Derby House Fabrics Bookkeeper Job Scam!

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Another day and another scam. I recently received an emailed job offer allegedly from the "Derby House Fabrics" company. I'll spare you the suspense. It's a scam. Let me start off by saying that there may actually be a legitimate company named "Derby House Fabrics".

Scam artists are like a viruses they spread and adapt quickly. Because they know most work at home seekers are naturally skeptical (as they should be), a con-artist tends to use real legitimate company names in their emails. The hope is that it will disarm you from thinking it's a scam when you do your research. But I'm going to show you my 3 strikes method on how to determine when these emailed job offers are a scam. But first we need to do some self reflection about this so-called opportunity that has appeared out of thin air.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself.

1. Did you apply to be a bookkeeper?

Is there anything in your resume to indicate that you have this skill set? I know I'm awful with numbers so immediately I know this guy is full of crap by asking me to be a bookkeeper for his company. Me doing bookkeeping is like asking Britney Spears to be a good mother. (Ooh, I'm sorry that was wrong of me. But you get the picture.)

2. Why isn't their any experience or references being requested?

After all this bookkeeper job involves the handling of money. Why would anyone trust you without any references or prior experience? Would you go to an OBGYN that had no prior experience or references from other doctors or women you know. I would hope not.
So why the heck is someone going to let you manage their money? Duh!

3. Why is this person referring to me as Sir or Madam?

Presumably if they knew me and I applied for this position they would refer to me by my first name Or Mr. Salomon if you're nasty. (Sorry, Janet Jackson pun.) But seriously, who uses addresses people by Sir or madam? What are we in the Victorian times?

3 Strikes To Look For!

I've included an image of the email I received, please refer to it as you read the items below. Just click on it to enlarge it.

Strike 1.

We now live in a very small world .There is never a situation where people from other countries can't access money from international locations. This is pure BS! So as soon as you read "our clients can't readily process payments because … blah blah", You can go ahead and file this email in your trusty trash bin.

Strike 2.

Why would a company pay you a percentage of each check cashed? You're not a check cashing place. Financially this wouldn't make much sense for the company because it would be far more most cost effective to pay you a salary. Can you really picture an employer saying, "Hey, I have a million dollar check for you to cash, you keep 10% and I'll take the change!" Get the hell out of here! Not ever in this life time will this happen!

Strike 3.

A professional company isn't going to be emailing you from their free yahoo account. The bastards that sent this email think they're slick. They included reference to a company's real website address (which might actually be legitimate) but they aren't emailing you from that company's listed email address. For instance when I visited the email addresses listed on the site weren't any damn yahoo addresses ( Busted!

You're out of here Mr Tomas Cooper, Aka Fake Ass Recruitment Manager!

Don't Fall For The Hype!

Guys I get these emails everyday. But fortunately for me they end up in my spam box automatically. If they do actually happen to reach your inbox, please don't fall for them under any circumstances! They're all just variations of check processing and wire transfer scams that we've covered here many times.

Have you ever received any of these emails? Did you get duped into this so called opportunity? Inquiring minds want to know. So please feel free to share below.

61 thoughts on “Derby House Fabrics Bookkeeper Job Scam!”

  1. I realize this is an old post for an old scam, but since I still see something very similar to it at least once a month, usually on Craigslist when applying to a job that looks legit because now the scammers copy a real job post listed for ABC City and repost it in XYZ City, I thought it worth commenting. Especially since I am a freelance small business bookkeeper.

    Aside from all the items you pointed out as clues to a scam, bookkeepers do NOT do anything like this! Never, ever, EVER do bookkeepers cash money orders or checks, and especially do not deposit a company’s money in their own bank account. That is called embezzling, and it’s how bookkeepers get discredited if not arrested – yes, we do have professional associations and yes, we are credentialed. Trained, tested, required continuing education, the whole bit just like any other professional.

