My Wife Just Got A $20 Per Hour Raise! You can too!

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Now that I'm working at home full time and getting ready to be a stay at home dad, I have a lot more time to myself writing to you good folks. But apparently my wife has other plans for my free time and assigns extra chores. Secretly I think she gives me chores to punish me because at the moment she still works for "THE MAN" full-time. To add insult to injury she lovingly refers to me as her "House Husband". I can't tell you how I much loathe that title. It just doesn't sit right with me. I feel like I should be walking around with an apron and baking cookies. In addition to being forced to do extra house chores, I've apparently also become my wife's personal secretary. Every time the phone rings, it's for her. Go figure.

I guess I could complain but I prefer doing this than commuting to work and dealing with employers that don't understand that my family comes before work and everything else. In any event, this past week as I was doing my "House Husband" duties and I got a phone call. I don't know why I bother picking up the phone because it's always for my wife. So I answered the call and it's one of my favorite type of calls. It's a money call! But alas it was for my wife. Damn it!

A money call is when our friends from the market research companies call asking if we'd like to come in and give our opinion with a group of people for an hour or so. In return they give us cash! Not checks, Not A Prize, Not A Chance To Win A Prize, It's just good old fashion green money. This is better known as a focus group. Many of you have probably already read my article about "How I made $150 In Less Than An Hour!" If you didn't, we'll wait as you go and read it. Go ahead and read it now.

In any event, my wife was at work when I got the focus group call for her. But like the good "House Husband" I am, I called her at work and give her the info to call the interviewer back.
Time is of the essence when getting these focus group phone calls. If they leave a message, you need to call them back asap otherwise someone else is going to get your spot and cash. So I gave my wife the details. I let her know they were paying $100 for this particular study.

Fortunately my wife was quick to call back and was able to secure the focus group. Now as the secretary that fielded the phone call I thought I was entitled to a percentage of her cash. That idea was shot down like my ego when she calls me her house husband.

How My Wife Got A $20 Per Hour Raise!

So my wife heads off to her focus group and comes back home in an hour. She tells me that it went well with the exception of some annoying know it all participant. (Trust me there is always one or two in a focus group.) And then she says nonchalantly, "Oh yeah they made a mistake with the pay. They paid me $120 per hour instead of $100" Apparently because she fit some extra profile they were giving her more money. Ain't that something? So I decided to ask her again for my secretary fee but she just walked away counting her money.

Is This Common?
It's definitely not as common as a cold. Honestly I've done a lot of focus groups and I've never had them just bump up the fee out of no where like that. Figures it would happen to my lovely punishing wife. But here's something interesting that has happened to me several times which you should consider. The market research people tend to over book the focus groups because they know someone is going to flake for whatever reason. But there are times when everyone shows up and there are too many people present.

Guess what they do when they overbook a focus group?

A. Send your ass home with a pat on the back and a thank you.
B. Tell you that you're as crazy as "Eddie" and don't know what focus group you're referring to?
C. None of the above.

If you picked C then give yourself a gold star. Here's what they really do in this situation. They'll randomly pick some of the extra folks to leave early but pay them anyway. This has happened to me many times. I literally just sat in the waiting room for like 15 minutes and they say; "Sorry we don't need you but here's the money we said we'd pay you anyway." Boo Hoo, I'm hurt that you don't want or need me. Not!

That my folks, is one of the reasons that focus groups are always high on my list of ways to make money. So if you haven't read my tips on how to get focus groups and where to sign up for them totally for free, don't come crying to me that you can't find ways to make extra money. Now I know it's not necessarily a work at home job or opportunity. But for $75-$150 per hour, I think you'll be able to free up some time for a quick 60 minutes.

Important Sandwich Update!
Last week I got called in for a focus group to eat some sandwiches. I can't really give you details about the full nature of the focus group but I can show you a picture of the $75 I received for 30 minutes of work. I bet you your local deli won't be giving you $75 for eating sandwiches, but a focus group might!

Hope this article was useful and gave you some more insight about how to make extra money! As always, Love to hear your thoughts below.

23 thoughts on “My Wife Just Got A $20 Per Hour Raise! You can too!”

  1. Get up off your ass and bake me some cookies dammit! LOL
    Pardon my language, but I would refer to you as my “house bitch.”
    Have a great day Eddie!
    As always I enjoy your articles!

  2. Hi, I’ve discussed this in other survey articles but I’ll mention it her for your benefit. Surveys and marketing research are totally based on demographics as you have already figured out. Certain demographics are more sought after than others. That’s just the nature of the industry. It’s nothing personal. I think it all boils down to money. I’ll take a stab in the dark. But I think most of the marketers don’t target seniors as much because usually they’re on a fixed income and don’t have a lot of disposal income to spend on the products or services they’re trying to promote. So why bother using them for your research if this group isn’t your target market. It literally doesn’t make “cents” for them.

