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I’ve listed emails I have received that are scams to help you avoid being scammed by emails as its very easy to be fooled.

Habitat for Humanity Work At Home Scam

So if you’re a loyal subscriber that’s read my work at home scam section from top to bottom, one of the things I’ve warned against is that some scam artist will use the name and contact information of legitimate companies to lure you into a sense of security. This tends to happen in emailed work […]

Work At Home Cons Caught on TV!

Too often I read comments or emails from hard working folks that have been victim of work at home scams. I sympathize with these people because I’ve fallen for a few myself. Sadly the stories tend to end the same way. The victim loses their money and the scam artist gets away. The victim carries […]

Derby House Fabrics Bookkeeper Job Scam!

Another day and another scam. I recently received an emailed job offer allegedly from the "Derby House Fabrics" company. I’ll spare you the suspense. It’s a scam. Let me start off by saying that there may actually be a legitimate company named "Derby House Fabrics". Scam artists are like a viruses they spread and adapt […]

Recruitment Offer Scam By Apex Paperworks?

Thank God It’s Friday! But scammers don’t take the weekend off. They’re still at it again. I received the email listed below which is the same type of Payment Processor, Bookeeper work at home scams and Fake Check Scams that seems to be the favorites of dubious individuals. If you’ve read my blog enough you’re […]