    What bookkeepers do is deposit checks and money orders, into the company’s accounts ONLY, and because we are trained we know that banks all over the world routinely handle deposits in foreign currencies in business accounts. The bank charges a small fee for currency conversion and that’s it; it’s all automatic, and it makes no difference the payment method (check, money order, etc.)

    But we also know that in this computerized age paper drafts are used less and less. A legitimate business of this type would almost certainly deal with electronic funds transfers, and probably even require it of their customers before shipping any goods!

    I noticed a post above from someone called “donald” who deposited one of these fake checks and said it cleared and $20,000 was in their account. I wish I knew what happened with that person, but most likely they spent some of that money and found themselves in big trouble 2-3 days later when the bank discovered the truth of the check and reversed the deposit.

    Yes, you read that right – reversed the deposit. As in took the $20,000 back out of the account. Yes, this is a real thing and can happen to you! Never think you are going to scam the scammer and deposit one of these scammer’s checks because the bank will find out, and not only will you be out the money you’ve spent but there will be bank overdraft charges and such as well, and you could even find yourself being prosecuted for check fraud!

    You see, by law the bank is required to make funds available within a certain number of days of deposit, which varies depending upon the type and amount, but it could actually take about a week for the fake check to make it to the point where the banking system realizes it is a fake. Bank routing numbers are common knowledge; it’s the bank’s electronic address and the banks readily publish it. If the routing number is all the scammer has and the account number is fake that bad check will be reversed quickly, if the funds were even made available at all. But sometimes the scammers have also copied a real account number off a real check, and it takes longer for the system to get to the point of confirming the check to be fake. But make no mistake, the fake check will be discovered every time. Save yourself a lot of grief and just don’t do it. Go to the police with the check and any other info you have.

  2. I recieved something like this from another company titled Eliot Frabics company me being nieve and work I complied with the email and I was sent the check from the company however something was telling me dont cash it and wire the money to the locations listed and so I did not. What I did was open a seperate checking account depositing the whole check into the account and thank God I was not able to withdraw the money until five days. After waiting five days I called the bank and not much to my suprise the check bounced and I guess it was sent back to the fake bank or company so the only thing that I lost out of the deal was only the money needed for me to maintain that bank account. Its ashame how people take advantage of sometimes a desperate situation. Once again the companies name is Elliot Frabics

  3. Guys, I\’m so stupid…. I don\’t know why I didn\’t look this up before… I received a Mystery Shopper email from and I replied to this email with my information…. what do I do?! I received a money order from him but have not cashed it yet. Please tell me what I should do. Not too long ago, he called me on my cell phone, I have his number in my call record and tried to call him, but it seems that he\’s never available… I was wondering what would happen if I gave him my information. Please help. Everything here is helpful information, thank you all for sharing. Now I know that I need to be more careful.

  4. @Michael:
    There was an ad listed in our local paper for nanny needed, was told to contact via email….reply comes back that nanny position has been filled but contact their friend Gabriel Darcy because he is looking for part time help. He wrote back asking me to cash checks for him!!! YEA RIGHT…I\’m sending both email addresses to attorney general.

  5. @Phyllis:
    I also work as a mystery shopper for multiple authentic companies. I received this exact e-mail today. I thought it sounded fishy – not only do very few mystery shopping jobs pay this much, but I am almost never contacted by a company unless I have applied for a position via their website. When I noted the e-mail address did not contain the actual company name, I knew it could not be legit. I googled it and found your sight. Thanks!

  6. Here’s what Gabriel Darcy’s up to now. I received this email today and googled his name; you’re the first site to come up – thanks for confirming my suspicions.

