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Review of products and opportunities to make money from home.

ReceiptPal Review: Is The App A Scam or Legit?

ReceiptPal Scam Review

I’ve been in this make money online business for many moons. One thing I noticed is that companies tend to just copy off each other if a concept has proven effective. That sucks from a creativity standpoint. But when it comes to making money it just means there are more options for us to join. […]

Is BzzAgent A Scam & Worth Your Time?

BzzAgent Scam

Have you ever been to a supermarket and offered free samples? I bet you have. Who doesn’t love free stuff? But we all know the companies offering the free samples aren’t doing it just to be kind. The hope is you will buy the product. Well if you like getting free samples and don’t want to […]

Is Survey Money Machines A Scam? Kind of…

Survey Money Machines Scam

Another day and another company claiming you can make some ridiculous money taking surveys online. If you’ve read my blog in the past you already know that these type of claims are fluffier than the Easter Bunny’s tail. In other words they’re full of BS. But feel free to read my Survey Money Machine Review […]

Younique Reviews: Is It A Pyramid Scheme or Not?

Younique Reviews

The beauty industry is such a huge money maker because who doesn’t want to get their “Beyonce” look on. In the past it was only the big corporations that were making the money from this industry. But that’s definitely changed and now the world of cosmetics is full of opportunities for everyone. There is Avon, Mary Kay, […]

Team Beachbody Coach: Is It Another Fitness Scam?

Team BeachBody Coach Scam

We live in the internet world where everything comes fast. So it’s no surprise people want that when it comes to making money or losing weight. And of course there are people and companies that want to meet this need. Just watch TV for a few minutes and you’ll see someone claiming to have a […]

Creations Rewards Review: Why Does It Take So Long?

Creations rewards review

Have you ever really thought about how much time you spend surfing the internet on your smartphone, laptop or desktop? If you’re anything like me you may be clinical addicted to the internet. I’m joking but according to some recent medical reports many of us have an unhealthy addiction to the web. Most of us […]

InboxPounds Review: What They Don’t Want You To Know!

Inbox Pounds Review

Let’s keep it real, we all probably spend way too much time on the internet. I would bet most of the time we spend is really on personal entertainment rather than anything productive. The internet has become the new stupid box aka the television. But it doesn’t have to be. If you’re on this website […]

Easy Shift Review: Does The App Really Work?

Easy Shift App Review

Chances are you spend a lot of time on your smartphone. You probably use it places you shouldn’t which is why I don’t touch other people’s phones. But I digress. How would you like to make money using your smartphone? Apparently there are many apps and websites that allow you to do just that (Ibotta, Checkout 51, etc) They […]

Take Surveys For Cash Review: Is it a Scam?

Take Survey For Cash Review

Another day and yet another company making claims that you can live off of taking surveys. If you’ve read my other reviews about surveys in the past, you already know this is nonsense. But for those of you that still believe the hyped up claims about surveys, then you’re going to want to read my […]

Paydays At Home Review: The Dirty Secret is Out!

Paydays At Home Review

You know the saying that a leopard can’t change its spots? Well that is certainly the case with many of the work at home scams I’ve covered in the past. One that keeps coming up is a link posting scam. If you’ve read my other reviews on link posting scams such as xyz. Then you already know […]

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