    So with that said just treat it like dating and move on to opportunities that actually want and appreciate you. We make that easy by listing various options here:

    Not every opportunity is going to be a good fit, so you just have to adjust accordingly. I hope this helps.

  3. Eddy,
    While appreciate all of your hard work that you do for us, the “little guys” out there I would like to share my experiences with on-line survey groups that you have recommended.   I signed up with several of the sights that you recommended.   I went with the serious survey groups and was really looking forward to doing their surveys.   However, my experience with every single survey group that I signed up with was disappointing.   I would get an e-mail saying that there was a survey for me to participate in.   I guess that you have to be a certain age, live in a certain zip code and don’t make a lot of money to qualify to participate in these surveys.   Every survey that I was prescreened for the actual survey said that I didn’t qualify.   So with that I said forget it.   It wasn’t worth my time to go thru several, if not numerous, prescreens/prequalifications/ to find out that I didn’t qualify to take the survey.   I must have signed up with 20 different survey groups.   The only time that I actually got any points or money earned was when I actually signed up for the suvery group.   After that, it all went down hill from there.   So if you’re over 50 yrs of age, GOOD LUCK ON QUALIFYING FOR A SURVEY!   Howeer, if you know of any of any survey groups that are actually interested in what the older generation has to say, I’d like to know.

  4. Thank you goes out to those who emailed me for the the above 20/20 Research link, and took the pre-qualifying screener.
    Hopefully you’ll be selected to participate! If so, come back and share your experience with us. 🙂

  5. Hey!,

    Put up your feet, sit back and relax. 20/20 Research is bringing the focus group to you!

    20/20 Research is currently conducting a research study regarding bath tissue and would like to invite women ages 24-66 to participate using an online bulletin board.

    The online discussion takes place Friday, October 22th – Friday, October 29th. Reward = $150 Online Visa … nice!

    If interested please contact me via for more details and a special invitation to this particular study. Remember, you have to act fast because the study quota will be reached quickly.

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  6. Hello Eddy,
    Is there any honest to goodeness work from home business out there where there is NO OUT OF POCKET COST? I have been searching for a couple of years and came across all of the BS there is. Where are all of the honest people that really need the help? I know there is a lot of companies out there that needs a lot of help and I know they are upset that people are not responding because they don’t want to be taken for a ride. Please update me for more work from home and the companies that want real help. Thank you.

    • Platinum,

      First you need to be educated on this industry. There is a difference between a job and a business. A real job regardless if its online or offline should require no out of pocket cost for the most part. A business is exactly that, a business. Are you able to start Google, Dell or McDonald’s without money? No, Otherwise everyone would run a business. You’re probably running into a lot of home based businesses and not jobs. It’s totally legitimate for a business to require a start up cost because everyone knows there are cost involved running a business. The fact it’s home based just means it’s run out your home and usually involves less of a start up cost. That being said like anything in life not all home based businesses are legitimate, it’s very important to do your research which is why we provide our scam video: which can be used to research any company. I agree this industry is filled with a lot of scams but you have to know that a fee doesn’t equate a scam if it’s a business opportunity. You should also know there are tons of scams that don’t even ask you for a dime that are scams which we’ve also covered on that scam page. I suggest you read it all so you’re aware of them.

      I understand your skepticism but it’s very easy to avoid the nonsense out there if you know how to do research so that scam page should be a big help. Just lumping everything together isn’t going to help you make money online. You need to take advantage of the free information on this blog and understand this industry better because there are various ways to make money legitimately if you’re open minded.
      But it sounds like you’re just more interested in a traditional job in which case just visit our jobs page: It’s updated daily. So if you can’t find something today, just keep checking back regularly until something of interest calls your intention. Just keep in mind that not all jobs that are available offline are an option online. What you’ll see on that page is what tends to be in demand.

      And finally don’t confuse the sponsored ads for jobs. An online job will usually require the same type of stuff an offline job wants, resume, experience, references, etc. If it’s not asking for that type of stuff it’s probably not a job. It’s probably a home based business, a make money opportunity, product or possibly a scam. Either way if you follow the steps in my scam video you’ll always be able to tell if something should be avoided. I hope you actually take the time to READ this blog and educate yourself on this industry so you can succeed at making money. Otherwise you’ll continue to be frustrated and run into the wrong opportunities. Everything you already need to succeed is on this site. It has helped thousands of people that actually take the time to READ and take action. I’m sure it can do the same for you if you follow the same path.

      Good luck.