    1. Note the clumsy wording – the company title should be plural, incomplete sentences, addressed to “Candidate”; the word “venture” should not be capitalized, etc.
    2. email id does not reflect a corporate entity.
    3. I work as a secret shopper. The companies I work for do not initiate communications via email. Applications and all communications (except for while on specific jobs) are completed on their website. They usually have a good standing with BBB.
    4. Mystery shopping orgs do not send out blanket emails requesting shoppers. I was contacted directly once via email by a legitimate org, but it was clear from the start that they were responding to an application I had filled out on another legitimate site (I could list my info there for others to see, but in order to apply for specific jobs they wanted me to pay – I didn’t pay, but a couple jobs came to me anyhow, hah!).
    Fri, August 6, 2010 8:09:40 PM
    Mystery Shopper Wanted
    Gabriel Darcey
    Add to Contacts
    Dear Candidate,

    We are actually looking for a Mystery Shopper who will be working for our company.(Lapmat Service Concept.)

    Mystery shopper needed earn no less than $150.00 need extra income!become our (Mystery Shopper):earn (No Less Than $150.00) Per Venture:it is very easy and very simple:

    No application fees:


    Full Name:

    Mailing address (including City, State, Zipcode):(NOT PO BOX)

    Contact Phone number:



    Your response would be highly appreciated

    Warm Regards,
    Gabriel Darcey,
    Genral Manager,
    Lapmat Service Concept

    • Phyllis,

      Great observations about the actual email. I really hate when the con artist mis-use legitimate companies or opportunities like mystery shopping because the misinformed run around assuming that whole industry is a scam because of one bad apple. Hopefully many more people will do their research and come upon this article like you did.

  7. i recived a email similar to the one in the article. it was from a different company. this company does not have an website, maybe not even an email from what i noticed when i searched the company. this company is in the US. the name of the company is Evergreen Textiles. the name in there was Rick Butler. from the way it was worded it does seem like a scam. i’m unable to copy to here, i’m using my mobile phone

    • Tiffany,

      Thanks for sharing. Many of the con artist use very similar wording in their emails and make slight changes. It’s great you were still able to recognize it as such. Feel free to post the scam email when you get home if you want.

      Thanks again.

  8. I applied last night to a book keeping position online and today received a response. Here is what it says:

    Thanks alot for your reply to my ad.. Yes im in need of a payment representative online and the Job is still available. since you own a personal computer and a printer to yourself. No charges fee is needed to start this Job. All i need is you to be online so we can chat and give u directions of what to do. this is a Part time job as it doesn’t affect any other jobs that you are doing presently..

    You are to work as a Payment Dispatcher. We have clients mostly in the United State/Canada and we send Payment to them all via UPS/Fedex. Also i will need to know if your location owns a UPS/FedEx drop boxes because this is what we use in Mailing Payment out to our various clients. we have a UPS/FedEx account which we used to create a Labels and u can print and paste it on the envelopes then drop them in there various drop boxes.

    If interested please reply with the following information below so that we can start working immediately…

    Name in full…
    Phone Number….
    Cell Number…
    Current Work…
    Work Address in full…
    Your Picture….
    Mother middle name….
    Date of Birth….
    Best way you like to be contacted….

    This offer is open to any;

    1.Honest and ambitious.
    2.Keep to time.
    3.Always available to work.

    I will need you to get online on Yahoo Chat and if you don’t have one try downloaded on your computer ( and add me to your friend list so that we can chat and give you more directions and more information better than i have done in my letter. The Salary of this Job is so attractive and you will fall in love with the Job when we started.
    Hope to read from you soon. and i will be online waiting to chat with you.

    The simple fact that were are so willing to let me mail out payments without a back ground check and knowing me made me think and asking for my mothers middle name? I think they meant maiden name but asked for middle instead. I went online searching for similar scams to this one and found this site. I’m searching for an actual job and these scams make it all disheartening.

    • Hi Patricia,

      Don’t fret. At least now because of this scam you have found our site.
      We list new leads that have been researched daily here:

      You can also visit my recommendations page where you can find oother non-traditional
      opportunities that can be started here:

      At the end of the day, you did the right thing by using your common sense and doing research.
      If you keep following those steps, you’ll continue to avoid nonsense. But staying on this site pretty mmuch has eeverything you need to start working at home safely.

      Good luck.

