ACN Review: Is it An MLM Scam or a Real Business Opportunity?

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I'm sad to admit it, but I think I'd be lost without my internet or wireless subscription. I watch a gang of Netflix and I can't spend too long without going through my smartphone. I know it's sad, but that's the world most of us live in. And apparently it's profitable, according to all the ACN Reviews you may have read. But is it all good? Find out by reading my review about ACN down below. If you want to know some of the bad points, then this is for you.

What Is ACN?

ACN, which stands for American Communications Network is a North American-based telecommunications company. It was founded by four entrepreneurs; Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz and Mike Cupisz in 1993 and has over 1,500 employees worldwide. You can find more information on their website at

What Products Do They Offer?

ACN basically offers residential and business services. The services are as follows:

Residential Services:

  • Home phone services:
    • Make calls using your high-speed Internet connection and existing home phone. This service includes unlimited calling to more than 80 landline and mobile destinations. This service is priced at $24.99 per month.
  • High-speed Internet:
    • Nationwide high-speed Internet in AT&T, Centurylink, Frontier and Verizon territories. Pricing for this service ranges from $19.99 to $100 per month depending on which service provider you choose.
  • Wireless service (Flash Wireless):
    • This wireless service is essentially a phone plan and that can include a contract or no contract. There is also an option to have a family plan. There are three different pricing plans: purple, green and yellow. The purple pricing plan ranges from $$23-$64 per month depending on the features you choose. The green pricing plan ranges from $23-$79 per month and the yellow pricing plan ranges from $23-$69 per month.
  • XOOM energy:
    • This is ACN's natural gas service. They provide two different plans: surelock (fixed) and simpleflex (variable). With the surelock plan; your price is guaranteed for the term of your service. If you choose the simpleflex plan; your monthly rate will fluctuate up and down, but you can stop or switch your service at any time.
  • Television:
    • ACN offers dish and directv with packages starting at $39.99.
  • Home security and automation:
    • Vivint home security and automation offers smart home control where you can receive notifications and control your smart home from anywhere, wireless security and surveillance with 24/7 continuous video recording. This service can be purchased for $50 down for the equipment with no activation fees.

Business Services:

These services include all of the prior mentioned as well as:

  • Anovia payment and processing:
    • This is a credit card payment processing service designed to process all payment types: credit, debit, gift card, e-checks and e-commerce. You have the option of choosing a free mobile card reader with no upfront cost at $25 per month. There is also a no contract plan at a rate of $20 per month and a low-cost meet or beat guarantee plan where you pay $15 per month with low transaction rates, but you must purchase the swipe simple payment terminal for $120.

ACN Compensation Plan.

There are essentially three ways to earn income with ACN.

Personal Residuals:

Personal residual compensation includes the percentage of income you receive based on your personal customers, you acquire, through their service plans with ACN. ACN pays you anywhere between 2%-8% of your customer's total monthly bills.

For example, if your personal customers are using $1,000 a month in ACN services; you'll get paid 2% of that $1,000. That would be a residual income of $20 per month through that one customer.

Team Residuals:

The ACN team residual compensation includes the percentage of income you receive based on your recruits recruiting their own recruits.

This is a 7-level uni plan, meaning that typically your recruits stay on your 1st level, their recruits go on your 2nd level, and so on all the way down to 7 levels. You earn 0.25% on levels 2-5, 1% on level 6 and 6% on level 7. If you don't like the idea of recruiting other people, then you might want to check out my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation.

Customer Acquisition Bonuses:

Customer acquisition bonuses are one-time, up-front bonus monies paid to you for recruiting new customers to ACN. When you help a personal sponsor become a team trainer; you will receive a bonus of $90-$275 depending on your leadership rank. In order for you to become a team trainer, your sponsor must enroll for $499 and then recruit their first 6-8 customers within an allotted time frame.

If you would like to read more in-depth about ACN's compensation plan you can find information here.

How To Become An ACN Independent Business Owner?

In order to become an independent business owner ( IBO ) with ACN, one must first fill out the ACN individual business owner agreement form. There is an “application fee” of $499 and cannot be submitted without first paying that fee. This seems to be a startup fee to become part of the business. Once you become an IBO you will have access to your own website where you can sell their services to potential customers. It is important to note that you are not an employee of ACN, but rather an independent business owner (contractor). You are able to make your own hours and select your own means of operation. So you're not paying to be an employee which is often confused when investing in a business.

What We Like About ACN.

