My Wife Just Got A $20 Per Hour Raise! You can too!

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Now that I'm working at home full time and getting ready to be a stay at home dad, I have a lot more time to myself writing to you good folks. But apparently my wife has other plans for my free time and assigns extra chores. Secretly I think she gives me chores to punish me because at the moment she still works for "THE MAN" full-time. To add insult to injury she lovingly refers to me as her "House Husband". I can't tell you how I much loathe that title. It just doesn't sit right with me. I feel like I should be walking around with an apron and baking cookies. In addition to being forced to do extra house chores, I've apparently also become my wife's personal secretary. Every time the phone rings, it's for her. Go figure.

I guess I could complain but I prefer doing this than commuting to work and dealing with employers that don't understand that my family comes before work and everything else. In any event, this past week as I was doing my "House Husband" duties and I got a phone call. I don't know why I bother picking up the phone because it's always for my wife. So I answered the call and it's one of my favorite type of calls. It's a money call! But alas it was for my wife. Damn it!

A money call is when our friends from the market research companies call asking if we'd like to come in and give our opinion with a group of people for an hour or so. In return they give us cash! Not checks, Not A Prize, Not A Chance To Win A Prize, It's just good old fashion green money. This is better known as a focus group. Many of you have probably already read my article about "How I made $150 In Less Than An Hour!" If you didn't, we'll wait as you go and read it. Go ahead and read it now.

In any event, my wife was at work when I got the focus group call for her. But like the good "House Husband" I am, I called her at work and give her the info to call the interviewer back.
Time is of the essence when getting these focus group phone calls. If they leave a message, you need to call them back asap otherwise someone else is going to get your spot and cash. So I gave my wife the details. I let her know they were paying $100 for this particular study.

Fortunately my wife was quick to call back and was able to secure the focus group. Now as the secretary that fielded the phone call I thought I was entitled to a percentage of her cash. That idea was shot down like my ego when she calls me her house husband.

How My Wife Got A $20 Per Hour Raise!

So my wife heads off to her focus group and comes back home in an hour. She tells me that it went well with the exception of some annoying know it all participant. (Trust me there is always one or two in a focus group.) And then she says nonchalantly, "Oh yeah they made a mistake with the pay. They paid me $120 per hour instead of $100" Apparently because she fit some extra profile they were giving her more money. Ain't that something? So I decided to ask her again for my secretary fee but she just walked away counting her money.

Is This Common?
It's definitely not as common as a cold. Honestly I've done a lot of focus groups and I've never had them just bump up the fee out of no where like that. Figures it would happen to my lovely punishing wife. But here's something interesting that has happened to me several times which you should consider. The market research people tend to over book the focus groups because they know someone is going to flake for whatever reason. But there are times when everyone shows up and there are too many people present.

Guess what they do when they overbook a focus group?

A. Send your ass home with a pat on the back and a thank you.
B. Tell you that you're as crazy as "Eddie" and don't know what focus group you're referring to?
C. None of the above.

If you picked C then give yourself a gold star. Here's what they really do in this situation. They'll randomly pick some of the extra folks to leave early but pay them anyway. This has happened to me many times. I literally just sat in the waiting room for like 15 minutes and they say; "Sorry we don't need you but here's the money we said we'd pay you anyway." Boo Hoo, I'm hurt that you don't want or need me. Not!

That my folks, is one of the reasons that focus groups are always high on my list of ways to make money. So if you haven't read my tips on how to get focus groups and where to sign up for them totally for free, don't come crying to me that you can't find ways to make extra money. Now I know it's not necessarily a work at home job or opportunity. But for $75-$150 per hour, I think you'll be able to free up some time for a quick 60 minutes.

Important Sandwich Update!
Last week I got called in for a focus group to eat some sandwiches. I can't really give you details about the full nature of the focus group but I can show you a picture of the $75 I received for 30 minutes of work. I bet you your local deli won't be giving you $75 for eating sandwiches, but a focus group might!

Hope this article was useful and gave you some more insight about how to make extra money! As always, Love to hear your thoughts below.

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