  9. I got an email about like yours today,,actually went om Yahoo messenger and spoke with them. Yeah,,wanted same damn info as listed in your feedback,,I feel better now and will forget it. Thanks!!!

  10. I received this e-mail from Derick Hanes

    Hello John,

    Thanks for getting back to me in request of working as a dispatcher for me.

    More information about the job:

    * Must be above the age of 23
    * Must be able to read & write
    * Must posses official skills
    * Must be able to use Microsoft Words
    * Typing Speed -35WPM
    * Must be able to use check printing software e.g Versacheck, Checksoftware, Insticheck e.t.c

    Equipments Required for the position:

    * Personal computer connected to the internet
    * Printer
    * Scanner
    * Check printing software ( E.g Checksoft, Versacheck, Insticheck)
    * Check Paper (Business Checks)
    * Office Supplies
    * Mailing Envelopes

    Job Details:

    * Processing Company’s Payment
    * Printing Checks
    * Drop Offs/Pick Ups

    Required Job Time

    * five time in a Week ( Monday/Friday)
    * Four (4) Hours Daily
    * 8:00aM – 6.00PM ( Timing could be arranged)

    * $1200 / Month ($600/2 weeks)

    Mode of Application

    * You are to send an email to the above email address with the following format:

    * Full Name
    * Location
    * Yahoo Messenger I.D
    * Time of Availability



    Thanks for your application/ co-operation.


    has anyone got an e-mail like this?

  11. I received this email today as a matter of fact. I didn’t fall for it b/c I I have seen these type of fake job opportunities before and knew that they were some scam artist. Here is the message.


    My name is Ruth Ann, I did instructed Mrs Kelly Cleff to introduce to me anyone who is willing to work as part-time, since she has gotten a new tutor, actually I am from United State, but currently based in UK working with Altfield Fabrics. We make lots of supplies to some of our clients in United State/Canada for which I do come to United State/Canada to receive payments and have it cashed or processed after I supply them raw materials. Its always too expensive and stressful for me to come down and received such payment twice in a month,and Mrs Kelly Cleff is currently busy traveling because of her art work exhibition, so she can’t do this for me. That is why I asked her to inform anybody, who is looking for job to contact me. I am willing to pay you 8% for every payment received by you from our clients who makes payment through you. The payments will come to you twice a week you are meant to deduct 10% out of each amount you receive as your own commission,and send the remaining funds to any of our warehouse manager that will be given to you.

    Please note that you don’t have to be a book keeper to apply for the job…Kindly get back to me as soon as possible if you are interested in this job offer with your:

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Zip Code:
    Phone Number:
    Marital Status:

    What employer really would hire someone without ever meeting them and knowing their background? Beware of Craig list in the job section there are plenty of fake job postings to last a lifetime.

    I also thinks it’s odd to ask someone who is not one of your clients to send you money through money gram or western union? Why can’t your clients just do it…duh?

  12. @juliana:
    i recently applied for a nanny job as well only to find that she no longer needed on and referred me to a friend of hers. When he emailed me he too was from ALTFIELD FABRICS these scammers are frustrating

  13. Hey.. .The last week I have put my profile in a baby sitting website. And..guess what? The “mom” said that she didn’t need anymore a nanny, she already had found one. However, she had a friend that was looking for someone… So. I contacted him of course, by email…

    And he send me the same email that you have received Eddy, but with a different fabric\’s name. The name was: ALTFIELD FABRICS.

  14. im sorry it took so long for me to feply but the message was in my spam yes i did and it went through completly i was worried because after i deposited the check i heard about a scam so i sherched the web and there were a whole lot of people who said i took the money from there and times are tough so i was telling my mom how worried i was well the check went through i dont recomend people do these scams to get money you cant win i just got lucky@Bob:

  15. i got this in the mail today…it looks like they’ve tapped into craigslist!

    Derby House Fabrics Ltd.