  • This company has been around since 1993 and has over 1,500 employees worldwide. They are the largest digital sales telecommunications company in the world and they do business in 20 countries across the globe.
  • ACN is based on services and products that people are already currently using: Internet, television and phone services to mention a few.
  • ACN has a positive BBB rating at the time of this review. Some people rely on a BBB rating to confirm legitimacy. I don't but I know it's something people would appreciate.

ACN Business Opportunity Complaints.

Ridiculously high start-up costs

Some people will balk at the $499 application or start up for this business. There is this misconception that you're paying for a job when in reality you're starting a business. When you consider most offline businesses require start up costs that are in the thousands, the ACN application fee isn't crazy. But it may be too rich for your blood, which is why you may want to consider my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation.

It Feels Like Pyramid Scheme

Some people view this business model as a pyramid scheme because there is a component of the business that allows you to make money by referring other people. But the reality is this business makes money from actually selling real services that people want and buy. A true pyramid scheme only makes money by recruiting other people.

You better be a good salesperson.

Let's face it, this business is built on your ability to convince people to use these services instead of well known companies. So you better be a great salesperson to achieve this. But that can be said for any business. Although with ACN you'll have to actively chase people down to make this work. That may not fit your personality and if that's true, you may want to check out my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation where prospects come to you from Google.

ACN Product Complaints.

Cancelling or transferring service is like pulling teeth

People have complained about long wait times while trying to transfer services such as Internet. After waiting, many have found that the service is actually slower at the new residence and try to cancel. Good luck trying to avoid paying the cancellation fee, since slim to none have pulled it off. It seems that other fees have slipped into play also such as cancellation fees for your phone service, if you cancel your Internet.

Service speeds are slower than average

Some customers have stated how the customer service is absolutely terrible and the services such as Internet are slow and non-existent. For any service, there is a fee to cancel and most reviewers have said that, here is no way you can get ACN to not charge you the cancellation fee. Accounts have been known to be sent to collections because ACN would not cancel the service when requested.

Is The ACN Opportunity Legit Or A Scam?

ACN appears to be a legitimate company that has been around for nearly 24 years. Unlike most MLMs or direct sales companies, this one actually has legitimate services and products that people do buy. But like any company they have their share of complaints.

From what I can tell, most complaints have come from the customer service side of things. These customer service agents, otherwise known by ACN as “individual business owners” are trying to handle problems that arise with current customers, while recruiting new ones at the same time.

Creating and establishing any business does require an investment of time and money, but you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars doing so. Each person will have to weigh the pros and cons for themselves.

What's An Alternative to ACN Business Opportunity?

Ultimately, you make money working for ACN. But that's assuming you're comfortable being a salesperson and can convince people to buy into the plans ACN offers. You also have to be able to recruit people under you so you can earn residual income which is probably where most of the real money will come.

So, given that, this may not be right for everyone. There are other options out there for you. You might want to check out my Top Work At Home Recommendations. Either way, you have options if ACN doesn't appeal to you.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to see more like it you can read more work at home reviews here.

Well, that's all from me. I'd love to hear your thoughts about ACN, so leave your comments below.


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67 thoughts on “ACN Review: Is it An MLM Scam or a Real Business Opportunity?”

  1. This is not for slow people or someone who is spending their last 2 cents to make a quick dollar . this is work , motivation and dedication , you can make it if you follow the model and the rules .By the way my mother in law that is 74and is doing this with good results , There is a lot of information or misinformation out there . If this is what you want to do to be free of your employer and dictate your income . Be your own boss and conquer the world on your own terms.

  2. Realize this is an older article but how why anyone would ever sign up to do business with a company that actually robs their sales staff of real money is incredible to me. You sell a $1,000 worth of product and they give you $20? Lol! That is absolute robbery if I’ve ever seen it.

    If someone is capable of selling high ticket products and services, especially those in the tech industry, they should be absolutely compensated for what they close with a client. Become a master agent and sell everything instead of a handful of overpriced products that doesn’t do anything for the customer except overcharge them. This is absolutely a pyramid scheme because the guys that started are making 98% of the revenue. Master agents sell far superior products, can make a 3-5x MRC spiff AND make 30% or more and the total contract value while actually establishing real relationships with their clients. If someone wants to start their own business, they should start one that’s worthy of their time. ACN definitely does NOT meet that standard.

