What Is 12 Minute Payday – 43 Minutes of Insanity

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“By the sweat of your face you shall ………”. If there would have been an internet in paradise, the sentence would continue “…….work hard to make money online”!

I have been earning a full time income online for over a decade now and here are some facts you need to know:

  • There is no easy way to make money online
  • You will NOT get rich overnight
  • Out of the box made for you” programs do NOT work
  • Secret money making systems DO NOT exist

It is also a fact that the internet is full of make-money-online scams. My spam inbox is over flowing (almost) with dubious offers of crappy and worthless stuff.

Binary Option Trading scams and a bunch of “mini Empower Network” pyramid schemes are the most popular scams lately.

When I stumbled across the email promoting 12 Minute Payday, it seemed to be different than the other crap and I decided to take a closer look.

What Is 12 Minute Payday

In the good old days, when I started out, sales pages on websites were long, filled with a billion of highlights, flashy images and the usual hyped up content.

Nowadays however, the preferred media, for all these scammy products, is one of the long and annoyingly self starting videos without the “doohickies” to stop, start, fast forward or rewind.

I always look around the site first for contact info, disclaimer and stuff like that, and this is what I found at the bottom of the 12 Minute Payday landing page.

“12 Minute Payday is a service that when purchased you are set up with up to 15 web pages. These are pre-designed and you will be able to use them to capture emails of people interested in earning income online. We will then show you how to monetize this data and earn income by selling other peoples products that you will get commission for.

All this is done from any computer you own

Duh, as if anyone would think it's done with carrier pigeons!

OK, now you know that you will be selling other folk's products; as in Affiliate Marketing. Good, this is what I do and it is totally legit. You also know now, that you will be capturing email addresses.

Nothing wrong with that either. On top of that, you will get “UP TO” 15 web pages to do that and you will not have to buy domain names or pay for web hosting.

Sounds really good, doesn't it? But is it really? Keep on reading and you will find out in just a few minutes.

The 12 Minute Payday Sales Video

Poor me. The darn thing runs for 43 minutes without the chance to rewind. In order to catch everything and take some screenshots for this review, I had to watch it not once, but several times.

I am not complaining though. It's my job to be thorough and I like my job. Here is the low down of what Justin James presents to you.

He starts out with declaring “I will make you a millionaire” and offering you a $2,000 bet that you will make money using his system.

is 12 minute payday a scam

All you need is the desire to become rich. It does not matter if you are smart or not, young or old. But you need to have the desire to become rich.

Justin James then explains that he made 2 ? million bucks with his “very secret system” and he wants to share this secret with you. He then tells you that it takes him 35 clicks with the mouse to start a NEW money making account, and within 12 minutes the new site started to make him money.

Of course, the presentation would not be perfect without a “sob story“. By the way, all the scam gurus use a sob story. Here is Justin's version.

He lost his job, was down and out, totally broke, living with and off his cousin, desperately looking for a way out of his misery. Finally, an old friend gave him a job, paying minimum wage.

Supposedly, this old friend used a secret system that made him millions of dollars in just a couple of years. Now the old friend wants to take time off and enjoy his riches. He teaches Justin how to use the system, gives him full access to it and all of his money making accounts. And off he goes.

Do I have to tell you the rest of the story or can you guess what happened next? If you guessed that Justin did his job for a few days, then simply installed “the secret system” on his computer and started making money for himself, you guessed right.

Of course, his old friend fired him when he found out. But that did not bother Justin a bit. By that time, he claims, he already made several hundred thousand dollars with the secret system.

Now you know the end of the sob story!

It only takes Justin a little while longer to generate 2.5 million dollars. Although a thief, if you look at it from the bright side, Justin is not a bad person.

12 minute payday scam

He now wants to share the secret with everyone that has the desire to become rich, He prefers folks that know nothing about internet marketing or making money online. So, he decides to look for 50 people that fit this criteria.

He charges each of the 50 folks 500 bucks “to test this now his secret system“. All 50 made lots of dough in a very short period of time and now Justin is ready to unleash his secret to the unsuspecting public.

Did I mention that throughout telling his sob story, you will hear and see the usual ingredients of all these scam videos?

  • Testimonials from 5 of the testers
  • Copies of bank statements and affiliate commission statements with 6 and 7 figure amounts
  • Images of expensive cars, yachts and million dollar mansions!

Nothing new here, I must say. I see BS like that all the time and these are the reasons that my SCAM ALERT went off like crazy.

You should understand now why I gave this review the title “What Is 12 Minute Payday – 40 Minutes of Insanity”

How Is 12 Minute Payday Supposed To Work?