  7. I just don’t know about this one. This sounds too good to be true. If there is a way to that, I want to know that secret and how can I get a $20 raise. I am quite sure that everyone wants to know how that is possible and I want to know that as well. What is the big secret?

  8. @LadyDi:

    You’re quite welcome LadyDi. I’m always happy to do whatever I can to help.
    I wish you all the best in obtaining the better life that awaits those like yourself who take the first step in simply proclaiming it!

    Enjoy 20/20 Research 🙂

  9. Hey all. Thanks for that link, Callie.
    I’ve been lurking here for a few weeks and decided to “chime in”, as Eddy says.
    I have what is considered by many to be a good job. And while I appreciate being employed, I want better!!!
    I need a place to come for motivation, inspiration and ideas. I’ve got to get away from the negatives that permeate my workplace. It can make me feel like I’m crazy for wanting better.
    Great job, Eddy!

    • LadyDi,

      I applaud you for wanting more. Too often people get comfortable depending on a job. But then we see what happens. Times get tough and laying off quality workers becomes the solution to a company’s bottom line.
      So it’s good you’re looking ahead. The work place can definitely be a haven for stagnation and negativity. So it’s great that you look here for some positivity and inspiration. A lot of times you don’t even realize you’re being pulled into the negativity until you’re able to step out. I’m just happy you realize you deserve more. You never have to settle for anything less. People that say otherwise have basically become complacent and are under the false misconception that what they already have is all they can ever have. At least now you know that’s not the case. So I’m happy you’re inspired to push for more. I’m confident with action and determination you’ll be able to do it. I’m just happy to know the little that I do here is a catalyst for that. So thanks for sharing this with me.

  10. Wow, almost a year since I’ve swung by this neck of the web woods. My, how time flies. lol

    At any rate I have the following paid online focus group study info for anyone interested:

    20/20 Research is currently conducting a research study regarding work wear and would like to invite men and women across the country to participate using an online bulletin board. A bulletin board is a new, cutting-edge way to conduct market research.

    And …

    20/20 Research also currently conducting a new research study regarding business shipping and would like to invite males and females to participate in a live “virtual” focus group discussion.

    Online Focus Groups: Fun, very interesting, and pay nicely!

    If interested in either or both, contact me asap: for more juicy details and your personal email invite. Don’t dilly dally around. These studies will be closing very soon.

    Want to join 20/20 Research to receive your own future invites? No prob … do so here:

  11. Hey all … Great News!

    It seems a bit quiet over here. Anyone have their cyber “tennas” on? lol

    If so, and if you’re one to act quickly on the opportunity to make some money from home … 20/20 Research may be interested!

    $75 paid online focus group (Home Improvement) needs participants!

    I have the brief questionnaire screener link. However, due to 20/20 Research guidelines I can email it per request only. So, contact me immediately if you’re interested:

  12. Hi Cassandra,

    The best thing to do is visit the page I suggested in the article:
    Follow the advice listed there and start signing up for as many of these companies as possible. Since you’re in a major city, chances are there will be some opportunities in your area. But you won’t know unless you start signing up for as many companies as possible.

    In terms of making money in the mean time to help get your affiliate career started, you can also look at many of the recommendations we’ve provided on the following page:

    They can help you as well.

    Take care.


  13. Hello Eddy,

    I live in the ATL, are there any Focus Groups in my area I can get signed up with because I do need that extra money? Can any of these Focus Groups be done online as well? I’m still searching for something I can do until I can get this affiliate marketing going and you know what, I can make money doing Focus Groups and then I can pay for my Wealthy Affiliates program. You can stop LOL now, I know WA’s is your #1. I appreciate the info.

    Thank you.

  14. Hi Sharron,

    Thanks for leaving your comment,
    I agree there are a lot of scam artists out there but it’s easy to spot them when you follow the advice on the following page:

    Finding the legitimate job leads isn’t that hard either as we list them on the following page:

    Now with all that said, the problem is actually getting hired. There are so many work at home seekers chasing after the same job that it’s like a lottery where the odds are stacked against us.

    So the solution is to do what you’ve stated which is get involve in your own business or my take action on opportunities that are actually available like legitimate paid surveys, focus groups, etc.

    There are many ways to make money at home that don’t involve chasing after an elusive job.

    Thanks again for your comments.


  15. Greetings,
    There are soooo many scam artists just looking for a quick buck, it is sickening, I can not find any legitimate contract or home based jobs online. It is best to start your own jobs in your town.

  16. Aster,

    I think you missed the following paragraph in the article above:

    “So if you haven’t read my tips on how to get focus groups and where to sign up for them totally for free, don’t come crying to me that you can’t find ways to make extra money.” I linked to the page where you can learn about focus groups and where to find them:

    Hope this helps.



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