still, Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Hi Eric,

      Thanks for being a long time supporter. I would suggest following the steps I’ve listed in my scam video in this page. That’s how I research anything. But I have recently produced a Isagenix Review here. I hope it helps you.


  10. Hi, Eddy. I posted on your blog a while back because someone contacted me for a re-shipping scam. I have since scored a work from home job with Working Solutions. YAY!! Anyway, I just received another shipping scam email and thought you might want to warn others. It came from Camelia Botez and says:

    Job Reminder 29741604 A”

    From: Camelia Botez ( Microsoft SmartScreen classified this message as junk.
    Sent: Wed 3/04/15 9:41 AM
    To: XXX
    Good afternoon!

    For U.S. Citizen only!

    I’m an HR representative of ASC Certification Center. I found your email through recruitment agency.

    We search for a goods Manager for Quality Assurance MQA in our staff that has to inspect the contents of the packages which are delivered at home, make reports and ship them to the destination point.

    To fulfil the work no special knowledge is required. It is enough to be careful, zealous and reliable person.

    This is a part-time work, you have to stay at home during the working hours. The pay is $1200 monthly for this position.

    If you are interested in this position, please inform me about this in your response, I will send you the details.

    Please do not respond unless you are 21 years of age.
    Please do not reply if you are not a U.S. Person.

    In case you think you might be suitable for this position, please respond to current email.

    P.S. We are looking for a commodity Manager for Quality Assurance (MQA) in the nearest time, so I ask you to reply to me within the next twenty-four hours after you got this message, otherwise I will have to consider the other candidatures.


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