When you buy the product, don't pay $47.00. Try to leave the page and you will be offered a discount of $10.00. Try to leave again and you can get it for $9.00.

This is a normal procedure; they want your credit card info and know that most folks will pay up later.

When you login to the member area for the first time, they ask you to call a “Millionaire Mentor“. I did not do that, knowing from experience that this is a connection to a high pressure sales person, trying to sell me some high ticket item.

Then you are offered 2 upsells. One would cost you $99.00 and another $39.95. I declined both and went my merry way onward.

There are 4 modules in the member area with action buttons, a training video for each module and several banners promoting some spam products. One being “Guaranteed Wealth”, which is a binary option trading product.

Module 1: Get Started

This is the place to choose the template(s) for your one page website(s). I could only access one, as you can see in the screenshot below.

12 minute payday review

I don't know if this is true for everybody, or just for those that did not pay the full $47.00. There is no contact/support option, so I could not inquire about it. But all is good; I have one template which is enough to test the system, right?

The next task you have to complete is to register the auto responder you need to capture email addresses. Their recommendation is GVO, which is sold through another program I call a scam, Pure Leverage.

This will cost you $25.00 per month. I was reluctant to get involved with Pure Leverage, but again, there is nobody to contact and get a definite answer what to do. Maybe Aweber, the auto responder I use anyways, will work with 12 Minute Payday. We will see.

Module 2: The Set Up

This module teaches you how to set up your pre-designed squeeze pages with GVO. Set up with another auto responder is not included, so you are on your own to figure things out.

The CREATING OPTIN section trains you how to use the GVO auto responder and how to create the form for the template. You also learn how to upload the form code.

Then you are introduced to yet more programs to join.

Commission Account – become an affiliate of Clicksure. This is an absolute “no-no” for me. Clicksure is registered in China and carries all the products that either have been barred by Clickbank or will not be accepted by any other affiliate network.

Manage Clicks, Double Email Profits and Traffic Pool are useless upsells and thrown in there to get more money out of you. Traffic Pool is one of the initial upsells I declined and would cost you $35.00 per month.

Modules 3 & 4

These 2 modules have no purpose for the functionality of the system. They contain a selection of different products you can purchase and some BONUSES. Some of them are free, others will cost you more money.

There is only ONE useful and true bonus: Mail Creative File let's you download pre-written scripts to send as emails via your auto responder to your list subscribers.

How It Works – Or Not!

With the template(s) you have, you can create a landing or squeeze page to collect the email address from visitors to your site. You also can add affiliate links that direct visitors that leave their email to products you are selling.

If a visitor buys a product through your site, you will get a commission.

If you are using 12 Minute Payday as platform, you don't need to buy your own domain or hosting. You will create a “sub-domain” under a domain provided by 12 Minute Platform.

Now you have everything you need, according to Justin & Steven James. A one-page website with a landing page, a vehicle to collect email addresses to build a list and a working URL. Now you can lean back and wait for the money to roll in. OH wait, I almost forgot.


For the system to work you do need traffic and lots of it. Since there is no content on the site to rank with, the traffic has to come by other means. What are the choices? Well, you will have to pay for traffic with paid campaigns, like PPC. So make sure you have some money in your budget to pay for it.

The Cons Of 12 Minute Payday

As with any make money program there are always going to be good and bad points. It doesn't always mean that a company is a scam because it has shortcomings. But it's always been my belief you should know what they are so you can make an informed decision. So with that said, let's get into the crap you need to watch out for.

1) The Sales Pitch

  • The video is full of deception, misleading information and outright lies. It is the typical marketing BS all scammers use. Exaggerated earning projections (in fact guarantees) supported by photo shopped bank statements & falsified affiliate commission accounts.
  • Another negative point is the ridiculous sob story in which Justin James admits to committing a criminal act by stealing “the secret system”.
  • 12 Minute Payday is neither NEW nor is it “a secret and intricate system“. I did some simple searches on Google and found another program Justin James launched in 2013. Commission Fast Start by James Justin is very similar to his latest brain child. Same ol' same ol'. Choose a sub domain, a template and off you go to make a bundle.
  • Justin guarantees you will be making a lot of money and shows you pictures of expensive cars and mansions. It's hard to believe that you can get all of that with a system that cost you 9 bucks.

2) Fake Testimonials

Then there is the parade of 5 folks giving testimonial of how much money they made using 12 minute Payday. Justin tells us that these folks are some of the tester that paid $500 to try the system. This is a blatant lie.

