"‹ Tired of the MLM Grind?  Want to Create a Substantial 
Business Online 
Without Having to Spam Facebook?

Chances are you've been approached to join an MLM in one of the following ways:

  • Your social media feed is constantly bombarded with MLM pitches or products by friends or family members that sound like mlm cult members.
  • You were invited to hangout with friends but quickly discovered it's a sneaky home party designed to recruit or sell you stuff you don't really need or want.
  • You filled out a form online and were invited to a webinar. Now you're being pitched to join or have someone calling you 24/7 trying to pressure you into their MLM.
  • You have hit the NFL state, No Friends Left.  Fatigue in MLM can happen quickly when you run out of people close to you to promote it to and you are forced to start “cold calling” strangers. 

Enough Already, There is a BETTER WAY!

If you are spending time online, why not spend some time learning how to properly create a sustainable business online.  Become a brand in your niche.  Become a success story.  Become a LONG TERM business.   Build out your business in a way (MLM or otherwise) in a way that doesn't involve alienating the people you know, hosting parties or recruiting others into your downline. It's called AUTHORITY marketing and you can learn it today by joining the most active and thriving community in the world for Internet Enterprenuers!

Why Is Affiliate Marketing Better Than Multi Level Marketing (MLM)?

Authority/Affiliate Marketing

MLM/Network Marketing

Customers Come To You

People search the internet for solutions to their problems and your site comes up and does the selling 365/24/7

You Chase Customers

You have to harass family and friends with home parties, social media posts or webinars.

Product Focused

Affiliate marketing is about promoting products people know & want. You can make a good income just focused on that.

Recruitment Dependent

Since MLM products tend to be over priced or useless. Most MLM reps resort to recruiting a down-line to make money.

FREE To Join

Companies realize it benefits them when you promote their company. So they DON'T charge you to be an affiliate.

Must Purchase A Kit

MLMs make your purchase a start up kit which gives you products to sell. But it also pays the upline their commissions!

Established Brands

Companies such as Amazon have affiliate programs. So when you promote their products on your site, you don't have to convince people to trust and buy. 

Unknown Companies

Most MLMs don't last many years. So they're not really established brands folks know. So imagine how difficult it would be to sell their unknown products.


Hopefully you can see the overwhelming reasons why authority marketing is a better way to make money. If you understand the proper way to build a business online, you can create a business for MANY years to come.  I have worked with 1,000's of network and MLM marketers, along with 10,000's of affiliate marketers over the years and I can assure you I will be there to hep you every step of the way through the process. 

How Does Authority/Affiliate Marketing Work?

ffiliate Marketing 4 Steps

DON'T FREAK OUT, if any of these steps scare you. I didn't know how to do them either until Wealthy Affiliate taught me. This hyperactive online community provides all the training and tools you need to learn each of these steps easily.  I will even be there personally to help you out (Eddy with a Y) and I will hit you up as soon as you join.  You don't need a PHD in technology or any marketing experience. As long as you're willing to learn, watch videos, read text and ask questions, you can do this!!

Wealthy Affiliate Help You Make Money Online By Providing The Following:

  • Beginner Training Course
  • Video Lessons
  • 2 Free Websites
  • Live Chat Help
  • 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Much More.

Can I Really Do This?

It's not rocket science

At this point you may be having doubts about if you can do this or not. Trust me none of this is rocket science. If it were I definitely couldn't do it. Let's put it this way. You weren't born knowing how to read. But here you are on this website reading my page. You weren't born knowing how to do any of the jobs you had. But eventually you learned the skills that allowed you to get and do your job. You weren't born knowing how to use the internet but somehow you managed to log onto the internet and find my website (which wasn't by accident because WA taught me to get you here. )

At the end of the day all this proves that you have the ability to learn anything new if you put your mind to it and have the proper support. Well this online business that WA teaches you is no different than anything else you learned in life. The only real question is are you willing to learn something that can potentially change your life forever. You can continue to earn little bits of money or none at all with these other websites. But I know you deserve a lot more. Wealthy Affiliate can give you that in time as it did for me. You just have to be able to say yes to yourself.

Wealthy Affiliate and I will literally hold your hand and walk you through this. History has already proven you are capable of learning new things. Don't let a little intimidation of something new stop you for giving this a shot especially because it literally cost nothing to get started? So what do you really have to lose?