Infomercial Scams, The truth will shock you.

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Have you ever been up late at night flipping through the channels because you just couldn't sleep? Next thing you know you're watching some toothy, tanned, slick talking guy telling you how you can earn $10,000 per month sitting at home spending only an hour or two per week. We all know these programs as infomercials and don't be afraid to admit that you've watched them too. I know I have many times. For me it's more of a learning exercise on what to avoid and how to be better sales person.

After all these companies are making millions if not billions of dollars every year. I won't lie, I've fallen victim to a few “As Seen On TV” infomercials and purchased some products. For the most part the products have proven to work somewhat as advertised by eventually fell short of the claims of the program. But fortunately I've yet to lose tons of money.

But apparently many folks aren't as fortunate and have fallen victim to many work at home or home business infomercial scams. I think the problem with most folks is that they lose common sense practices that they would use in the real world or the internet. See in the real world we've all been trained to be skeptical of anything that sounds to be good to true. If we feel uneasy about something, we either pass on it, ask for advice or do some research. But TV seems to suspend this for many folks.

I can understand how this happens. You assume if someone has enough money to be on TV and is exposed to millions of people they wouldn't dare scam people because its out in public view for the world to see and criticize. Unfortunately some of the most shady infomercial peddlers are banking on this. I decided to do some research on some infomercial work at home opportunity that appeared very legitimate based on what I can see in their programming.

But of course I did my due diligence and hit Google and did a search for the company's name, website + the keyword scam. Jackpot! I got tons of information and read various complaints. I also learned the ins and outs of how this particular infomercial scam operated that I would have never known unless I coughed up my hard earned money. Needless I was very thankful for the information.

As such, I'd like to share with you the website that should be used if you're ever interested in buying any infomercial product that is peddling a work at home opportunity or anything else for that matter. The website in question is called

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Gloria - October 30, 2009 Reply

Tried the web site Ed, I guess I really don’t know what it’s purpose is. There was no “about us”, or FAQ sections. I didn’t find it very informative. Did I mis something?@Eddy Salomon:
@Eddy Salomon:

    Eddy Salomon - October 30, 2009 Reply

    Hi Gloria,

    It appears the site is no longer in existence. At the end of the day, you can research any infomercial by following the simple steps in my scam video: and trust me you should. Most of the money making ones are total rip offs. So always do your research and you’ll avoid a lot of problems with any work at home opportunity. Hope this helps.

Janet - July 31, 2009 Reply

Eddy, I tried to get on the, using the above link, it didn’t work. thanks, Janet

    Eddy Salomon - July 31, 2009 Reply

    Hey Janet,

    Thanks for the heads up. Looks like their site is down. Just follow the steps in my scam video to research any infomercial you’re looking into,
    the techniques listed there pretty much apply to any company:

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