These people advertise their services at Fiverr in the department “Testimonials & Reviews by Actors‘ and create any kind of testimonial for as little as $5.00. This guy in the picture calls himself “banjoman15” and is one of the high ranked testimonial producers.

fake testimonial by banjoman15

Go ahead and click on the picture, the link takes you directly to the actor's profile page at fiverr.

3) Cookie-Cutter Website Templates on Sub Domains

These kinds of sites don't have any content and absolutely no merit in the eyes of search engines. Your sites will not rank and you need to find other ways to drive traffic to your site.

4) Paying For Traffic

Now this is a big problem. You need lots of traffic and cannot generate any through organic searches. What to do? Pay for traffic, of course. You have several ways to do that:

  • Media Buys: Paid ads on other websites
  • PPC: Google and Bing ads
  • Solo Ads: Paying other people to send YOUR offers to their LIST

That said I have no problems paying for traffic. I have and continue to do it on occasion. But with something like PPC or Media Buys you really need to know what you're doing otherwise you'll flush money down the toilet very quickly. It's not something I recommend for newbies without a lot of hand holding and the proper training like I've received from my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation.

5) The Products You Will Be Selling:

Looking at the available page templates you will be pushing “make money online products”. Most likely 12 Minute Payday and similar scammy programs. You may make some money doing that. But that would put you in the “class of internet scam gurus“.

6) No Contact/Support System:

12 Minute Payday does not have any support system at all to help it's members. Not only that, they don't even provide a valid contact email address of phone number.

7) The Disclaimer:

Take a look at the disclaimer of the 12 Minute Payday website.

12 minute payday disclaimer
It should be clear that you will not make any significant amounts of money with this crappy program. Also, pay attention to WHERE Justin James' business is registered. The Island of Cyprus, known for harboring online scams.

Is 12 Minute Payday A Scam?

Technically speaking, it is not a scam. You do get a “product” for your money, even if the pre-designed website templates are crappy and basically useless. You also will get an auto responder system and learn how to use it.

Taking under consideration all the lies and deception in their sales video, the lower than average quality of the system and the big money grab with the numerous upsells, I would recommend to avoid it at all cost.

If you want to learn how to build a business for long term success the correct way be sure to explore My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation! It is totally risk free and you have nothing to lose to check it out if this is the right thing for you.

Clearly it works if you're on this website. But more importantly you can build a business around your own passion and get the proper support and training you need. Trying to build something successful online by yourself is as easy as finding the lost sock in your laundry. It's not and very frustrating! So don't do it!

In any event, I hope you liked my 12 Minute Payday review and would like to hear your opinion. So don't be shy and chime in by leaving your 2 cents worth in the box below.

That's it for today and don't forget to leave a comment on your way out.

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30 thoughts on “What Is 12 Minute Payday – 43 Minutes of Insanity”

  1. Dang i wish i would have read your review before paying the full 47. I just looked in the mirror and saw gullible on my forehead. I should have known better.

  2. Thank you for doing this review. I have some debt I would like to get rid of, and every once in awhile I will read an ad and know its not even worth the minutes I spent listening to it, but I always seem to hope I will hear something diffrent something that actually will be worth my time. I have yet to ever buy into any of them probly because I don’t have even enough extra money to buy whatever it is that is supposed to make you rich. lol. anyway thanks again.

    • You’re welcome Shelby!

      I totally hear you. I find these ads and claims very entertaining and sad at the same time. Because unfortunately there are people that don’t know any better. Some folks will end up buying into these things out of pure desperation or the promise of fast money. But like I always say if it were that easy to make ridiculous amounts of money online so quickly then everyone would do it! But the reality is anything that is going to make you some decent money will take time and require an investment of hard work, patience and some money depending on the route you take.

      Either way, thanks for chiming in. I’m happy you know better to fall for some of these crazy things out there.

    • Hi Eddy,
      Well guess what? Got a call from my bank informing me that yesterday someone from China tried to hijack my account to make a $50 purchase,, Can you believe that? This site may be Phishing from China… glad my bank was on the ball and that God intervened….

    • Hey Eddy check the email they sent me: Beverly,

      You’re in and now you have all the
      necessary tools you need to start
      earning online.

      I know how it is Beverly, you want the
      fast track to success and that’s what this
      system provides you. Now I should have
      sent you this right away to increase your
      commissions. Sorry…

      Here is what you want to do:

      Log in your Autoresponder account here

      Then you will see a Red/Orange
      PureLeverage Logo on the upper left of
      that page that looks like this:

      Once you see this image, when you are
      logged in, click it and move forward.

      From there I show you where to use this in
      your 12 MintuePayday members area.