    59 Derby
    VAT REG NO: 735 773 701
    TEL: +447011172554,+447040900542.
    Time 24Hrs Daily


    I am Mr Bryan Morel,Assistant Director Of D&H Fabrics And Textiles.We
    need a representative from USA AND CANADA who can be working for us as a
    Payment Officer. We receive Payments from clients in form of Money Orders
    and Check for which its always too expensive and stressful for me to come
    down and receive such payment so We decided to contact you.As a Payment
    Officer for the company all you have to do are below:


    *. Receive Documents/Payments in form of Check, Money Order
    *. Deduct 10% which will be your percentage
    *. Forward balance after deduction of percentage to the company.

    Email back with the Info below.

    FULL ADDRESS(not p.o. box)

    Best Regard
    Mr Bryan Morel.


  16. Another one is I applied for a nanny position. They emailed me back thanking me and letting me know that the position had been filled. But that she had a friend who needed help with cashing out of country checks for a fabrics company..and that I keep “10%”. SCAM….and I was simply applying for a nanny postition…..WOW these people are NARLEY!!!

  17. well its mike again and I just found another in my email box from old mail but just thought i’d pass it on hopefully it will help somone.

    Re: Job Offer: American mystery shopper needed ASAP.
    Monday, July 6, 2009 3:03 PM
    “David Desmond”
    Add sender to Contacts

    Our Mystery Shoppers Inc © is a company that conducts surveys and stealth evaluation of companies and organisations. Our mystery shoppers pose as normal customers to perform specific tasks such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way and then providing detailed reports or feedback about their experiences.

    Unlike the methodologies used in mainstream market research mystery shopping attempts to gauge the service delivery process instead of the service result.
    You are to visit businesses to evaluate.

    These evaluations are done anonymously, with you posing as a regular customer. After which you are required to complete a detailed critique, including a detailed written summary/story line of the visit, customer services and product, salesmanship, hospitality. Etc

    Examples of details you would forward to us are :

    1) How long it took you to get services.
    2) Smartness of the attendant
    3) Customer service professionalism
    4) Sometimes you might be required to ruffle the attendant a bit, to see how they react to clients when under pressure. And we turn the information over to the company executives and they would carry out their own duties in improving there services.

    After which we customize your evaluation criteria to meet the goals and expectations this companies have established for their customers. We then communicate your results back to the companies in an accurate, comprehensive and timely manner.
    Most companies employ our assistance when people give complains about their services, or when they feel there are needs for them to improve their customer service.

    Your Identity would be kept confidential as the job states (secrets shopper) you would be paid $300 for every duty you carry out, and bonus on your transportation allowance, and funds would be given to you if you have to dine as part of the duty.
    Your job will be to evaluate and comment on customer service in a wide variety of shops, stores, restaurant and services in your area. No commitment is made on this job, and you would have flexible hours as it suits you. If you are interested do send in your full name contact address and telephone number, so we can find assignment areas that are close to you and would suit you and offer you flexibility, your address would also be needed for your payments.

    I would have to put you down in our data base system as one of our numerous agents, And you would be covering your area, and some close cities near you, you would find this job very interesting and rewarding. An acceptance e mail would be sent to you, we have evaluation activities around your city that is why we need your services I would have to get you the full details of the services which you would have to partake in. I would like to know what your schedule is so I know what days to fix you in. As soon as you are accepted for this job, you would be given full details of the activities you have to carry out, and you would be told what to keep for records, and your payment information would be included in the mail.

