Universal fabrics and Fashion Inc Job Opportunity Scam

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Hi, I just received another work at home job opportunity email that is a real scam. It's just another variation of the wire transfer scam or fake check scams that are so common on the Internet nowadays.  The alleged company that is hiring is the Universal Fabrics and Fashion Inc.

For all I know the name of the company may be real and legitimate and the scammers are using it to make people feel comfortable. So when work at home seekers do the research everything may check out. But based on the job description alone, I already know this is a scam. 
If you've visited our work at home scams section in the past you'll notice that there are a lot of similarities with the email scam listed below and past email scams I've listed.  The short of this post is to avoid this scam or any variations of it. No one needs you to cash checks on their behalf because they are in another country. Don't be another victim. You've been warned. Check out this fraud of a job opportunity below:


Dear sir/Madam,

Would you like to work from home and get paid weekly?
Universal fabrics and Fashion Inc seeking an online representative/payment operation officer  in the united state/canada to process there payment in form of money order from there client and get it cash in there payment and have 10% from the total payment made out to you as the representative/payment operation officer in the united state/canada since it is difficuult to cash foreign check in the Uk.what you have to do is to recieve our payment from our client in form of money order and get it cash in your bank and have 10% from the total payment made out to you from our client and forward the balance to the company via western union money transfer.for you to get started for the job you will provide your FULL NAME,ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER.i will await your urgent respone today,Mary Williams/CEO.Universal Fabrics and Fashion Inc.

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If the numerous spelling mistakes don't make it clear this is a shady company, let me be the first to make it clear that this is a total rip off.

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Eddy Salomon - October 16, 2008 Reply

Thanks for the kind words.


Shortcuts to Internet Millions - October 16, 2008 Reply

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