Derby House Fabrics Bookkeeper Job Scam!

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Another day and another scam. I recently received an emailed job offer allegedly from the "Derby House Fabrics" company. I'll spare you the suspense. It's a scam. Let me start off by saying that there may actually be a legitimate company named "Derby House Fabrics".

Scam artists are like a viruses they spread and adapt quickly. Because they know most work at home seekers are naturally skeptical (as they should be), a con-artist tends to use real legitimate company names in their emails. The hope is that it will disarm you from thinking it's a scam when you do your research. But I'm going to show you my 3 strikes method on how to determine when these emailed job offers are a scam. But first we need to do some self reflection about this so-called opportunity that has appeared out of thin air.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself.

1. Did you apply to be a bookkeeper?

Is there anything in your resume to indicate that you have this skill set? I know I'm awful with numbers so immediately I know this guy is full of crap by asking me to be a bookkeeper for his company. Me doing bookkeeping is like asking Britney Spears to be a good mother. (Ooh, I'm sorry that was wrong of me. But you get the picture.)

2. Why isn't their any experience or references being requested?

After all this bookkeeper job involves the handling of money. Why would anyone trust you without any references or prior experience? Would you go to an OBGYN that had no prior experience or references from other doctors or women you know. I would hope not.
So why the heck is someone going to let you manage their money? Duh!

3. Why is this person referring to me as Sir or Madam?

Presumably if they knew me and I applied for this position they would refer to me by my first name Or Mr. Salomon if you're nasty. (Sorry, Janet Jackson pun.) But seriously, who uses addresses people by Sir or madam? What are we in the Victorian times?

3 Strikes To Look For!

I've included an image of the email I received, please refer to it as you read the items below. Just click on it to enlarge it.

Strike 1.

We now live in a very small world .There is never a situation where people from other countries can't access money from international locations. This is pure BS! So as soon as you read "our clients can't readily process payments because … blah blah", You can go ahead and file this email in your trusty trash bin.

Strike 2.

Why would a company pay you a percentage of each check cashed? You're not a check cashing place. Financially this wouldn't make much sense for the company because it would be far more most cost effective to pay you a salary. Can you really picture an employer saying, "Hey, I have a million dollar check for you to cash, you keep 10% and I'll take the change!" Get the hell out of here! Not ever in this life time will this happen!

Strike 3.

A professional company isn't going to be emailing you from their free yahoo account. The bastards that sent this email think they're slick. They included reference to a company's real website address (which might actually be legitimate) but they aren't emailing you from that company's listed email address. For instance when I visited the email addresses listed on the site weren't any damn yahoo addresses ([email protected]). Busted!

You're out of here Mr Tomas Cooper, Aka Fake Ass Recruitment Manager!

Don't Fall For The Hype!

Guys I get these emails everyday. But fortunately for me they end up in my spam box automatically. If they do actually happen to reach your inbox, please don't fall for them under any circumstances! They're all just variations of check processing and wire transfer scams that we've covered here many times.

Have you ever received any of these emails? Did you get duped into this so called opportunity? Inquiring minds want to know. So please feel free to share below.

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