    If you are still interested, Please reply this e mail with the following information :-

    Full Name:
    full Mailing Address (not P..O.Box please):
    Zip Code:
    Cell Phone:
    Home Phone:
    Marital Status:
    Best Times To Call:
    Present Job Status/Position:

    Best Regards,
    Attn: David Desmond
    Holland & Davis LLC
    Susidiary of Mystery Shopper Inc

  18. I believe my girlfriend is tied up in some sort of scam.. There was a local newspaper ad in bradenton, fl. It was requesting Nanny services and offered $750 a week and a vehicle to use for work or pleasure. well There was nothing but a name Susan Benson and an email address, she emailed susan and her reply was that the position was already filled but she wanted to recommend a good job, it was a man named Gabriel Darcy the worked at Below Cost Fabrics. His email looked just like all of the other Fabrics scam emails.. I told her that I think she messed up! and she then told em that she offered Mr. Gabriel my info also!!1 WHATTT I said? 1 week later we both received 2 money grams for 726.26 in the mail, to each of our names and to 2 different addresses. We will not cash the money grams but has anyone ever had a problem with ( this person coming looking for their money?) What is the real reason these money grams were sent? CAn someone help out? Also looks like these scammers are getting sneakier!! Local newspaper ads? leading to all of this? Dang!

  19. i got a e-mail like that that and i went through with it cashed the checked they went through so i was about to send them the money and i was telling my mother about it and she said if they dont ask for my ssn its not a real job so i didnt send them the money and now i have $20,000
    if it wernt for my mom telling me its not a real job i would have given away $18,000 i lucked out on this one but im not doing those any more

    • Glad you avoided this one Donald. Your mom is a smart cookie.
      You might want to contact your bank and let them know about this scammer.
      Thanks for being brave enough to share with us.
      Do you happen to have the original emails sent by the scammer?
      If so why not help others by posting in our scam section:

  20. Ok, I just got another scam sent to me and I’m sure it won’t be the last one. Some antique dealer overseas needs me to work for him, all I need is a knowledge of the computer and the drive to want to make $. Lovely gmail account to contact him with, NOT! I guess since I almost fell for this once they will all be coming to me now. Lucky me.

    • Feel free to share the email you got. I am sure it may help some others avoid it. Scam artist just mass spam everyone. They figure if you email enough people they’re sure
      to get a small percentage to fall for it. And that’s all they really need to make their money. It’s not like they already know when someone almost fell for one. It’s just blind coincidence. So don’t feel bad.

  21. @Lisa:
    Whew!!! Man am I glad you had this on your blog….I just got off my IM with Derick Hanes and was just about to download software etc when I finally found this info. I had been looking for a couple of days now to see if Gaskins checked out and just found you! Boy am I grateful or what!!! Of course when I told Derick that I knew he was a scam….he said “I am not any of the things you said” I simply closed my IM on him and hope to not hear from him again!

    • Hi Pat,

      I am so happy you were able to avoid this scam. Fortunately you were one of the lucky ones that actually did their research.
      In any event, be sure you check out the other scams we list on our scams page:

      The scam video listed there will probably prove helpful but it looks like you already know about doing research on scams.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

      I love to hear when folks avoid getting scammed.


  22. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for sharing with us. You would think these scammers would switch it up. LOL

    I’m just happy you avoided getting scammed.
    Be sure you read the other scams we discuss on the following page:

    The best way to fight scams is to educate yourself and do your research. Looks like you already know that. So kudos to you!

    Hope to see you on our site more.

    Take care.


  23. Like Denise (#10) I replied to the ad on Craigs List for Gaskins Fabrics. I JUST got done talking to a Derick Hanes. I, as well, asked a lot of questions. When asked what their website address he stated it was under construction. I said can I have the name of your website? He said I just told you its under construction. I said I just want the name. He gave me Upon doing a google search I came upon your website. Immediaely infuriated, I asked Derik if he was affiliated with Derby House and he said YES! I then replied Im not interested. This is a scam. Thank you for wasting my time. Then I logged off.

  24. Hi Eileen,

    Thanks for the kind words.
    Great to hear that you avoided by scammed. This site is only great because of all the users that come and share their experiences. It’s hard for the scam artists to scam people when we all expose their dirty laundry to the world. So good work to all of you that come here and post comments. I can only do so much by myself but having all of you really makes a difference! So a big thank you to all of you!

    Eileen, you may want to be come a subscriber to keep up to date with any other scams or legitimate opportunities we may post on this blog:

    Take care.