  3. For one if you are doing reviews on a company you should also do any relevant updates, you are still stating the startup cost at $499.00 that price has been reduced to $199.00. It also should be noted that if there are any problems with the services that the businesses are the ones who are responsible for resolving said problems ACN is not the blame, all companies have their methods of handling complaints. this should be pointed out.

    • For one, settle down. Things change all the time with these companies. That’s why we leave comments open so folks like you can chime in and update us on any changes.

  4. I had a very lovely gentleman contact me on a dating website.
    We seemed to get on very well.
    Within 24hours he was sending me this companies video strategies. He asked if I would like to be a customer or an agent.
    I am yet to find out about his genuine interest in me but I am sure after reading this article that his I interest is the business.
    I find this so very alarming and wonder how many people he has talked to.
    I am just very glad I have done my research
    Thankyou for the very informed article

  5. I joined acn knowing what i was getting into its not a get rich quick scheme you have to work at it.also your $499 dollars to start your own business you get back if you recruit 2 ibo’s into your team.with a unlimited future earning potential waiting for you & all your utilities become free. you are saving money from your first few weeks. Why does everyone jump on the pyramid bandwagon you will see earnings if you work at it.& yes the percentages may seem low.but is your current job going to give you residual when you retire.

    • Les,
      it’s been nearly 4 years since your comment here. Any updates?
      How was, or is your experience with ACN?
      I would imagine by now you have a legit residual income. I’d love to hear about it.

  6. Honestly, I must confess your review is very straight forward.

    Thanks for this review because I almost joined this company, but after going through your review have made a U-turn.

    Thanks once again.

    • I can honestly tell you that if you haven’t been to a presentation you shouldn’t sell yourself short and also the fee is no longer 499.00 it’s 199.00. If you’re going to work hard for someone else why not work for yourself in earning an additional income. I just joined the team and I must say this group of individuals invite no room for negativity. So if you must u-turn ok but this a small investment into your future for services people may already have. Your just offering to save them money.

  7. The 499$ or whatever the start up is the sale they’ve just made. Every person that starts up pays that, so the actually customers are the sign ups.

  8. Great information here. I read all the posts below, and still drank the cool-aide. I will report back weekly (if that’s OK with blog owner) as to my progress. Stay tuned…

  9. I want to know if you help feed the children with this company. I am in property management and someone came into my office to give me fliers and push that your services help feed the hungry children of the world??? No where on this site does this statement exist. I will not promote this type of service or company to my residents especially if the service is garbage. If this is the tactics of the person who brought this flier to my office to get business and it is not real. Shame on you!! I don’t want an answer of sorry blah blah but if this is what is being promoted and not true it needs to stop.

  10. If ACN is as bad as people say why do they have acn A+ rating with The better business bureau. I think people sometimes put labels on things they don’t understand. I have researched this company and found they are in 25 countries and are in the UK. Where the laws for pyramid schemes are tough and they passed their test. I chose not to join due to my time restraints but I think people need to have an open mind and also need to remember that its a business and you get what you put in.

    • Hey Larry, Thanks for chiming in. Let me start off by saying although the BBB can help you determine the legitimacy of a company. It’s not full proof and should never just be the sole factor to determine a company’s legitimacy. The BBB isn’t a government agency. It’s a for profit company that makes it money on memberships of companies. That doesn’t mean they can’t be fair in their assessments. But it has to be noted that they are not the be and end all of assigning legitimacy.

      That all said I do agree that a lot of times in this industry people will label anything a “Scam” if they don’t like a policy or may had a negative experience. It’s like now how any time someone doesn’t like a news story some folks will call it “fake news” even if they are facts saying otherwise.

      So I agree with you regarding some of the complaints you may read online. But there are also valid complaints that I wouldn’t whisk away as not understanding or not having an open mind. What I have found is that some reps of MLMs will refuse to acknowledge any issues their parent company has as if doing so will totally discredit the existence of their company. When the reality is that every company will have weaknesses and issues. And it’s okay to highlight them so people can make an informed decision. But too often I see these reps just resort to name calling or ignoring the issues and trying to attack the folks that highlight them.

  11. I attended Herbalife presentation and recently attended ACN presentation. I see similarity as pyramid scheme. Difference is one has to maintain inventory as against non investment inventory. ACN wants IBO fee of $499. One need to wonder why pay $499 upfront to join ACN. Is IBO fee is the end game for ACN? Tie up with service providers should give ACN enough financial gains. It’s sad that ACN management approach is thriving on IBO funds which most folks are struggling with financial hardship.

