Work At Home Cons Caught on TV!

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workathome_scammer_caughtToo often I read comments or emails from hard working folks that have been victim of work at home scams. I sympathize with these people because I've fallen for a few myself. Sadly the stories tend to end the same way. The victim loses their money and the scam artist gets away. The victim carries this experience with them like a dirty little secret.

But some victims don't go out without a fight. There have been some brave souls that have shared their stories on our scam page. I call them brave because too often as victims we feel embarrassed or stupid because we fell for a scam.

As a hardened New Yorker it's even more difficult for me to admit being scammed several times. You're practically trained at birth as a New Yorker to be street savvy. You also have to keep in mind, I was born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx which are some of the toughest areas of NY! We don't play that out there! So when I fell victim to a few scams I just kept it to myself for fear of ridicule from my fellow Bronx Bombers.

But con artist are literally banking on this. Why? If you're too embarrassed to admit that you have been scammed to others, then it leaves the door wide open for them to scam countless more unwitting people. It's funny, most of us will tell someone not to head to certain places (i.e. The Bronx, LOL) because it's dangerous. But we don't do this when it comes to online scams. Do the right thing and put aside feelings of shame and “put these scam artist on blast”! (Translation for the slang challenged: Expose the scam artist to anyone and everyone!)

NBC Dateline & ABC's 20/20 recently did this to some work at home scammers in front of millions of viewers. I hate to sound negative, but it was a great source of pleasure to see these scam artist put in a very uncomfortable position. Ultimately it doesn't bring the money back that you may have lost, but I think it may still give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside as you watch the videos below:

Face to face with spammers and scammers

Work at Home, Scammed at Home


Hope you found the videos informative & at the very least comforting. I know it seems like you're always on the losing end, but sometimes the bad guys get what they have coming. Did you guys notice Chris from That's why we have her site listed as one of our top work at home websites to visit.

In any event, I'm interested in your feelings regarding the videos above, so let loose in the form below. Feel free to chime in on the whole silent victim mentality that I discussed earlier as well. I always felt that only happened in domestic abuse situations (i.e. Rihanna) but it seems to happen when folks lose money as well…

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