  25. I, too received an email today after I applied for an accounting position on CL – Searched the name I got here.Denise (#10) has the same exact email – I didn’t even bother IM’ing them on yahoo after what I read here. Keep up the good work and I’ve bookmarked your site! Thanks

  26. Must be my lucky SCAM day as today I also heard from Gaskins Fabric about a job, and for me to set up Yahoo messagner id. I did a seach and ended up here. But not just one SCAM today, today I recieved a pkg from UPS and when I looked inside there was a check for $3,825.50 from a car dealer in Ca., I’m in Va. considering that I’m unemployed (since Jan) haven’t paid the Sept mortgage, could be homeless in 2 months and I’m a single parent. I thought heck I’d better call these people and see why they sent me this check. All in all there’s nothing like a lucky SCAM day when your in need of a real life

  27. Hi Denise,

    Thanks for sharing this scam with us. I’m so happy to hear that you did your research. You go girl! You’re shared story may now help others avoid it as well. If you don’t mind, would you mind posting this comment in our scam section as well: ?

    Many people go there to learn about scams so this can reach more people there.

    I guess I should continue to post these type of scammy emails on my blog so more people can find our site to help them avoid this type of crap.

    In any event, glad to hear that your story ended positively. If you would like to know when we post new articles on avoiding scams or legitimate work at home opportunities you may want to subscribe:

    Thanks again.


    P.S. Legit work at home options can be found at: and

  28. I found a job posting on Craigs List that said they needed an AP clerk. Gaskins Fabrics contacted me and said that I was what they were looking for however, I needed to get a Yahoo IM account. They sent me the following email:

    Hello Denise,
    Thanks for the prompt response, we received your application. This is to confirm your appointment.
    Also i want you to understand that you will need to get VersaCheck ® Payroll or VersaCheck ® Gold 2008 software and Business Check paper. You need the VersaCheck ® Payroll or VersaCheck ® Gold 2008 software and Business Check paper for this work. We need to know how soon can you purchase this software which can be gotten from Staples or Office Max store around you so that we can proceed? It is a Work From Home Stuff and You Must have your personal computer connected with internet service.
    I will email you our company’s associated account information’s that you will use in drafting the checks that will be sent to clients. Our company contacts the issuing bank to approve the checks number and credit it,so everything is secured,safe and legit.It is very easy when you make use of the software .There are free blank checks that comes with the software.
    The names and addresses of the clients will be given to you to post each payment .You will make use of the company’s DHL,FEDEX or UPS account in posting this payment. You don’t need to spend any money for posting them,The only thing you need is just the software and the check paper.
    You will be paid $700 every 2 weeks and there is room for extra compensation.Your salary will be sent to you Via western union or moneygram depending on which you prefer.
    The part time job schedule is just for few Hours in everyday of the week dependong on how fast the payments can be processed and sent out. So i will be putting you through with the tasks online, you will need to get back with your yahoo messanger IM so you can chat with me and i can guide you with necessary instruction on how to process without any mistake.

    Thanks For Your Total Understanding.
    Staffing and Recruiting Dept
    Regional Manager


    I asked lots of questions in the chat and they said that they had a contract with the US GVT to sew uniforms. When I asked for their website they didn’t respond at first and then sent me a link to Derby House Fabrics. When I googled that, your site was the first to come up. Thanks!

  29. Here’s my tale.. Just got it in my email… if it is truly from a manager in a company, then it would be in perfect English and in correct spelling, right? Here’s another variant of the derby house fabrics spam mail:

    Derby House Fabrics Ltd.
    Derby House,
    59 Derby Street,
    M8 8HW.