  12. My wife and I joined ACN one month ago and have tripled our investment. Yes you do have to put in the time but that is life. ACN is a no brainer. It is easy to be successful if you do some work.

    • I agree Kent, you have to put in some work to reap the rewards! Ive only been in the business for a few weeks, and Ive already seen minimal earnings, its not alot but Im just getting started. ACN is not a get rich quick scheme, but there’s definitely some serious potential. Especially with the residual income which Im already getting a taste of 😁🙌🏼.Oh and by the way, its no longer $499 to join its $199. Also, Acn is almost reaching earnings of a billion dollars, been in business for about 23 years, that alone should say something. Im going to keep plugging away at it. If we reach amazon level then what will the nay sayers say?

  13. I just got an offer for recruitment from a “small business owner” with ACN and this article has been incredibly helpful in helping me decide whether to chase that up!! thanks so much.

    • I was talked into becoming a rep/sales person for ACN. I used my saving to invest in their company. I held meeting at homes of perspective clients and all the hype the ACN people used to have me work for them turned out to be a big disappointment. When I attended their seminar in Anaheim, California Covention Center, they told us Billionaire Donald Trump was onboard as a backer. The hype was exciting and lots fell for their sales pitch. But we were told ” Do Not” advertise that we are ACN reps. The promise that we would double even triple our investment, never happened! I tried to contact them to cancel my investment and get a refund for the units I paid for, but no one contacted me. Is it a pyramid scheme, yes. Is it worth the investment and work; no. Sorry that I spent my savings trying it.

  14. A member of my sister’s church talked my sister into becoming involved with ACN. She is in dire financial straits right now so she’s desperate to try anything, but in the meantime I’m doing research (which I wish that she had done but if I were in her shoes, I don’t think that I would have bothered either).
    From what I have read, some people do fairly well with this company (while emphasizing that you have to really work hard at it, but then that is true for any line of work), while others feel it is a waste of time and money. Still others are very displeased with the customer service, and that alone would turn me off-what if the same thing happened to my family and friends?
    I’m going to continue to do more research, but I do have my reservations about her becoming further involved. I would love to tell her that ACN is not all that it is cracked up to be and to be a little skeptical, but I don’t want to let her down when she is so enthused about making money here. I understand about being desperate. What should I tell her?

    • I’ve been in this industry for over a decade. And in my experience when you’re desperate you suspend your natural instincts because you’re dying to find something that will be the answer. So it leaves people open to scams or opportunities that promise the world but in reality won’t deliver. I would recommend you have her read this review and others to get the full story. Reps will never tell you the bad stuff. They’ll just share the good stuff. But at least if she reads this review she’ll go in knowing some of the bad stuff as well. Then if she decides to close her eyes and move forward, she’s not blindsided. But you can only lead a horse to water…

  15. I love ACN and the opportunity it provides for residual income and FREE gas, electric and cell phones through referrals. I don’t think most truly understands the fundamentals of multi level marketing. While being a entrepreneur or business owner not for everyone I can 100 percent vouch for the integrity of this company and the possibilities with this opportunity.

  16. ACN is the biggest scam. In the UK it would be illegal under the pyramid schemes but because they offer products they get away with it. Reality is the only real money made is from recruiting more IBOs which continue to fuel the people higher up the chain. Yes you can earn by conning people to join and then getting them to con more people etc so you can continue to earn but reality is that most earn very little from ACN. It’s a shame that people can con their friends and family to join purely to get themselves further up the pyramid. These kinds of schemes always flourish in bad economic times, taking money from those who can ill afford it. The people organising the events love it by making even more from selling tickets to these events which are nothing but a trap to get more people signed up. Top that up with annual ‘license’ renewal fees they are smiling all the way to the bank, these annual fees are not widely advertised and the IBO fee is sold as a one off for life license into ACN which is not the case. You look at the overall membership and you will find that 90% are not earning anything near to what was promised especially over the long term once they have exhausted the good will of friends and family.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion regarding this company. I agree that many MLMs skirt being a pyramid scheme legally because they have products or services. But I agree when you see there is an over emphasis on recruiting other members (like family and friends) rather than selling the products, it’s usually a bad sign. That’s why I’m not a big fan of this business model. But to each their own.

  17. I fell for this, back in 2008 when I was unemployed, I get a call from a pretty close “friend” that I had not heard from in 20 years, he told me of a “fantastic” business opportunity and I said to myself – wow, he thought of me after all these years to present this opportunity to me, what a pal. He gave me the ACN Rah Rah spheel and I handed over $500 the get in. We hooked up for a few months as he was my “mentor”, went to a couple meetings and then stopped calling on me after I was unable to complete the initial recruitments. He basically took my money and was not a friend at all, I was his Mark.

