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As a blogger, affiliate marketer and work at home seeker, I use a lot of different tools and services to help me make money, save money or run my business. So with that said I've decided to share some of my favorites that I use regularly. Even if you don't run a business online as I do. Some of these tools can be used for everyday purposes or for a job.

Many of the recommended tools are totally free but some cost a bit of money. But in my experience they often pay for themselves many times over. By the way, I'm affiliated with some of these companies which means I may get a small commission if you use my links. This doesn't cost you anything extra if you do use them. However I do have to pay the bills. But as always Eddy “with a y” only personally recommend companies I trust, have used or researched. And yes I sometimes talk in the third person. Lol

Make Money Tools

TubeMarketing 101

Chances are you've watched one or more Youtube videos for entertainment or to learn something. Did you know you can actually make money with your own YouTube videos and you don't even need to show your face. I've started to make hundreds of dollars every month on YouTube and I've only been at it for a few months. If you want to learn how to make passive income on YouTube without having to show your face, check out this FREE Webinar

Unfortunately, most things in life aren't free. Chances are, you have to buy nagging necessities like food, clothing, etc. Well, regardless of what you're buying online or offline, you can actually make money doing it or earn cash back. Whatever store you use online or offline probably has a relationship with them and will help you save money or get cash back. I don't shop for anything without using which is free. So I highly recommend using if you plan to buy anything in the near future.

Before becoming a successful blogger / affiliate marketer, like many of you I was fixated on finding a work at home job. Unfortunately it can be very difficult to find something legitimate without running into scams or companies misrepresenting work at home jobs. So I was happy to find which has a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau. They actually find and list various legitimate work at home jobs. You don't have to scour the web and hope to avoid a scam because they do all the research for you. So if you value your time and want to avoid being scammed while looking for a work at home job, then is a must. It's totally risk free. If you don't like it, you can get your money back with no questions asked.

Blogging Tools

Site Rubix

I've used this to build FREE WordPress websites in a matter of minutes.


I use this tool to do keyword research. It helps me determine what people are searching for in Google & how easy it is for my website to rank or show up in Google. They offer a free and paid version. If you're writing articles for yourself or others you need this in your life. If you want to optimize your website so it gets more free traffic from Google, you need this as well.

Wealthy Affiliate

This is the community and training website, I've been part of since 2007 which has helped me learned damn near everything I know about making REAL money online with a business. They offer a free starter membership and a premium membership for those that need more help and training. This has been my top recommendation for many years for a reason. I'm living proof what they teach works. They also provide hosting and domain names as well. It's your one stop shop for everything you need to run your online business.


Despite all the hoopla about social marketing, I have found that most people still use and read email. So if you're not collecting email addresses and emailing your visitors regularly, you're leaving money on the table. Email isn't going anywhere and you need to stay in contact with your visitors. I've been using them for years and have been pretty happy with it. You can look into Aweber as well.

Thrive Leads

Although services like Aweber & Convertkit allows you to collect, manage and send emails to your subscribers the forms they provide to collect email addresses are a bit limiting. So I found a solution that works with Aweber, Convertkit and any list service that creates highly customizable and effective subscribe forms. They have exit intent, sidebar, short code, in content, slide in and top bar email forms and pop up forms. I use the exit intent pop up on this site and it has increased my subscribers by 300%. They also provide you with cool ways to run split tests and to track your conversions. So if you haven't been thrilled with your number of subscribers then you need Thrive Leads in your life asap!

Thrive Architect – Visual WordPress Page Editor & Builder

As much as I love building websites using WordPress it can really be a pain in the ass to find a theme to look exactly the way you want. I really like the option of dragging and dropping certain things in place so my website or landing pages look exactly the way I want. Fortunately the guys at Thrive Themes have a solution called Thrive Architect Page Builder, which is a WordPress plugin that can be used with any existing theme you have. Trust me when I say it makes creating beautiful websites, blog posts and landing pages super simple. They also make great WordPress themes. Everything you see on my site was built by Thrive Themes tools so feel free to use them. They were built by marketers so they're designed to convert and don't slow your site down.


Sometimes I have various big files such as photos, videos, audio and other content I want to share with others. Sending them via email won't work because they're too big or it would be too slow. But with Dropbox I can upload these files into the cloud and share a link to them via email and others can have access to these files. You can also use Dropbox as a backup to your own computer or extra storage if your computer is running low. There are so many ways to use this service. Best of all it's FREE as well.


Sometimes a picture or video is worth a thousand words. When I need to teach someone how to do something or show my screen to someone else I use a free screen capture software such as Monosnap. It allows you to take pictures of your computer screen or record it with video. You can then edit the pictures using Monosnap as well. It's a great free alternative to other more expensive programs out there. It's something I use regularly for my business and personal life. You'll love it too.


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    please ant idea on how how to start a drop-ship company online?

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