    I am Gary Bidge the Manager Derby House Fabrics Ltd and i live and work here in United Kingdom, Would you like to work online from home and get paid without affecting your present job? Actually i need a representative who can be working for our company as online bookkeeper.We make lots of supplies to some of our clients in the USA,CANADA,PUERTO RICO as well as in the EUROPE and AUSTRALIA for which i come down to receive payment and have it cashed after i supply them raw materials. But its always too expensive and stressful for me to come down and receive such payment twice in a month so i therefore decided to contact you.I am willing to pay you 10% for every payment received by you from our clients who makes payment through you.
    Reply by filling the form below if interested,
    FULL ADDRESS(not p.o. box)

    Gary Bridge
    {Managing Director}

    Anyway, Thank you for informing us about the derby house fabrics scam mails.

  30. Hi Eddy

    Here is another SCAM, and they give a Phone # and everything take a look.

    “Greetings to you

    My name is Elvis Solomon, I am an artist. I own Elvis ART in London
    (United Kingdom)We Have a job offer available for you in response to
    your initial requesting the job search directory for USA, CANADA, UK AND
    EUROPE. We are based in Asia. We have been receiving orders from North
    America which we have not been able to process completely since we do
    not have a payment receiving personnel in this area. So we have decided to
    recruit Payment Officer online hence we will be needing a
    representative to process out payment in this area and get 10% on each payment being
    processed and you will making at least close to $1,800 weekly.

    All you will be doing is receive payments from my customers in the
    States in form of MONEY ORDER’S or TRAVELER’S CHEQUE,Then take to you bank and
    cash then deduct 10% and have the remaining 90% sent back to me via
    western union money transfer.

    If interested Kindly get back with this information below and i will
    furnish back with further and more details on this, Please have it in
    mind this is 100% legit and would not affect you present job nor cost you
    dime of your personal money.

    If you are interested, N: B, Please send to me the listed
    information below directly to me at (

    Full Name, Address in full ( No Po Box ) City, State, Zip code,
    Phone Number.
    Have receive or done an offer like this? Yes or No?
    If Yes give out come

    Name:Elvis Solomon
    Time 24Hrs Daily
    +44-7031851629 “

  31. Hi Odalys,

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    It’s not so much a matter of thinking we’re stupid.
    It’s a matter of being ignorant and a numbers game.
    The scammers think of this way, yes 99.9% of people will ignore their bogus emails but less than a percent won’t because they’re new to the internet and they could make a killing on those people.

    So in their minds it doesn’t cost them anything to send massive number of emails because someone will eventually bite unless they’re lucky enough to be on our site like ours.

    It’s just a sad situation.


  32. I received this today and let me tell you they send these email to hundreds of other emails My GOD give us a break, we are not stupid

    “Dear Applicant,
    Would you like to work online from Home/Temporarily and get paid
    weekly? We are glad to offer you for a job position at our company,
    Derby House Fabrics We need someone to work for the company as a Accounts
    Payable /Receivable Manager in the USA. This is in view of our not
    having an office presently in the USA. You don’t need to have an Office
    and this certainly wont disturb any form of work you have going at the

    Thanks For Your Total Understanding.
    Chris Baileys,
    Staffing and Recruiting Dept,
    Regional Manager,
    Derby House Fabrics.”

  33. I received this today…

    “You’re invited to view my photos!”

    I was also invited to view a photo through Walgreen’s photo album.

    Most of these go to my junk box, But this one slid through and was titled as

    “Job opening in your area

    Album 03/26/08
    1 photos

    I am Gary Bridge,Manager Derby House Fabrics Ltd.I need a representative who can be working for us online.We make lots of supplies to some of our clients in the USA/CANADA for which its always too expensive and stressful for me to come down and receive such payment so i decided to contact you.I am willing to pay you 10% of every payment received by you.

    fill the form below,

    FULL ADDRESS(not p.o. box)

  34. I recently worked at a check cashing company, and you wouldn’t believe how many people would brig in these money orders for huge amounts of money only to finsd out that they were fraudulent, and that they could be arrested. No matter what, if a business sends you a check or money order to cash for them, then require you to send the majority back and you keep the rest, is as fake as they come. if you’re not sure go to, for more info.


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