    Well Eddie Guiterrez I happened to do pretty good on my own without the help from ACN or you my friend.

    Luckily that $500 “investment” didn’t cripple me and I threw the rest of my net worth of under $300k to the bottomed out real estate market and today my net worth is 1.7mil without procuring 100’s of leads and wrecking old friendships.

    Be very wary of the friend that calls you out of the blue with a fantastic business opportunity, there are no free rides, maybe in Real Estate but not from a “friend”

    Eddie Guiterrez Of ACN, hope your choking on my $500 my friend

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sure your friend was just caught up by the hype like so many folks are with MLMs. The companies often have a cult like mentality and practices. I’m sure some people make money with companies like ACN. But like you I don’t like a business model that encourages you to prey on your family and friends. You don’t need to do that to make great money online. Obviously you and I can both attest this based on the experience you shared. Thanks again for chiming in. Everyone has to do what’s best for them.

      Hopefully you and your friend can repair your friendship. I hate hearing stories of how MLMs has alienated folks from their family and friends.

  18. I am one of the hundreds stupid person who got deceived by this company. And you are so right, they did not cancel my account with them when I requested it. And they kept sending me invoice after I had asked them to terminate their service. Now they are trying to threaten me to send my bills to collection agency! I don’t wanna ruin my credit rating. What should I do. Also they have very poor customer service.

  19. My mom is an ACN robot…i mean IBO … It’s complete BS. She wastes dozens of hours a week going to 3-5 meetings and after a year, still hasn’t made a profit. Additionally she shells out hundreds of dollars to go to convention twice a year and have in home information meetings.
    She’s very naive and doesn’t see the forest through the trees. She’s college educated and was a nurse and in hospital management for over 40 years before retiring. We fight consistently about ACN and it’s like a bad cult I can’t get her out of.
    There is NOTHING good about ACN!!!

    • Damn I’m sorry to hear about what’s going on with your Mom. Sometimes when people get into MLMs they become very cult like. They’re just applying what they’ve been taught for better or worst. But sometimes it comes at the cost of alienating the people that love them.

      I don’t think starting a business should do that. Although when you become a business owner you’ll have a lot of people that will have comments or hate. But I think this is different.

  20. Thank you so much for this objective and thoughtful review of ACN. My friend from high school, whom I don’t talk to often, reached out to me regarding a business opportunity. I reviewed the videos on her webpage, and liked the ‘giving back’ purpose to feed a child for every bill paid. However, the training event left a weird, MLM, taste in my mouth. So, I had to research. Yours is the first article to appear on a Google search. Again, thank you! I think I’ll pass on ACN, but check out your non MLM opportunities to earn extra income.

  21. Being a business owner who has spent hundreds of thousands on other investments and businesses, it made 100% sense to pay $499, which is extremely low, for an online store and sign up for the services I use everyday anyway. The services they offer are through major multi billion dollar companies we’ve all heard of and likely use, only now I get paid back a percentage for using the services. Not only that but if your actually willing to work they have great start up bonuses that can put you in profit within your first month of business. Like anything else if you don’t put in the effort then you won’t get results. I’m happy to say that I was in profit within 6 months which is more than I can say for the majority of most businesses.

    • Hey Jeff,
      That’s great. But a start up cost of $499 is not “extremely low” for everyone. So it’s unfortunate they don’t have a more affordable starter package that is actually lower cost or free. People are easily earning a percentage back on the things they buy with free sites like

      That all said, I agree with you in that a business requires effort that is consistent. I don’t think that is news to anyone. But it’s a matter of finding the one that works for you and in your budget. Affiliate marketing allows you to work with multi-billion dollar companies like Google and Amazon as well. So there are other ways of doing that. I’m happy you were able to make ACN work for you.

  22. 2%? Even if you could convince someone to sign up for $1000/mo in services, you mean I get a lousy $20? For all that work? Yeah right. OK Plus, their prices are way over retail you can get anywhere else. Listen, just look up “MLM scam” online and just see how may people are telling you that MLM, network marketing or whatever you want to call it is throwing time and money down a rat hole. Bit some people have to learn the hard way.

    • You’re preaching to the choir Tim. I’m not a big fan of MLMs either. It’s why I’m not involved in them. But some people seem to do well with them depending on the company and product being pushed. But I prefer the business I’m in. BUt to each their own.

