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Ipsos I-Say Review: Is it Legit or A Time Wasting Scam?

Ipsos Isay Review

The thing about opinions is they’re like belly buttons, everyone has one. And quite frankly most of them are useless. But that’s not always the case especially when you have marketing research companies that will pay you for your views. So today in my Ipsos I-Say Review, we’ll determine if it’s worth your effort. Because […]

Quick Rewards Review: Does It Really Work?

Quick Rewards Network Review

I am huge fan of getting paid to do things that I already do for FREE. So with that said websites that are geared towards getting paid to use the internet in one capacity or another appeal to me. Recently I stumbled upon a website called Quick Rewards that claims to provide such an opportunity. It […]

iWriter Review: Is it An Outright Scam or Legit?

iWriter Review

When I was growing up it always amazed me that people could just get paid for putting words together, whether it was in a song or book. I wanted to be able to get paid for my words but it seemed allusive to me at the time. Because I knew I didn’t write like a New York Time’s […]

TextBroker Review: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Is TextBroker legit?

I’ve been in this industry for many years and it’s always been a struggle for people to land a work at home job. It’s either most of them are scams or folks don’t have the skills that are actual demand. For instance freelance writing always in demand because all websites need content. I see ads […]

Tomoson Reviews: Get Paid To Write Reviews

Tomoson Reviews - Legit or not

As someone that makes a full time income blogging, I love checking out new products and companies. It always provides me inspiration for my reviews but sometimes I learn of a new way to make money. So it’s a win win for me. Recently I learned about which promises to pay you for writing honest reviews […]

Qriket Review: Is it a Scam or not?

qriket review

Many moons ago I wrote about a company called SuperPoints that basically paid you for clicking on a button on their website. It seemed too good to be true. But for a while they really did pay people. But unfortunately the company closed. But it seems like the concept has been reborn in a smart […]

EarnHoney Review: Is It Really Legit or Fake?


I’m a big fan of getting paid for things that I would do for free and that includes using the internet. Fortunately there are tons of reward based websites that will pay you for many of your web activities. So today in my EarnHoney Review, we’ll determine if is worth it for you. What […]

NiceTalk Tutor Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

NiceTalk Tutor Logo

Teaching can be very rewarding. I have always loved helping other people learn to earn. It’s my passion and I’ve done it for FREE for the most part via my blog posts. But recently I discovered an app that says it will pay me for teaching others my native language of English. It sounds good but you […]

Earnably Review: Is it legit or another get paid scam?

EarnAbly Review - Get Paid To Use The Internet

If you’re anything like me you love yourself some internet. It’s probably the best invention since electricity or the toilet bowl. Yes the toilet bowl. If you don’t think it’s one of the top invention you need to be without for a few days to appreciate it. But I digress. The internet is the only […]

Zilok Review – Get Paid To Rent Out Your Stuff

Get Paid To Rent Anything

Do you have stuff laying around your house that’s really just collecting dust? What about in your garage? Well suppose you were able to get paid for all that old crap I mean stuff.  Well the good news is you can. Apparently there is a site that helps you to get paid to rent out your stuff. If […]

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