Cyber Monday Online Deals & Scams To Avoid!

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cyber-monday-online-deals-scamsSo Cyber Monday 2014 is upon us. Usually the deals you find online can be even better than the Black Friday deals that are offered offline. The other benefit of Cyber Monday Online Deals is you avoid the joy of crazy traffic, packed parking lots or the risk of being trampled just to save a few bucks on some things you probably can live without. That said if you do plan to do some shopping today, I want you to be mindful of some shady scams to avoid and taking advantage of the best cyber monday deal.

Cyber Monday Online Scams To Avoid!

Unexpected Delivery Confirmation Phishing Emails

Be mindful of emails you receive from national postal service or shipping companies like DHL, Fedex and UPS claiming you have a package that couldn't be delivered or would be delivered soon. If you weren't expecting a package you should be careful because it could be a phishing email. This is where the scammer will ask you to visit a website set up by these scum bags to steal your personal information like email addresses, passwords, credit card numbers and more. That's why it's always a good idea to check the from email address which is usually a free account like yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc and not an official mailing service email. When in doubt, never click the link in the email or download the attached file. Just go and visit said mailing company's website directly by typing it in the browser or searching it in Google to be on the safe side.

Copycat Website / Website Address Typo Squatting

In everyone's rush to get a great deal, you may end up typing in the wrong address in your browser. For instance instead of you may enter which in this example leads to But in other situations you may be led to a website that is filled with ads that benefit the person that purchased the domain. And in worst case scenarios you may end up on a website that will infect your computer with a virus, spyware or any other nasty software that is going to make your Cyber Monday a bad one. So be sure you're carefully typing the website in your browser or use to search for the name to be on the safe side.

Fake Emailed Coupons

Many legitimate retailers will be sending emails with real coupons that can save you a gang of money. But there will also be scam artists sending you fake email coupon offers disguising themselves as retailers you know as well. In this scam you'll receive an email from what appears to be a major retailer. But you'll be asked to click on a link or download the coupon and like Delivery Phishing Scam the con artist will try to steal your information as well. Never download any coupons via email and always check the sender's email address as well. Chances are they are using a free email account like yahoo, gmail, etc. You're better off visiting the website directly to confirm if the coupon is real.

Cyber Monday Tips

No that we've discussed some scams to avoid, let me give you some tips that can help you make money while you shop.

1. Use websites like Swagbucks or that will pay you as you search the web looking for deal. You might as well make some money as you plan to spend it!

2. Be sure you use to get money back. Install their free browser extension so even if you forget to use them, it will remind you as you visit websites.

Best Cyber Monday Online Deal

Many of us will be buying products that probably won't have a lasting impact on our lives and that's fine. We all need to indulge and treat ourselves. After all, I love a good gadget even if I don't need one. But Cyber Monday is also a perfect time to invest in yourself via training that can help you make money that can truly change your life and those of the loved one around you. I know because I'm speaking from experience. My investment in Wealthy Affiliate has paid for itself many times over and has helped me give my family, friends and loved ones experiences that we couldn't imagine without learning this business.

So if you want to truly get yourself or family a gift that will literally keep on giving if you put in the work, I would recommend looking into Wealthy Affiliate's Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deal! Today is the last day and I would hate to see you miss out on such a massive savings. Even if you don't or can't invest in the deal. You can still become a starter member for free and as long as you want. So you have nothing to lose either way!

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Please be sure to share it with others today so they can avoid the scams I discussed above. You could save someone from a lot of hurt today by doing so. In any event, thanks for reading. Please feel free to chime in below if you have any comments or feedback.

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  1. Eddy with a y,

    Hello, do you suggest the “Top Picks” on the right side of this page? Thanx in advance~ looking for a Part time wah job. I did LiveOps, but I am looking for something that doesn’t take away from my Son, where he doesn’t have to be ‘quiet’ for soO long while I work.. :/ Wanting legit Data Entry, etc. 😉

    • Debbie,

      Yes the companies listed are great ways to make some extra money that are legitimate and screened by me.
      In terms of your need for a part time job which doesn’t involve being on a phone or having a quiet space, look into Amazon Mechanical Turk. It’s a great way to make part time money at your leisure.

      Hope this helps.

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