      Better late than never,
      sorry about that Beverly,

      12 MinutePayday
      LOL… no way!

  3. Thanks for the review Eddy. There are way too many of these get rich quick schemes out there. People need to understand that there is no such thing. It takes a lot of work to have success.

    • Amen John. But sometimes people need to hear that many times over to finally get it. So we’ll continue to bang away at that message. Folks eventually get it. It’s funny I just recently had someone re-join WA. He expressed when he first joined he didn’t put in the work. He left and thought there could be a faster and easier way. But after venturing off and seeing all the crap out there and continuously hearing my reminders he decided to come back to WA. He has a better appreciation for it and finally realized that what I was saying was right about the proper way to make money online. So people do hear. It just takes some folks a little longer.

  4. yes I think this is a scam and wouldn’t want to pay all the difference in the money so that they can get you for a scam

  5. Hello Eddy, this is fantastic review. I am happy that I was scammed from one of those gurus ten years ago, when I was also 10 years younger. 🙂 Why I am happy? Because I paid trial for 7 days and it was only 1$ 🙂 So I have no intention to join such gurus anymore. My little recommendation is that people look what is going on Fiverr so that they can see that there are a lot of “actors” for any testimonial. Ok, that is enough from me. See you at your #1 Recommendation Eddy. 🙂

    • Hey Dean,

      Thanks for the positive feedback. I’m glad you liked the review. I have a great team of people to help me make it happen. 😉
      You have a great attitude about being scammed. So many people become jaded and that’s it for them. Everything about making money online is a scam. But you took the proper approach by realizing it’s just a lesson to be learned. Now you’re able to spot the garbage a mile away! So I applaud you. Thanks again!
      I hope to see you at my #1 recommendation.

  6. Eddy, Your insights are are on the mark. I was blown away by the Scam Video guy. Every one has they niche?????? Thanks for all your great reviews.

  7. That’s pretty cheeky that they use an actor for testimonials! Obviously, since they think we’re going to fall for their BS, I’m sure they think we’ll fall for their actors, too. Bless you for saving us from the clutches of unscrupulous folks, Eddy!

    • Diane,

      It’s a very common practice by these marketers. Truth be told many of the testimonials you see on TV commercials are usually paid actors too. But most people miss the fine print. I’m glad you found the information useful.

  8. Oh, if I have seen one of these get rich in a minute pages, I swear I’ve seen them all. NO ONE earns that much in so little time and effort. Thanks, Eddy, for always being there to keep us alert.

    • Agreed Sandy! But apparently they must work into sucking people in because these guys keep making them. LOL
      I’m glad you know better Sandy. And you’re very welcome!

  9. Well done Eddy. I’ve learned over time, to research any and every thing you’re offered, before signing up for them. Before I sign up I always look at the review and scam sites. It saves a lot of aggravation down the line. Sure most marketers will give you a refund from the original “Product”, but what about the countless hours I’ve spent, or the purchasing of a domain, or auto-responders. That time and money is gone. So Eddy has some great advice here. Do your research before jumping into anything online. And be very cautious when they’re promising big money, with practically no effort. Eddy’s right, making money online is going to take work. There’s no other way.

    • Thanks Mark for chiming in. You make some good points. I don’t mind the work and time if I’m building towards something sustainable and real. Any successful business person will testify to all the unpaid time they initially put into their business to make it a success so that comes with the territory. But to your point with products like this it’s time wasted because you’re not building something for the long term in my opinion.

      In any event thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it.

  10. This is so true I have seen tons of these in fact I have seen this one in particular.. The one prey you don’t fall into is also you can make so much money in a second, minute, hour or day.. I never buy into in fact I have laughed at them and first thing I do for any of them is scam adviser and when the big red comes up you know that that is a scam.. I am sorry I don’t care who it is I am leery and do none of them when I open something and I see this Immediately delete it.. Yeah Eddy I got scammed once but I have no intentions of going there again.. In fact I am holding a fake check that fedex put in my door today the other part is the check is made to some one and has my address and apartment #.

    • Hey Debra,

      I hear you. I think most of us have been scammed in this industry. You quickly learn to be a lot more cautious. As long as that doesn’t make you jaded so you don’t ignore when good opportunities come around then it’s all good. But common and sense a little simple research can go a long way. But desperation gets the better of us sometimes. It sounds like you’re on a scammers hit list now. I’ve heard once they get you, they sell your information to other scammers who will try to get you with another scam. But I’m glad you’re aware of the fake check scam. It’s an oldie but goodie that still gets people.

      Thanks for chiming in and sharing your two cents on this company. I appreciate it!

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