Acti Labs Review: A Beautiful Pyramid Scheme or Legit?

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We all know the beauty and skincare is a multi billion dollar industry because people will do anything to look their best. But did you know some of these companies also offer you a way to make money by selling their products and helping other people with their skincare. Chances are you do know this and it's probably why you have searched through several Act Labs reviews.

Are you wondering if you can you really make money with Acti Labs? Let's get into this review and break down the good, bad and ugly.

What is Acti Labs? was founded by John and Yelena Miller in June 2011 in France. In 2016, they expanded their business and launched in the U.S.

They are manufacturers of weight loss supplements, make-up, and anti-aging creams. Besides these products, they also function as an MLM where they pay commissions to people for selling their products.

What Are The Acti Labs Products?

Acti Labs supply and manufacture products in the skincare, make-up and anti-aging niche. Their products are aimed at both the female and male market. Some of their notable products include:

  • Body sculpting body wraps
  • Eye makeup, brow wax, powders and mascara
  • Cosmeceutical treatments
  • Body care products
  • Cosmeceutical creams

Acti Labs Commission Plan

As per the updated 2018 Acti-Labs commission plan, there are various ways a person can earn money:

Personal Sales Commission

  • Less than $500 sales – earn a 20% commission
  • $500-$1000 sales – earn a 25% commission
  • More than $1000 sales – earn a 30% commission

Personal Sales Acti-cash

If a person makes at least $200 in sales between the 1st and 14th of the month, they get $20 in acti-cash. Acti-cash can be used when buying products from Acti Labs.

Team Commissions

Distributors get paid from 3% up to 10% commission depending on their position. Commissions can be earned up to 6 levels deep from team members in your downline.

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How Much Does It Cost To be An Acti Labs Ambassador?

At the time of this review, it will cost a front-end fee of $27.50 to join Acti-Labs. There are also options to buy the starter kits which range from $27.50 to $75 but this is optional.

How Much Money Can Acti Labs Ambassador Make?

Acti Labs Ambassadors can earn anywhere from 20% to 30% on personal sales and 3% to 10% on team sales. So if you personally make $1000 a month, you will fall into the 30% commission tier which means you earn $300 for the month. So it all depends on the sales volume a person makes each month.

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What I Like About Acti-Labs

Positive BBB rating

At the time of writing this review, they have a A- rating with the Better Business Bureau, so that's good for people that are fixated on these ratings to determine a company's legitimacy.

No income claims

Most MLMs like to throw around huge numbers that you can earn to get you to buy into their program or system. But if you read Acti-Labs income claims they state that their ambassadors can't make any income claims or provide any hypothetical examples when recruiting people. This is usually rare with MLMs and they don't give you a lot of hype about what you can earn.

Acti Labs Complaints

Even though Acti Labs seems to have a lot of positives, no company is perfect. So let's take a look at some of the complaints and see if this is really worth your time.

Geographic limitations

You can only earn commissions if you live in France, Canada, U.S and the U.K. Those are the only countries they operate in at the time of this review. So for all my brothers and sisters in other countries, you won't be able to join and earn commissions. Don't worry though, if you are looking for another way to earn income, you might want to check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Don't quit your day job

Like most MLMs you will probably need to have a lot of people in your downline to make any decent money. Let's say you get $500 sales for the month. At a 20% commission, you will earn $100 for the month. Let's face it, that isn't going to pay many of your bills at the end of the month. To make any decent money, you going to either have to sell a lot of products or recruit a lot of team members in your downline.

Is there even a business opportunity?

So I applaud this company because they place more focus on their products. Too often MLMs do just the opposite. But if you looked at their site and you were looking to earn money selling their products, you wouldn't even know it's an option. I couldn't easily find anything about their opportunity on their site. It makes me wonder why they are hiding this?

Better meet the quotas

Unfortunately like many MLMs, you'll have to meet certain milestones. Depending on your rank, you need to meet the sales requirements which start at $250 for personal sales and can go all the way up to $160,000 per month for team sales. A lot of companies use quotas as a way to motivate their sales staff but trying to reach quotas is big turn off especially when you're just starting.

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Is There A Better Alternative to Acti Labs?

If there is anything in the complaints section above that you don't like, there are other options you might want to explore. For instance, if you are interested in starting a long term internet business, then Wealthy Affiliate is worth checking out.

If starting an online business doesn't appeal to you and you want to make some extra income, then there are other alternatives such as, and

Is Acti Labs A Scam?

I honestly don't think Acti Labs is a scam. They have been in the business for almost a decade. But that doesn't mean I would recommend people to sign up. Why? Well, as I mentioned in the complaints section, you need to either sell a lot of products or recruit a lot of team members in your downline.

You also have the pressure of trying to meet monthly sales quotes which is not easy to reach if you are just starting out. So making any real money here is a long shot but that can be said about many businesses. However I find that the MLM business model is definitely harder to make work.

So if you want to make real money without worrying how you going to meet your monthly sales quota, My Best Work At Home Recommendation teaches you how to make money with your online business and you get to work at your own pace.

So there you have my review. Do you think Acti Labs is worth your time? Please drop your thoughts and comments below.

Until next time

Eddy ”With a Y”

5 thoughts on “Acti Labs Review: A Beautiful Pyramid Scheme or Legit?”

  1. I like that I joined as an ambassador but I get a commission on what I buy for myself which is nice.. I’m getting the commission or the acti lab cash and not the person who I bought from initially! Can’t say good or bad about the products but don’t expect results overnight, seems like u have to continue using the product a lifetime!

  2. Not necessarily have to earn from a down line. You dont have to have anyone under you if you dont want. Whatever you sale a month can be a pretty good income when you set up online and sell 2 or 3,000 a month. That gives you between 600.00 to 900.00 a month pay check every Friday, plus you get 5 (or more 10) full size free products and 20.00 Acti cash to use toward your next purchase. Thats another couple hundered a month. But if you did want people under you look how much more you would get. ? yea a lot. I dont recruit but if someone ask about doing it i wouldnt say no. I would welcome them to my team. Im just content where im at right now as a second job that i dont have to do much extra work. Maybe someday ill make it full time but like my other job right now. This is the ONLY company that lets you do as much or as little as you want and some have worked their way to top level and have Mercedes. So it all depends on what you want out of it. This month they are putting an app out for us that helps doing the selling for us. What company does that for you? This company puts its products first making sure they work and are healthy, then works with us Ambassador asking what we would like to see or what we think of the products. They talk to you personally on our private page and has every training class you ever need. Acti is where you want to be now because its not been here in the US very long and it is on fire and just keeps getting better. Thank you for this opportuity to share some real facts about a great company. Real reviews from real people that get real results.
    So you dont think im being bias, there are products i dont care to use but the other ladies love them. Im not crazy about the lip products, others love them. Its probable because i found one years ago that im just not willing to give up and thats ok. Have a wonderful day and thank you for the nice review you gave on Acti, except about the quotas.

    • She is right, we have no quotas and another great thing about Actilabs is that we now have a VIP program and the company is helping us make sales. Completely different from all other companies out there.

    • Uh, if you want to make money with people under you, then you need to meet the requirements the company has set. So I think most people would consider that a quota. Most of the people reading this review are here because they want to make money with this company. So whatever you want to call it or not, you have to meet a certain minimum requirement to earn from your downline.

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