    • You start with 3% when you first start actually, and as your points grow (from switching people over to ACN services) your percentage can grow up to 20%. There is a compensation plan that is very helpful. You also earn money not just by residual income but from reaching a certain amount of points each month. It takes work and effort but if people kept an open mind and understanding i think everyone can do it!

  23. Good in depth review on ACN. I had never heard of them before your review.

    The services that are offered by ACN for independent business owners to market are in competitive industries. I can’t imagine this being an easy business.

    Add the $499 signup fee, and this opportunity doesn’t seem like one I would be interested in.

    • I agree they are in a very competitive industry and the high fee may be a turn off to some. But most businesses aren’t easy and that’s why most people aren’t business owners. I do like they’re in a business that people actively want and use. But their pricing may make it hard to succeed. Thanks for chiming in though.

  24. As always, I enjoyed reading your thorough reviews, Eddy.

    I’ve heard of ACN but had no idea that they had been around for almost 25 years.

    Having been involved with different multi-level marketing companies I now know to proceed with caution. It’s unfortunate that there are so many people that could really benefit from other sources of income, but get trapped into having to shell out $500 for something that may not even work for them.

    Thanks for providing us with accurate information on legitimate sources of income, Eddy.

  25. ACN could be a lucrative opportunity if you want to really push it hard. As you say in the beginning our lives revolve around communications these days. Tele coms are big business for sure and very competitive .
    You would need training to compete in this action packed corner.
    Think I will stay with the more sedate aff marketing opportunities. Less pressure, more control.

    • There is no doubt that the telecom industry is a money maker. ACN might be the way to enter it. Or you can do it via affiliate marketing as well. There are options either way. Thanks for chiming in.

  26. As I was reading about ACN, it was really sounding good. I can see how it could be a really good way to make money, except for the fact that the starting costs are too high.

    I think a program like this should just have a very low monthly fee instead. Say 10 a month, and they would get a lot more affiliates working for them.

    THanks for your honest review, and keep up the good work

    • Thanks for your feedback. I just want to make it clear they don’t use affiliate marketing or affiliates. They’re an MLM or direct sales company so thats why they charge start up fee to promote for their company. Either I agree the start up fee may be too expensive for some

  27. I haven’t heard of ACN either and was quite intrigued when I saw that they offered wireless internet.

    I don’t think they operate in SA, and with those prices, I don’t think anybody here would buy from them.

    I don’t know how they compare with American costs for internet services, but I don’t think I would do well promoting it, simply because you can get cheaper services elsewhere.

    I was quite surprised to read that they had been going for so long and were so big.

  28. For being around for 24 years I hadn’t even heard of ACN. And from what you said, they’re a basic MLM business. I think people just group MLM and pyramid schemes together, but the fact is that pyramid schemes are illegal and have the exchange of money without any service being rendered, while MLMs are legal because they offer a service.

    It’d be nice if their commissions were higher though.

    • Yeah I never heard of them until I did this review. And I agree people are too quick to lump all mlms as pyramidschemes .

  29. Hi, Eddy,
    First of all, I’m glad that this ACN company does not provide my Internet, phone, cable/dish tv, etc. services in the area that I live.

    Putting the prices that you listed for each altogether, it would represent some serious change monthly as a bill.

    The compensation plan that you mentioned in case a person would think of promoting this company as an online business sure looks like a pyramid scheme. The fact that an individual could build a downline and earn $ from people directly beneath them recruiting others is just not right.

    On top of that the 2% earnings in the company’s compensation plan in having a customer placed directly beneath an individual is very minimal.

    As you stated the company does offer much needed services nowadays with people needing their toys each day in the form of television, the Internet and phones. To me however it is not exactly cheap.

    Btw, my wireless Internet service comes in one bill – not two, as apparently is the case with this company. At possibly over $150/month for the Internet alone it is quite steep in my opinion.

    As an online business opportunity and a way to make money? I’d take a pass with this company!


    • Hey Jeff,

      It’s always good to hear from you buddy. I know how part of the compensation plan does seem like a pyramid scheme but from a pure definition standpoint it’s not because the company allows you to make money by actually selling products and not just recruiting people. So it’s not a true pyramid scheme. And I give them credit for providing services and products that people want and use. The pricing of those services may be higher depending on your needs and the options available in your area. But pricing is all subjective. Either way, I appreciate your comment.

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